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15 Banned Youtube Videos We’re NOT Allowed To Watch

15 Banned Youtube Videos We’re NOT Allowed To Watch

Youtube is a place where you can go to enjoy free entertainment, whether it be that video of a cat that you’ve seen a thousand times or the news. Youtube is a place where anyone can upload just about anything, as long as it falls into Youtube’s guidelines. However some videos from the past have been uploaded to Youtube only to be taken down mysteriously.

These videos include tapes that were taken in the past and were said to be destroyed, but someone found a copy of them and uploaded them. These videos were immediately taken down and banned from public viewing. Most of these videos include deaths caught on live TV, all the way to government files.

It’s not likely that much of the human race would want to watch these videos, but some of us have morbid curiosity. However most of these videos will never surface due to the amount of security they have to make sure they don’t surface, if they even still exist. Many of these tapes have been destroyed, leaving only the memory of some of these horrific events. Other times, it’s classified as evidence in certain cases. Whatever the case, these videos are better left unseen as it is.

15. Osama Bin Laden’s Death


Bin Laden had been running and hiding out for years, until one day he was cornered in northeast Pakistan. Special Forces invaded the compound after months of planning went into the operation. The objective was to kill Osama Bin Laden, and it was being live streamed back to the White House. White House members looked on nervously, including the president and vice president.

Luckily the operation was a success. The footage that was streamed back to the White House was never released. People have demanded the right to see the footage to legitimately confirm the death of Bin Laden. The footage and pictures of that operation will forever be contained in the grasp of government officials and will most likely not see the light of day.

14. Banned Sesame Street Episode


It’s hard to believe a kid-friendly show such as Sesame Street could have an episode that would end up being banned, but it happened. The episode was only known as 847 and aired in 1976. The wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz makes an appearance in this episode, after she’s lost her broom on the set of the shoot. A man retrieves her broom but refuses to give it back to her.

This causes the wicked witch to wreak havoc in the streets. She begins to make it rain indoors and even threatens Big Bird’s life. While that was the extent of the banned material, it still sent children into a frenzy when they saw the witch on screen. Many parents reported this and made their child stop watching the show.  The show’s creators tested the episode in a control group but failed to replicate the claims. The episode was soon taken off the re-run schedule, and all copies are said to have been destroyed.

13. The Crow Death Scene


The Crow starring Brandon Lee still goes down in history as one of the saddest backstories to a film’s production. During filming of The Crow, Brandon Lee had a scene where he’d enter holding grocery bags, and would be shot by a prop gun. Blood would gush out of the bags that were really filled with fake blood. However, there was a fatal error. The gun was no prop.

The adjacent actor fired what was believed to be a blank into the chest of Brandon Lee, and he fell almost instantly. Crew immediately knew something was wrong, and attempted to rush Lee to the hospital. Sadly, Lee passed from his injuries, and the film’s production came to a stand still. The film was still made, after Lee’s family allowed the production to finish, as long as the gruesome scene was destroyed. The film released in memory of Brandon Lee.

12. Gruesome Couple


A couple known as the “Ken and Barbie” couple seemed to be the perfect couple. That is until their dark secret came to light. Between 1990 and 1992, the couple took up to 4 girls hostage in their basement and did unspeakable things to them. When they were captured, the woman “Barbie” was compliant with the police and testified against her boyfriend, saying she was forced to participate in the acts.

This didn’t hold up in court for very long, as there were tapes discovered during the trial. It showed that she was indeed in on the acts, and it shocked the jury. They were only able to hear the audio, which was enough to see she was lying. Unfortunately the deal was made with police, and she was released in 2005. The tapes themselves were contained and will likely never see the light of day. Many jurors said they had to seek counseling after hearing the tapes.

11. Christine Chubbuck Suicide

via: peopledotcom

Christine Chubbuck was a sad example of how stressful work could get. She was a journalist working for WXLT TV through ABC. Her work load proved to amplify her depression, and she explained to family that she wasn’t feeling right. She approached her supervisor and requested to do a piece on people committing suicide. The topic was approved, and she spent the next three weeks researching. She even talked to psychologists and police officers about the matter.

During a morning broadcast, Christine was supposed to talk about three different stories, but one of the film segments was jammed, forcing her to work off script. She had a script of her own and removed a revolver from her purse. She shot herself, and the cameras faded to black. She was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment. All footage has since been destroyed by request of her family.

