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15 Annoying Things Men Do That Turn Women Off

15 Annoying Things Men Do That Turn Women Off


A hot girl’s company is desired by one and all. After all, who in this wide world would not want to have one by his side? No one, exactly! Heads roll whenever a girl dressed in a fashionable attire walks by. Likewise, whenever she struts around, radiating grace, clad in a traditional attire, eyebrows are raised – men raise in admiration, women in jealousy. Attention is liked by one and all, but up to a certain degree, which differs from person to person. And when it begins to become more than that, that’s where irritation creeps in. And mind you, in case of the things that might seem attractive or unattractive to a woman, there is a very fine line of difference between them.

Men are simple creatures. They see a woman, their heart goes gaga over them. If their feelings get reciprocated, love may begin to develop. But to get this reciprocation, it is necessary for men to have the knowledge of certain things. The things that irk hot girls the most! If you want to have a hot chick by your side, you need to get rid of these things, if you qualify. You might be a chick magnet, that’s fine. But did you know that what girls really desire is permanence and trustworthiness. That’s just a starter buddy, delve deeper to know more. Thank us later!

15. You are way too boring


Every man loves a fun woman, and vice versa. They love to be around a man who makes them laugh and engages them in a lively conversation. Ah, but let’s hear what you say to your hot female colleague? Okay, business meetings, your monthly targets, teamwork etc. Come on man, let your seriousness take a backseat here. Show your work and dedication where it is needed. Change the content and feel the difference. If you lack a sense of humor, that might be making your presence boring for hot girls. A sense of humor… is needed armor. Joy in one’s heart and some laughter on one’s lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life,” claims the popular American journalist Hugh Sidey. Remember, a man with a great sense of humour can attract women like a magnet.

14. You’re too much of a miser

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It doesn’t mean that you must lead a lavish life to attract a hot girl. But be generous when it comes to spending for yourself and for friends. You fall under this category if you think ten times before buying a small sized pizza for a friend or just skipped a friend’s wedding because you’d have to give him a gift. That’s socially unacceptable behavior buddy. Yes, for most of girls, stingy men are a bit irritating and they avoid them. Your hot female friend may or may not be a gold digger, but she expects her husband or boyfriend to spend a decent amount, or at least qualify for the same. So, if she knows about your penny pinching attitude, how can she think of having you in her life? 

13. You’re a couch-potato


Physical fitness is a sign that shows your attitude towards life. A person having a toned body symbolizes one who has full control on his lifestyle. Now let’s have you in our frame. You don’t possess that kind of a body. Hit the gym. It will not only have you a better body, but also help bringing you in the best shape of your life. Sweat hard for sweet rewards. And soon, you’ll develop a much-needed confidence in you. Undoubtedly, most of the hot girls prefer dating super-hot men. Ripped six pack abs, flat tummy and strong muscles have the capacity to seduce women. Do you have them? What grabs your attention when you find a hot girl? Yes! her seductive body shape! To get that she is investing quality time on physical exercises. Dear friend, it’s time to have a gym membership.

12. Breath stinks and overall bad oral hygiene


Before you reach her, your bad breath ruins your image. That’s mortifying! When you have a stomach churning bad breath, you really can’t expect anyone to stand in front of you for more than 2 minutes, let alone a hot girl, worth her weight in gold. Now, men sometimes forget hygiene, especially if they live alone. An unkempt beard for months, which never sees cleaning. A putrescent odour emanates from the socks. Buddy, you are living alone because you don’t have a woman in your life. You want one, right? Well it’s time to have a makeover. If you are keen on having a beard, keep it well trimmed and shampooed. Laundry should be done sooner than later. Learn table manners. Chewing food with an open mouth is a repulsive sight and of course, women are sensitive. If you give off the aura of an untidy and unorganized person to her, it means you are already out of the game.

11. ‘No money, No honey’


Most of the men believe that hot women fall for rich men, and they ignore the rest. It’s an insane thing to believe! Delete it from your mind right now. Yes, there are gold diggers all around the world waiting to get into the arms of billionaires. But you just can’t draw a general conclusion that all attractive women prefer rich guys. In fact, it’s your confidence, determination and commitment to life that steals her attention, not your Bugatti! So, have that charming personality before thinking of having a hot girlfriend or wife. Yes, money is an essential criteria, since it is necessary for life sustenance. But a sane girl won’t want you to be a millionaire, she’ll love you for who you are. If you deserve a beautiful girl, both from the inside and on the outside, you’ll get one. All the best!

10. Always Mr. Flirt


Flirting is okay if done up to a certain limit, until it can be treated as a joke. But when it begins to get sleazy, it becomes irritating. There can be hundreds of men, longing for her friendship. Perhaps, in a day she gets to hear some irritating lines that are either too cheap or very sleazy. Abstain from flirting, as much as possible. If you are also in the list of those disgusting men, who flirt with her, well then you are not going to be in her good books for sure. In fact, most of the women have negative thoughts about man who flirt a lot. They believe that he does the same with every woman and is probably a womanizer. It makes him an untrustworthy person and a dual-faced character.

