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How 12 Girlfriends Cheat According To Their Zodiac Signs (And 3 Boyfriends)

How 12 Girlfriends Cheat According To Their Zodiac Signs (And 3 Boyfriends)

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If you just started dating someone and you don’t really trust them completely just yet, it might be useful to check out what the horoscope has to say about your partner. There are some distinctive traits to each sign that will help you understand them better and get an idea on how and when it is possible for them to start cheating on you. Of course, you probably shouldn’t rely on the horoscope alone, but why not to check it out for a bit of additional help?

Each zodiac sign has its own specific behavior when it comes to romance, commitment, and cheating. You should take into the consideration the fact that people cheat for different reasons and sometimes it might not be entirely their fault, which, of course, doesn’t make it right, but it makes it more understandable. So what are those circumstances that make people cheat in the first place? If that is the question you have been asking yourself, you’ve come to the right place, because that is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. Stick around and get a better idea on how 12 girlfriends (and 3 boyfriends) cheat according to their zodiac sign!

15. Aries Girls Enjoy Flirting

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Aries’ adventurous nature is what gets them into trouble more often than not, cheating not excluded. They genuinely enjoy flirting with people and feeling desired by many men, so they sometimes slip and take things too far. If you catch them cheating on you, they won’t even bother denying it. Instead, they will likely blame you for not giving them what they needed out of the relationship so, at the end of the day, you might end up feeling like it was all your fault. Aries is very good at rationalizing things and they might even convince themselves they didn’t do anything wrong and genuinely believe it, and no one can make them think otherwise. It is all a part of their self-defense mechanism that makes it easier for them to cope with their guilty conscience.

14. Taurus Just Can’t Commit

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It is pretty hard to get Taurus to commit to you because they cherish their individuality above all else, but if they do, it is not likely they will cheat on you. However, if they do, it won’t be just some casual one night stand, it will probably mean they fell in love with someone else. They can also use cheating as a way to end their current relationship, meaning, they will cheat on you, tell you all about it, and happily move on. In any case, if Taurus cheats on you, you should know it is definitely over between you guys. But you should also know that in most cases, Taurus cheaters do feel regret and they don’t try to justify their actions to themselves. They are aware they did wrong, but they couldn’t help it because it wasn’t just some random hookup; it was way more than that.

13. Gemini Girls And Their Multiple Personalities


Gemini girlfriends have a problem controlling their multiple personalities and they are likely to cheat on their partners with the people from their closest social circles. So if you are dating Gemini, keep an eye on how she behaves with your best friend around, because if anyone is willing to cheat on their partner with their best friend, it is Gemini! They can’t help it, but what is even worse is the fact that they are likely to get caught in the act, because they aren’t particularly careful when it comes to hiding their cheating. In fact, you might find yourself embarrassed in front your friends and family if you are having a house party, because they will be lusting all over some of them. However, the good news is that sometimes fantasizes are enough for them, and they will never cross the line between a fantasy and reality.

12. Cancer Girls Won’t Keep It A Secret

Cancer girlfriends are the most trustworthy among all the zodiac signs and they aren’t likely to cheat on their partners and, if they do, they will be really bad at it and they will probably get caught right away. Thanks to their uncomplicated nature, they just don’t know how to play games like that and they definitely won’t enjoy it. They wear their hearts on their sleeve so it will be super hard for them to keep something like this inside. In addition to that, their kind heart will cause them so much pain for hurting you and there is a chance they will get really anxious and end the affair the moment it starts. They believe in true love and they are likely to cheat only if they think the other person has the potential to be their soulmate.

11. Leo Girls Will Cheat Only If Its Necessary

Leo girls aren’t really prone to cheating, mostly because they tend to avoid as much drama in their lives as possible. For them, cheating is just another unnecessary complication so, even if they do have feelings for someone else besides their partner, they aren’t likely to act on them. However, they can often be suspicious of their boyfriends and think they are the one being cheated on, even if they have no actual reason to believe that. However, Leo will cheat on their partner only when there is something seriously wrong about their relationship that is beyond fixing. On the other hand, if the relationship with their boyfriend is running smoothly, Leo wouldn’t want to give up all the perks the relationship brings and they are likely to stay faithful forever.

10. Virgo Girls Are Pros

Virgos don’t cheat often, in fact, they believe cheating would destroy their personality so they try to avoid doing it as much as possible. However, if they do cheat, they will do it like real pros. They are great at hiding things and they pay a lot of attention to even the tiniest details, so if your Virgo girlfriend decides to have a relationship with a third person, you will probably never find out about it. They will pre-plan every single move and they will think about every scenario in which they get caught – and find a way to avoid it. Virgos are master liars, so if you really want to catch them in the act, you will have to monitor their behavior very closely to detect even the slightest change in their habits.

9. Libra Girls And Disloyalty

If you asked a Libra girl if she would cheat on her partner, she would probably tell you Libras are the most loyal girlfriends who never cheat. Unfortunately, the reality is a bit different than their perception of it. They will find a great reason and explanation for cheating to convince themselves there is nothing wrong with what they’re doing. In fact, they won’t even think it counts as cheating. They can date multiple partners their whole life without anybody finding out about their affairs, because they are the masters of deception. The problem is they don’t take responsibility for their actions and can hurt their partners really bad without even realizing it. It has a lot to do with their life philosophy as they believe everything happens for a reason, and they just have to roll with it.

