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15 Amazing MCU Cosplayers

15 Amazing MCU Cosplayers

The wonderful world of the Marvel comic universe has gifted us with a host of amazing superheroes since the first comic was released in 1939. Over the course of the past almost 80 years, the comics have become a multi-billion-dollar industry, taking over the cinematic universe as well as print. Gone are the days when comics were just for children – regardless of your age, there’s a character for you and a movie you’ll love.

Fans go wild for anything Marvel related. Actors and actresses alike compete for a shot to play a part in the movie franchises which range from Iron Man and Captain America to Wonder Woman. Landing one of these coveted roles will make you an icon and secure that second house in Malibu. While these movies bring these so beloved characters to life, they also inspire hundreds of thousands of dedicated cosplayers that go to extreme lengths to look exactly like Emma Frost, The Invisible Woman, Gamora and much more.

The lengths that some dedicated fans go to painstakingly recreate real-life versions of these butt-kicking guys is insane – but so worth looking at. The Marvel universe is vast, and so are the legions of beautiful women that gift us with some incredibly well done (and well worn) costumes. Let’s take a look at 15 of the Hottest Marvel Cosplayers. Hold on to your hats.

15. HANNAH KEELY – The Punisher

Si vis pacem, para bellum – If you want peace, prepare for war. . . ?// @michaelbenedictla ?// @keelycosplay

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Hannah Keely is a cosplayer hailing from Southern California. While her Instagram is full of amazing recreations of video game characters, the Marvel ones are our favorite. Here, she takes a stab at the Punisher – and we dig it. According to Hannah’s Facebook profile, dressing up as her favorite characters was just a hobby, up until around a year ago when she decided to take it seriously. You can now catch her touring around different ComicCon’s as well as on her YouTube channel which she runs with a friend, called KT & Keely. It’s not surprising this talented chica has decided to turn a hobby into a professional craft. I recommend you go and do some appropriate Insta stalking.


#capitanamercapinup #avengerscosplay #cosplay #ateneacosplay

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Petite brunette beauty Atenea mkes her costumes and models her looks. Her Instagram is full of awesome, sultry snaps of her in various guises from Wonder Woman to Black Cat, but we have to say, her take on Captain America wins our vote, for sure. It’s not uncommon in the copslay universe for people to have fun with the characters, bending them to suit their gender or adding their own tweaks. This pin-up Captain America is definitely something for the troops, don’t you think? If there’s a crisis, can we pick our own superhero? Someone get her direct line number. We are here for it.


Another beautiful Southern California girl, Dayna Sauble, doesn’t limit herself to just acting. She’s also a rep for Hot Topic as well as a bonfide cosplayer. At the moment, Sauble performs in the musical Annie as Lily St. Regis, but this doesn’t stop her dressing up as Wonder Woman, Elsa, Mary-Jane Watson and our personal favorite, the Scarlet Witch. The Scarlet Witch is a particular fan favorite when it comes to cosplay. The character first appeared in X-Men #4 way back when in 1964 and is featured in a host of recent Marvel movies, played by Elizabeth Olsen. It’s safe to say, she’s well-loved by viewers too. We can’t possibly think why. Can you?


Let’s hop across the pound now and make our way to Rome, Italy. Hidden among the beautiful architecture and stunning culture is Asia Carfi, cosplayer and costume maker. While Asia has been cosplaying for a few years now, she has a modest Instagram following. Her favorite characters to portray are Pokemon, DC’s Enchantress (which she is incredibly good at) and the above green beauty of Gamora, from Guardians of the Galaxy. Gamora isn’t something to be attempted by the faint-hearted – do it wrong and you’ll end up looking like the wicked witch of the west. Fortunately, Carfi does the character justice. Zoe Saldana would be proud.


❤? #MaryJaneWatson #Spiderman #marvel #marvelboudior #boudior #otakon2016

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Relatively unknown cosplayer Bre, is a hidden Instagram gem. With just 951 followers, you have to do a little digging to find the great shots but when you do, it’ll have you screaming at the screen ‘GIVE UP YOUR DAY JOB!’. Some cosplayers are in it as a profession and some are just in it for the pure enjoyment. It looks like Bre is in it for the latter. This epic recreation of Spiderman’s love interest Mary-Jane Watson is totally worth looking at. There are a few fantastic shots of this particular get-up as well as some brilliant ones most recently of Raven, taken at a local public library comic-con. Be sure to follow her to see her most recent work.


❤?❤ #blackcat #boudoir #boudoircosplay #boudoirblackcat #cosplay #jessicanigri

A post shared by Jessica Nigri (@jessicanigri) on

Thank the lord for boudoir cosplay. Jessica Nigri isn’t shy, and it’s gained her 2.6 million followers. Famous in particular for two very remarkable assets, there’s not a character Nigri hasn’t recreated. Also known for her voice acting talent, Jessica is a woman of many talents. In particular, fans went wild for her version of the Black Cat, Spiderman’s on/off again romance, enemy and ally. Not to be confused with Cat Woman, the Black Cat first appeared in comics in 1979. It was a rocky road for the feline, who fought the good fight for a few years before lapsing back into a life of crime. As of yet, we haven’t seen Black Cat appear in any movies, but it’s only a matter of time.


