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15 Amazing Pictures Of Emilia Clarke, The Mother Of Dragons

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15 Amazing Pictures Of Emilia Clarke, The Mother Of Dragons

She’s gorgeous, lighthearted, and extremely talented – meet the extraordinary London-born actress, Emilia Clarke, who has captured HBO viewers with her silver curls and unwavering spirit. Needless to say, she’s the silver-haired beauty starring in the HBO successful series, Game of Thrones. Put in a nutshell, the charming actress hardly needs any introduction at all. Her numerous titles in the HBO hit series speak volumes about her untamed personality.

Cherished as the hot-tempered Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, The Breaker of Chains – you know how it goes until the very end –  the mighty and unrelenting Khaleesi is yet to take our breaths away in the final season of Game of Thrones. But still, all of her die-hard fans may have to wait a bit longer until her next memorable tv appearance. Who will sit on the Iron Throne anyway? Will they all live through the winter now that it’s finally here? Maybe…but maybe not. It seems like we’ve got months and winters ahead of us until revealing the truth itself. As for now, we can only bend the knee before Khaleesi’s mighty reign and unrivalled beauty. Today we’ll touch upon some of Emilia Clarke’s most glamorous moments on the red carpet and on TV. Enjoy it!

15. Charming 24/7

via MovieWeb

It’s no secret that the mega successful HBO series, Game of Thrones, has welcomed a whole lot of extraordinary actresses on board. Not only are they extremely talented and charismatic, but these ladies are quite attractive as well. Cut to the chase – there sure is no better example than the silver-haired beauty, Daenerys Targarian. Her role is quite an exceptional one for sure. Her silver curls, snow-white skin complexion alongside her gorgeous facial features fit the bill just fine. Well, her unrelenting nature is another awesome feature about her which we have witnessed in many of her successful battles.

14. She’s Little Miss Sunshine

via Comic Book Movie

Regardless of how mighty and unwavering our “Mother of Dragons” is, Emilia Clarke is actually one hell of a sweetheart. The Hollywood starlet is only about 5’3 tall, however, it doesn’t stop her from playing such a deeply desired role of a woman with fine looks and a killer smile. Frankly, we’ve come to realize that only tall women with the characteristics of a VS model could land such specific roles. But hey, talent and charisma play a significant role in landing such a money-maker part. Doubtless, Emilia Clarke is our Little Miss Sunshine whose fine acting skills and wonderful smile have jump-started her shiny career.

13. Amusing as always

via YouTube

Have you actually seen her most famous interviews? Emilia Clarke has been featured on some of the most renowned talk-shows, such as “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fellon, where she actually recalls her audition for the HBO hit series Game of Thrones. Needless to say, the wonderful London-based actress has been a guest on other reputable shows, such as the BBC Graham Norton show alongside the amazing Matt Leblanc. One thing that makes her stand out from the rest is her spontaneity. Our beautiful Khaleesi oozes such positive vibes that she could totally be the life of the party. Indeed, there’s something so magnetic and unique about this gorgeous lady, isn’t there?

12. Strike a pose, girl!

via Mirror

With such a lovely face and figure, it’s no wonder why Emilia Clarke, aka The Breaker of Chains, The Mother of Dragons and all her other titles, is so often described as one of the most beautiful and trending actresses at the moment. It’s true that the gorgeous British actress has got nothing to do with her character in Game of Thrones. She’s neither that cold-hearted nor that serious, but boy, she’s such an attractive lady! Surely, there’s more to her than meets the eye. Well, we all know how celebs get dolled up for all these glamorous magazine covers. While some of them look beyond recognition, Emilia Clarke looks fresh as a daisy. Surely, her beautiful blond hair is gone, but she’s still one hell of a hottie!

11. Everybody loves her!

via Reddit

If you still don’t get the hype surrounding the legendary Game of Thrones, you should probably have a second look at our silver-haired Khaleesi. Her extraordinary long hair has become her signature mark for sure. Well, her skin-revealing clothes and unique mantles play a key role for sure. But all in all, there’s something so attractive about beautiful women holding the balance of power. Indeed, this lies at the foundation of her femininity and delicacy. Surely, it also explains why many of our GoT male characters are deeply smitten with her. Well, it seems like season 8 is going to be filled with intense drama and lots of romantic moments.

10. Emilia is a great friend as well!

via YouTube

Have you actually realized that Emilia’s always such a sweetheart? It doesn’t even matter whether she’s being interviewed for a glam magazine, etc. The moment she shows up somewhere, you could feel positive vibes floating in the air. All of her fans who have taken a picture with her could absolutely agree with us about her friendly nature. There’s just something so special about this lovely girl. As if this is not enough, she seems to be such a likable person as well! It’s no wonder that her co-stars respect and appreciate her so much. She’s just being herself and this works so well for her!

9. She’s your Mighty Queen

via NY Daily News97

Now that the penult season has reached its grand ending, fans have got the right to feel a bit moody and grumpy. After all, their favorite drama-fueled series has left its zealous supporters in a ceaseless feeling of anticipation and odd excitement. Who’s going to make it to the Iron Throne anyway? Well, this question has been a hot topic of discussion since forever. The story may be a bit messy now, but it’s obvious that Khaleesi isn’t going to let her kingdom collapse. Neither is her reign going to let up especially after the loss of her dragon. Well, we’re truly going to miss her beauty, wittiness and sexy British accent until the next insanely awesome season arrives.

