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10 Safest Countries To Be In If World War 3 Breaks Out (And 5 That Aren’t)

10 Safest Countries To Be In If World War 3 Breaks Out (And 5 That Aren’t)

We are all abundantly aware that the world is constantly descending into chaos from all of the horrific events that have been happening around us. Very few places on Earth are exempt from this disastrous chaos. Terrorists have infiltrated and conquered many parts of the world, and it’s only a matter of time until nuclear weapons will get into these terrorist’s hands. When it comes to sponsoring terrorism, the Iranian government is number one in the world; yet they are still allowed to march forward with their nuclear weapons program. Like they wouldn’t give nuclear weapons to terrorists? The world’s attention is distracted and diverted in all directions; with issues like the Ukrainian and Russian tensions, to North Korea’s nuclear threats, to Africa’s Ebola breakout, to illegal immigration, and race riots in the United States to tensions between China and Japan. With increased instability everywhere, it’s not a matter of if but when World War III will break out. A millennia ago, the Bible prophesied that God will shake all nations. Hopefully, the “shaking” will not obliterate the human race, but shake us to our senses for peace and prosperity. In the meantime, you just might want to ride out the world apocalypse in the 10 safest places listed below. As for surviving World War III avoid the other 5 places listed. 

15. Irish Springs!


Ranking highest in the ‘Global Peace Index’ for the most peaceful place in the world, Ireland is probably going to be a safe place to ride out the war. Its mountainous terrain will provide shelter against conflict, not to mention there are no bordering countries either. When World War III breaks out, Europe will probably be involved to some degree, and Ireland is shy of 1000 miles away. Nowadays, the Irish don’t have many enemies, and not really any ties to potential WWIII combatants. With a history of military neutrality and a modest army, Ireland is not even a member of NATO and they remain proudly neutral.

14. Under the Aurora of Greenland


Between the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans is the World’s largest island known as Greenland. This autonomous (self-governing) Danish territory is 80% covered in ice, so most of the population lives along the ice-free southwestern coast. Greenland’s population is extremely small (50,000 people), and it’s so out of the way from the rest of the world. WWIII would likely just not involve Greenland at all. Even though it is physiographically a part of the North American continent, Greenland specifically associates itself culturally and politically with Denmark, Norway and Ireland. The Royal Danish Navy is Greenland’s only military presence, as Greenland has no regular military forces.

13. The Fiji Islands


Remotely located deep in the South Pacific, Fiji consists of 332 islands. There are two main islands, which account for 75% of the total land area, and 87% of Fiji’s small population of 860,000. With Fiji being so deeply isolated within the expanse of the Pacific Ocean, this might just be one of the safest places to hide out from any world wars that might be happening. Without any significant population or worldly desired resources, the chances are slim to none that a nuke would be dropped there as the intended target. Also, being pretty neutral in foreign affairs, Fiji is just simply not a realistic spot to target.

12. Chile and the Andes


Geographically, Chile is another great place to go if a world war breaks out. Almost impenetrable, Chile is protected by the Andes mountains which extend along its entire western border. It is prosperous, stable and ranks highest in human development of any other Latin American nations. An interesting fact here, is that air masses of the Southern and Northern hemispheres have a tendency to stay separated from each other; so Chile’s air is constantly being freshened up, and replenished by the clean Antarctic air. Air quality will be much cleaner in Chile than in any of the northern nations in the event of WWIII.

11. New Zealand or Middle Earth


 Another island country has made it to our “best place to be” list, and like all the others, New Zealand is pretty secluded from the rest of the world. Also like the others, it ranks high on top the Global Peace Index list. With a highly developed economy (I’m sure making the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films there helped quite a bit), and its unique biodiversity of plant and animal life, New Zealand could ride out the war pretty much unscathed. With its terrain being very mountainous for shelter, and its democracy being stable by not getting involved in world conflict, New Zealand might just be the place to go!

10. Neutral Switzerland


We all remember the movie “The Sound Of Music”, where the Von Trapp family headed to Switzerland to avoid the Natzies; and there was a good reason for that. Switzerland has historically been a safe haven when world conflicts break out. Interestingly enough, Switzerland was never invaded during either of the world wars, so I guess you could say they are on a roll. If WWIII were to happen, the mountainous terrain would also add to the protection of its people if a war was to break out. Not to mention you will always have access to some of the best chocolate in the world, and that’s pretty comforting.

