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15 Amazing Employee Perks Offered By Tech Companies

15 Amazing Employee Perks Offered By Tech Companies


We work tirelessly in our offices every day, just trying to get by till the weekend arrives. It’s not like we truly hate our jobs, it’s just a tad bit boring, and the pathetic automatic coffee machine really doesn’t help the situation.

But then there are top tech companies like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn that go out of their way to make their employees feel welcome and a part of the family. After all, top companies don’t just have to acquire top talent, but they also have to find a way to make the talent stay in the company, especially with new innovative startups cropping up every day.

That is why the tech companies go out of their way to provide every perk they can to their employees. But it’s one thing to provide free food, paternity leaves, and help with student loan debt and a whole other thing to organize in-office concerts and happy hours, and provide complimentary house cleaning and babysitting services. Aren’t these engineers already earning enough?

In this article, we will be going through all those crazy perks offered by tech companies all around the world:

15. A slide in the office


Peer 1 Hosting, a UK-based hosting company, wanted to convert their 17,000 square foot office into the best place to work, and they accomplished that by adding a helter skelter slide in their office. So every time an employee is bored or just not feeling it, they can go and take a slide for a quick energy boost.

By the way, that’s not all. To be the best place to work, the company has also added a putting green and movie theater. And when you are working at Peer 1 Hosting, putting your feet up on the desk is not optional but rather mandatory.

14. Unlimited vacations


We are not going to lie that unlimited vacations sounds more like a gimmick and too good to be true. But for people working in the top tech companies in the world, it is a reality.

Netflix was one of the first companies to realize the importance of work-life balance, and they introduced an open vacation policy over ten years ago. After that the CEO of Virgin Group, Richard Branson, also decided to offer his employees unlimited paid time off. Ever since then, many other tech companies have added unlimited vacation policy to their employee perks list.

13. In-office concerts


When you work in offices during the weekdays, you only get weekends off, and going to a concert in just those two days becomes incredibly difficult. Not only do you have to decide your schedule weeks in advance, but you also have to buy tickets which can cost an arm and a leg.

Spotify, the music streaming company, takes advantage of their connections with musicians and organizes in-office concerts with big artists like Lily Allen and Joss Stone.

So if you are working at Spotify, one minute you might be busy working on a code and the next minute you might have big bands performing right in front of your desk.

12. Travel credit


There are people who quit their boring desk jobs so that they could travel the world because their jobs were holding them back. But what if the company you worked for urged you to travel more, so much so that they provided you with travel credit?

Well, when you work for a company like AirBnB, that’s exactly what happens. The company provides its employees with $2000 travel credit every year. The employees can use this stipend to get any of the AirBnB rentals all around the world.

11. Bring your dogs with you


If you are a dog owner, you know exactly how bad it feels when you are leaving your dogs to go to the office and they give you that sad look. Not to mention, when you get back from the office, it doesn’t matter how tired you are, you have to take your dogs for a walk.

Well, if you work at BarkBox, a dog subscription company, you can actually bring your dogs with you and just pet them all day. There are also many dog toys and food allowed to keep your furry friends entertained.

Even if you don’t have a dog, you can expect to have dozens of dogs all around your office who are always ready to lift up your mood.

10. Shooting gallery


A presentation and conference organizing company, Missing Link, has their office in Johannesburg, South Africa. When they were designing their office, they wanted to create a space where employees would enjoy coming every day and clients would talk about it.

And that is why the company added a shooting gallery to their office. In fact, the shooting gallery isn’t like those old school ones. It’s completely high-tech, equipped with VR glasses and a powerful (and non-harmful) gun.

So every time an employee feels frustrated or irritated, all they have to do is take the gun and keep shooting in the VR space till they feel better.

9. Home cleaning services


When you work long hours at the office, there is nothing really as annoying as coming back to a messy home. Then, of course, you launch into an argument with your spouse over whose turn it is to clean.

