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15 Affordable Watches That Will Make You Look And Feel Rich

15 Affordable Watches That Will Make You Look And Feel Rich


We have all been there. It’s time to get a new watch and you want to have something that is affordable but you cannot get your hands on something that is good enough for a decent price. We want to show off to the girls and make them think that we have stacks of cash out there to wine and dine them.

It is not always wise to invest in a Rolex, or something that is going to set you back a small fortune. You will be grateful for this list when you read it though, for you can now get the top watches on the market for great prices, and have people believing that you own a watch that costs lot more!

The look of them is sweet, they are neat, they are tidy, and well, you will be able to wear them with great pride. You will have a fully functional great timepiece that is going to be of importance to you, and you can make a universal public statement that keeping time is something that is important to you because you are a high-class dude. After all, time is money!

15. MVMT Chrono Gun Metal / Sandstorm Watch


MVMT is a lovely brand to own. You will be able to wear the MVMT watch and use the chrono on it each day that you need to keep the time. It is coloured in gold and black and it looks amazing. You will be able to take full advantage of it slick design. It is minimal, yet classy and if you were to estimate the price tag that comes along side it, it really does not require that you take out a loan to own one. So, black and gold will be a great piece for you to wear and show off. Make sure that you do not miss out, as the MVMT watch is all that you will need and more. The cost is about $135.

14. Citizen Eco Drive


If you like the idea of having a branded watch then those of you that are gadget-inspired will know about the Citizen Eco-Drive watch. It is a great brand and it has been marketed towards men that like to have a golf theme. It has been advertised on golf courses and programs on TV. However, don’t think that you must be Tiger Woods to be able to own this. The Citizen Eco Drive is a timepiece that offers a lovely look. Yes, it is colored in Chrome and it sports a very solid pattern on the dial that offers a very cool look. The brand is very well established on the market so you will not have any issues with this and the price is about $150, depending on where you purchase it from.

13. Seiko SKX175


This is a watch that has the look of a fly Rolex, but you don’t need to have thousands packed away to be able to buy it. The watch is a lovely piece and it has a casual look with a very top notch dial and hands. You will be able to walk away with the Seiko SKX175 for a cool $270, give or take. It is also marketed as a dive watch, but even if you are not an avid fan of diving (we’re not really sure how many avid diving fans are out there) this watch will still enable you to show off your wrist and it is one of those pieces that you will be able to impress the chicks with! Each time someone asks you the time, you will not have to hide your hand in your pocket, as this is an expensive looking watch.

12. Hawker Harrier AV1-8 Number 2


Yes, the Hawker Harrier has a very strange name, and it is a watch that you will love to be able to wear. The company is marketing watches to try and appeal to those that want to have a pilot’s watch. It has a plane-themed name and if you like pilot-themed aesthetics, then this piece is something at you should not rule out. It is a very easy to work watch, that has no complications when those that own it write reviews about it. They are all happy and no one seems to be able to find something wrong with it. The cost is so low you will have to take a reality check, as it is only $170 depending on the store you get it from. You can get it on Amazon as well so you won’t have to worry about the reputation of the company.

11. Brooklyn Watch Company Flat Hand Watch


Now, this is a really budget priced watch. On offer for just $49, you will not be left feeling out of pocket, and if the strap on this watch isn’t enough to tickle your fancy, then you can opt for one of the other great pieces that they sell. The strap on the flat hand one is red blue and white, and it kind of has an appeal for those that are a bit patriotic and live in countries that have these colors in their flags. It says Brooklyn on the front, and the dial is colored in white and gold. It has a large time telling piece and the circles look really fly for those that cannot live without a watch, but just really have no cash in their bank to get top branded ones.

10. Armagon Huckberry Watch


This was a watch that has been inspired by the Le Mans race, and it sports a lovely stop watch and a 24 hour indicator on the front. You will be able to check the spirit of the watch company as you can get a very classic look. The 2 dials really look fly and you get the feeling of having a watch that costs you a lot more than the $155 price tag. Of course, this depends where you get it from. It is time to treat yourself to some Huckberry fun, and get your hands on this great timepiece to sport on your wrist and show off to your friends and family. Make sure that you dust down your shelf and prepare to add a new place for your new investment when you are not wearing it.

9. Tsovet SVT-SC38


Now this is a watch that doesn’t just have a weird name, it also has a lovely unique color. It has a mix of brown and copper and it is very bold. It kind of has a feel of something that stepped out of a Wes Andersen film, and you have to go and find it on a top secret mission. You can actually afford this too as the price is only $225, depending on the store you opt to get it from. Be sure that you treat yourself to one of these soon though, because as a guy, you should know more than anyone that people love to get the neatest priced gadgets and once they are gone, they are hard to get again. It is also somethingthat is hard to get when it starts to get popular as the price could wind up being increased.

