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10 Signs He Should Run From Her (And 5 Signs That She’s The One)

10 Signs He Should Run From Her (And 5 Signs That She’s The One)

The majority of people reading this have already been in one or more romantic relationships. You know that things will not always be as great as in the beginning but in some rare cases the one you fell in love with may end up becoming your mate for life.

Today we are going to take a look at the things in relationships that prove your girl may not be the perfect fit for you and discuss when it’s time to let her go. However, we will also take a look at some signs that shout “I am the perfect girl for you” and the reasoning behind them.

Remember that what you are going to read is according to my personal opinion about romantic relationships. I am not to be held responsible for any trouble this article may or may not cause. Thank you for your understanding. The first 10 entries are going to be about the things that will tell you it’s time to let go and the 5 last entries are reasons you should keep on being in a relationship your current girlfriend. Now that I’ve said that, let’s jump right in the article.

15. You can’t “like” other girls

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It goes without saying that liking a girl’s photo on Facebook or on Instagram doesn’t mean that you are seeing this girl or having an affair with her. However, some girls seem to overreact to actions like these. Jealousy can be cute as long as it occurs up to a certain sensible point.

If you can’t like one of your female friends’ photo without your girl getting crazy over it then it’s maybe time to cut it off once and for all. Keep in mind that we are talking about just liking a photo and not choosing the heart option. The former is okay but the latter one might be a sign you actually would like to engage in adult activities with the other girl.

14. You get together all the time

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It is Saturday night. You want to hang out with your buddies and you want to go see a game or go to a bar to drink some beer together. Your girlfriend, however, doesn’t seem to be too keen on that thought. She thinks you should spend more time with her even though you are constantly together.

Attention isn’t a bad thing in a romantic relationship as long as it doesn’t get overbearing. What is actually funny is that a girl who tends to do that doesn’t have a problem hanging out with her friends, because her boyfriend isn’t opposed to that. It’s a bit selfish if you ask me.

13. One thing in common

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Paula Abdul used to sing her hit “Opposites Attract” and she was right. Maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration but it’s still right. It’s not rare to see a tall man with a short girl or a person who likes rock music with a girl who loves pop. Still, all couples need to have some interests in common.

When the only thing keeping the relationship alive is the physical tension then maybe it’s time to move on to other things. I get it, this may sound a bit irrational but think about it. Say you get bored of having intercourse with your girl, then what? What will happen next if this is the only thing that keeps you two together!?

12. You fight all the time

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“Why did you leave the fridge door open?”, “Why don’t you pay attention to what I say?”, “Why don’t you put the toilet seat down?” Why this and why that. Fighting is a thing that takes place in all relationships, bad or good. The trick is to learn how to resolve them.

If you just shout at each other all the time and then proceed to kiss and make up, don’t think for a single second this is good. This is really unhealthy for a romantic relationship and just means that you can’t solve your problems but just cover them up and leave them for another time.

11. The “flaws” are getting worse

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When you met your girlfriend for the first time, you couldn’t have known that she had that flaw that keeps bothering you now that you are together. She may love to go out shopping or stay up late. But when she buys stuff with your credit card or raises the volume of the television when you want to sleep, then maybe she is not the right fit for you.

Try to make it better by talking to her. If this doesn’t work and her flaws keep getting worse, then you better know it’s time to end it once and for all.

10. Hanging out with her ex

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Simon is right, “Why are you still here?” I am not referencing her ex-boyfriend but her alone. Why would she still be hanging out with her ex if they have broken up and she is with you? In most cases, this means that there are still emotions involved. I get it that love is a thing that will not go away and maybe it shouldn’t be erased at all.

Loving a person you have been intimate with for a long time doesn’t mean that you should stop caring about them if things go south between you two. Although, enough is enough. Hanging out once per 3-4 weeks just to catch up is okay but being together every other day is not!

9. Better than nothing

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Being in a relationship just for the fun of it isn’t healthy. Take it from me, I have been in a relationship like that without even liking the girl for her personality. I only liked her looks. That was wrong on my end and after 2 months, I realized what I was doing was wrong and I ended it.

