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10 Things Wives Will Always Hide From Their Husbands (5 They Will Do With Pride)

10 Things Wives Will Always Hide From Their Husbands (5 They Will Do With Pride)

Now let’s be real, we all have our own secrets. Sometimes our secrets make us feel embarrassed or ashamed. Keeping them to ourselves allows us to prevent a blow to our ego. Other secrets help us keep a professional appearance in the work place and prevent prejudices being formed against us by coworkers with different views. At times secrets can even be a good thing, shielding others you care about from being exposed to pain! However; the deepest of secrets are kept, especially from our spouses. These secrets are kept by wives in the highest level of protection. These secrets can devastate marriages. Turning years of love and devotion into separation and divorce.

Who says that the foundation of marriage is honesty and trustworthiness? Although every married women has taken some sort of vow to be faithful and true to her husband, numerous wives choose to hide quite a few secrets from that would devastate the one they supposedly love most. The trashiest of these women are even proud to keep these secrets! Whether these women are finding unsavory ways to make money, or rolling around in the sheets of another man’s bed, each one knows that their marriage would not be the same if their husband’s were to find out what they are hiding!

Read on to see the bold and callous things women are hiding from their spouses everyday. After reading this list, you will be questioning just how honest your own wife can possibly be. Who knows, she may even be keeping a secret or two from this list!

15. Her Real Preferences


Women are fickle creatures by nature. Always flitting back and forth between hobbies, fighting and making up with their female friends, and changing their style and tastes at a drop of a hat. So why would a man expect his wife to be definite about her sexual preference? Women are also extremely needy. If they don’t feel their partner is giving time and energy to their needs, they do not deal well! They may start fantasizing about other people fulfilling them emotional and sexually if you are not making the cut.

So who would know a woman’s needs better than another woman? No one! In fact, many women find themselves dreaming of just that! Exploring their intimate desires with another females. Whether your wife is merely fantasizing about living out her desires with another woman, or is already acting them out, we can guarantee she has at least considered the possibility.

14. How Often She is Taking Care of Herself


You couldn’t seriously think your wife doesn’t help herself! Ever since Sex and the City brought The Rabbit to women everywhere, women are getting off more than ever! Go take a look around your room. When was the last time you checked your wife’s nightstand? I bet you she owns just a toy or two that she is keeping all to herself.

Sadly husbands, you just might be to blame. Can you believe a recent study found that 68% of women are not satisfied with their love life? No matter how much you and the boys talk about how you put it down together, statistics prove that over half of your wives would praise your time between the sheets as highly as you are!

So what is a woman to do what she can’t get no satisfaction? You better believe she is going to satisfy herself. So next time your between the sheets, make sure you are taking care of your wife!

13. How Much She Loves Intimate Entertainment


In the days of the Stone Age, before we had internet, teenage boys had to quickly close their Playboy and Hustler magazines and stuff them under their pillows! This would all be to avoid their mother catching them as they heard her opening their bedroom doors. Luckily these days you can find a raunchy flick, enjoy your movie, delete your browsing history, and close all the windows on your computer, all before your mom could get up the stairs!

The point is, it can be super embarrassing and uncomfortable for anyone who gets caught checking out intimacy films. This includes your wife. However; it’s no surprise that a lot of wives enjoy this content, but keep it a closely-guarded secret. There is a certain expectation that guys watch their share of dirty clips, but they don’t keep it as well hidden as their female counterparts. She’ll never tell you what she was really looking at when you were away at work.

12. Running Into Her Ex-Flame


One of the biggest secrets a wife will keep from her husband, is running into someone she has slept with in the past. Women will make up lies about where they have been, or will just hide the entire event, to prevent their spouse from knowing they saw their old flame.

If your wife has lied to you about running into an old flame you should probably be concerned. Running into someone you have sexual history with can remind you of intimate memories, and tantalizing times you spent together. If a woman isn’t being fully satisfied at home, this run in can cause them to yearn for their exes. Whether they act on these desires or not, a woman who hides running into an ex is probably trying to hide that she is feeling things for them again. Or at the least, wanting to take a trip between the memory sheets. If your wife didn’t care about this person anymore, she probably wouldn’t care to keep it a secret.

