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15 ’90s Tech That Could Make A Serious Comeback Now

15 ’90s Tech That Could Make A Serious Comeback Now

The ’90s were indeed the golden age for most of us, after all, the ’90s kids remember everything. It was a time when carrying around a cassette player was cool and there were a ton of weird toys and other contraptions around. Times were a lot simpler back then and even though modern technology has improved our lives in a lot of ways, it has also had quite a few a negative effects.

The thing that differentiates many of the things that were present back in the ’90s to the modern times is that things were reliable back then. A good example of this is that nowadays you can’t really trust online cloud storage despite it being a really useful service. On the other hand, data that has been stored on a floppy disk is much more secure and useful for sensitive information. This doesn’t mean that we want you storing your photos or music on a floppy disk; that wouldn’t really be possible. People are gradually starting to realize all of this and it is slowly giving way for some of that old technology to exist in our current world. So, that is why we have put together this list of 15 pieces of technology from the ’90s that we believe have and could make a comeback.

15. Physical Compass And Steer


We know that this sounds really old and many of us don’t even know how to use it but we can’t ignore its importance and advantages. They’re already being used by the military in all parts of the world, however, there is a high possibility that in near future these devices will make a comeback into an everyday man’s life as well.

Modern-day navigation is done through satellites so some of its disadvantages are making way for the tradition old school compass. On the other hand, the US Navy regularly trains its soldiers how to use a sextant and steer because most modern navigation systems can be rendered useless in the conditions of war, so they are learning these skills as a backup. The use of a compass has declined since the introduction of the smartphone but it continues to prove itself useful during war and other military applications.

14. Pocket Digital Dictionary And Calculator


Does anyone remember using digital dictionaries and calculators? A few years ago, almost everyone had their own portable dictionaries and calculators but now everyone uses their smartphones for this purpose. Portable dictionaries are far more easy to use and they have a collection of thousands of words whereas phones require you to update your dictionaries every once in a while and even then you can’t find some of the words that you’re looking for.

People who read a lot or work in literature or journalism need to have a portable dictionary. The same is the case with digital calculators, our phones can only do simple calculations and you need a calculator that can help you solve complex calculations. This is why we believe that these have the potential to make a comeback.

13. Digital Diaries


We all have a smartphone that does everything for us. A few years back, people used to carry a diary in which they made notes of all the important things, keep their business records and write important contact numbers. Because of this, many people had the habit of writing a diary on a daily basis, however, these things have become obsolete with time.

We believe that electronic diaries still have the potential to make a comeback. Why, you ask? Well,  just think for a moment if your smartphone is lost or it stops working. How do you plan to get all of your data back, especially if you haven’t made any backups? In the ’90s when children didn’t have their own cellphones, they used to have an electronic diary to keep all their secrets, and these diaries were then protected with a password. They were widely used and with different niches popping up every now and then, we’re pretty sure you’ll see one with digital diaries soon too.

12. Film And Polaroid cameras


We know that this is the era of high definition videography and photography but we think that old cameras that used actual films can make a comeback. While this sounds impossible, there are plenty of people who still use these cameras.

Back then, dropping canisters of films at a photo shop and then waiting for them to be developed was always a neat experience. With the introduction of the digital age, while many things have been made easier, they’ve also been made worse in a lot of ways. Your pictures can now be hacked and stolen, something that was not possible on old school Polaroid cameras. Kaley Cuoco, star of the famous show The Big Bang Theory was a victim of such a hacking accident, and she is reported to have said that a Polaroid is definitely the better option.

11. Fax Machines


The fax machine was a very important device at one point, and it was seen in almost all offices. People used to send important files through a fax machine. Every fax machine was assigned a number similar to a telephone number and it was considered a very convenient tool. Due to advancements in technology, the use of fax machines declined, but we think that it can make a comeback as many business firms and other departments are going back to using paper again due to its vast range of practical advantages.

Due to the increase in hacker activity in recent times, people are thinking about alternatives since many organizations are losing their important information and there is a risk of it going public. Fax machines can play a vital role in saving them as the information or important messages that are sent through faxes cannot be easily taped.

10. CD Players


Who owns a CD player? We guess no one because who needs those old players when we have our modern smartphones and we can listen to all the good music at the touch of a finger. Many of you have not even seen that black disk that goes round and round and plays music.

We know that it’s surprising but yes, CD players are making a comeback. Many young and famous singers are releasing their songs on CDs. So find your old CD players as the new trend is coming to hit you. A few years back, cars were equipped with a CD player and people used to wait for CDs of their favorite artists to release.

9. Feature Phones


At this point in time, we’re knee deep into the world of smartphones. They can do everything, from acting as portable media players to smart personal assistants, yet they still fail at some of the most basic tasks.

That is where feature phones come in. The return of the Nokia 3310 is proof that there is still demand for feature phones and one of the biggest reasons why that is still happening is because of the excellent battery life and ruggedness that these devices carry. Not only that, many people are gradually trying to move away from the completely connected life that we have developed, trying to unplug and feature phones are the best solution to that.