As far as cosplayers go, Alodia is one of the best. With an impressive following of 666k on Instagram, the young woman has a sold fan base that most can only dream of. Her bio describes her as a gamer, traveler, artist, pianist and Disney fanatic. Alodia’s Insta offers up a plethora of cute snaps and even brand collaborations with giant brands like Pantene and Nyx. The world is clearly her oyster – but, we’re here for Marvel. Of course, this pocket rocket powerhouse does Black Widow justice. Natasha Romanova first appears as an antagonistic against Iron Man, but later became one part of the superhero taskforce, S.H.I.E.L.D. The butt-kicking beauty is played by Scarlett Johansson in the Marvel film franchise, including Captain America:Civil War in 2016.


The magic of Gillian O is that she is just like you and me – only able to transform herself into some of the hottest Marvel characters at the blink of an eye. With a thousand-kilowatt smile and incredible almond eyes, Gilly’s Instagram is one hundred percent worth stalking. When she dons a costume, she dons it damn well. It’s easy to forget that Marvel have more characters than you can count. Sometimes, the popular ones get focused on, leaving behind some rare gems that don’t often see the light of day. Magik is one of those. A born mutant with the ability to transport and an apt sorceress, Magik first appeared alongside the X-Men, later becoming part of Phoenix Five. Who else wants to see a little more of her around?


Who else is seeing #spiderman today! Photo by @coldbluesky #blackcat #marvel

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Sometimes, there are characters done so well that picking just one example is hard. We’re about to witness one of those times. This version of Black Cat is by Jennifer, AKA Jinglebooboo. Like a lot of cosplayers, Jennifer veers more towards anime and video game characters, but even she couldn’t resit the temptations of the PVC clad Black Cat. Who can blame her? It’s true what they say – if you’ve got it, flaunt it. What better excuse than Spiderman’s on/off again love? Head over to Jinglebooboo’s Instagram page and give her a follow to keep up to date with her every day life and visits to different cosplay events. If you’re a fan of Pokemon, video games and generally anything nerdy, then this girl is for you.


In the same vein of so nice we’re seeing it twice is this firey version of Gamora, by Lua Stardust. Lua isn’t just into cosplay but models for the alternative site Suicide Girls, making her Instagram one of the best things you’ll see all day. The 24-year-old dark haired beauty posts pictures of her life, costumes and sneak previews of her photo sets for SG. Sadly, Instagram deleted her account for breaching guidelines, losing her 250k followers and seeing her start from scratch. This reworking of Gamora certainly helped claw back some numbers though, undoubtedly. Mary-Jane Watson, Jessica Rabbit and Ramona Flowers are all in Lua’s ever-expanding repertoire.


Every now and then when researching or an article such as this, you come across an Instagram account that knocks your socks off. This is one of those times. Surprisingly for how talented the beautiful Kayley Marie is, she only has 11.5k followers. Kayley also tours around events such as Comic Con, and is a proud page model for The Wonderful World of Cosplay. She’s tried her hand at everything from Tinkerbell to Wolverine and the above picture – Thor. Well, a female equivalent! This is another shining example of how all it takes is a little imagination and a lot of costume expertise to turn a male character into female. That’s one heck of a Norse god, right?


This cosplayer is a woman of many talents. Not only is she an artist, actor, costume maker, teacher and self-confessed ‘nerdybutt’, Amber Skies leaves no territory undiscovered. One of Skies most favorite characters to dress up as is Dr. Lazarus from Galaxy Quest – but while that one is amazing, this is a list on the hottest MCU cosplayers, so we opted for this one instead. The beautiful ice queen, Emma Frost, appears in the X-men comics. Starting out as a villain, Frost soon switches sides and becomes an ally of the superheros. MadMen  actress January Jones plays the role of the White Queen in the 2011 movie X-men: First Class, while actress Fiona Hughes took it on for the 1996 movie Generation X.


22-year-old Parisian art enthusiast Mya, aka Vishanti, fills her feed with unbelievable photos of herself as she transforms into loved characters. Paris is the best place to live if you’re after inspiration, so it’s no wonder Mya absolutely nails her costumes. We loved this take on Doctor Strange, the character getting new attention thanks to the 2016 movie of the same name starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Although it might seem like the character has been lost in time until recently, filmmakers have been bounding round ideas for a movie since the mid-eighties. Paramount acquired the rights in 2005 and by 2014, production had started. It was worth the wait.


Maria Margertha Earlene goes by many names – Elsa, Wonder Woman and this amazing latex Psylocke. While Maria tends to focus her energy on her incredible make-up artistry, we would love to see her do more cosplay along these sorts of lines. With cheekbones sharper than a knife and some serious posing skills, it’s hard to see why the Asian beauty has only 2.3k followers. As for Psylocke, it’s not hard to see why she’s such a popular character. First appearing in the Marvel UK series Captain Britain, Elizabeth ‘Besty’ Braddock was initially just a supporting character. When readers reacted well to her, she was soon given bigger story lines. Olivia Munn had the pleasure of starring as Psylocke in the 2016 move X-Men: Apocalypse.


Last but not least we have the flaxen haired goddess, Serena Cosplay clearly made an impression on the Marvel creators when she was asked to appear at Stan Lee’s 95th birthday party. Is there any greater honor than than that? Although Serena has a modest Instagram following of 7k followers, that doesn’t mean that she’s not extraordinary at what she does. From Elsa and Barbie to Jareth from The Labyrinth, it looks like there’s nothing this scientist by day and X-Men by night can’t do. We’re particularly digging this spot on take on The Invisible Woman. The character appears as part of the Fantastic Four and has been played by a host of actresses over the years. Jessica Alba, Kate Mara, Rebecca Staab and even Pamela Anderson have all had a go at portraying the character on screen.


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