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14 Architect Fails So Stupid People Won’t Believe They Were Made

14 Architect Fails So Stupid People Won’t Believe They Were Made

It seems that some architects were maybe a little bored on certain days when they made some of these buildings. Or maybe they were drinking? Whatever the problem was, now we have some buildings that either shouldn’t have even been planned in the first place or that they were put in the wrong place. We also have some things that these special architects made that weren’t made for the area they were placed in.

Some of these buildings may not be suitable for your child to see. They are not really dirty but unless you want your child asking you why that building is shaped like that and why you think it is so funny, it is better if you read this list by yourself, with your spouse or partner, or with a cool friend who will also think it is funny. You can read this list with anyone, just not your young children.

Now, while you continue to read this, try not to take a sip from your drink over your laptop or anything electronic device for that matter, because these are pretty funny and stupid at the same time. You don’t want to be taking a drink and spit it out all over the device you are using to read it on.

Now that you have been warned, let’s continue with 14 architect fails so stupid you won’t believe they were made.

14. Spiral Staircase Going Nowhere

Image credit:

Check out this spiral staircase that goes up the side of a building and leads to nowhere. It literally leads to nowhere, because when you get to the top, the only place to go is right back down the steps again and to the bottom. Right where you came from. I wonder what this architect was thinking or drinking when he made this spiral staircase. Don’t get me wrong. It was nicely done but why build a staircase, spiral or not, that goes to the top of the building but leads directly into a wall? This doesn’t make any sense, and this is one MAJOR EPIC FAIL for this architect!

13. A Garage That Was Built On Top of A House

Image credit:

This architect was thinking of the future when he built this garage. He must have been thinking that we would have flying cars by now. Or maybe he was on something we don’t know about. Whatever the reason, he really messed up here. How will the people who own this home park their cars in this garage? Guess they will need to wait until the flying cars come along. Who knows, that might be soon enough so maybe this wasn’t a bad idea after all. Of course, the only flying cars that are coming soon to the world are Uber flying taxis. For now, it is an epic fail for this architect but maybe that will change in the not too distant future.

12. Window That Looks Like A Door

Image credit:

Should this window maybe have been a door instead? Do you wonder what the architect was thinking when he made this huge epic fail? Was he thinking window or door? No one knows for sure but it sure seems like he wasn’t thinking at all. Maybe someone could put a doorknob on this window and finish it up to make it a door instead. It sure seems like it should be since there are steps going up to this window. Anyone walking up these steps might wonder where the doorknob is when they get to this window or door! What do you think?

11. Slanted House

Image credit:

It seems like the architect who designed this house forgot their level at home. This house is slanted, as if you can’t already tell. I wonder what was on the mind of the architect when he decided to design this house. The construction workers who built this house should have first let the architect know that he made a major mistake here. How do the people who live in this house walk around? Makes you wonder why anyone would move into a slanted house like this unless they are drunk all the time and are used to not being able to walk a straight line through their house.

10. Door In A Weird Place

Image credit:

Talk about architect fails that are stupid! Why would they want this door in this place anyway? Think about it: you would walk out the door and fall down to the bottom. Someone is going to get hurt if they accidentally use this door. Someone who doesn’t realize it is in the wrong place and walks through that door is going to get hurt and sue the people who own this building! Wow! What an epic architect fail. People who walk in this building must be laughing at this epic fail of a construction project. 

9. Another Door In A Weird Place

Image credit:

Here we go again with another door in a weird place. Really? What makes these architects put these doors in places like these? So, there is a chair beside what looks like a heater vent with a door above it. Where does this door go? Does it go nowhere like the spiral staircase that goes nowhere above? What goes on in the minds of these architects who design these building plans like this? It really makes you wonder. So, if someone sits in this chair for a break or something, will someone else fall down on them as they come out of this door?

8. ATM Down Too Low?

Image credit:

What in the world was this architect thinking when he designed an ATM so low that you have to sit down on the ground to use it? Wow! Just wow! I bet this ATM machine doesn’t get much business, right? This may be the weirdest place for something anyone has ever seen before. Wouldn’t kneeling down or sitting on the ground to get money out of an ATM like this be uncomfortable? Something like this would make you want to drive to another town to go to another ATM if this was the only one in town. Crazy, right?

7. Security A Little Too Close?

Image credit:

What were they thinking when they put the security camera right next to the surveillance TV? Something like this would probably make burglars think they could get away with breaking in and stealing whatever they wanted. I mean, this takes the cake when it comes to the stupid architect fails that should not have even made it to the planning stage. Why? Really! Why would the people who made this building or even the owners of this building want these two to be so close together like this? Aren’t they supposed to be separate? It would make much more sense to have them farther apart. Much farther apart!

6. Exit Next To A Door

Image credit:

Come on, now! Why would they put an exit sign and door right next to another open entrance? This makes no sense at all. This is one of the worst architecture fails I have seen so far! This is worse than the ATM down too low and the doors in the wrong place. It’s basically two doors next to each other that lead to the same place. The worst part is that one of the doors has a exit sign, when it is clearly leading towards the inside of a mall. 

5. Was This Phone Made For Giant’s Only?

Image credit:

Was this phone made for giants only? It really looks like it is! Look at the lady trying to reach up and grab the receiver because, although she is of average height, she cannot reach it at all. Why would they put a phone this tall and this big here for people to use when no one can reach it unless they are 10-feet tall? This makes no sense! Then again, none of these architect fails make too much sense anyway. This woman is pulling on the phone receiver line but once she gets that down, how is she going to dial the number? She would need a reaching stick for this. MAJOR EPIC FAIL AGAIN!

4. Hand Rail On The Wrong Side

Image credit:

Why would they put the hand rail against the door instead of on the other side of the wall? This is really funny and stupid because no one can use this door now. What is the point of having a door here or a hand-rail for that matter? I can see people walking down the steps and holding on to the railing but what if someone needed to use this door? Do you wonder where it goes? Secret room, maybe? Someone definitely doesn’t want anyone going inside the door from this side, anyway. You can’t even open the door because the hinges are on the outside.

3. Are These Rocks Or…?

Image credit:

This image is why there is a warning in the introduction to not let your children read this with you. This is definitely NSFW. There were many images that were shaped like private parts but this was one of the cleanest ones I could find. These are rocks in Turkey and they are called Turkey’s Penis Rocks. A very creative name for these rocks, right? I mean, we already know what they are shaped like. Couldn’t they come up with any other name for these rocks? Anyway, whoever made these were very bored or had something very weird on their mind. Wow! People will do anything for a laugh!

2. A Phallic Children’s Slide? What…??

Image credit:

Are we actually seeing the right thing here at a children’s park? Is this for real? This child’s slide is actually shaped like male genitals. Who would do something like this in a park where children play? Why would they do something like this? What were they thinking when they made this? In front of children, of all places. This is the biggest epic fail of all! Whoever made a slide like this should be ashamed of themselves. Someone either wasn’t thinking clearly, was drinking a little too much when they made it, or they didn’t realize they made it like this. Hmm. Wonder which it is?

1.  Wrong Place For A Toilet

Image credit:

This is definitely the wrong place for a toilet. You would have to be really, really short or crawl under the sink to use it. I bet hardly anyone uses this toilet, especially really tall people who would not be able to get under the sink at all without hurting their back. This is just a really weird and the worst place for a toilet unless the person who put this toilet here actually doesn’t want anyone to use it. But, why would they not want anyone to use it? Wow!

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