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15 Bad Parking Jobs (And What Angry People Did About It)

15 Bad Parking Jobs (And What Angry People Did About It)

Every single one of us has come across people who don’t know how to park. For some of us it’s actually a daily thing that we are blessed to be able to see. All we can do is wonder what the thought process was of the driver. Are they that bad of a driver or do they just not care about others? In a lot of cases you can combine both of those. Age also plays a part sometimes but those elderly people can be forgiven…to a certain point.

Whenever you come across a bad parking job you’ll normally find someone nearby who is complaining about it, or maybe that person is you. Some people actually get angry enough to do something about it and the results are usually pretty funny. Well, they are funny for us as the casual observer, not so funny for the driver though.

Usually a well-placed note, some creative use of a piece of chalk or a nail can be a hilarious solution to a bad parking job. Again though, it’s funny for us, not so much for the offending driver.

Today we will see some great acts of revenge that were carried out by angry people who came across some of the worst parking jobs in history.

15. The Jeep and the BMW


It’s not known just exactly who this woman is but it’s pretty clear what has happened here. The white BMW obviously took up two parking spots on purpose so that nobody would park next to their expensive vehicle. At least two people took exception to it and in a case like this that’s all you need to solve the problem.

The red Beemer on the left made sure things would be tough for the white car’s owner upon their return. The Jeep however sealed the deal. There is now only one way inside of the white car and that’s through the sunroof.

14. The long parking job


It’s hard to tell where exactly this happened. All of the cars are the same colour and it looks to be next to some kind of construction zone. What is obvious though, is how the parking is supposed to be done. One person wasn’t satisfied with the original plan however, and decided to change things up a bit.

They parked the long way rather than head in like everyone else had done. The result is that Mr. Long Parker isn’t going anywhere soon. The van and the other two cars have made sure that the offending party will have plenty of time to think about things.

13. The Taken note


It’s too bad that we can’t see just how bad of a parking job this driver did. You know that it had to be pretty bad to make the second person flip like this. They clearly used the movie Taken as inspiration for this well-worded note they left behind.

“If you take up two parking spaces again, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will carve ‘I park like an a-hole’ in your door.” That is truly awesome stuff and the offending party had to be terrified when they returned to their vehicle. It must have been fun writing the note.

12. The saran wrap special


Parking spaces have lines for a reason. This is so that other cars can park and a good number of vehicles can be fit into a certain area. This is common sense and nobody needs to be told that. Well, maybe this guy does. He clearly parked over the line, making it hard for others to park. This caused someone else to flip and go over a line themselves.

I wonder how many rolls of saran wrap it took to totally wrap up this car. I also wonder how long it could have taken. Surely by the time they were finished they had to be laughing more than they were angry. It doesn’t look like something that was done in quick fashion. It’s a great idea though!

11. A-hole parking at Walmart


This is a nice touch by an angry driver. Here we have another case of the pompous a-hole taking up two parking spaces so nobody can park next to their truck. Someone obviously has had enough of this kind of parking and they decided to let the driver know about it.

Using chalk the first thing they did was expand the parking space to twice its normal size. Then by using a few strategically placed stars, they labelled the newly designed parking spot “A-hole Parking Only.”

I’ll bet there are plenty of people out there who would have loved to have been the one to actually do this. Great job!

10. The Corvette and the Jeep


We have all seen this before right? The Corvette owner thinks they are entitled to two parking spaces simply because they have a nice car. The theory behind it is usually that they don’t want someone to hit their precious vehicle so by taking up a pair of spots they guarantee that nobody will park next to them.

It’s not a bad idea. Well, not until someone gets tired of seeing it happen and lashes out. This Jeep owner has obviously had enough of it and their parking job is more than hilarious. The owner of the Corvette better be pretty skinny or they will have to climb through their car to get in.

