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15 Affordable Cars That Look And Feel Expensive

15 Affordable Cars That Look And Feel Expensive


In this day and age, cars are not only a means of transportation but the ultimate sign of class. Today the easiest way to tell the world you’ve “made it” is to get an expensive sports car. Not many people today buy products (cars included) for their own convince, but moreso to simply prove to others that they too can afford to buy them. Nobody wants to appear broke, everyone feels good when they are associated with success, for success (read: money) comes with authority.

Just as a well-dressed man commands some level of respect on the street, expensive cars also exert some level of authority on the road. Broke lads out there, not all is lost, for there are really good cars whose prices are much lower than you ever thought. These cars not only have an expensive look but they are also surprisingly comfortable. Their stylish designs give owners the feeling of driving much more expensive cars.

These cars also come with speed, which is associated with sports cars with prices that make you look away. This review focuses on the cars that will not betray your bank account but will still have people turning their heads. These are affordable cars that leave you smiling all the way to the parking lot.

15. 2017 Nissan Sentra S – $17,000


I fall into the category of individuals who fancy small and beautiful vehicles. Who needs a massive 5-seater vehicle if a pretty and classy sedan such as a Nissan Sentra exists? Better yet, you only need about $17,000 (MSRP) to go home with it. Gone are the days when you could only turn heads with extremely sporty, luxurious and expensive rides. This Sentra does 30 MPG and is easy to maintain on an average budget. Its full package entails 13.2-gallon fuel tank capacity, power steering, front wheel and a 4 cylinder engine making 130 hp. Well, big things come in small packages!

14. 2017 Chrysler 200 – $26,000


This is the ultimate expensive-looking yet cheap car. Chrysler is one of those brands that represent class and authority. Anyone driving a Chrysler is somewhere pretty high on the social scale. The classy five-seater car has an amazing starting price of just under $26,000. The 200, which is stylish in its design, also has some sportiness and represents its owner’s taste in classy things. The Chrysler is a family car which can also double up as an office car. It features a massive trunk and sits five people comfortably, showing that you don’t need to sacrifice space and comfort to have an impressive ride.

13. 2017 Chevrolet Colorado – $21,000


The 2017 Chevrolet Colorado is definitely the quickest entry in the midsize truck category and hits the ground running with its display of power thanks to its standard 2.5-liter 200 horsepower engine. Not enough power? The truck comes with an optional 3.6-liter V-6 engine which many car enthusiasts are describing as its highlight due to its ability to generate enough torque to allow it to accelerate smoothly. It’s well-designed interior, swept headlights, good fuel consumption and upright grille make the Colorado an excellent addition to the midsize truck range, slowly stepping out of the shadow of its more illustrious big brother, the majestic Chevrolet Silverado. These attributes, accompanied by its great handling, make the Colorado a well-engineered work of art.

12. 2017 Fiat 124 Spider – $24,000


Is there a car more stylish than the Fiat 124 Spider? The scar is a representation of extravagance in design and class. The Fiat is available as a convertible and has a flirty front end which introduces the beautifully designed Italian exterior. Anyone who has high expectations in a car but also a tight budget will have to consider getting the Spider. The 2017 Fiat 124 Spider is what you can get with only $24,000. This is a great deal considering Fiat’s looks combined with the car’s capabilities. The sporty two-seater assures a comfortable drive and looks classy too while the 160-hp 1.4-liter turbo four produces enough power to get you around quickly.

11. 2017 Chevrolet Cruze – $16,975


Chevrolet has come a long way since its time producing boring economy vehicles. The Cruz is an example of the “new” Chevy, exuding class and style.  It’s mind boggling that the Chevrolet Cruze L only goes for $16,975 – are you kidding me? Let’s take a look at its unique specs: Up to 40 MPG on the highway, a 1.4-liter turbo engine, 153 horsepower, standard teen driving technology, a 7-inched transverse touchscreen, Chevrolet MyLink and 4GLTE Wi-Fi. It also has safety features like a back vision camera and park support, lane keep tracking, and much more.

10. 2017 KIA Cadenza – $32,000


Whoever said low-priced cars are not comfortable probably has not driven the 2017 KIA Cadenza. This is a car that looks way too expensive compared to the price that it goes for. The sedan which is both big and stylish has a very high performance on top of its inviting interior. The car astonishingly goes for under $32,000. This is way too low considering that the Cadenza is full of comfort and is available in very limited editions. The KIA’s fuel consumption is something to write home about. People who have driven this car say that it is very economical compared to other cars in the same class. Its 290-hp, 3.3-liter V-6 also provides more than enough power for a spirited ride.