The note keeping app Evernote doesn’t want its employees to get distracted by common household chores. That is why the company pays for a professional cleaning staff to visit their employees home twice a month to clean their space.

For the Evernote employees, it’s like staying in a hotel with regular housekeeping. After all, who doesn’t like coming back to a clean house with crisp bedsheets?

8. Whisky Fridays


Let’s face it; we have all had those days in our office where we just needed a little bit of alcohol to get by. Some of you might already have a secret alcohol stash hidden and locked in your desk drawer.

But if you work at a tech company like Dropbox, then you are treated to Whiskey Fridays every week. The best part is of course that everything is on the house.

If it’s early in the day and you don’t want to get too drunk working, you can always opt for bottomless Kool-Aid to enjoy your day.

7. Gender reassignment surgery


Over the last few years, a lot of companies have come forward to support LGBTQ rights and make the office environment more inclusive. Accenture took things one step forward to embrace diversity in their firm by becoming the first company to provide coverage for gender reassignment surgeries.

Accenture’s global medical plan covers all assignment benefits and also any travel that might be needed for the surgery. So, if there is any transgender working with Accenture, they can claim their medical plan for a reassignment surgery with no worries about financials. Now, isn’t that just great?

6. Complimentary massages and gym memberships


The top tech companies of the world want their employees to be completely calm and relaxed when they do their daily work. That is why they go out of their way to ensure the wellness of their employees.

In fact, LinkedIn offers each employee $2000 every year for wellness activities like gym, yoga, and massages. So, every time a LinkedIn worker gets a massage then can take the receipt and get it reimbursed from the company. That’s not all, LinkedIn is also one of the few companies that offer insurance for their employees’ pets.

5. Treadmill desks


If you have a desk job as well, we are sure you are tired of sitting in the same position all day. You could try to change the chair’s height or its alignment, but who are we kidding, it’s all the same thing. At the end of the day, we feel like a big blob and can’t even walk properly.

Well, Zillow, a real estate database company wants their employees to be healthy and always charged up. That is why the company has treadmill desks in their offices, which are literally treadmill with a small desk on top for your laptop to be placed.

4. Pay off student loans


Students work hard on their essays and SATs to land a good college, only to get burdened by years of student loans. They might get a great job even but saving money becomes so much difficult when a part of your salary is constantly getting deducted for loan repayments.

CommonBond, a tech company based in New York, is helping their employees pay off their student loans by adding an extra $100 to their salary every month. It may seem like a small amount, but when you look at the big picture, it really adds up.

Starbucks has also announced that the company will help both part time and full-time employees by providing coverage for every year that they take to get their degree.

3. Free food


Now, this is probably one of the most predictable perks offered by tech companies to their employees, but let’s be honest, it’s the most important one.

Google probably has one of the most extensive restaurants with talented chefs and mouth watering food. You can expect to find a wide variety of desserts, smoothies, salads, and breads. The cuisines here include everything from Chinese to Sushi and Indian.

In fact, some of the restaurants inside Google’s campus are so popular that the employees have to make a reservation before arriving.

2. Free babysitting


While most tech companies already have daycare centers with trained and professional staff to take care of babies and toddlers, it’s not really possible for people to leave their kids in daycare when they get a bit older and start school. Then starts the endless cycle of hiring babysitters and setting a schedule for everything.

Facebook doesn’t want their employees to ever worry about finances when they have a kid. So when a Facebook employee has a baby, he doesn’t just get $4000 to cover the costs of a new baby, but he also gets $3000 a year just to pay for babysitting.

1. Free stuff


When you work at massively funded tech companies, you get lots and lots of free stuff, and we are not even exaggerating it.

For instance, Pinterest employees can go to an Apple Store and buy just about any product that could help them do their job better. And all that is paid by Pinterest.

The company also urges its employees to be vocal about things or activities that might help them stay more productive. From yoga classes to Zumba and cold pressed juices, the company goes out of its way to make the office a great workplace for all of its employees.

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