9. The blocked garbage disaster


This area is very clearly an area to put garbage. There was obviously no place else to park so the owner of this black vehicle parked in front of the garbage area and stopped others from reaching it. So these people faced a dilemma of what to do once they got outside with boxes of garbage. They decided that since they couldn’t put it where it belonged, they might as well surround the car that caused the problem.

This very obviously is the work of several angry people and the owner could not have been too happy when they got back to their car. They deserved it though!

8. The co-worker


This looks like a fun place to work. They have parking contests! Seriously though, it’s obvious that parking spaces at most businesses are limited. So there is never any room for an idiot like this to park like a fool.

Whoever took action against the bad parker did so in a funny way that will expose the bad parker to all of their fellow employees. They also made it very clear that it is unacceptable to park in this manner. There isn’t enough room on either side of the car to squeeze another vehicle in, to make their point, so hopefully this way did that.

7. The scratched truck


Who hasn’t wanted to do something like this right? When you come across a bad parking job like this all you really need is a nail or maybe a strong paper clip to get your point across. Now we can’t condone this type of behavior but it sure is funny to see isn’t it?

From the note it looks as if the truck is parked in someone else’s parking spot. In order for the person to take these measures you have to imagine that this isn’t the first offense for the truck. The point is now very clearly made and it should stop the situation from happening again.

6. The tiny car incident


I don’t know if this is in front of a house, business or apartment building but it’s very clear that the area at the end of the sidewalk is supposed to be left open for pedestrians. This makes it easy for workers to access their vehicles or it’s a well-placed pick up or drop off zone. The owner of this tiny car though, saw it as an open parking space.

The construction people took offense to the parking job and put their minds to work to come up with a fantastic solution. I’m assuming the guy in the t-shirt is the owner of the car because he certainly looks perplexed!

5. The dumpster wrap


Most of the time when you come across a dumpster it has an open space in front of it. This is because people need to access it and a truck is going to eventually show up to empty it. It’s common sense to leave the open area just that, open.

This driver must have let the cold infiltrate their brain because they parked right in front of the two dumpsters. Someone obviously wasn’t very happy about this so they saran wrapped one of the dumpsters to the car. This is awesomely funny and anyone who saw it had to break out in severe laughter. Well, everyone except for the person who owns the car!

4. The carriage car


At first glance it looks like this is a normal parking job. It doesn’t really look like there is anything wrong with it but someone quite obviously took offense to it. Or maybe they are angry at the driver for something else. Either way, this took quite a while to pull off and is pretty funny to look at.

There are so many scenarios to think about here once you stop laughing. First and foremost, how is the driver going to break the circle to get in and gain access to their vehicle? This is hilarious and the person who pulled it off has quite the imagination on them!

3. The inconsiderate parking prize


People who drive those very small cars usually don’t have a hard time finding parking spaces. They can fit pretty much anywhere and that’s one of the benefits to owning one of these. Because of that reason there is absolutely never a need to take up two spots with one of these.

This person obviously did exactly that, and did so for more than a month. If it took more than a month for this note to be left on the car, you know the driver lives in an area where a lot of very patient people live. Try that in NYC!

2. Bigger is better?


It’s very hard to tell exactly what happened here. So let’s come up with a logical explanation that the truck arrived first and parked like an idiot. So when the driver of the smaller white car arrived they decided to teach the truck driver a lesson. While funny, it wasn’t well thought out.

Someone in a black vehicle on the left, obviously then showed up and saw what happened and decided to partake in the event by parking diagonal, right in back of the small car. So the truck isn’t getting out without causing serious damage to the white car, and the white car isn’t getting out at all. Checkmate!

1. Small car, big problems


When you dive a small car that doesn’t have a lot of weight behind it, you have to drive a different way. Safe is always the first recommended way and that includes all aspects of driving, including parking. This clearly wasn’t a safe parking job because the result was so bad for the car and its driver.

When you take up two spots purposely you are surely going to make another driver angry. When you drive a small car that doesn’t weigh much it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to come out of the store and see this. Take that!

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