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14 Relationship Goals She Wants To Discuss With Him

14 Relationship Goals She Wants To Discuss With Him

Whether you believe it or not, when it comes to your time with your significant other, women can be shy about what they desire. Rather than voicing their needs and wants, their aims are to please their man, so most of the time, she will just let him take control of the situation. It does not mean that she does not actually participate, but what it means is that she just allows her man to take control of certain situations in the relationship.

For several reasons, she may allow this. She may be shy, or she may believe that her desires ought to be suppressed. She may even believe that her partner will laugh at her or not want to try what she wants to try. Men, if your woman goes out of her way to make sure you are okay, then you should consider doing the same. After all, the scales should be balanced, and relationships ought to be about giving and taking. Below you will read about 14 things she wants in her relationship but will never admit.

14. change up the daily routine


There is a time for everything: a time to be slow and steady, a time to take your time to the finish line and a time to be quick. However, sometimes, your woman may want to have a little bit of different fun with you, but she does not know how you would feel about it. How would you feel about it though? Would you be scared or just not into it because she gets handsy and in some aspects, she dominates? Well, you should not rule anything out before you try it. If you give it a try, but it is not something that you like, then you ought to consider reverting to your old habits. Open communication is clearly key here and a true understanding of each other’s boundaries.

13. Time to play pretend


Sometimes, your woman may just want to try something a bit different and role play may give her the opportunity to spread her wings. Maybe she wants to be your nurse, a policewoman or a maid. Whatever she wants to be, you should allow her to play out her thoughts. If you suspect that your woman wants to role play or would not mind role-playing, you should pick up an outfit for her – something that you know she’ll love and something that you know you will enjoy seeing her in. At first, you may not be into it, but give it a chance. Don’t rule it out completely without trying. If it is for you, then it will be fun and you should not have to force it.

12. She Wants To Take Control


It is not that she wants to dominate every aspect of the relationship. However, the modern woman is not going to sit back and let her man do all the work. Sometimes, she wants to do some work too and you should allow her to do it. She wants to see how you will react to certain things and what it would be like to have control in that scenario. Even if you want to dominate in the relationship, if you allow your girlfriend to take control, she gets to learn more about you and she learns your preferences. That way, both of you will likely want to hang out even more with each other.

11. Talk to each other openly


If you are in a relationship, and not just having a fling, you should talk to your woman and get to know each other. There is something really magical about meeting someone who just gets you instantly and who is really easy to talk to. The conversation just flows, and it does not feel forced. You can both discuss how the experience was and what you would still like to do. So, after the act is done, rather than sleeping or turning on the television, she wants you to spend a little bit of time talking to her. It is not something that is difficult to do or something that needs to be done regularly. You may both be tired, but try to give her a minute of your time, and she will reciprocate as well.

10. Cuddles and Snuggles


Women want to cuddle and snuggle with you in bed, but they are not sure how you will react most of the time, especially if you are watching a sports game, playing a video game or just seem busy. You can let her know that it is okay to cuddle you while you’re busy by wrapping your arms around her and pulling her close. Women like to be shown affection and cuddling her in bed is one of the best ways to show it, especially when you’re seemingly busy. Most guys enjoy the act of cuddling and having their partner close to them. If she seems too shy to initiate it, then you can initiate it. If you keep your girl happy and satisfied, then she will ensure that you are happy too.

9. it’s okay to be weird

It is more than likely that your woman would have watched or read the Fifty Shades of Grey series. If this is the case, reading the books or watching the movies would have heightened some of her senses. Now, she is not going to come outright and ask you to change it up a little. She does not know how you will respond to this request, but secretly, she wants to try it at least once. A new movie is set to be released on Valentine’s Day, so you should consider going to see the movie with her and use what was said and done in the movies as a conversational opener to asking her if she wants to try any of those things.