Thinking that something is better than nothing isn’t right. You are just fooling yourself and the people around you. Only do something you like and not let society or anyone else tell you what is right and what is wrong. If you want to be with someone, do it but only if you really like them. Otherwise, both you and the other person will just lose their precious time.

8. She is too needy

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“Hey hon, can you bring me the telephone?”, “Are you going out? Get me a soda!”, “Can we please see The Notebook tonight?”. Man, really, The Notebook again!? I am a guy and I love romantic movies. I get why women like those movies but why they love Ryan Gosling so much; I will never understand.

Being too needy in a relationship is a sign of exploitation and it should be taken care of before it is too late to stop it. It’s okay being polite to your girlfriend and bring her something when she asks you to but if you, as a couple, are only doing things she wants to do, then it’s about time you steer off the relationship.

7. She is trouble

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It’s perfectly fine if you and your girlfriend hang out with the same people. Sharing is caring and in a relationship, this quote couldn’t apply any more than it already does. But when you go out and she starts arguing with you about every little thing that bothers her, then you know she is a troublemaker.

A couple should always talk and be ready to solve their problems without shouting. This is how you keep all relationships (not only a romantic one) healthy. If you can’t be together and okay with each other while hanging out with people, then that means you don’t belong with each other.

6. Overreacting

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Every guy who has been at least in one romantic relationship already knows that if there is one thing you should absolutely never say to your girlfriend is that she is overreacting. Even if she does so, it isn’t advised to tell her. This goes for the small things.

If she starts complaining about everything without a specific sensible reason behind her accusations, then that may means she is bored of being with you and tries to keep onto a relationship that is already at its end. It may even mean that she wants to make you break up with her. So be a man and do what is necessary.

5. You resolve the problems

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Being in a relationship and arguing several times every week or so isn’t necessarily bad as long as you know how to resolve your problems. Violence and shouting don’t help, conversation however is the solution to everything. If you and you girlfriend learn to resolve your problems through conversation, then you know she is the right fit for you.

Finding someone that understands you that you can be with all the time without any problems rising to the surface means that you are golden. You are good to go and have an enjoyable relationship.

4. Maintaining the balance

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Every single one of us has seen this couple walking down the road and by the way they are talking to each other, you know that they are together only for the sake of having fun, sexually I mean. This isn’t a healthy relationship and is bound to end after a while.

“My boyfriend is my best friend” is a thing you rarely hear a girl say. But being with someone must mean you have at least a couple of things in common that really matter. Hanging out with each other means having fun and not being together just for the sake of making out.

3. There is still romance

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Saying to your girlfriend that she is beautiful or that you love her is very important in a relationship. And I don’t mean you just have to keep saying that just for her to be happy about hearing it. You should mean it and really feel like you love her.

When a romance is kept alive after a certain point in a relationship, then this means you are a good match for each other and you should keep holding on to your other half. Go on and propose to your girlfriend. Do it in a secluded place, however. Movies are fake. In reality, girls don’t like being asked to marry their boyfriend in front of strangers or other people in general.

2. Being yourself around her

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When you are able to be yourself around the woman you love, then this means that there is a specific level of trust and respect between you two. Imagine being in a relationship where you can’t say what you really feel or express your emotions, not towards the other person but in general.

Being yourself is a thing both people in an intimate relationship should have and it is vital for it to survive through time. If you find a girl around who you can be your true self, then make sure you stick to your romantic relationship with her.

1. The perfect one for you

Via: Huffington Post

Whether you like it or not, intercourse is the alpha and the omega in a romantic relationship. You can’t keep on being with a girl if you don’t have physical chemistry in your intimate times. It isn’t everything but you can’t be with someone forever if you can’t find the perfect spot when lying in bed together.

If you do find a girl that you love and cherish, and you can be your true self when being together as well as having a great intimate life, then I advise you to do everything in your power to keep being the perfect man for her for as long as you can!

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