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14 Outrageous “GoFundMe” Campaigns People Have Fallen For

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14 Outrageous “GoFundMe” Campaigns People Have Fallen For

Where is the line between ethical and immoral drawn? And, are there people in the world who push these boundaries?

We have all felt the impulse to give to charity here and there, most likely because a specific fundraiser supported a cause close to our hearts. People all over the world share the same humbling generosity that we have. Further details giving a blanketed rough estimate, show that there seems to be more than 10 million non-profits world-wide. In fact, seven countries report to have the highest number of non-governmental agencies contributing to serving others in need. With all of these legally registered philanthropic organizations, one would think that if someone is in need of help, they’d have no issue finding the assistance they need.

This doesn’t always seem to be the case though. More common today, are crowdfunding websites where anyone can start a fundraiser – and pretty much ask the world wide web users for money, and, for anything. If you haven’t heard of websites such as GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and IndiGogo, it’s important to point out that they are considered to be the world’s largest social fundraising platforms. While these are all supposed to be warm and fuzzy, some of the campaign organizers that I came across reminded me of the person you see on the corner with a makeshift sign, crafted from cardboard and black magic marker. Presumably, writing something like, “Homeless & hungry, anything helps” on it. Standing there all day, collecting money to them. Only, in this case, they are virtual beggars of the like.

We have done our due diligence to bring you the most frivolous, self-centered, and even borderline criminal crowdfunding solicitors that will make you cringe with disgust. Some of the 15 financial crusades will have you thinking WTF, and others may remind you of an unethical philanthropical outfit that you may have encountered. If so, please share it with us by posting a comment below our article. After you finish checking these out, share your opinion on which one you find as the most ridiculous. Then, share this with your friends and see what they think!

14. Mobile App Rent – A – Grandma Foundation

GoFundme Goal: $29,500 $0 Raised. The first one to make the roster of questionable fundraisers is one where a guy is asking for start-up dough to create a mobile app.

Guess he couldn’t find investors who felt his concept was valuable enough to contribute to. This child educator from the entertainment world said that parents would often complain about childcare providers and how they would always be disappointed with who they hired. Thus, a grand idea was born. According to this man, anyway. He drafted up an theory providing dependable and mature grandmothers to parents seeking reliable and experienced help. Makes sense, grandmas have usually had their fair share of babysitting. His slogan was pretty catchy, “Our Grandmas don’t text or tweet while watching your kids.” Would you use an app from your smart phone to locate a curly gray haired old lady to watch a child?

13. Lady Wants Us To Pay Her Money To Travel The World

Gofundme Goal: $10,000, Raised $1,220. This lady is smoking something crazy . She wants you and me to give her money to go vacation all around the world. Wouldn’t that be nice?

In the profile she lists herself to be a spiritual teacher, life coach, reiki and crystal healer, artist, YouTuber, traveler and writer. And because she has helped so many individuals along their life journey, she wanted to provide a way for them to “pay it forward”. The issue here is they will pay it forward, right back into her own pocket. This money will help cover her living costs while she creates helpful content, travels, writes a book, creates an oracle deck (whatever that is), publish YouTube videos, and finally to create art while giving back to the communities wherever she goes. Sounds like a jack of all trades and a master of none is trying to float through life on your dime.

12. I’m Getting Bald! I NEED HATS ASAP

Gofundme Goal: $100, Raised $0. First of all, is he asking us to contribute to a Prada or Gucci hat?

This one made me laugh out loud. He can get a hat at a garage sale for less than ten cents. Seriously though, he really wants us to pay him so he can cover up his balding head. There have been spray on hair products, faux hair pieces, or even a wig as an alternative solution to his insecurities. He didn’t even give a reason as to why he can’t buy his own hat. Generally speaking, the gofundme profile pages allow you to type details about your mission or cause. At least the spiritual healer above listed out why she wanted moo-lah and how it would make the world a better place. Nope. This man simply started a gofundme page, and typed, “I’m Getting Bald! I Need Hats ASAP”. I don’t know what you think but to me it looks like he wants money for something else.

11. Dad Wants You to Pay Him to Stay Home With His Kids

Gofundme Goal: $50,000, Raised $10. Should we be responsible to pay someone a salary so that they can raise their children?

