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The 15 Most Attractive Women On Netflix Right Now

The 15 Most Attractive Women On Netflix Right Now

There are several series you can catch on Netflix. Some of them are original and others are not. Netflix does, however, have a good line up of their own series for you to choose from. They have some Marvel series, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. All of which was well received by critics. Netflix will be unable to create their own lineup, so they have bought the rights to some of the popular television shows that we watch on prime time television. If you missed the live episode, Netflix allows you to binge watch an entire series.

There are a lot of attractive women acting in shows on Netflix right now. Even in the Netflix Original shows, you may wonder if Netflix was just biased to hiring gorgeous women. They have gorgeous men too, but some of the women on these shows are the main characters and they have made quite an impression on screen with their audiences. Their acting may be good, but you can’t help but be amazed by how gorgeous they are. Even off the screen and makeup-free, you can see that some of these women are just natural beauties. Below, you will find our picks for the most attractive women on Netflix right now.

15. Deborah Ann Woll in Daredevil


Actress Deborah Ann Woll plays Karen Page in the Daredevil series. When she is not getting in between Daredevil and his long-time friend Foggy Nelson, she acts in True Blood as Jessica Hamby. You may also have remembered her from acting in Mother’s Day with Jamie King. The last time we saw the actress on Netflix, she was grieving the death of Matthew Murdock with his friend Foggy in the Marvel’s Defenders. Karen is super talented, and she is also eye candy for any of her fans. Her ginger hair adds to her features and even if she is disheveled on screen, it does not take away from her attractiveness. No wonder both Foggy and Matt fell for her character.

14. Eiza González Reyna In From Dusk Till Dawn 

Via: Youtube

If you have ever seen the character Santanico Pandemonium in the series From Dusk Till Dawn, you will understand why she had to make this list. Santanico is Hispanic and she has a body to die for. She is a vampire, and everyone has a thing for vampires. Why is it that most vampires are attractive? Anyways, Santanico is the queen of vampires and the main attraction at the strip club. Even when she morphs into her vampire form, she is still gorgeous. The character is played by none other than Eiza González Reyna. Before acting in that role, Eiza was known for acting in Mexican telenovelas. The 27-year-old also sings and off the screen, and she is as mesmerizing as she is when she is on screen.

13. Krysten Ritter in Jessica Jones and The Defenders 

Via: Parade

Fans of the great Jessica Jones series have a lot to talk about. Jessica is petite, and she can bring a man down who is more than twice her size. She is smart, an excellent detective and really good at figuring people out. She is also very discreet and borderline alcoholic. In Marvel’s Defenders, she is the first out of Matt’s circle to realize that he is the Devil of Hell’s kitchen. The other Defenders respect her for her strength, intuition and fearlessness. The role is played by actress Krysten Ritter. On screen, Ritter’s dark hair and moody persona give her a mysterious and broody appearance, which is something that guys are attracted to in women. The show Jessica Jones won an Emmy Award.

12. Taylor Schilling in Orange Is The New Black 

Via: Collider

Piper Chapman looks like an inmate, so you may often overlook the fact that she is gorgeous. The blonde character in Orange is the New Black who is very spoiled and has a tendency towards displaying negative behavior. She fits the model stereotype with her blonde hair, blue eyes and tall, thin frame. Taylor Schilling plays the role of Piper. Taylor is even more attractive when she is cleaned up and not playing an inmate in Orange is the New Black. Even in the series’ flashbacks, you can see that a pre-incarcerated Piper Chapman was gorgeous and a looker. It’s no wonder her fellow inmates called her Lindsey Lohan or Taylor Swift. Taylor received many nominations and won some for her role as Piper Chapman in Orange is the New Black.

11. Elodie Young in Daredevil and The Defenders 


Elektra is a serious love interest for Daredevil and he mourns her death after she is killed. In The Defenders series, he is surprised to know that she was resurrected by The Hand and brainwashed to be used as their tool to take him out. He still fights to help her remember and eventually she does, betraying The Hand. She does lead to his death in the finale though. Elektra is played by the French actress Elodie Young. It is ironic that they got a French actress to play the role of someone with a Spanish name. Nonetheless, Ellie is entertaining to watch on screen. Her character is attractive and is very sensual. Off-screen, she is equally as attractive and mesmerizing. This year, she acted in the film Hitman’s Bodyguard as French agent Amelia Roussel.

10. Rosario Dawson in Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and in The Defenders


Nurse Claire Temple is one of our favorite people on Netflix. She appears in several of the Marvel shows including Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and in The Defenders series. She is a good friend of Colleen, Matt and a love interest to Luke. She soon warms up to Danny Rand. Claire is the friend everyone needs. She is a resigned nurse who can perform a lot of surgical procedures in the field and she also often plays the driver and looks out for the heroes. In Iron Fist, she learns to defend herself, so she does not always have to be protected by her gifted friends. Claire is played by Rosario Dawson. Rosario is just one of those people who has the perfect name to suit them. She is attractive, and despite her broody and sometimes realist opinions, she brings the attraction to Netflix.

9. Rachel Taylor From Jessica Jones 


Trish Walker is that girl everyone just hates because she is perfect. She has a good job, she makes a lot of money, she is popular, and she grew up rich! She seems perfect on paper, but Trish has a really troubled past. Trish appears in Jessica Jones and The Defenders series as Jessica’s best friend. In a way, they are sisters because Trish’s mom adopted Jessica when her mother died. Walker is played by Australian actress Rachel Taylor. Whether she is on screen or off, Rachel is attractive and has a great sense of style to compliment her beauty. Rachel had a brief stint on the hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Lucy Fields, a love interest to Alex Karev and she acted as Jane van Veen in 666 Park Avenue.

