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15 Airbnb Horror Stories That’ll Make You Never Trust Anyone Again

15 Airbnb Horror Stories That’ll Make You Never Trust Anyone Again

I’ll admit, I’ve scrolled through Airbnb listings. I’ve admired some of the beautiful properties available. But that’s all. I just look. I’m not interested in renting out a stranger’s home for vacation. Some of the confessions below might give you some insight into why I feel this way. I have trust issues, I guess. Most importantly, I’d never ever consider renting out my home to a random Airbnb user. Sure, there’s a ratings system, but is that really enough to weed out of the bad seeds? I’m not quite so sure. I’ve read far too many horror stories about folks who stayed in someone’s Airbnb rental and trashed the place. My anxiety ridden brain is already coming up with a myriad of ways someone could ruin the whole experience. Read on to discover some Airbnb confessions from those who rented their place out and those who just wanted a place to sleep while on vacation.

15. This Airbnb Guest Should Never Have Opened The Closet

Via: Whisper

Here’s what I’m wondering. Are the dolls always stowed away in the closet? Or are they usually scattered around the home? If they’re always in the closet, then the question becomes WHY!? If they’re usually on display then maybe the person is hiding them because they’re embarrassed or decided to declutter things a bit. I think the first scenario is creepier. A closet full of dolls is a really weird thing to have. Especially since they’re large ones. It’s a horror movie waiting to happen. The statistical probability that one of those big scary dolls is haunted or possessed is quite high.

14. This Airbnb Guest Who Got More Than They Bargained For

Via: Whisper

I’m not afraid of snakes, but I’m not interested in staying somewhere where a pet snake has escaped. Particularly if the pet snake happens to be really large. If we’re talking python size then I’m out. I’m not on board with being slowly suffocated in my sleep. A snake doesn’t just escape for no reason. He’s probably hungry. Hungry for human flesh. I’m all for folks having pets but if I’m going to be renting their apartment, home, or room, I want to know that the dangerous pets are on lockdown. I don’t really want to cuddle with a snake.

13. This Airbnb Guest Who Should Have Packed Extra

Via: Whisper

It’s totally understandable. Everyone runs out of toilet paper at one point or another. It often happens at the most inopportune of times. Usually when you’re sitting on the toilet and really require a nice big wad of the stuff. I can’t imagine having this issue when staying in someone’s house, let alone a stranger. If you’re texting someone about toilet paper, this means they’re fully aware of what you’ve just done or you’re about to do. And yet, this host tells their guest to just use Kleenex? Yikes. Sometimes tissue just doesn’t cut it, if you know what I mean.

12. This Airbnb Guest Who Secretly Ruined A Couch

Via: Whisper

Oh no! I feel on edge anytime someone is waving a glass of red wine around my home. I can’t imagine someone bleeding all over my freaking couch. No thank you. At least this person had the decency to wash their mess. I’m sure some folks would simply turn the couch cushion over. Still, I’d want to be alerted of the mess. I’d want to clean it my way. I don’t trust other people to clean stuff to my satisfaction. I don’t want the remnants of some stranger’s DNA on my couch cushions. You never know, it might come back to bite you in the ass ‘Making a Murderer’ style.

11. This Airbnb Guest Who Should Have Just Stayed In A Hotel

Via: Whisper

Yep. Never trust other people to have you covered, unless it’s a hotel. Heck, even when I’m staying in a hotel I tend to bring toiletries like shampoo and conditioner. But, really, you expect a person to have toilet paper in their home. They need to wipe their asses, too. It’s not just you. You also expect to be given a towel that can cover your body, for goodness sake. Just these two infractions would end up ruining my entire vacation. You can’t relax when you’re sans toilet paper and you can’t feel nice and refreshed if post-shower you’re drying yourself off with a tea towel.

10. This Airbnb Guest Who Caused A Flood

Via: Whisper

Uh oh. I’m not sure how this person managed to do such a thing but I would be furious if someone broke my freaking bathtub. How do you accidentally break a tub!? Did it crack open? How even!? Seriously, you can’t trust anyone with anything. This person couldn’t even bathe themselves properly without causing damage to their host’s home. I’ll bet that the person who rented out their place didn’t ever think something like this could happen. I’ll bet it was the last thing on their mind. They were probably more worried about a fire occurring. A broken bathtub, though? What the heck?

9. This Airbnb Guest Who Got Cut Off

Via: Whisper

Worst nightmare. Look, I understand if a host forgets to buy toilet paper or asks you to use Kleenex instead for the time being, but this? This is just cruel. How stingy are you that you cut off someone’s supply of toilet paper? That’s just cruel. She actually HID the toilet paper. How could you do that to someone? Do you think your guest is trying to hoard the toilet paper in order to sell it on some kind of black market for toiletries? They aren’t. They just want to go to the bathroom and keep their dignity. What a disaster.

