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14 Kids Who Experienced Hilarious Moments Of Karma

14 Kids Who Experienced Hilarious Moments Of Karma

Kids can be really bratty sometimes. Sometimes they get punished by their parents for their rotten actions and sometimes they don’t. Many parents think their children can do no wrong and when they think this, the kids don’t get punished like they should. And because these kids who can do no wrong and don’t get punished for their actions, they grow up doing whatever they want to do. However, once they grow up doing things wrong, they may get punished, perhaps with some jail time or probation or a huge fine. However, most of these so-called adults who were brats when they were kids still get bailed out by their parents because even if they did something really terrible, their parents still think they can do no wrong.

You would think by the time they grew up, they would grow out of being entitled but they usually don’t. It is no wonder they do the things they do when they do get older, since their parents let them get away with everything while they are kids. With that being said, here are 15 kids who got exactly what they deserved.

14. What Goes Around Comes Around

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A young boy was at a park terrorizing a dog that was tied up to a pole. He kept chasing the dog around while riding his bike. The owner of the dog saw this happening and came up and yelled at the kid to leave his dog alone. As the kid was riding away on his bike, he tried to do a wheelie on it and the front tire popped off while he was still mid-air. Because of this, the kid fell face-first in the parking lot. The person who was watching all of this happen said they couldn’t help but laugh because he got what he deserved. Karma can be really nice but she can also be really mean!

13. Oops! Jumped Off The Wrong Way

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Someone said when they were an eight-year-old child, they were playing in one of those bouncy houses. Some other kid came up to them and asked how old they were. After the kid told the other kid how old they were, the kid who asked them the question started punching them in the face for no apparent reason. Because of this, the person said he or she took off and ran away but looked back to see if the other kid started chasing them. The other kid actually jumped off the wrong way and hurt himself. It all sounds unfortunate, yikes!

12. Wet And Smelly Revenge

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A 10-year-old boy decided to show off to all of his friends and dumped a cup of water on an 18-year-old boy. The 18-year-old got back at the kid by dunking his head into a garbage can. Although no one knew it at the time, the garbage can was full of water and a bunch of old garbage at the bottom of it. The kid climbed out screaming and crying while wet and smelly from the old water and garbage.

The 18-year-old boy’s sister said that if her brother would have known the garbage can was so full of old water and garbage, he wouldn’t have put the little boy inside of it. Needless to say, the little boy never messed with or even talked to the older boy again after that.

11. Did You Want Dessert With That?

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One woman said while she was working as a waitress at a restaurant, a couple came in with their kid. He couldn’t keep his hands off of anything and even grabbed the waitress’s hands, her clothes, and even untied her apron which then made her pens and tips she received go flying everywhere. The worst part about this was that the parents weren’t even trying to keep their kid under control. They let him get away with everything.

They had asked for some peanut butter silk pie which, according to the waitress, is a good as it sounds. She said when she hands this dessert out to customers, she always puts extra whipped cream on top. She was trying to balance everything, including the refilled Diet Coke the parents had asked for. Again, the kid grabbed at everything, and, again, everything in her hands tipped over. This time, however, it tipped over and went all over the kid and his mom and dad. The waitress apologized and walked away and tried to keep from laughing before she went into the back. She wasn’t the only one laughing though as most of the front wait staff was laughing at this too. Did they really want dessert with that?

10. Your Secret Is Safe With Us

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A man told a story about how he worked at Toys-R-Us twice during the holidays. One particular time, they made him wear a Geoffrey the Giraffe suit to pose with the kids. One rule is about getting in the giraffe suit is you’re not allowed to talk to the kids. Instead, you have to dance, pose with the kids, and just keep your mouth shut and don’t ruin it for the kids there.

One kid kept punching this guy and although he was wearing the suit, he said it still hurt. He pretended nothing was going on and the parents didn’t notice anyway and didn’t keep control of their kid. So, after the pictures were taken with the kid, he knelt down and said to the kid, “Your parents told me not to say anything to you but you were adopted.” The kid started screaming and crying. Although the parents complained to the manager about it, they didn’t know who did this to the kid, because they had just hired a bunch of new people. So your secret is safe with us buddy!

9. Once Bitten, Twice Shy Baby!

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According to one person who was working in a pet store when they were in high school, the store had a problem with one particular family that would come in with their kids and let them do whatever they wanted without even trying to control them. Well, as the story goes, one day, the family with their children came in and as usual, the kids went about their business touching things they shouldn’t have been touching and again, the parents didn’t even try to stop them or keep them under control.

On this particular day, the daughter goes straight to the puppy run and starts trying to pull a puppy out. Children are not allowed touching any of the animals without one of the workers taking them out for them. The daughter grabs the puppy by one of its legs and starts pulling it out of the run. The worker saw this on their surveillance monitor while at the register so he went over to the girl to stop her before she hurt the puppy.

As the worker goes to find the manager to let them know, they notice the girl poking her finger inside the rat cage. This particular rat is a feeder rat but is separated from the other feeder rats because she just had a litter of baby rats. Well, mama rats are very protective of their babies so mama rat goes over to the little girl’s finger sticking inside the cage and takes one big bite of it. The girl starts screaming and crying. The parents complain and the manager is trying to calm everyone down. The worker goes to get a first aid kit for the girl. The family did not get banned but soon quit coming to the pet shop.

