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15 Annoying Things Women Do That Drive Away Their Boyfriends

15 Annoying Things Women Do That Drive Away Their Boyfriends

Sleeping with another man? Flirting with other guys? Broke and not looking for a job? These are sure fire and obvious ways for a woman to lose her man. Something’s can be explained but you would be hard pressed to find a man that’s perfectly okay with his lady sleeping around. “What’s that honey? You slept with Bill today? No problem! I’ll get dinner started and you can tell me all about it.” For some reason I kind of doubt the conversation would go like that. Being broke is one thing, not having the drive to pull yourself out of your financial nightmare is another. Sure men are supposed to be the bread winners and providers but we don’t want to feel used and abused.

If relationships are a two street than there should be no reason why a man is making all the money in the house while the wife sits back and acts like being a housewife is an actual job. Now if you’re a millionaire that’s another story but for us hard working guys we appreciate a hard working woman as well. It’s not hard to see why any man would want to leave a woman in these circumstances. Now now now ladies you might be reading this article and saying to yourself, “Hey, I don’t do any of those things and my boyfriend will never leave me.” Think again! Here’s a few annoying things women do that completely drive away their boyfriends.

15. Rearrange His Things


Alright ladies we get it, you’re not trying to be a pain. You may feel that some of our things aren’t organized like when you come over and find clothes on the floor, the remote on the microwave or our keys buried under the laundry. Trust me we know exactly where everything is! I know what you women are thinking. “We’re just trying to organize everything for you.” Believe it or not everything was organized already. We know exactly how many piles of clothes we have to move in order to find our keys we don’t need you doing something civilized like hanging them on a hook. Those clothes on the floor are in a specific pile we made on purpose. Right side of the pile is clean and the left side is dirty and don’t ask us why would we leave clean clothes on the floor, and by the way that remote that you thought made more sense to place on top of the TV we’ll be looking for it for about an hour now. We get it, you’re trying to help but we have everything under control.

14. Takes Over The Bathroom


Now us men understand fully that women need space for all of their beauty products. We understand this completely but my goodness can we get any space at all? We turn left and there’s makeup everywhere we turn right and there’s hair and wigs, we turn to the shower and there’s a loofa and strawberry scented candles. We can’t even turn to the toilet without finding mascara and eyeliner laying around. All we want is a small space to take a crap, clean up and brush our teeth! Is that too much to ask? A bathroom is a shared space and it must not be hogged.

13. Expects You To Become A Mindreader


Fellas, fellas, fellas we’ve all been through this one. You come in the house and notice that your girlfriend isn’t her normal self so you ask her, “Hey, what’s wrong?” Than we get those two dreadful words: I’m fine. You know some guys only ask once while others don’t buy that excuse at first and try to get to the bottom of it but after she tells you she’s fine for the 900th time you move on and figure, hey, maybe she is just fine, until she has a mental breakdown and complains that you don’t care about her enough and that you’re not in tune with her feelings. You know what’s there favourite line? “If you loved me you would know what’s wrong.” No we do love you and that’s why we just asked you about a thousand times what’s wrong. We all know what happens next she goes on and on about how you guys don’t have a connection and that you should be able to read her, and when she storms out of the house every guy has the same thought: But I asked what was wrong!

12. Talks Nonstop While The Game Is On


Now wait a minute ladies, I’m not saying that we don’t wanna hear you talk or that we can care less about what you’re trying to say, but sometimes you guys can choose the most inopportune times. I think I just heard one of the ladies reading this ask me to give an example, so I’ll give you one! We’re home all day together talking and just having a lovely day. The game comes on and the 4th quarter starts up and it’s one heck of a game, we’re clearly into it and pumped up to see what happens. What happens next? We start to ignore the conversation and pay more and more attention to the game. But who’s sitting there pissed off after the final buzzer? The girlfriend of course. Now it’s not that we wanted to purposely ignore you but must we talk so intimately during the game? We just literally spent hours talking to you about your day and hearing how much you wanna curse out your co workers. Is it too much to ask for just one quarter of peace so we can watch the ending of the game? Wait a minute I believe I just heard another young lady say that it is too much to ask for! That’s exactly why you women are driving us away!