Last time I checked, we all work for a living, or, if one parent stays home to tend to the house, kids, and pets, then the other parent works to support the family financially. His plea for reasoning was that he wants to leave the corporate world and instead, be a stay-home Dad. Later in his written woo for $50,000, he proclaimed that his goal is to prove that Dads can do an equally quality of a job raising kids. Well, no one is stopping him from proving this. Maybe he can save up the money first, and then stay home for a year. Although it’s more a noble cause, it still points the moral compass to selfishness.

10. Netflix And Chill Money

via edited by Patricia Eden

Gofundme Goal: $20, Raised $0. This poor fella has been waiting quite some time now for someone to fund his desire to rent some movies and take care of his frisky urge.

It just so turns out that someone this broke is motivated enough to create a fundraiser, but nobody in their right mind would send coins for this. Does he not realize that everyone has their own Netflix and Chill agenda? At the same time, he could have spent that half hour online looking for a job. Instead, he is turning a This is like a turn of the century method to post a personal ad, but with the twist of adding a monetary gain to it. Let’s say he received the $20 he asked the world for, what is he going to do to secure the “chill” part of this scenario? Needless to say, he did mention on his campaign that he would figure that part out. “So I wanna Netflix and chill but I don’t have Netflix…. I’d like to get it… the chill part I’ll figure out later…”

9. Spoiled Rich Lesbian Girl Needs a Fancy Home







Gofundme Goal: $5,000,000, Raised $26. She’s swindling for $5 million so she can buy a mansion in California.

What ever happened to working for what you want out of life? C’mon, there are literally people who are truly suffering that could benefit more from this money. Obviously, five million dollars could grant a multitude of requests sent to the Make-A-Wish foundation. But for this gal, she feels she is a victim of homophobic parents and therefore deserves a big ass crib in Beverly Hills. In reality though, she is just another spoiled rich girl looking for either attention or it’s all a fraud. In either case, no one is going to fork out that kind of cash for such a self-centered cause. What do you think? How much would you give her towards buying her dream home?

8. Broke Artist Wants To Rent A Billboard in Washington

Gofundme Goal: $10,000, Raised $3,260. Talented artist wants to display his art of a skeletal POTUS on billboards located in Washington DC.

Then again, no one would ever stop and think they’d see a picture of the President morphed into a jumbo cartoon. For one sketch artist, this is his wish. Evidently he was sketching a Trump/They Live mashup piece during the polling on election night. What’s intriguing about this gofundme campaign is that he recognized the importance of kidney transplants. And in the same breath, how his art could make just as big an impact. Due to his theory of altering the minds of voters through visual illustration and brainwashing through repetitively seeing his sketch on billboards across America. He also included prices of billboard advertising space renting for $850, plus a production fee of $225 every 60 days. In comparison to funding kidney transplants, do you feel this measures up?

7. Guy Needs Money To Make Potato Salad

Related image

Kickstarter Goal: $10, Raised $63,041. A crowdfunding campaign that started out as a joke quickly turned into an international focal point.

No, that’s not a typo. Someone actually accumulated upwards of $60K with a campaign full of baloney. Additionally, this isn’t the only reason this event creator gained monumental attention. His project also earned the spotlight for coming in as the fourth most viewed Kickstarter project. How does fourth place measure up to other crowd funds? Initially, making potato salad took the lead on total views passing up “Reading Rainbow” views. All in all, donations by the numbers were funnelled from backers residing across 12 different countries. I guess they were attracted by the clever headline of, “Basically I’m just making potato salad. I haven’t decided what kind yet”.

6. Masculine Lesbian Seeks Feminine Make-Over

Gofundme Goal: $1,000, Raised $1,010. A Las Vegas lesbian decided that she didn’t want to be gay anymore.

I don’t know what your experience has been but last time I knew, we couldn’t just change our sexuality on a whim. On the contrary, one young woman from Las Vegas would beg to differ. She had grown up identifying as a lesbian. Then, one day she took a pivotal course of action. This ex-lady lover pitched her need for some dough in order to get a “straight-makeover”. Specifically, getting rid of the boyish clothes, hair style, and mannerisms in exchange for dresses, pretty hair, make-up, and the like. But, why would someone publicly expose themselves risking ridicule? Well, it was exactly that, receiving chastising comments posted to her campaign, that motivated her to shut it down. That being said, though, she did exceed her goal of $1,000.