9. Bhutan and the Himalayan Mountains


Located in the Himalayan mountains and bordered by China to the north, and India to the south, Bhutan’s unique geographic location makes for an excellent WWIII hide out if it should happen. Known as the happiest country in the world, Bhutan’s national identity is based on Buddhism which teaches: “whether we have global peace or global war is up to us at every moment….Peace or war is our decision. The fundamental goal of Buddhism is peace, in all worlds”. Suffices to say, the Bhutanese people are pretty peaceful, and want nothing to do with war. In 1971 it joined the UN, and has maintained Swiss-like political views along with no diplomatic relations with the US.

8. Little Island of Tuvalu


There seems to be a common theme to most of our safe places to be if WWIII ever occurs; that is that most of them are extremely remote. The island nation of Tuvalu situated halfway between Hawaii and Australia is no exception. With its very small population of around 10,000 inhabitants and not many sought-after resources, pretty much no major country would have any reason to attack it. The best part is that the people of Tuvalu make and use their own food and goods, so they are mostly self-sufficient from the rest of the world.

7. Canada’s Yukon, The Great White North


Way off the grid from any major political upheavals, will most certainly be the Yukon. The mineral-rich, Yukon province is one of the most remote areas in Canada. Of Canada’s three federal territories (Northwest Territories and Nunavut are the other ones), the Yukon is its smallest and westernmost one. Packed full of wildlife, one could easily ride out the WWIII apocalypse without any possible risk of famine. You might even be able to get rich while waiting for WWIII to blow over, by mining minerals like copper, silver, zinc, lead and even uranium. With its small population, pristine environment and abundance of food and minerals, it seems to be a good place to go to ride out the war.

6. South Africa’s Cape Town


If island living just isn’t for you perhaps, and you want the comforts of everyday life, then maybe South Africa’s wealthiest city, Cape Town, just might be. This coastal city has it all. With it’s warm and mild Mediterranean climate, the winter and summer months are quite easy to adjust to. With such good climate and well-developed infrastructure, Cape Town offers the amenities of the comfortable life that we have all grown accustomed to. It would be a great place to go for safety from the effects of WWIII. Most likely WWIII won’t even reach the South African city, because it is so far out of the way.

5. The State of Israel


Well here is a place NOT to be in if WWIII happens, that would most certainly be Israel. Surrounded by nations that hate them and have been at war with them throughout history, like Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, this little strip of land in the desert will have no chance to survive at all. Always reliant on other countries for importing fuel and food to them, and lacking even the most basic resources like water, Israel is just in a bad position. Not to mention Israel is dependent on foreign aid, and it would probably be cut off immediately if war broke out.

4. South Korea


Another place you probably won’t want to be if WWIII happens to break out is in South Korea, but that’s no surprise. With ‘lil Kim Jong Un, aka Rocket Man, just to the north and ready to launch at any point in time, South Korea is pretty much doomed. Even South Korea soldiers would be outnumbered by their crazy neighbours to the north. South Korea openly admits that they are not even remotely prepared for a full-on war with North Korea. Being that they are both in such close proximity to each other, and the area is such a small peninsula, it’s pretty much a given the entire area will be completely decimated.

3. Russia, the Hidden Power


Currently, Russia is enmeshed in two proxy wars against the United States. The definition of a proxy war is “A war instigated by a major power that does not itself become involved”. Russia is the major power behind the trouble the United States is having with Syria and the Ukraine. If starting a fight with NATO and the United States is not enough, Russia can always use the dead man’s switch (which can’t be reversed), which allows automatic launching of their entire nuclear missile arsenal, if all leadership has been destroyed. What this means is Russia already expects to be annihilated, so that’s probably not the best place to go.

2. China, The New Mad Max


The sheer massive population size of China poses the greatest reason not to be there if WWIII happens. First off, China is on track by the year 2030 to exhaust its entire drinking water, supply due to the horrible pollution situation there. To resolve this problem, the government will need to do a massive intervention. If the government is destroyed or weakened enough, there will be no addressing the pollution problems and the supply of water will dry up. This, in turn, will likely have areas of China breaking free and causing great monetary losses from their citizen’s fleeing the area.

1. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The world wants and needs what Saudi Arabia has, and that is OIL. Of course if WWIII happens it is almost certain that fuel will be scarce and every major power will attempt to take control of the country’s greatest resource by invading the country. Another issue for Saudi Arabia is the fact that its government is unstable, and could crumble under the pressure of a war. With the country being completely reliant on critical imports ranging from water and food, to industrial goods and consumer products, if these resources were to dry up there would be certain unrest and death from starvation. Not really a place you want to be!

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