11. Says She Doesn’t Want Anything But Eats Everything Off Your Plate


Okay seriously this has to stop! This is something that builds up overtime. The first few times are fine maybe even cute, you’ll take a fry here an there or take a bite or two out of our burger but eventually this becomes extremely problematic. There should be no reason why I just went to the McDonald’s drive through and ordered a 20 piece chicken nuggets and you ate 15 of them! What’s the point? Us guys are not selfish. We didn’t simply go get food for just ourselves, we made a conscious effort to ask you if there was anything that you wanted but you said no. Some men even go the extra mile to ask more than once and it’s the same answer, yet the same thing continues to happen. A pair of hands end up in our food and we end up getting less than what we paid. This is a clear way to drive your boyfriend away but ladies can you just explain to me why you continue to do this? Seriously! Why?

10. Never On Time


5 o’clock. 7 o’clock. 8:30 or 9. The time never seems to matter for a woman. It’s cute in the beginning. Us guys chalk it up to simply her needing more time to look perfect for us and to be quite frank that usually is the case. When she finally walks out of that front door she looks breathtaking and we completely forget why we were even mad to begin with but dammit it must come to an end! I understand a woman’s beauty takes time but a man’s hunger is at risk in much of these scenarios, and let’s be honest ladies, it’s becoming more and more of a habit. Us guys can simply tell you to get dressed for the movies or get dressed for the hardware store and still we’ll be waiting for hours on end. Although we appreciate the time and precision that’s needed in order to look beautiful with your 6 inch heels, long hair and amazing dresses. We’ll think you look just as beautiful with your hair in a ponytail and with flip flops on. So, please ladies, speed up the process.

9. Gets Mad When We Lie But Also Mad When We Don’t Lie


Which one is it ladies? You want us to lie to you or not? I’m sick and tired of this one right here! You ladies say you want a man that’s gonna be honest with you no matter the circumstances but when we are we get killed for it. What’s the point in telling the truth when we get sacrificed for it. This question is for the guys only. Imagine you step into a bar with a few friends just hanging out, you see a cute chick at the bar and you guys start conversing. You can tell that she wants you to take her home but instead of doing that you simply sit at the bar and converse with this woman all night. You then get in your car at the end of the night and come home to your girlfriend. You didn’t sleep with the woman. You didn’t even get her phone number but you were flirting. So you know what you do? You tell your girlfriend, “Hey, I was flirting with a girl tonight. It was wrong and it’ll never happen again but I didn’t wanna take things any further.” Thank you for telling me! I love you and please don’t let it happen again! That’s the response you would be expecting right? Wrong! She’ll curse you out and tell you to go home with that other chick. While she’s telling you that she’ll be hurling metal objects at your head. How is a guy supposed to feel comfortable telling you anything? Don’t even get me started on the whole do you think I look fat conversation? It doesn’t matter if she looks like the fattest person on earth. Don’t tell her. It’s confusing you women say you want honesty but we get killed for it. Literally!

8. Way Too Clingy

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Now there’s a big misconception about this one right here. To many women think this means that we don’t wanna spend any time with them. Not true at all. We actually enjoy spending time with our girlfriends, we just don’t wanna spend every waking moment of the day with you! Is that so wrong? We love you we really, really do but can we just get a little alone time? We’re not asking for weeks or even days away from you guys but could we get a few hours? Can we get an entire Sunday afternoon to just watch the football games? Or how about a Friday afternoon in April to watch the NBA playoffs? Contrary to what you believe we actually don’t want to sit there and watch Criminal Minds with you all day. Sometimes us guys just want to kick back and relax by ourselves to just not do anything but watch TV. If you want to stick to your clingy ways that’s fine just know you’re slowly pushing us out the door.

7. She Is Too Independent

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I don’t need you! I don’t need you to help me pay my bills! I don’t need you for anything! Your replaceable! Don’t get too comfortable! Talk about feeling loved and appreciated right fellas? Men actually love a strong, independent woman. It’s a turn on to be in a relationship with a woman who has her life together, but we also want to feel appreciated. By continuing to tell us that we’re not needed we start to feel worthless. If you want to continue to sit there and tell us how much you don’t need us that’s fine we’ll just find a woman who appreciates what we bring to the table.