8. Jessica Stroup in Iron Fist 

Via: CelebMafia

Joy is played by actress Jessica Stroup. Despite Joy’s backstabbing tendencies and our hatred for her, Jessica Stroup still makes a very attractive villain. Although only the viewers are actually aware that she is a villain. She has a polished sense of style and is always well put together even when lying in a hospital after getting shot in the stomach. We still hate her and probably always will even though she helped Danny get into Rand Enterprises. Jessica has been gracing our televisions long before accepting the role as Joy Meachum in Marvel’s The Iron Fist. She starred in Ted as Tracy and was a main cast member of the 90210 Beverley Hills series. She was Erin Silver in the show and it is also available to watch on Netflix.

7. Jessica Henwick  in Iron Fist


It seems as if Marvel ladies are filling up the list. But, last but not least is Colleen Wing. In the Marvel series, Colleen is a martial artist who operates a dojo in New York City that recruits people into The Hand. Colleen is a member of The Hand and initially tries to get Danny to join them. She uses her looks, charm and seduction to get him to fall for her and she too developed feelings for him. Eventually, she realizes that she was tricked by The Hand and decides to help Danny take them down. Jessica Henwick plays the role quite well and her character seems to be more of a skilled fighter than main character Danny Rand. Just in case you did not know, Henwick acted in Game of Thrones as Mymeria Sand.

6. Danielle Panabaker in The Flash


Caitlin Snow is a super smart scientist who is a main character in the DC series The Flash. Caitlin has a lot going for her. She is cute, super nice and not to mention smart. The character is played by Danielle Panabaker. Before Danielle got her role on The Flash, she acted in Sky High and Friday the 13th. Panabaker has recurring roles in other DC series that are shown on Netflix including Freedom Fighters, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow and Supergirl. If you are a fan of these series, you will also remember that Caitlin has an alter ego on alternate Earth named Killer Frost. While our Caitlin is a gorgeous redhead, her alter ego has blonde hair and blue lipstick. Killer Frost is also fierce and if it even makes sense more attractive than Caitlin.

5. Emily Bett Rickards in Arrow


Felicity does not act on a Netflix original series, but she acts on Arrow which is available on Netflix. Felicity is Oliver Queen’s assistant initially and she is quirky, nerdy and cute. She wears glasses and is super smart. Often times, her hair is pulled back, but when she is dressed up, she tends to go out without her glasses. Felicity is a gorgeous blonde who dresses really well. It was no surprise that Arrow wanted to marry her and it was also of no surprise that the show has that many viewers. Emily Bett Rickards provides good acting and eye candy both on and off screen. Arrow was actually the 26-year-old’s break out role to acting on major television. Before, she was featured on web series.

4. Kimiko Glenn in Orange Is The New Black


Brook Soso is an inmate on the Netflix original series Orange Is The New Black. In the show, she is an inmate the others deem as being a bit too passionate. She protests a lot and she is sometimes forced to abandon her efforts. In the show, and in real life, she is Japanese and Scottish with black hair and brown eyes. Off-screen, actress Kimiko Glenn who plays the Orange is the New Black star, has her dark hair short and highlighted. She also has her nose pierced. If you have never watched Orange is the New Black, you should consider watching the show just because she is a part of the cast and her character is funny. Kimiko has also been on Broadway and you may have seen her on Voltron as General Ezor.

3. Kate Mara in House Of Cards

Via: Vulture

Zoe Barnes has actually passed away but she was a character on House of Cards. The show was well received by critics and is a very popular political drama comparable to ABC’s Scandal. Her character was a journalist and was involved in a train accident. She was up and coming and often used her charm and beauty to her advantage in the hopes of getting better stories that would help advance her career. Zoe then began an affair with Frank Underwood who then became the President of the United States. Barnes was played by actress Kate Mara. Mara in 2015 acted as Sue Storm better known as Invisible Woman in the Fantastic Four movie. That would have been a really big role for her as the movie is very popular.

2. Claire Danes in Homeland

Via: Los Angeles Times

Finishing the list of the most attractive women on Netflix is Carrie Mathison. Mathison is played by actress Claire Danes. Danes has three Emmys, four Golden Globes and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. In the show Homeland, she was an agent working for the CIA, then she became Head of Security and now she is a senior adviser to the President. Claire is blonde haired and has blue eyes with a great sense of style, despite her preference for boots. Her character suffers from a bipolar disorder and takes drugs for it. Homeland is a hit ShowTime series and it must be because it stars Claire Danes who is an excellent actress. Danes ais gorgeous both on screen and off screen and we just can’t get enough of her. You can watch Homeland on Netflix.

1. Simone Missick in The Defenders


Luke Cage seems to have a long history of being with women. Misty Knight, at one point in the show, was a love interest for him, just like Jessica, but now he is very much into Claire. Detective Knight often attempts to prevent vigilante justice throughout the different series. Her interference is a bit of a nuisance. However, in The Defenders, she gives the heroes free reign, despite wanting to know what was going on. Her inner conflict of desiring to uphold the law and her desire to help the heroes puts her in a position where she loses her arm. Despite her disability, Simone Missick’s character will soon be outfitted with a bionic arm.

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