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10 Types Of Guys That Girls Can’t Resist (And 5 They Really Despise)

10 Types Of Guys That Girls Can’t Resist (And 5 They Really Despise)

“What do the women want?” It’s a question as old as time. Men have been trying to figure this one out since forever. There is a whole “playbook” of tactics on how to become more popular with the girls, but it seems that there really isn’t one universal recipe for the success since every girl is different. However, there are some paths to follow that could help you become irresistible to most girls. Of course, there also are some things you should, by all means, avoid. It seems that the best tactics actually are quite simple. Don’t overthink it because no one wants a desperate guy that tries way too hard.

However, although every girl is different, sometimes it seems that some of your male friends can get literally every girl they want. How is that even possible? Well, some surveys and researches have shown that there are some types of guys that girls find absolutely irresistible (and some they really despise). Try to stick to this little guide and you might find yourself surrounded by girls in no time.

15. Can’t Resist: The Comedian

Everybody loves a funny guy. If you can make a girl laugh, she’ll enjoy spending her time with you. It’s as simple as that. Humor is pretty much just universally attractive. It will help you release the tension that can be pretty high on the first date, it will make approaching girls easier, and it will keep them interested in you in the long run.

If you don’t find yourself particularly funny, don’t give up just yet. Yes, we admit that some people are simply funny from birth and this way of communication comes to them naturally, but if you are not one of them, there is a way to work on your humor and improve it. Just pay attention to the jokes around you and soon enough, you’ll get an idea of how they work. Don’t force it though, because that might be just purely awkward.

14. Can’t Resist: The Smart Guy

Every relationship is divided into two groups of the activities. The first one includes those activities that happen under the sheets, and the second one covers the activities where all of the verbal communication happens. To put it simply: If you’re not interesting and there is nothing to talk to you about, the girl will lose her interest in you very quickly. You need to be able to talk to her in an engaging way that will keep her hooked on your words. Especially if you find yourself a smart girl to begin with.

Luckily, similar to humor, intelligence can be worked on too. Read the news from time to time to keep up with the latest events, pick up a book or two, watch a documentary sometimes instead of your favorite action movie, etc. You’ll see it will pay off.

13. Despise: The Needy Guy

While a well-balanced sensitivity in a guy can be a plus, overly needy guy is something no girl wants. Girls like a guy that is powerful and kind of a hero, as stated previously, so the super needy guy can be just purely off-putting. If he needs constant reassurances about himself while he dwells in his own self-doubt and pity, not only is that unattractive, it’s also super exhausting. It is okay to share your emotions with your partner, but if you share every bit of every tiny emotion that flows through you, it can become overwhelming, especially if we take into account that your partner has emotions of her own that she needs to deal with.

12. Can’t Resist: The Handy Guy

Yes, it’s the truth. Women find handymen sexy, but it has little to do with hot bodies in the denim overalls, as someone might think. Women like handy guys simply because they make their lives so much easier. No woman with a $50 manicure wants to get her hands dirty by fixing the plumbing in her house. If a woman has a flat tire on her car, it is such a good feeling to have someone that will take care of that instead of her. It’s a matter of practical thinking. Even if a woman is quite handy herself and she has no problem doing this stuff on her own, it is still a nice thing to have someone who will take care of things. So dear guys, take a wrench and go impress a lady in distress. You’ll get rewarded for your hard work.

11. Can’t Resist: The Sensitive Guy

Sensitive guys often have a bad reputation for not being masculine enough. However, there are women who really dig this very much, especially after dating an emotional guy. When we say it’s good to show your sensitive side, we don’t recommend doing it by crying over a beautiful butterfly that has flown beside you because you can’t bear how gorgeous it is. Nothing that extreme is ever good. However, it all boils down to the little things. Don’t be afraid to show your affection for the girl, try to communicate openly and honestly, stay in touch with your feelings and share them with your partner. Sensitivity is a good thing and the girl will feel more appreciated if she knows you’re not afraid of sharing a piece of your soul with her.

10. Despise: The Mama’s Boy

This is something that drives girls around the world crazy. The “battle of the mother and daughter in law” is as old as time. So let’s say it once and for all: No, she doesn’t want to be compared to your mother. She will want to strangle you if you do that.

Now that that is out there, let’s expand on that a little bit. The mother was the most important lady in a guy’s life for a long time. Now the time has come for another woman to take that place. This can be hard on the mother and it can be hard on the new girlfriend too. There is no need to make it even harder. Your new girlfriend wants to know that she is now the number 1 woman in your life. By comparing her constantly to your mother, you make her feel like she isn’t. Just stop doing that!