9. You’re a full-blown pessimist


“You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people,” said the well-known author Joel Osteen. The negativity of other person affects our personality. If you are a person with too many negative thoughts, women keep you far away from their heart. You had been blaming yourself for not having seductive physical features or an Ivy-League academic degree or a 6-figure salary, when all along it had been the negativity within. It’s not only you, there are millions of men all around the world struggling with negative thoughts. Women too encounter such demotivating thoughts very often, so they desire to be with a man or date a man who is enthusiastic and positive about life. Because he will be a source of energy for them whenever they feel low. You are not such an exceptional man, so she turns a blind eye to your presence.

8. You are a coward


This may sound harsh, but it’s the reality. Rather than staring at her, can’t you say a “Hello” and start a conversation? But you have no confidence to do that because you lack the courage. Your colleague has too many hot girls in his friend list, and you have been wondering how he made it possible? In fact, you may be better than him in terms of salary and looks. But still, when it comes to attracting hot girls he is leagues ahead of you. The secret is his confidence! He has no fear in establishing an eye contact with a girl that he met for the first time and the way he carries the conversation makes her feel comfortable. You are the opposite.

7. What you desire is “bad”


For some men, dating a hot girl is a life time dream. In their perspective, hot girls are best to have in bed. They will not reveal this secret desire while speaking to them. But women are smart. They can read a man’s mind in the very first meet. The way his eyes wander over her body with lust is enough to tell about his intentions. If a woman is presenting herself in hot clothes it doesn’t mean that she is making efforts to get laid. It’s her body, she decides what clothes to wear and what not to wear. Rather than respecting her personality, some men look at her like an object that can satisfy their “needs”. It’s obvious, no woman will like such men and dating them is something near to impossible.

6. Your Bossy attitude sucks


In your work environment, people judge your personality on the basis of your politeness. If you are too strict or have a thought that you’re superior to others, you may ruin your image. Girls get friendly to a man who is known for his cool attitude and has a good impression in everyone’s mind. In fact, spending time with you may be a difficult thing for her since you are so dominating. You are a senior staff and naturally would expect your subordinates to obey your words sincerely. More often than not, you cross your limits. Since you give zero importance to the opinion of your subordinates, you may look like a complicated person to her.

5. You reek of immaturity


“Maturity includes the recognition that no one is going to see anything in us that we don’t see in ourselves. Stop waiting for a producer. Produce yourself,” said Marianne Williamson, an American author, and it is damn true. The content of your conversation shows the level of maturity you hold. For example, some immature people have nothing to speak other than their colleagues and one their night stand stories. Your talk must exhibit your inner personality to the listener, but what you have been doing is digging out more about others life. For example, “I can’t believe, he purchased it? You know his salary package is not that great, don’t you?” You often use such bombastic lines. It’s a clear indication that you lack maturity.

4. You are a dimwitted stalker


It’s common when men really like a woman, they try their best to be around her, just to see her. Meeting you at a party once or twice may look like a coincidence for her, but if she starts finding you everywhere she will be clear that you are stalking her, and all women hate it. Just like other women, the hot chick in question too gets thrilled when there is someone to observe our makeup skills or her costly wardrobe collection. But everything has a limit. Praise her and let it sink in, she’ll remember you. But your stalking nature doesn’t let you leave her alone. And it affects her privacy. In fact, she has begun to feel uncomfortable in your presence. Let her be.

3. People speak ill of you


Yes, reputation matters! What your colleagues or friends thinking about you, it all matters. Are you a gentleman in their eyes? You may be a good person, but in certain situations people misinterpret your personality and consider you as a selfish person. Their opinion really makes sense to the girl whom you are trying to impress since many days. At one point of time, she may get attracted to you, but if she consistently gets to hear negative things about you, she may start trusting them and accepting your friendship may look like a big risk. So, find out what you are in her mind before moving forward.

2. You complain a lot!


“Oh, I couldn’t get the promotion this time because the management is so biased”. Can you imagine yourself speaking these lines? If yes, you fall under this category. You are a person who always blames people or circumstances for your failure. Don’t mind if it sounds harsh, but you are an irritating creature for girls. Rather than accepting the failure as a challenge to be overcome the next time, you have been convincing people that you are not responsible for it. That behaviour sucks! Girls need a person with a winner’s attitude. Your approach towards life reflects your inner qualities. Every day you have a reason to be upset and for that you criticize others. There is no meaning for the word “tolerance” in your dictionary and she has already noticed it.

1. You are Friendzoned!


Perhaps after the Bermuda Triangle, friend zone is the most dangerous place in the world for a guy to be in. There is a seductive girl in your friend circle, but the fact is she will never think of dating you or having some naughty time with you. Because you are her ‘friend’. Most women avoid having any kind of intimate relationship with a man who is in their friend circle. Even if she finds you attractive, she may not express her thought because she has a fear of losing your friendship. And the other sad fact is that you both will never get to share your feeling with each other because there will be many mutual friends in the surrounding. So, buddy, get out of the friend zone. And claim the throne. Be her man!

Source: Seventeen

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