8. This Airbnb Guest Who Had An Awkward Experience

Via: Whisper

Exactly why I prefer to stay in hotels. If I’m on vacation, I don’t want to interact with other people and if I do, I want to do it on my terms. I don’t need to be in the middle of some awkward fight. I don’t want to feel like I need to leave but yet have nowhere to go. This person also confesses that this isn’t the first time this has happened. It’s natural, people argue. But if you don’t know them, you’ll probably feel like you should step out and let them hash it out. You wouldn’t need to do that in a hotel. *ahem*

7. This Airbnb Guest Who Stands Accused

Via: Whisper

This sounds like a total scam. An ingenious scam, but a scam nonetheless. You host people at your place via Airbnb and then accuse them of taking your stuff and then somehow get compensated for the supposedly lost possessions. Or, maybe this person is just a little off their rocker. Maybe they get off on accusing people of stuff like this. Then again, it’s also totally possible that the person in question did steal something. Case in point. You can’t trust anyone and renting out your place or staying in a stranger’s place is a recipe for disaster. No thank you.

6. This Realization Will Make You Cringe

Via: Whisper

This is probably the number one reason I avoid Airbnb. I just assume that people will have cameras everywhere. Mainly because I assume everyone is a pervert. I would also never rent out my place for this exact reason. You never know who is a creep and who isn’t. Some guest might decide to set up cameras while they stay with you. Some weirdo might live stream your life online. I’ll stick to my motto, thank you very much. Trust no one. Everyone is awful and it’s just not worth it to let a random stranger use your spare room.

5. This Airbnb Guest Who Didn’t Expect Aunt Flo

Via: Whisper

Every woman’s nightmare. To bleed everywhere when on her period. No woman wants to deal with this. We’re all super aware of the possibility. It’s why getting dressed on your period is so hard. You imagine those pants soaking with blood. You picture getting up from your seat and seeing blood left behind because you chose to wear a skirt. Nightmare. I can’t imagine bleeding all over some stranger’s sheets. Super embarrassing. You’re not in your own home so you don’t know how the laundry appliances work. You also probably didn’t pack tampons or pads. Yep, no woman wants to deal with this.

4. This Airbnb Guest Who Didn’t Want To Go Camping

Via: Whisper

Air mattresses are for camping and even then I’d prefer to sleep on the hard ground. There’s a reason we’re not all outfitting our bedrooms with squishy air mattresses. They’re supremely uncomfortable. Imagine booking a stay at someone’s Airbnb and arriving to find out you’ll be sleeping on an air bed for a week. That’s when you realize, you should have freaking splurged for a hotel. Heck, even a motel would be better than a stupid air bed. If an Airbnb host doesn’t have an extra REAL bed then they shouldn’t be renting out their room or home in the first place.

3. This Airbnb Host Who Likes Free Stuff

Via: Whisper

I can see this both ways. Someone was indeed stupid enough not to sign out of their account but it’s also kind of shitty to keep using an account that isn’t yours. Thankfully, it kind of sounds like they’re only using it to watch Prime TV. It would be way worse if the person had forgotten to sign out of their Prime account online and the person was buying shit left and right. Everyone has freeloaded Netflix off of someone before, Prime isn’t any different. It’s still a bit of an invasion of privacy. You can see what someone is watching and see their TV and movie preferences. Resist the temptation. Just log out.

2. This Airbnb Host Who Came To A Terrible Realization

Via: Whisper

Oh no. Oh god no. Cross your fingers that your guest doesn’t start rooting around your drawers. Next time, clean all those drawers out. It’s your personal bedside drawer. No one should be snooping around your stuff, but if you’re even the slightest bit worried about that then empty everything. Also, newsflash: everyone is going to snoop through your stuff. That’s the tradeoff. You make money by renting your place on Airbnb and people are going to rifle through your medicine cabinet. It’s human nature. Don’t want creepy snoopers? Put everything in a safe or storage locker. Or just don’t rent your place out at all.

1. This Confession From The Creepiest Airbnb Guest Ever

Via: Whisper

BYEEEEEEE. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. This is why you should be so careful when allowing strangers to bunk in your home. Sure, you’ll make an extra buck or two. You might even rake in the dough, but you also risk dealing with super creeps like this person. It makes me shudder just thinking about the fact that this person masturbated while staying in a woman’s Airbnb rental and she was none the wiser. It makes it even creepier because she never knew so she probably gave this person a good rating. So disgusting. This person is probably traveling the world and rooting through panty drawers.

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