8. Scorpios Need To Fall In Love First

Scorpios usually don’t cheat unless they fall in love with somebody. The problem with that is the fact they fall in love at least 5 times a month (on a slow month). They are blinded by their feelings and that can cause them a lot of troubles and even more emotional pain. However, if they are in a dysfunctional relationship, they will find cheating to be the easiest way to escape the whole situation. Since they are painfully blunt and honest, they will probably tell their partner the truth once they start feeling bad about it. They usually take relationships very seriously, so you should know that if a Scorpio cheats on you, there is probably no way of going back; the relationship is over, and there is very little you can do to fix it at that point.

7. Blowing Off Steam For Sagittarius Girls

Sagittarius girls are adventurous and fun-loving, which makes it really hard for them to stay in a stable relationship for a long period of time. They are extremely focused and hardworking so they find cheating to be kind of a game that helps them blow off steam after an exhausting day. The problem is they aren’t really good at hiding their affairs, because they love to brag about their love life way too much, especially after having a drink or two. However, they are aware that it is not the best lifestyle and that they should do something to change it, but they just can’t help it. On the other hand, if you are considering hooking up with Sag girl, you will have a great time, because they are very open and easygoing. There won’t be any drama or clinginess there, which makes them the best girls to cheat with.

6. Capricorns Just Won’t Care

You know that feeling when somebody cheats on you and then tries to convince you there was nothing wrong with that because it didn’t mean anything? Well, this is a standard Capricorn move. Your Capricorn girlfriend will cheat on you and then act like nothing happened, because you are the one she is in love with while her little affair was nothing more than a casual hookup. However, this doesn’t change the fact that they are really good at hiding their indiscretions, and you will have to work very hard on finding out what is really going on. If you do that and you corner them, they will just shrug their shoulders and change the subject. Keep in mind that they are truly physical cheaters, not emotional ones so when they tell you it didn’t mean anything, they are probably being honest about that.

5. Aquarius’ Way Of Saying ‘To The Left, To The Left!’

Aquarius is an emotional cheater and she will never cheat on her partner just because there is some physical attraction between her and a third person. Casual hookups and one night stands really aren’t something they would ever consider doing, because they cherish their relationship more than anything. They will cheat on their partner only if they fall in love with someone else but even then, they will feel so bad about it. They will subconsciously want their partner to find out about the whole thing as soon as possible to make them come clean. For these girls, the relationship is a priority, and they are really loyal and dedicated lovers who would never compromise what they have with their partner just for some casual fling. With that in mind, if your Aquarius girlfriend is cheating on you, your relationship is definitely over.

4. Pisces Girls – The Real Masters Of Deception

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Pisces women are the most manipulative of all cheaters and, thanks to their cleverness, they are real masters of deception. They will make you feel like you are the only one in the world for them while having an affair on the side. It will be nearly impossible to find out if a Pisces is cheating on you because they will give you no reason to suspect them in the first place. Basically, one minute they will be telling you how much they love you, and the next minute they’ll jump into bed with their secret date. They have every aspect of their affair cleverly planned in advance, which makes their cheating tactics perfect. Just like with any perfect crime, you will have to stay one step ahead of them and outsmart them if you want to find out the truth.

3. Pisces Boys Are Fascinating


Pisces guys are social butterflies who meet new people all the time and, thanks to their mysterious personality and charisma, girls find them naturally fascinating and intriguing. That can often lead to flirting with a bunch different people, but in order for that to turn into an actual affair, they will have to connect with the person on the emotional level first. Once that happens, they turn into master cheaters who, just like Pisces girlfriends, have a perfect way of manipulating their partners into never suspecting them of cheating. The main reason why they cheat in the first place is the feeling of underappreciation in their relationship. They tend to be very selfless and pleasing their partners is always a priority for them, so if they believe you don’t care about all the effort they make, they will find somebody who will.

2. Sagittarius Guys Will Take Whatever’s On The Table

Sagittarius guys are comfortable with all kinds of relationships: one-night stands, friends with benefits, casual hookups, summer flings… You name it, they’ve done it. Their adventurous spirit makes it too hard for them to stay faithful to just one partner, even if they truly love them. They are highly spontaneous and they get bored easily, which can get them in a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, they never learn from their mistakes because cheating just runs through their blood and they can’t help it. However, if they do find their soulmate, there is a chance they will stay faithful because, despite all, they have a strong sense of loyalty. Just keep in mind it takes a LOT of effort for them not to stray.

1. Gemini Men = Flirt Pros

Gemini men are flirtatious and they won’t settle down until they find a partner whom they can connect with on different levels. Communication is very important to them and if there isn’t honest and open communication present in a relationship, they will likely start seeking a new partner. The problem is they will probably find them in your closest circle, and that is where things can get really ugly. Luckily for them, they are great in hiding their affairs so years could pass before you even start suspecting them of doing something behind your back. They will know exactly how to cover all their tracks to make you believe basically anything they say. On the other hand, that same intelligence they use for hiding their indiscretions could be the very reason they won’t cheat on you in the first place, because it will make them rethink all pros and cons over and over again.

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