11. Her Steamy Affair (She Might Still be Having)


It should not be a shock that if your wife is cheating, or has cheated in the past, you are probably the last person she wants finding out. It is a good general rule that women tend to want to keep their spouses from knowing about their extramarital affairs. There are occasions when a woman is so obviously unhappy or unfulfilled, that she will not go to great lengths to hide such activity. However; that is certainly more the exception than the rule.

Most of the time a woman will do all she can to keep her canoodling from her husband. She will convincingly act as if nothing out of the ordinary is going on. Cheating wives typically want to have their cake and eat it too. Women are typically better at hiding their affairs than their male counterparts as well. Guys are generally more trusting and blind to the clues that their woman is stepping out.

10. How She Is Making Money To Pay The Bills


There are more woman making side hustles from home than every before. Women are finding ways to stay home with their kids, or just avoid a nine to five office job, by making money online. These women blog, sell goods on Etsy, and sell clothes on Ebay. However; there is great way to make money online that can be a lot more fun and pleasing to your wife. Working in the adult industry.

Many stay at home moms and wife make side cash that their husbands never know about by working in the adult industry. These women may host video chat rooms where men pay to watch them get off, phone chats where they talk guys to the edge, or they may even meet up with men to make money by getting down and dirty. Whatever slice of stuff your wife prefers, she probably doesn’t want you finding out about it. Wives working in the adult industry will go to extremes to protect this secret!

9. Just How Much Money She is Making


The funniest thing about women is they always seem to have no money, but always find some to spin! This magically fun money may not be magically at all. More than likely, it is from your wife’s secret stash! Women are great at hiding how much money they make from their husbands, because so many choose to keep their finances a secret from their spouse.

Women are much less likely to brag to their spouse about a raise or a promotion. Many women are choosing not to combine bank accounts with their husbands after “I Do”. Many are even making money with side hustles that their husbands don’t know about. Regardless of how aware you think you are of your wife’s earnings, you only know as much as she is willing to let you know. If she is like most wives, you probably know much less than you think you do.

8. Bank Accounts You Don’t Know About


For some reason, mothers for ages have taught their daughters that it is important to have a secret stash of money from their husbands. This may give women a sense of security in case the marriage doesn’t last. A nest egg to fall back. To bad women do not realize that if your man finds you are keeping a secret stash of “get out funds”, he will think you expect your marriage to fail. Finances are always loaded concerns in a marriage, even when they are not kept a secret. A man must ask himself, “if your wife would lie about money we have, what else would she lie about?”

While your wife does not have to indulge every detail of her life to you, holding on to certain secrets can impact the trust and support system of your marriage. This can be especially true if you are experiencing financial hardship as a couple.

7. How Much Money She is Spending

Wives Keep How Much Money They Spend A Secret


There isn’t a guy out there that doesn’t know that women love to shop. However; there are plenty of clueless husbands that don’t know how much shopping their wives actually do. We’re not talking about picking up groceries for the week, or buying the occasional pair of shoes. One thing that a lot of dudes are guilty of is not paying attention to smaller details. Sure, most husbands know when their wives get a new car or laptop, but the majority don’t notice when she gets a new dress, new shoes, or a new handbag. These expenses can add up to the thousands quickly!

It makes it even harder to pick up on when there aren’t any unusual withdrawals from the bank account. There’s a good chance that your wife has got a credit card without you knowing and she’s having a ball at the mall. Don’t even get us started on how much her highlights and manicures cost!

6. How Jealous She Is

Jealous Girl Gets in A Girl Fight Jealous Wife Cat Fight


One of the most common things a wife will hide from her spouse, is her extreme jealousy. That doesn’t mean some women don’t hide these feelings a little better than others. One of a wife’s biggest fears is that some sexy bombshell is going to come along and be too much of a temptation for her husband. If you have a long-running platonic relationship with a female, or you work with a lot of other women, there is a good chance that your wife is spending some time green with envy

Women are territorial creatures and will mark their territory when they feel threatened (which is usually jealousy). Some women will covertly monitor their husband’s phone calls, check their shirt collars for those tell-tale lipstick stains, or try to reveal snags in their husband’s stories. Other women will make it blatantly obvious that they have their eyes on their husband. They just won’t say that they’re jealous.