6. The Constant Guilt-Trip


All guys mess up, it’s in our nature. We try and try and try to be perfect but unfortunately we fail. Whether it’s something big like cheating, something small like forgetting to put the toilet seat down or something in the middle like forgetting an anniversary all men mess up. We don’t run away from our mistakes instead often times men embrace them and recognize we’re wrong and try to move forward. The constant guilt-trips however are hard to overcome these situations. Women often times will tell their boyfriend that they forgive them when they truly don’t and at the first sign of us making a mistake we get every bad thing we’ve ever done thrown in our face. Men don’t want to constantly feel as though they are fighting their past while trying to build a future. We’ll continue to build that future but you just won’t be apart of it.

5. Paying For Everything


If a man has a decent job that brings in steady income than he won’t be cheap. He won’t really have a problem taking you to the movies, out to eat, vacations and all kinds of dates. The issue is when we’re the only ones doing it. Men don’t want to always feel that burden of having to pay for everything. It would be nice sometimes to just have the woman pay for meals and dates. How about a random text telling us that you wanna go out tonight and you’ll pay for it. Or how about if we go out and the bill comes could a woman grab the bill for a change instead of having her man pay for everything? Or how about when we go on vacation must we pay for every single thing? Men really appreciate these things, we don’t want to feel like we’re being used as a meal ticket every weekend. Sometimes a guy wants to kick back relax and have a good time out with his lady without having to spend a dime. Ladies if you keep making your man pay for everything he probably won’t complain the first time or the second or even the 15th time but he’s remembering all of this and you’re slowly driving him away.

4. Demands Non-Stop Reassurance


Do you love me? Yes. Do you want to be with me? Yes. Are you sure? Yes. What makes you so sure? Because I love you. But why do you love me? Because I just do! The non stop reassuring questions can be annoying and flat out harassment! There’s no need to ask these questions everyday about a hundred times a day. What makes you think that I’m going to answer this question differently today at 1:15pm than when you asked me at 1:13pm? The answer stays the same. By the way just because you guys argued about the remote last night doesn’t mean he’s going to leave. Ladies if you feel that you have a good man than there is no need to ask him every 5 minutes if he’s going to leave. He’s here to stay but if you keep bothering him with those non stop questions than he will end up leaving.

3. Complaining, Complaining, And More Complaining


Women all around the world just please stop, us men are begging you. Just please stop. Must you complain about everything? The bed isn’t done. The trash isn’t taken out at the exact time you want. We made you 5 minutes late to the movies so now you missed one of the premiers and now we have to hear you complain all night. Not everything has to be a complaint! It gets to the point where men are scared to do anything. The constant complaining can be extremely draining. Imagine a hard working man coming home to his girlfriend after he just completed a 12 hour shift at work. He just wants to come home and relax but instead he has to get an hour lecture because he didn’t call you back during his 5 minute lunch break. Men don’t want to be constantly nagged with such small situations. There should be no reason why a woman is as upset over the seat not being down and if he cheats on her. It’s the same reaction. Keep on nagging ladies that’s fine but soon you’ll be talking to the wall cause we’ll be long gone.

2. It’s Her Way Or No Way


Everybody wants things done there way. It’s actually understandable. Why shouldn’t you have things done your way? That’s how you want things done in the first place. The problem with that is that in a relationship compromises and sacrifices must be made. I don’t want to point the finger at all women but I’ve run into my fair share that wants things done on their time and how they want it. No ifs ands or butts about it. Most guys don’t wanna sit there and argue so often times we’ll just let things fly by without making it too much of an issue but all of that builds up. Believe it or not ladies men aren’t just mindless people for you to control and we won’t continue to take it.

1. Talk About Our Relationship With Others


This one is critical. Whatever happens at home should stay home. It doesn’t need to be gossiped between you and your girlfriends from work. Why? They only know one side of the story and they don’t understand the full dynamic of your relationship so they’re in no position to judge or give advice. I know sometimes you just want to run to your best friend and tell her everything that’s going on but than what? She’s probably going to tell you that you should leave or give you some kind of advice that doesn’t fit the actual situation. There’s no need to air the dirty laundry from your relationship because you know what happens after that right? Men will start getting those dirty looks from your friends and those long text messages telling them than there friend deserves better. We don’t want any part of that ladies so please spare us from the grief.

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