9. Can’t Resist: The Hero

There is a reason why women are often attracted to firefighters and police officers and it’s not just about their uniforms. Women like to feel safe with the guys; it’s simple and it’s only natural. If she thinks of you as a hero, she will feel more comfortable and she’ll enjoy spending days (and nights) with you. You don’t have to be an actual hero to be the hero in her eyes. Simply, kill a spider from time to time or stop the jerk in the bar from harassing her. The small things count.

8. Can’t Resist: The Artistic Guy

It’s really difficult to resist someone who has a killer talent. There is a reason why girls are often attracted to musicians, painters, and poets. Not only do they appreciate their talent and ability, but there is also a kind of romantic vibe going around the artists. If you write a poem, paint a painting or strum your guitar for a girl, she will probably be blown away by that. The truth is not everyone can do that, but if you are one of those guys, it will make it so much easier to impress a girl of your choice. If you’re not an artist yourself, try to make the best out of other people’s art. For example, choose a romantic song that reminds you of your girlfriend and listen to it together. She will appreciate the thought.

7. Despise: The Macho Guy

While this is fine for one-night-stands, no woman wants to spend the rest of her life with a macho dude. If you’re looking to grow old with someone, you’ll need to lose that macho attitude. Personality development expert Varun Chhabra says, “Women today are more keen to pick a guy who flaunts a good body combined with a metro sexual image rather than the typical rough and tough hunk. Men who look tough from the outside and bear a soft heart within are women’s favorite.” So give your rough side a rest, and let your soft side to speak for itself from time to time.

6. Can’t Resist: The Romantic Guy

In today’s quick and hectic lifestyle, people often forget about the magic of romance. However, small romantic gestures can make all the difference and they will help you to woo the girl of your dreams. Take her out to a romantic dinner for two, kiss her in the rain in the middle of the street, lay on the grass and watch the stars together, pick a romantic movie and watch it together (even if it’s your least favorite genre), buy some flowers for her for no reason, etc. There are many little things you could do to keep the romance in the relationship alive and all of those gestures are highly appreciated by the girls.

5. Can’t Resist: The Already Taken Guy

This is both logical and illogical, but women find the already taken guys irresistible. If the guy is in his 40s and he’s single, the first thought that comes to a girl’s mind is that there must be something wrong with him. On the other hand, if some woman out there has chosen him to be her other half, he must be worth it. And bam! Suddenly, he seems irresistible. Sometimes, it might be totally irrational, but if a girl meets a single guy, it crosses her mind that there must be a reason why there is nobody in the world willing to date him. Besides that, there is always the appeal of the forbidden fruit. Women just can’t help it sometimes.

4. Despise: The Self Righteous Guy

This is the judgmental type that will find faults in everything and everyone. He’s the one that is always right and there is no debating about that. He enjoys finding mistakes and imperfections in other people’s behavior, looks, or simply just their existence. He needs to be better than everybody else at all times. His way of things is the one and only right way. Let’s just simply call him a jerk and call it a day. There is no way that a relationship could work in the long run without any compromises being made, and this guy is not ready to compromise on anything. Well, more girls for the other guys.

3. Can’t Resist: The Guy that Reminds Her of her Dad

Although this might seem just a tiny bit creepy, we like what we are used to, basically just because we feel more comfortable that way. This actually goes both ways. Girls like guys that remind them of their fathers, and guys like girls that remind them of their mothers. It has a lot to do with the expectations and with a certain kind of lifestyle. For example, if you as a kid saw your father working for 12 hours 6 days a week, you will hardly find a jobless man attractive. Not because you are eager to judge, but simply because this concept will be much harder for you to grasp since you’re not used to it. We simply feel more at ease with what we know because we are aware of the possible outcomes. Starting something completely different is always presumed as a risk, and some people are just not willing to take it.

2. Can’t Resist: The Rich Guy

Although this might seem unbelievably superficial, girls often find the rich guys attractive for several different reasons. Some girls are simply gold diggers and it goes without saying that they are after the money. But this isn’t always the case. The rich guy is often a combination of different types we stated previously since that is what has helped him to actually become rich. The rich guy is often smart, handy, artistic or powerful. However, there is a certain effort and hard work hidden behind all that money he has and that is what women find unbelievably attractive. If a guy is able to provide for himself, he is most likely to be a suitable mate. A girl will rarely find a jobless guy who lives in his parent’s basement and lives off of his parents’ money attractive, simply because there is a questionable quality of their future together.

1. Despise: The Stalker

Social media has made stalking easier than ever. And while having “a fan” could be nice, having a stalker is not a good thing at all. No girl wants a thousand notifications a day because it’s exhausting and, truth be told, it is just a little creepy. If someone is watching your every move and commenting on it, there is no way you will feel good about that. Too much of something good suddenly isn’t so good anymore. Guys common, you need to pace yourselves!

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