8. Be Spontaneous


This may raise a few eyebrows, but some women are open to spontaneity in their life. They are tired of having to plan their encounters or just restricting it to the bedroom. The best encounters may actually be those that are not planned. In all honesty, life gets busy and when things get too busy, it doesn’t always go as planned. Spontaneity means you’re not sticking to the same routine or plans. You’re going to try new things and switch it up a little. This adds some fun and excitement to your relationship and she is going to love you for it and for trying. Don’t always assume that she wants to do the same things all the time. You can ask her for her preferences and aim to please her.

7. Having flirty conversations with each other


Your woman wants to change it up with some spicy talk. She just is uncertain about how you would react to her talk. Not only men can talk dirty, but women can do it too and really well. She is going to want you to do it as well. If you think she is shy about talking directly to you, then you should initiate it first in person or by sending her fun texts. If you get a reply that is equally as flirty, then you know that she wants to try it out. It is not only good for your relationship, but you should have a good relationship with your partner whereby you can talk to her about anything, and she feels as if she can talk to you about anything without it being too awkward.

6. there is something fun about the outdoors


There is just something about the outdoors that women find fun. Well for some, it is probably the thrill of knowing that you can get caught or the excitement that builds up when you know that you can be seen. Obviously it’s important to make sure it’s safe and certain spots are more fun than others. And it’s important that both of you are comfortable. If it makes you uncomfortable to go public with it, you can try it around the house in funny or unusual spots. If that goes well, then you can escalate to some other secluded spots. Don’t just assume she wants to do it; you should ask her first.

5. being affectionate with each other


There are so many ways you can show your affection for each other. Kissing can be fun, it can be a show of affection and it can also lead to other things. Most of the time, your woman wants to do some of the work. She wants to show her appreciation and you should show your appreciation for her as well. You should both show each other  how much you mean to each other. So, it is good not to take control all the time. Let her have her way with you as well. Every couple has certain cute things they tend to do that their partner really enjoys. So take some time to figure out what gets you guys fired up as a couple.

4. Be as Romantic as possible

Your girl has probably watched a dozen or more chick flicks in her life. It, therefore, means that she is going to have her own idea (or a universal one) about what romance is. That said, she is going to want to be romantic and she is going to want you to do the same. She wants to set up candlelight dinners, candlelight baths with rose petals and scented candles and she wants to put rose petals on the bed and candles in the bedroom. However, she does not know how you will react if the roles were reversed and she did it instead of you. She wants to do something romantic for you, but she also wants you to do some romantic things for her. What is more romantic in the bedroom than candlelight and rose petals?

3. don’t forget about her!

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Obviously this is a given but partners should always be considerate of what the other needs or wants. But some men can be very selfish and seek their own needs rather than hers. If you are going to rush then don’t forget about her. A true gentleman will always have manners and remember a ladies needs. So, don’t make this one of the things that your woman starts complaining about with her girlfriends. It is something that is natural and something that she should always experience with you. I mean obviously know one likes to be forgotten, especially by their own partner. Once again it’s about effective and open communication with each other.

2. She Wants To Learn Everything About You


She wants you to feel how she feels about you, she wants to make you feel good and she wants to learn about you. The best way for her to learn about you is to use her hands on you. She wants to know how you respond to certain touches and she wants to basically learn you. You may think that it is your job to make her feel good, but it is her job to also make you feel good. It’s a really good sign when your partner is attentive and makes an effort to understand you both physically and emotionally.

1. Take it slow in your relationship

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So, women don’t always want a slam bam thank you, ma’am. You may lack the patience, but you should at least allow her to take it slow. Just because you are indulging her and slow may be a bit boring if you do it too often it doesn’t mean you should ignore what she wants. Slow is not always bad, and it can be enjoyable for all parties involved. Her definition of slow may involve putting on music and giving you a massage. It may not be something you enjoy initially, but it is something she enjoys as she is giving back to her man. You should be open to her if she wants to do this and actually have fun as well!

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