8. Jack Mason Aviator Three Watch


Now you don’t have to be a fan of Chuck Berry to own this, but it kind of is comparable to him in the form of a watch! It has a white on black dial, and a lovely solid leather strap that stands out. There is nothing like this on offer anywhere else. There is a super cool hidden star that is emblazoned on the crown and it is a watch that is fit for any occasion. Priced at around $200 you will not have to dig deep into your pocket, and well, you will love the chance to have this great piece. Be sure that you do not miss out because this type of piece doesn’t stick around for long. Snap one up for yourself to tell the time all day, everyday.

7. Hamilton Khaki Leather Watch With A Black Dial


Okay, so Hamilton branded watches are not exactly the best brand that you can get in terms of flashing your cash. They are however a great timepiece to own when you need a budget priced watch that will offer you the best there is for your price range. You can snap them up for about $280 and you will be able to get your wrist looking fly once you have done just that. Hamilton is the way to go if you are not able to roam to the wonderful bling world of Rolex! It is an acquired taste, and well, let’s face it, Rolex is worn by people that are not so classy nowadays! So many rappers that haven’t got two sticks to rub together and the brains of a piece of chewing gum stuck under your shoe wear them, that well, the reputation is not quite as good as it used to be.

6. Fossil Nate Analog Display Watch


Now this is a very fine watch that is made from a plastic look wrist strap, kind of like the famous G Shock Casio watches, back in the day. It has gold dials and they just pop off the face of the watch. It has a blue face and well – the rest is kept to your imagination. If you are a guy that likes the idea of being able to have something that it completely out of the box and different, then this is just what you needed. It is sharp, bright, and well, your wrist will look like you are a babe magnet. You will have no issue being able to tell the time, and your hand will not have to be kept inside your pocket when you are asked to tell people what the time is. Be sure to get this Fossil timepiece, as it is not a prehistoric gadget! It costs about $90.

5. Nixon Sentry Leather Watch


Now if you have a spare $120 then you can be the proud owner of this watch. You can get all surfed up and show of this cool timepiece that is marketed towards surf dudes, skating dudes, and really any dude that likes the idea of getting rough and ready when they are out and about. There are also a lot of color options on offer with the dial and strap, so if you don’t get it right the first time and like to have options, then the Nixon Sentry will offer you just that. For the $120 price tag, you really cannot go wrong when getting your hands on something like this. Get one soon though, as you never know when you are bound to get down and hit the great outdoors. You can’t take a phone to tell the time if you are surfing or skateboarding!

4. Timex Horween Leather Chronograph Watch


Now this is just $120 and you can look fly too with a small price tag. The strap is made from brown leather, and it looks very cool. It is a chronograph watch so you needn’t worry about not being able to afford a chronograph piece. The strap is really classy it is a bonus to be able to have a leather strap for such a low low price. Timex is a maker of watches that has been around for a while too, so you need not worry about being able to have to return something that they have made. Do not miss out – your wrist needs to tell the time! Chicks that stop you will think that you are cool, sexy, and well, let us just say that they will see you as a working class type of guy, not a layabout.

3. Tiso T Classic Traditional Chronograph


This is just $200 and it is a great piece that is colored in black and gold and the brand has quality looks. It is very budget priced and features a silver colored chronograph that is very comfy and can cross easily between the realms of casual or formal wear. You can literally wear it with any outfit and not have to worry about it. The black face of the watch has a silver north star at the twelve-o clock mark. It kind of looks very James Bond, and well, you can feel like an action movie in the form of a man. So, when the chicks check out your wrist you will be able to show off to them with a cool piece that looks like you dug deep in to your trouser pockets.

2. Movado Black Dial Leather Watch


If you have a spare $130 then you can get the Movado watch and you will be able to check it out. It is a piece that is nice and will look good at a party when you go out and about. It has a midnight black color on the face and it has a look of a watch that is amazing. You can show case the leather to people and everyone will like the fact that you have taken the time to look cool and tell the time to the world! So, next time you are walking on the high streets and someone asks you what the time is – you can tell them with confidence and not have to worry about looking like a complete novice jerkoff with a crappy watch.

1. Casio Shock Watch


This one is under $200. It has so many different pieces on offer and the colors are great. The look of the watch is sporty. It is waterproof and has been marketed to those that want to dive. It has a great dial and alarm, and well, it is a chunky piece that makes your wrist pop. Bold red, cool orange, green and khaki-black, you name it, this watch is on offer in all the shades you can possibly dream of. Be sure that you get a Casio Shock watch and showcase your arm to the world when they want to ask you the time! A watch like this should be a lot higher priced, and Casio really doesn’t get the recognition that they need when it comes to being a great watch maker.

So, there you have it, 15 great watches that you can own for low prices. Make sure to get one now!

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