9. 2017 Kia Soul – $15,990


At first glance, the 2017 Kia Soul might pass for your average hatchback, but there’s more to this pint-sized crossover than meets the eye. Armed with a base 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, the front-wheel-drive Kia Soul definitely packs a punch combining with its six-speed manual transmission to produce 130 horsepower. Higher trim levels offer a 2.0-liter, 161 hp engine and a 1.6-liter turbo making 201 hp. So much bite for such a small dog, don’t you think? The Kia’s lively turbocharged engine is a revelation in that it not only offers the driver a boost in performance but also gives the car a crisper feel. Talk about getting value for your money.

8. 2017 Ford Focus Sedan – $16,775


Ford automobiles are a darling to most Americans, even despite the patriotism aspect. If you aren’t a Ford fan, then you need to see the 2017 Ford Focus sedan that only goes for $16,775 and a lease price of $190/month. It’s a 5 seater with a 25-34 MPG (quite economical if you ask me), a 5 or 6-speed PowerShift Automatic Transmission, and standard safety measures with an additional driver knee airbag. Unlike other new models in the market, this make is not a ‘brand-purchasing deal’ but a quality product worthy of investment. Did I mention how cool it looks? This car is definitely worth a test drive.

7. 2017 Ford Mustang – $24,000


For just $24,000 you can own the new Ford Mustang. The Ford Motor Company which makes the Mustang is known for heavy duty vehicles, and that aspect of a powerful vehicle has not been left out in the Mustang. Reviews from people who have already bought the car indicate a powerful ride, Mustang being the muscle car that everyone feels proud to own, and this new model looks way too expensive for the price tag that’s attached to it. The Mustang comes standard with a 3.7-liter V-6 engine that makes 300 hp. The Mustang’s sporty and metallic design makes it a must own car for average earners.

6. 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer – $17,795


The 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer represents good value for the money, and its new offering is the oldest model in the sedan segment. Perhaps the Lancer’s best selling point is its incorporation of the option of all-wheel drive which has not yet been adopted by most of its other competitors. It features a 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder engine which generates up to 148 hp. The 4-door sedan come with a standard 5-speed manual gearbox but also offers an optional CVT that Mitsubishi attributes for its high performance and low fuel consumption. Other additional features include the 16-inch alloy rims, power accessories, Bluetooth connectivity and cruise control.

5. 2017 Jeep Patriot – $18,040


This is a cool ride packaged in a cool deal; I am actually afraid that its stock will soon run out due to the skyrocketing demand since its release this year. It only goes for an MSRP of $18,040 with a $2,750 cash back price. Its box-like stylish look takes after other classical Jeeps celebrated as being kings of off-road driving. Its specs include optional four wheel drive, a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission, 26 MPG, a top speed of 111 mph and a 172 horsepower engine. It is definitely a deal to try for all SUV lovers.

4. 2017 Toyota Prius – $24,000


For a car with the Prius’s design and performance, you’d expect a huge price attached to it. The sporty design that is exhibited in the car’s exterior gives it an expensive look. The Prius is unique in its design with its hatched back giving it a long supercar look. The headlights have a split design which gives the front view a sporty look. There has been a lot of talk about the car with most praising its design. The fuel consumption of the car is also amazing with its hybrid drivetrain giving it 54 mpg. The car goes for only $24,000, a price which is low compared with the car’s look and the feeling of driving one.

3. 2017 Subaru Impreza – $19,215


Unlike its predecessors, the 2017 Subaru Impreza is a marvel of beauty due to its sleek and handsome exterior which is an ode to the company that brought you classics like the BRZ and the more familiar Toyota 86. Powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, the 2017 Impreza produces approximately 148 horsepower with a top speed of about 122 mph. This new model has been built for comfort with its larger dimensions providing more interior space and ultimately better sound insualtion. The Impreza also features a longer wheelbase which in turn makes it wider than previous versions. Its durability and additional capabilities make this crowd pleaser the standout affordable car of 2017 so far.

2. 2017 Jeep Renegade Sport


Another cheaper yet very classy looking SUV for all classic Jeep fanatics is the Renegade Sport Four Wheel Drive. Its trendy looking design that comes in different colors and wheel designs makes it different from other makes. It has a 1.4-liter turbo engine producing 160 hp and dual-panel roof features. I would cast a die in favor of an attractive young lady or man driving this vehicle; it prints a tag of fashion and class even to fellows in the passenger’s seats.

1. 2017 Honda Civic – $19,515


For a long time now, the Honda Civic has been the face of simplicity and reliability in the compact sedan market. The 2017 version has taken a page from its predecessors and gone one step ahead. It is available in the coupe, hatchback and sedan versions. Its sleek, curvy design with sharp angles, chrome grille accent and LED headlights make it a perfect combination of class and style. This new version comes in both the 158 hp and 174 hp versions whose fuel consumption is spectacular thanks to its 6-speed transmission. Throw in the newly designed interior and the demand for this modern bombshell will be through the roof. You can definitely see yourself cruising past the ocean in this baby with the wind in your hair.

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