5. That She is Hacking Into Your Social Media

Your Wifes secretly checking your social media


Don’t be fooled if you think your wife doesn’t know who you’re are talking to, what you are talking to them about, and for how long you have been talking to them, at all times! Women are master sleuths. The day they get married that get promoted up to private inspector! Your wife knows all of your accounts, their passwords, and which ones you use most! No Facebook message or Snap Chat photo is safe with your sneaky wife!

If you give your wife any excuse to question your behavior on social media you better believe she will blow her cover! As far as we’re concerned, if you haven’t heard from your wife about her social stalking yet, you are walking on the straight and narrow! Good for you! However; we bet your wife will keep up this secret behavior anyway. Just in case she can ever catch you slipping.

4. The Harmless Crush She Has

Your wifes secret crush


Try as they may, most husbands aren’t perfect. They like to think that they’re the ideal match for their wives and the relationship might be as solid as they come, but almost every woman fantasizes about being with another guy at one point or another. It could be your best friend, your wife’s boss, or just some random stranger that she sees when she’s for her run. All we know is your wife would see hell freeze over before she would admit this crush to you!

The chances your wife, the woman who pledged to be loyal to you for life, coming right out and tell you that she wouldn’t mind a romp with her tennis instructor, are slim to none. Even though it is just a fantasy and she would most likely never act on it, it’s still one of her fantasies. However, this fantasy is also one of her biggest secrets.

3. Your Relationship Is On The Rocks

Women Hide Their Relationship Being on The Rocks


Fighting. Passive-aggressiveness. Disagreeing about where to live. Do the two of you have kids in your future. If you and your wife are constantly disagreeing she is probably not at a happy place in your relationship. However; if your wife feels like she has spoken with you about her concerns in the past, she may be hesitant to try again if you did not try to change after that time.

Women are much more willing than men to talk about their relationship issues. If a woman feels that she can’t get her spouse to discuss their problems together, she can quickly grow unhappy in their marriage. However; women will keep this unhappiness a secret in many cases in hopes of still saving their relationship with their husband. If your wife seems unhappy try to sit and have a real talk with her. Even if it is a light-hearted talk, the conversation may get her off your back.

2. Her History With Drug Abuse

Wife Hides Addiction to Drugs From Husband


Having an addiction to drugs or alcohol is a deeply personal matter, that very few affected people want to confront. Most husbands will eventually pick up on the signs when their wives become strung-out heroin addicts, but it is a lot easier to keep a problem with alcohol or prescription drugs a secret. If a woman is a stay at home mom, the couple works opposite schedules, or her husband frequently travels, it is easy for a wife to develop a long term problem before being noticed by her spouse.

Even though a spouse is supposed to be supportive and help in any way they can, wives feel a great amount of embarrassment and shame. Wives do not want to hurt their husbands or risk the possibility that they will be abandoned when the revelation is made. Something like this is a huge obstacle in any marriage, and is one of the ultimate tests of a husband’s love and dedication.

1. The Extent of Her History


Now don’t get us wrong, we believe what’s happened in the past should stay in the past. Regardless of relevancy, wives are still being dishonest when they lie about their sexual history. Many women grow to be ashamed of a loose pasts once they find a guy to settle down with. Many will try to hide these pasts to avoid losing face, or trust with their husbands.

There is another reason a woman might keep her sexual past a secret to consider. Guys don’t seem to have any trouble coughing up the truth about their partners of days gone by. However, that doesn’t mean they are as receptive to hearing about their wives old flings. The vast majority of men are smart enough to know that their wives have had previous relationships, but they don’t really like to think about the dirty details. There are also other men who would not be able to handle these details. Women would need to hide these details from a jealous husband or one with anger issues.

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