8. The Perfect Daenerys

Via: GoldFaces

Emilia Clarke is without a doubt an extremely gifted actress who has already won a couple of significant awards praising her fine acting skills. But still, her most successful years as an exceptional and acknowledged superstar are yet to come. The 30-year-old Brittish actress seems to have been really interested in acting all her life. She’s also said to have taken some major liking to acting as her small roles haven’t gone unnoticed either. Previously known as a pretty decent actress and a likable person, Emilia Clarke has made her phenomenal breakthrough thanks to her epic role as  Daenerys Targaryen in the ultra-successful series, Game of Thrones. Frankly, Emilia Clarke has never ceased to amaze us since her very first tv appearance.

7. She’s the real HBO superstar

via YouTube

If we step aside from Emilia Clarke’s legendary role as The Mother of Dragons and all her titles, the fair-skinned beauty has got many other amazing movies to brag about as well. What’s pretty curious about her is how easily and professionally she can pull it all off. It doesn’t even matter what role she has to impersonate and make it her own. Emilia Clarke’s wild and untamed personality can make it all work just fine. Have you seen Me Before You? It’s one hell of a movie about how Love could absolutely change you for good. Frankly, she’s hardly that mighty and ferocious as she is in Game of Thrones. Rather, she’s shown as a tender and caring woman with a heart of gold for sure.

6. Clarke’s the definition of Femininity

via Vulture

Born on May 1, 1987, the fabulous brunette is one of the most loved and cherished actresses these days. Surely, her successful career has got something to do with her father’s job back in the day. It’d be quite fair to say that her Dad’s profession as a sound engineer is somehow connected to Emilia’s fascination with the industry in general. Besides this, Emilia’s father used to take her along so she could see what it was all about. As you can imagine, Clarke’s infatuation with it could only grow deeper and stronger. Indeed, her luck must have smiled on her since she’s landed such a great role with an immense charm and gift! Way to go, girl! You’re simply unstoppable!

5. The Mother of Dragons is the girl next door

via Pinterest

Men are crazy about her, women absolutely hate her. Currently, she’s one of the most desired actresses whose mind-blowing roles have made many guys lose sanity over her. How could we actually judge them when her beauty is simply indisputable?She’s hot-tempered, and yet a bit soft too – Daenerys Targarian is literally everything we’ve ever dreamed of. Her charming nature is barely her only asset though. She’s been keeping a few little-known facts up her sleeve all these years. Did you know that she’s also a pretty good singer? Hmm, we bet you didn’t. What an extraordinary woman, right?!

4. She’s a genuine source of inspiration

via Fresh Wallpapers

Clarke’s legendary role in the HBO series, Game of Thrones, has absolutely made way for many other great projects to come. Thanks to her gifted nature, the wonderful actress has appeared on many curious productions, such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the 2015’s installment of the epic Terminator saga, Terminator Genisys. You can easily see that Emilia Clarke serves as such an organic inspiration for so many directors and producers out there. Well, she’s got it all together so it’s pretty obvious why she always lands such awesome roles! Indeed, it seems like there’s a chance to see our powerful Khaleesi in many other great projects too! Wouldn’t that be nice?!

3. A girl with exceptional beauty

via Mirror

It’s true that Emilia Clarke is predominantly recognized as the silver-haired beauty starring in the prominent HBO mega-hit series, Game of Thrones. Well, it just cannot be otherwise given her exceptional role in such a phenomenal HBO production. She’s often presented as a cruel yet a good-hearted ruler who will give her right arm to achieve all of her goals. Surely, we’ve seen that her beauty is like her best “ally” as her magnetic personality has contributed to her current favorable position. After all, it’s pretty obvious why a great percentage of HBO’s male characters has fallen hard for our Hot Queen. What’s not to love about her, right?

2. She’s so down to earth…

via Playbill

It’s no secret that any beautiful and successful actress could fuel major rumors and scandals the moment the media lays its greedy eyes upon her. The truth is that fans will always need something exclusive to keep themselves busy through the boring day. Hmm, Khaleesi seems to be fitting the bill just fine, right? Not only does she inspire with her fresh looks, but this gorgeous lady is such a sweetheart in general. It almost feels like this lady oozes positivity every step of the way. Besides, she’s been so friendly with her GoT fans and supporters all these years. Honestly, such a personality trait is rare to spot these days. Apparently, Emilia is absolutely our Little Miss Sunshine whose positivity can totally lift the mood.

1. Step carefully, The Breaker of Chains is kind of…wild!

via Complex

Well, Emilia Clarke is hardly such a cold-hearted Queen as presented in the mega-hit HBO production. But anyway, it’s no secret that she’s been playing around with the thrones as the rules suggest. Seriously, our wonderful London-born actress seems anything but that ferocious and grouchy off screen. Honestly, it feels like she’s the definition of cheerfulness and happiness. As gorgeous and sweet as she truly is, we can’t help but wonder how she manages to stay so positive! In truth, Emilia Clarke always finds a way to bring much sunlight to our days! Thus, we can’t imagine how much fun her co-stars must have experienced while filming right beside their #badass-looking Queen.


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