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12 GF’s Ranked Worst To Best According To Zodiac Signs (And 3 Worst BF’s)

12 GF’s Ranked Worst To Best According To Zodiac Signs (And 3 Worst BF’s)

Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, most people would agree that there are some traits that are described by a person’s zodiac sign that are pretty accurate. When you dig deeper, you might realize that you really get along with some signs way better than with the others without any reasonable explanation except the one written in your horoscope. But have you ever wondered if it is possible to choose the right partner thanks to what is written in the stars? Well, we admit it is all an individual thing, but there are some traits to every zodiac sign that will help you get a better idea of what you are getting yourself into if you choose to have a romantic relationship with a certain sign.

First of all, you need to take into consideration that your own sign will have a lot to do with how good or bad of a match you are with another person. With that in mind, there is a certain way every one of the signs tends to behave in a relationship and that might help you realize whether that person is the right pick for you. So let’s take a look at the best and the worst girlfriends and boyfriends according to zodiac!

15. Scorpio Women Are Painfully Honest

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Scorpio women can often be perceived as the scariest of all, not because they are actually mean, but because they are painfully honest and blunt, and they tend to control every aspect of the relationship. They can often come across as heartless and cold, and it takes them a lot of time to let somebody close to them. However, once they do, they will love you forever, but good luck getting to that point. You will have to have particularly thick skin to endure their storm of a personality and keep in mind that you should never ever cross them, because they don’t forgive and forget. Mess up once, and your relationship will be over; they are really ruthless when it comes to that. So if you are not willing to walk on eggshells from time to time, a Scorpio girlfriend is definitely not a right choice for you.

14. Virgo Women Are Always Way Too Critical


Having a successful relationship with a Virgo can be really hard to accomplish because they are the most critical of all signs. They are so unbelievably insecure and jealous, it will drive you crazy sometimes and it will eventually lead to the end of the relationship. They are perfectionists and they never think anything they do is good enough, and all that self-destructing behavior will have a really negative impact on their love life sooner or later. If you are romantically involved with a Virgo, you will grow tired of constantly convincing them you love them the way they are because no matter what you do, they won’t believe you. Unfortunately, not only will they have a problem loving themselves, they will often make you feel like they don’t love you either, even if that is not true at all.

13. Aries Women Have Strong, Intimidating Personalities


If you are dating an Aries, you have to be prepared to deal with their extremely strong personality which can be really intimidating sometimes, especially if you are one for those signs that are shy and not really open, such as Pisces. They tend to control not only all of their relationships, but basically every single situation they find themselves in. They will always be the dominant one in the relationship, so make sure you are okay with that before getting serious with them. They have a really tough exterior which makes them look really cold, but once you get to know them better, as they start opening up to you, you will realize they are actually quite sensitive. Also, keep in mind that they are known for their extremely sharp tongue so if they often say hurtful things when you fight, try not to take it too personally.

12. Taurus Women Only Like Their Own Company


It will take a lot of work to get into a relationship with a Taurus. They are quite happy with being single, because they love their own life and it takes a lot for them to change it. Relationships aren’t something they easily get into, so you might consider yourself lucky if a Taurus gives you her heart. However, keep in mind that if the relationship ends, there won’t be any second chances in the store for you. Once in love with you, a Taurus will turn ice-cold after the breakup, because they don’t believe in playing games with their feelings. On the other hand, if your relationship with Taurus is going well so far, keep in mind that you need to let them do things at their own pace because if you try to pressure them in any way, they will run for the hills and never look back.

11. Cancer Women Can Be A Little Emotional


Relationships for Cancers are quite difficult, mostly because they wear their heart on their sleeve which leads to them getting hurt more often than not. For that reason, they start to push people away pretty early in their lives, because they don’t trust anyone but themselves. Unfortunately, they often get in their own way of happiness ,because they second guess everything, including what could be a potentially healthy and happy relationship. However, if they do let you in their heart, keep in mind that you need to give them as much love as they give to you to keep the relationship going forward smoothly. Try not to betray their trust because you will break their heart and it will take a long time for them to get over that.

10. Leo Women Are Hopeless Romantics


If you are looking for a hopeless romantic, a Leo is the right choice for you, but keep in mind that comes with unusually high expectations that will be very hard to meet. They would do anything for a person they love, but they will expect the same in return, and not everybody is willing to do that. Unfortunately, they often get initially attracted to the signs that don’t function in that same way, which leads them to feeling hurt and disappointed. However, they never learn from their mistakes so they get hurt over and over again as they run in circles with their unhealthy relationships. When it comes to love, they will never take advice from anybody but themselves which also contributes to this self-destructing pattern. If you can’t cope with your girlfriend’s unrealistic expectations, Leo is a sign to avoid.

9. Aquarius Women Are Sometimes Weird

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Aquarius is often perceived as the weirdest of all signs which isn’t always a bad thing, especially if you are a little weird yourself. Unfortunately, they tend to stand in their own way when it comes to a happy relationship, because they overthink literally EVERYTHING! They are well aware of their own flaws and they despise them, but they will have no problem with accepting your flaws at all. On the contrary, they will often admire them, because they make you unique. But the road leading to that point will be a rocky one, since they don’t commit to people easily. They cherish their independence more than anything. You will have to be extremely patient with them but, in the end, it will be worth it. Once they become loyal to you, that loyalty will last a lifetime, even after the relationship ends.

