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15 Amish Kid Names People Have Never Heard Of

15 Amish Kid Names People Have Never Heard Of

The Amish certainly live a different lifestyle than most of society. They don’t value false idols, they don’t encourage women to wear makeup or get caught up in what is happening in popular culture and they certainly live a healthier lifestyle than most. Their food is literally farm to table something that restaurants are now just starting to catch onto. Besides that, they are also unique in the way in which they raise and name their children. The Amish have some of the most inimitable names as people living in the United States. They don’t seem to be doing this intentionally, in fact, a lot of their names come from the Bible. Bible names are not as popular as they used to be so it’s no wonder why people are always so surprised by their names. This isn’t to say that some Bible names are still not common, you will find that a lot of Amish men have more common Bible names like Levi, Jerimiah, Samuel, John, Jacob, and Eli. Even a majority of the women have some pretty common (but still beautiful) names like Elizabeth, Sarah, Naomi, Martha and of course Mary. But then there are a few people who even though they embrace their Amish lifestyle and don’t seek out attention they want to name their children something that is exciting, not popular and will stick out amongst the more common and overly used names. It looks like the Amish have something in common with the masses that one could not foretell, they too know the value of a strong and unique name. Just try not to steal one of these for your 2018 baby.

15. Lovina

via Stitched Together

AKA baby Lo. How cute would it be to have an uncommon name that also has a great short form? The name Lovina became popular between 1880-1889. It has a Latin origin which could be the reason why it is considered a very uncommon name in the United States and North America. A more common version of this name is Livinia. However, most people would probably prefer Lovina because it sounds different and their kid will never be able to find that novelty license plate at a random gas station. The name did have a slight surge in 2017 but it is still sorely underused and just begging for an adorable baby to snatch it up. Lovina can also be used as a last name and if someone has this as there last name chances of them being related somehow is high.

14. Benuel

via Pinterest

Benuel is a cool spin on the more popular name Emmanuel. According to the name first appeared around 1945. There isn’t a lot of background information on the name besides that fact that it hasn’t been popular since 1966. The exact meaning of it isn’t necessarily known which makes use believe that someone made it up and it has just been passed around through word of mouth and through generations. It is important to note that Benuel is a 2 syllable name and according to various studies one of the things that are factored into a baby name sounding unique is the number of syllables. The way the syllables are laid out within the entire name (first, middle and last) has a significant impact on the popularity or uniqueness of a person’s name. Benuel must be one special name.

13. Cevilla

via Fiveprime

Cevilla or Sovilla is a name amongst Amish females is has origins in Spain and has a few different ways to be pronounced. According to, it can be pronounced one of three ways Sa-V-Yah, Se-V-yah or Sa-Villa. This name has the potential for a few cute AF nicknames like Lala, Villa, Savy and YahYah, dear God YahYah sounds so adorable. There is a city in Spain named Seville so later in life that could be something cool she can research and there are some pretty cool things in popular culture that she can use as a starting point. A play, operas, it was even referenced in Doctor Who so she isn’t so bad off. She will be in the company of some pretty great people and pop culture references.

12. Aquilla

via OyDad

The Latin origin name means eagle. In the Bible, there were two men of this name one was Aquila he was married to a woman named Pricilla. He worked with the Apostle Paul, so he was probably considered someone that was God-fearing. There is no doubt that the Amish flock to this name for its Biblical roots. People who are not deep into a traditional faith will flock to this name for its uniqueness and the fact that when you see it spelled out it looks confusing and hard to pronounce. That being said, when you say it out loud it sounds cool like a superhero or something ancient or foreign. It will definitely be a name that could be unique to only a few families, passed down generation to generation.

11. Oneida


This name is rich in Native American history coming from a Native American tribe. It means standing rock. There is another variation of this name, Oneita there isn’t much difference in the names besides the spelling, and possibly coming from different tribes which could be why it’s spelled differently. We have to address the elephant in the room; does anyone else think it’s weird or shall we say uncommon for an Amish person to have a Native American name? They are pretty different in their beliefs and kind of in the way they live. Regardless, the name is beautiful and has a strong meaning behind it. Giving a girl a strong name instills power and virtue in her the way the Amish live, their girls need that grit.

10. Atley

via Pinterest

The name Atley doesn’t only sound pretty it also has a beautiful meaning. It means from the meadow or clearing meadow it has English origins. The popularity of the name had a slight rise around 2009 and 2010 but for Amish people it has always been popular and rightfully so. It rolls of the tongue easily and while it’s unique it is still easy to say and a great name to pass down to a child or even suggest for a friend. The softness of the name is a bonus. A poll was taken on regarding the most popular middle names that blend well with Atley, it looks like Edward, James and Tate take the win. They do sound pretty great with Atley you can have a whole name planned out already.