8. Boom Boxes


We’re hoping that some of you still remember the good old boom box. As mentioned before, smartphones have replaced boom boxes among so many other things. Still, one cannot deny the fun they brought and now they’re gradually being used to bring back that old retro music vibe.

Many famous singers are now releasing their albums on cassettes, so recently there has been a surge in the demand and sale of cassettes. Among these, some of the best sellers were Justin Bieber’s album ‘Purpose’, Eminem’s ‘The Slim Shady LP’, The Weekend’s ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’, and the Revolution’s ‘Purple Pain’. It was reported that a 74% increase in the sale of cassettes was observed after the release of these albums, so that is definitely a sign that boom boxes might be back, even if they are for the enthusiasts.

7. Wristwatches


Alright look, we know that wristwatches are still being worn and used to this day but it’s always been more of a fashion accessory rather than to actually check time, since that job has also been taken over by the smartphone. But who wears a wristwatch for daily use? Once again, the number of people who do that is not as big as back when smartphones weren’t around.

So, what’s the solution? Well, many famous wristwatch brands are launching new wristwatches with modern functionalities. Apart from telling time, these new smartwatches can also connect with your phone and provide you additional information. With the success of many of these new watches, smartwatches will quite soon be very commonplace and they will end up attracting a number of new buyers.

6. Floppy Disks


Most of the newer generation probably doesn’t even know what a floppy disk is anymore. Back in the day, before the advent of CDs and DVDs, a floppy disk was the only medium where data could be transferred from one place to another. The only problem, however, was that the storage on these things was extremely limited.

However, even with modern storage options like cloud storage, it is a proven fact that these can be easily hacked and your data is never really secure. That is why floppy disks are being brought back into places where sensitive or useful information needs to be stored. They are now being used in the aviation industry, used as a back-up in many business firms and most of the ATM machines are also using them. So, are floppy disks going to make a comeback? We’d say that they already have!

5. GameBoy


Most of us will remember owning a GameBoy back in the day, more like, who didn’t? It was probably one of the most famous handheld consoles to ever exist and while a lot of that has now been replaced by modern handheld consoles, the simplicity and fun that the GameBoy brought simply cannot be ignored.

To make sure that the spirit of the GameBoy doesn’t die, a company has decided to release a new version called the ‘Super Retro Boy’. It’s designed to give the same experience as the GameBoy of the past, however, with a few more modern features that the original lacked. This will not only bring the adults to play it but also the kids. So, you should definitely grab one while they’re around since they’re known to disappear within a couple of hours due to high demand.

4. Tamagotchi


Do you remember the Tamagotchi? Yes, we’re talking about that small egg-shaped toy that has three small buttons on it. For those unaware, it is basically a handheld virtual pet which, when you turn on your toy, presents you with an egg. After that, you’re required to set the clock which will then cause the egg to jiggle, making it hatch into a pet a few seconds later.

You’re required to take care of this pet like you do for your real pet. The good news is that this toy is set to make a comeback really soon. It has already been released in Japan in six new colors and can be bought for 1,900 yen on the Japanese Amazon store. These new Tamagotchi are almost half the size of the of the original version and we’re pretty sure that the ’90s kids will be excited to see these again.

3. Typewriters


Retro seems to be a recurring theme here. Did you know our modern Q-W-E-R-T-Y keyboards were derived from the keyboard layout of typewriter keys? Typewriters were initially used for writing documents and instead of a screen, the document would be written directly on a paper page, easily eliminating the need to scan or print the documents.

Despite the ease of use that modern technology offers, many people, more specifically writers, are reverting back to these old machines again. Typewriters are simple and offer a very distraction-free writing experience. They also prevent any eye strain that one might experience because of staring at a screen for too long.

2. Pagers


What did we have before cellphones? If you’re unable to think that far into the past or simply weren’t around then, we had pagers. These would usually be used for one way communication and even two way communication in some instances.

These devices should’ve been obsolete by now with the introduction of the cellphones but amazingly, they still continue to exist. One of the biggest reasons why that has happened is because pagers are still much more reliable than your cellphone service. This basically means that pagers can be pretty useful in disaster situations and can be used to communicate. That is why most of these are being extensively employed for emergency service personnel. Some of the more basic use of this technology is being implemented in restaurants and even by some dentists to manage patient appointments.

1. Nintendo Super NES


As if the revival of the GameBoy wasn’t enough, we now also have a more updated version of the Super NES, while still preserving the feel of the original console. Despite the availability of modern games, retro gaming has become its own little niche.

Most of us spent so much time playing this console, and it basically defined our childhood. A chance to experience it again brings back all of those good memories and it goes on to show that no matter how many AAA titles we get, retro games will always have their own place. Since the Super NES was quite popular, so many people are looking to get it again. It has become quite rare, including the newer one, so it’ll be best to stay on the lookout for when the newer one goes on sale again.

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