8. Gemini Women Can Be Two-Faced

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Geminis are known to have two sides to them and you will need to learn to accept both of them in order for the relationship to work out. Half the time, they will be a boat load of fun, and half the time, they will be super depressed and negative. However, in the beginning of the relationship, they will try really hard to hide the side you might not like so it might come as quite a big surprise to you when they show their true colors. That being said, they are in the top 5 of this list, because they are one of the most loyal signs out there. They value trust more than anything and that is often a key to a successful relationship. However, keep in mind that they will cut you off without even thinking twice if you ever hurt them.

7. Libra Women Are Positive But Also Pushovers


Libra is the kindest of all signs and they always try to keep the mood up and stay positive. However, the fact that they avoid conflict and don’t talk about what bothers them can lead to pretty big problems in a relationship. After all, one of the keys to a successful relationship is good communication between partners, and that will be very hard to accomplish if you’re dating a Libra. Also, keep in mind that if you are the jealous type, this relationship definitely won’t work out, because a Libra hates being held on a short leash. They are naturally charismatic, so people are often drawn to them, which might be a problem if you are the possessive kind of partner. On the other hand, a Libra will never put their needs first and they will do anything to make you happy.

6. Capricorn Women Are Submissive. Like completely.


A Capricorn will do their best to please you in the relationship, because they are just wired to be perfectionists in everything they do, including romance. However, make sure you are okay with not being the dominant one in the relationship, because that is always their role. On the other hand, they will have your back no matter what, even when they know you are wrong, because the partner they love is the most important person in the world to them and they will defend them in all circumstances. But they have high walls built around their heart and not many people are able to get past them, so consider yourself lucky if you are one of them. They can also be extremely hard to read, because they are masters of hiding what they truly feel, since they always want to appear strong and independent.

5. Pisces Women Are Mysterious Enigmas

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People often find something intriguing about Pisces because they are the most mysterious of all signs. However, it will take A LOT of patience to get closer to them, because they are also the shyest of all, at least when they don’t know you all that well. If you, however, manage to gain their trust and to get them to fall in love with you, you will have a wonderful girlfriend that will always be in your corner. They are great at reading people, and they rely on their intuition more than anything, so they will always know if something is bothering you, even if you try really hard to hide it. They let their emotions guide them rather than trying to think rationally, but it actually works for them. Also, they don’t believe in fighting and they will always try to resolve problems without making a big fuss.

4. Sagittarius Women Are Super Kind But Also Guarded


Sags are the most playful of all signs and they will always lift you up and see your fullest potential. They are too selfless for their own good, and they care deeply about other people, especially those they love. They will always put your needs first and they will love you with their whole heart while not holding anything back. They tend to be pretty guarded with the people they don’t know, but once you gain their trust, there is nothing they won’t do to make you happy. They are known to be pretty independent but that all ends once they meet their soulmate, because they believe in true love and marriage. Unfortunately for them, they tend to be their own toughest critics, so it would be good for them if you reminded them from time to time how great they really are.

3. Virgo Men Cannot Control Their Emotions

Virgos have a pretty bad temper and when they get mad, they really can’t control themselves at all. In those moments, they tend to get really mean and say hurtful stuff, including bringing up a bunch of things from the past, just to kick you when you are down. They are also the most jealous of all signs, so if you aren’t willing to be in a relationship with a possessive boyfriend, you should really keep looking for someone else. Sure, they will calm down eventually; they will even apologize for their behavior, but they aren’t really good at forgiving and forgetting, so you can count on them bringing up the same stuff over and over again. This can make it really hard for you to love them and to accept all those quirks, but if you think it is worth it, good luck to you!

2. Taurus Men Are So Not Into Commitment


It will be super hard to get a Taurus to commit to you fully, because relationships simply aren’t their priority. They are focused on their career and family, and they like it that way so it will be really difficult to change that. If you want to feel like a center of his universe, a Taurus boyfriend probably isn’t the right choice for you. They also don’t just casually date for fun; they are looking for a potential wife but, even then, they won’t meet her halfway and they will stay mostly focused on themselves. If you want to be in a long-term relationship with them, you need to learn to accept that, but not everybody is cut out for that kind of compromising. You need to count on the fact that you will only get a little bit of their time. Will that be enough for you?

1. Pisces Men Are Super Sensitive And Prone To Getting Hurt


The problem with Pisces is the fact that they are drawn to wrong people, which often results in them finding themselves in toxic relationships that always leave them hurt and thinking it was their fault when, in fact, it wasn’t. They are the most sensitive of all signs. While they feel everything really deeply, they don’t really know how to show it. They tend to idealize their partners even if they are in a very bad relationship and it isn’t likely they will be the ones to end things. Instead, they will live in their own world of fantasies where they will overthink everything, and that can often be too overwhelming for their partners. They will almost never take initiative, so if you want a strong partner who stands their ground, Pisces is the opposite of that.

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