8. If You Do The Crime, You Have To Do The Time

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Someone said they were working at a Pizza Hut one time when a bratty kid came in with his dad. The boy was around 10-years-old. After he went into the bathroom and came back out, the person who worked there said they went in and noticed that the kid had pooped all over the men’s urinal. They knew it was the boy who did it because the pizza shop wasn’t that busy that day and it happened right after the boy went in and came out.

The worker said they found the manager and told them about it. The manager told the boy’s dad about it. The dad was really angry with his son and made him clean every last bit.

7. Some Monkey Business

Via: Youtube

Someone said they went to a monkey circus in Thailand where many monkeys perform circus tricks for the audience. There were two kids that were about 12-years-old or so who kept poking at one particular monkey in a cage for no reason.

There is a trick that the monkeys do where they throw a ball into the audience and then catch it. Well, the monkey who they kept annoying got really mad and irritated with them. He walked up to the two kids and he threw the ball really hard, hitting one right in the face. According to the person who told this story, the monkey had a really good arm on him. 

6. Bad Boy, Bad Boy! Quit Throwing Rocks At Cars

Via: United With Israel

One man said he had some really bad neighbors with five bad kids. Although he said all five were brats, one particular boy, the middle kid, was the worst. He said one day while he was out in his yard doing some landscaping, the middle child was also outside in his yard. When all of a sudden a really nice red truck stopped out by the boy’s house and backed up until they were close to the boy.

The lady in the truck asked the boy if he had just thrown a rock at their truck and of course, he denied it. Not only did he deny it, but he also started making excuses for himself like he always did when he was caught doing bad things. However, as he was making excuses for his rotten actions, the woman cut him off and told him to go get his mother.

The lady in the truck went off on the mother and told her that she needed to keep her kids in check. She did this for about 10 minutes. The neighbor said the only thing better than watching his bad neighbor get a verbal beatdown by the other lady was watching the little kid squirm the whole time.

5. She was doing what in the soccer field?

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One woman said when she was playing soccer during her freshman year of high school, there was one certain team her team had to play. Her team was a very strong one and the other team knew it so they played every dirty trick they could. One girl even dug her fingernails into the other girl’s skin really hard.

The one girl got tired of her arms being shredded after that and told the coach. He told the referees to keep an eye out for it but they didn’t. They just went on with the game like nothing happened.

However, the one girl’s friend, K, went in for her since she was put to the stands with the parents. K didn’t take the girl’s crap and punched her right after she started digging her fingernails into her arm. She fell down and started screaming in pain. When K told the coach about what the other girl was doing, since this was the second time he had heard, he told the other team and that girl was made to sit the rest of the game out. It turns out the girl who scratched others was related to one of the referees. That is why she had gotten away with it the first time.

4. Didn’t You Know? Camels Do Spit

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Did you know that camels spit?

During a time at a zoo, a young man said everywhere he went, this couple with their kid was right next to him watching the animals. He was getting annoyed by it because the little boy was throwing popcorn at everything and everyone, including him. He got fed up with it and went over to where the camels were and called the kid over. He told the kid to look at the camels and the kid began throwing popcorn and yelling at the camels. One camel walked up to the boy and spit on him. Suffice to say the little boy was very stunned by the sudden turn of events!

3. So Harsh!

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One man said that when he was in college, he was a volunteer coach for kids Lacrosse. He said one kid’s name was, wait for it… Harsh! This is not a joke! Aside from the name of the kid, he was punished pretty bad one day during a practice. Harsh was in the fifth grade and wanted to be a little brat so he punched a second grader in the stomach for no reason.

Because of this, the coach stopped practice right away and lined all of the kids up. He made them run sprints up and down the auditorium and when they got back to the front, they had to yell out, instead of what number they were on, “Thank you, Harsh,” and he would have to yell back, “You’re welcome.”

By the time the coach had let them stop running sprints because of what little Harsh did, they all went up to the little brat and beat the crap out of him. All of them!

2. Look Before You Jump

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One lady said she was working in a shop one time when a bratty kid came in with his mom. The mom was not watching him and let him run around wild. The lady who was working asked the mother to please calm her child down but she ignored her.

The shop had fake furniture displays made of wood. Well, the kid was running around knocking everything over. He then saw the fake bed displays but didn’t know they were made out of wood. According to the woman who was working there, the beds were actually cardboard boxes attached to a headboard.

The boy did not realize this so he ran towards the bed and jumped on it. However, when he jumped, he went head first into the boxes and headboards. Ouch!

1. Playing Too Hard

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According to the man who told this story, a bunch of guys who work together went to play airsoft for one boy’s birthday party. The guy said they had parties all the time and it was fun working with these people, however, the birthday boy started getting a little too rough with his airsoft gun. He started hitting anyone and everyone without calling out a warning.

Because of this kid getting too rough, the guy who told this story said he asked the boss’s son to join in with them. The boss’s son is little too competitive and this guy knew this. This was the whole reason for letting him join in the game.

The boss’s son was told to target the birthday boy. So, he hit him hard with his airsoft gun. The birthday boy started crying. The party was over. No one got into any trouble though, because the boss asked if the kid was being mean and everyone said yes. They just shrugged it off and everyone went home afterward.

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