5. Earth Calling Mars: Celebrity In Outer Space Campaign

Gofundme Goal: $91, Raised $0. An evidently misunderstood fan of Matt Damon request’s the public’s money.

A Chicago, IL fan of Matt Damon had expressed his deep concern for the actor after seeing the recent box office hit, “The Martian”. You see, in the movie, the astronaut gets stranded on a planet and faces multitudes of adverse issues. Although this is a fictitious motion picture, the campaign developer had a different perception. Apparently, this man wants to ensure that Matt Damon finds his way back to earth safely, in time to film his next flick, another Bourne movie. The fundraiser is still up and running, despite the fact that there’s a lot of doubt that the Chicago citizen will reach his lofty goal of $91. Now wait just a damn second; how in the hell can we transport a person from outer space back to earth on a budget of just $91?

4. Guy Wants To Leave Messages In The Sky To Promote World Peace

Kickstarter Goal: $4,000, Raised $6,820. How would you react to witnessing a completely ridiculous message written in the sky?

Would you think of it as an omen of some kind, or shrug it off with a smile because you got to see something totally unexpected? Next, we visit a fundraiser’s motive to determine if it pushes crosses that thin line between ethical and immoral. On that note, some founder’s bankroll objectives are pretty flighty to say the least. Unexpectedly, I came across a semi-celebrity who launched his initiative for an airplane pilot to fly him around, maneuvering neat acrobatics to spell out a message. His whole point behind this was that life is pretty bleak and this would break up the daily redundancy, over all, improving the world. By the way, he only flew above L.A., so how would this promote world peace? I still think donating to a children’s hospital would have been a much worthier cause. Don’t you?

3. Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me – Campaign To Get Rid Of Flies

IndiGogo Goal: $15,000, Raised $501,266. How far would you go to get rid of those annoying flies and mosquitoes?

Indisputably so, there are enough people who agreed with this notion to pool funds that way exceeded one guy’s target. One fella thought of an invention that combined entertainment with adding value to one’s life. This would be made possible with use of his self-designed gun. Yes, that’s right, a gun – to kill teenie weenie flies. I can barely hit one straight on using a fly swatter! How the heck would I be able to aim with a large weapon and succeed? This guy’s concept is a little on the entertaining side, plus he uses non-toxic products. Unlike a regular exterminator. Either way, seems pretty frivolous to me, but he did raise half a million dollars with pre-sales of his bug slaying fire arm.

2. Clothing With Pictures Of Miley Cyrus Twerking

Kickstarter Goal: $3,000, Raised $528. Would you sport clothing picturing someone twerking on it? Better yet, would you sponsor a fundraiser so others could?

Ya, me either. Despite what we might think, there is a whopping total of 20 Americans who contributed to the fundraiser at hand. The headline read, “Miley F*cking Cyrus Shirts”. Which certainly proved to be the ideal campaign for one man in California. He proclaims that the shirts are made in Cali and will complete the first clothing line of his brand, “SEAMED’s”. Due to all the commotion surrounding a performance where Ms. Hannah Montana showed off her twerking skill up and down Robin Thicke. Like many other dedicated viewers of the Video Music Awards, we saw images of her trend like wildfire. The bottom line, however, is that the fund creator did not meet his goal. But, he did get 20 t-shirts out to his loyal team of investors.

1. Campaign To Raise Money For An Ostrich Pillow


Kickstarter Goal: $70,000, Raised: $194,094. WTF!? An Ostrich pillow, really?!

This fully funded Kickstarter campaign will have you scratching your head just like I am. Perhaps, you will vote this as the most ridiculous, maybe most scandalous, fundraiser in the comments below. Either way, regardless of the one you “nominate” as the most grotesque, this item is actually listed as a revolutionary commodity that provides convenient power naps anytime or everywhere.

For the most part, this pillow’s unique design provides a microfiber environment to take a cosy and comfortable siesta. This nap time accessory is crafted as a private space (kinda) in any public setting you find yourself in. It’s to my understanding that 1,846 people in our over-indulging society have forked out the bling to fund this very weird crowdfunding project.

So what do you think? Is the ostrich pillow the fundraiser thats sickly intended? Or, is bringing Matt Damon back to earth a noble cause? Post your vote below. Am I wrong about any of these? I’d like to hear your opinion. As our very valued and loyal reader, your opinion matters most!

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