9. Lior

via Spunkypedia

Sometimes extended to Leora this name is beyond beautiful it’s delicate and simple which a lot of unique names are not. Lior is actually a Hebrew word which means I have a light(s), it is normally associated with Hanukah hence the light reference. This name is mainly for females, however, there have been variations that are suitable for males as well. One of the great things about this name beside the fact that it is beautiful is that no known celebrity has it so chances of a surge in popularity in this name will be small. It is easy to pronounce and not common, you can’t go wrong. Can you imagine introducing your child with that name and getting all the praises and questions about what it means and actually having a real explanation? Don’t act like you don’t want to steal this name ASAP.

8. Hannes


Hannes is basically the short form of Johannes. This name has deep roots in German but both variations of the name derive from Yochanan a Hebrew name. The Amish have a plethora of religion and cultural backgrounds mixed into their heritage, so a lot of their names are normally a derivative or mixture of two or more names. Hannes sounds very Hebrew yet, we could see an cute AF little baby being called this and smiling. Although the Amish consider this a boy’s name, we think it could also be cool for a girl. Kind of like a girl with a boy’s name that doesn’t necessarily sound like a boy’s name. This name was considerably popular in the 15th century so maybe it’s due for a come back.

7. Fern

via Pinterest

Fern is actually a flower, but think about it, when was the last time you heard someone introduce themselves as Fern? However, beware, the name sounds beautiful and all we need is one celebrity to bring it back to life but it has a pretty awful meaning. A fern is a nonflowering plant that’s kind of a hard stigma to put on your kid, right? Some cultures believe that naming a child is the most important part of life, it sets a precedent for how the child’s life will play out. Does anyone want a child who isn’t flowering in life? No. That being said, there have been some pretty successful and somewhat popular Fern’s in history novelist, human rights lawyers, actresses just to name a few. But to be honest no matter how cute it sounds all we can think of is Fern from the film Jawbreaker.

6. Leander


Leander is such a beautiful name. It’s masculine and has a pretty interesting backstory to go along with it. The first known occurrence of this name was a Greek man by the name of Leandros. He was a Bishop of Seville in the 6th century. In Greek mythology, Leander was the lover of the goddess Hero. The legend goes, every night he swam across the Hellespont to meet her, unfortunately, on one occasion he was drowned when a storm took over. When Hero saw his dead body, she threw herself into the waters and also died. Yikes sounds depressing AF. Regardless, the name is a beautiful strong name for a boy or even Leandra for a girl which is also not too common currently.

5. Sereta

via Gigi Photography

The last time the name Sereta was popular was in 1982, so yea, it’s been a pretty long time and maybe it’s time for it to make a comeback. While the origin of the name is basically unknown some people have stated that is has a Kurdish background and means elite, first or exquisite. That is one example, besides a few other guesses that have no educational background there is also another meaning that has been associated with this name. The name possibly means gift of God so, depending what route you go, this name has two great meanings. Giving your kid this name is kind of a blessing for someone who has a deep faith. Besides the technical stuff, the name itself just comes off so calming and easy. It definitely sounds like a name a popular girl would have.

4. Arden

via Fiveprime

Arden is a masculine Celtic name. It means eager. Some of the exceptionally cute nicknames to come out of this name are Ari and Ardie. While this is considered a boy’s name, to Amish people this would also make a fabulous girl’s name it has that unisex vibe that you can’t deny. In addition to this name rolling off the tongue beautifully, it even caught the ear of William Shakespeare. His mother’s name was Mary Arden and named one of the forests in one of his many plays The Forest of Arden. This should show you how far back this beautiful name goes. There is a real Forest of Arden in England which is also where Sir William Shakespeare could have gotten that name from.

3. Bena

via Winnipeg Free Press

Another Native American name has made it on the list which is making us believe that the Amish may actually have some roots in Native American history. The name Bena translates to pheasant but depending who you ask it could also mean wise and have roots in Hebrew. Regardless of where it came from the name is beautiful, easy and not something you would hear every day. It even sounds like a name that could be unisex of course you could probably just name a boy Ben. But, if one wanted to be extra AF Bena is the way to go. Apparently, the last time this name was popular in the United States was in the 1920s and even then, a considerably small amount of people had this name.

2. Iddo


Iddo is definitely a Bible name. But, it’s also super hipster and boho chic. How can someone not picture a baby with uber hipster parents, probably living in Portland with a super fancy, never before seen stroller that they most likely made in their garage? Not going to lie we considered not putting this name on the list and saving it for a baby of our own one day because we are selfish jerks like that. We can picture a kid with this name being the coolest kid in town the one who wears obscure brands and sports glasses that are older than he is. Don’t act like you aren’t picturing it right now. Doesn’t it just make you want to have a kid like right now?

1. Almeda

via Pinterest

Believe it or not, Almeda is actually a name with Spanish ties however, Spanish natives use this name as a surname. The Spanish version of the name Almeida (note the “I”) is derived from an Arabic name al-medina meaning the city. Yes, that was a mouthful. Some even say it comes from a Welsh saint although no one can pinpoint which one. While the origin of the name is important, it’s also important to note that the name just sounds pretty. Imagine having a beautiful baby girl with a name that isn’t common and has roots in so many different backgrounds. We are already thinking of great short forms for this name like Allie, Eda, Al, there are definitely a few great options. This name has a bit of a cultural flair to it which will also keep people guessing.

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