10. Cannibal Files


A mentally unstable man was keen on consuming human meat, so much so that he took to the Internet to find a willing participant for him to consume. There was a website made for just that. Several people answered but came to their sense and backed out. That is until a man answered and followed through. The two men met, and the cannibal began to film the consumption of the other man.

Soon, the man passed away. The cannibal then decided to return to the Internet to look for his next volunteer/victim. However, concerned people on the thread reported the cannibal, and he is now serving life in prison. The tapes of the consumption have since been destroyed, and the people who have seen it say it’s disturbing due to the fact that the man who is being eaten seems content with it…

9. Saddam Hussein’s Sentencing


Saddam Hussein fled Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, when U.S. officials infiltrated the area. He was then captured and went to trial for crimes agains humanity. Saddam Hussein was sentenced, ending his reign. The media was banned from filming his trial, however someone snuck a cell phone camera into the building to film with.

They captured most of the trial on the cell phone and released it to the web soon after. However, it has seemingly disappeared off the world wide web, as nobody can find the video. It is most likely that the video was taken down, and the original poster was faced with severe consequences.

8. Sandy Hook Security Tapes


The awful acts that occurred on that day in 2012 in the Sandy Hook elementary school were unforgettable. The tragic event sparked controversies with the then President Barack Obama. The worst of these theories was that the incident was a hoax that was orchestrated by the Obama administration to push their political agenda.

Therefore, people have demanded that the footage that was taped that day be released as proof of this horrific event. The investigators obviously refused, and said it serves as evidence, and that it’s out of respect for the families and the ones that lost their lives that day. As there are still unanswered questions, there will be ridiculous demands to see the footage and even more ridiculous theories.

7. Deadly Bear Attack


A man who was filming a documentary spent several years in a national park living amongst bears. He would research them day in and day out, filming his experiences. He was a huge wildlife activist and believed in expanding protection to wildlife everywhere. His peers would call him crazy, saying his actions were harmful, but that didn’t stop him from living with these animals.

He did this for over a decade on and off, and recorded hundreds of hours of footage of him interacting with bears in their natural environment. During his last expedition, he and his girlfriend decided to stay longer so he could find a female bear he’d become attached to. A pilot went looking for the two after not hearing from them for some time. All that was found at the scene was a bear covered in blood, and after park rangers showed up, the bodies of both were discovered. There was a camera still filming with the lens cap on, so only audio can be heard. The friend of the two still has the footage and was directed to destroy it.

6. Owen Hart’s Death


In the ’90s, pro wrestling became a popular sport. The Hart family was a popular family who grew up in the height of pro wrestling in the ’90s. In a pay per view match, they had the youngest of the Hart’s, Owen, come on stage in spectacular fashion. He was to be lowered down on wires into the ring. He was to fall down right before hitting the ring for comedic effect.

Sadly, the release mechanism detached too early sending Owen plummeting chest first into the corner of the ring. Owen was treated on the spot, but sadly passed away. When the incident happened, it was being filmed live, but the cameras were on the audience to film their reactions to the comedic entrance. The only witnesses to this event are the ones who were there that night, and the WWE has stated they’re not going to release the footage of this incident.

5. CIA Tapes


The CIA is a secretive organization that nobody really knows a lot about. They keep it that way to keep their secrets at bay from potential enemies. The CIA has been known to engage in unorthodox practices to retrieve information such as torture devices. These sessions are often times filmed to review later to see the person’s reactions and to review the evidence collected.

Due to the unorthodox nature of these methods to retrieve information, the CIA won’t release these tapes to the public. People have demanded the right to see the tapes, but the CIA won’t budge. We will never know how extreme the measures they take to retrieve information are, as the CIA won’t be releasing these tapes any time soon.

4. Fastest Cancelled TV Show


America’s Funniest Home Videos was a popular TV show that aired back in the ’90s. The concept for the show was based on people sending in home clips of something funny happening that they captured. The wildly popular idea for the show created spin-off series, and one of those was titled Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos. The show was meant to be a more mature version of the Australia’s Funniest Home Videos and featured clips that were more suited for adults.

The owner of the network was eating dinner one night when a friend had phoned him to complain about what he was watching on the television. He quickly turned the channel to ANHV and was disgusted. He quickly called the station, and demanded it be taken down. When the show returned from commercials it went to a screen that apologized for technical difficulties. The show never went back on the air and hasn’t been seen by anyone  since it was shelved.

3. Song of the South


Disney wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows when it came to their animated shorts. Song of the South was released in the ’40s and featured a boy who went to live with his aunt on a plantation. The controversy begins with the portrayal of African American people during that time. Due to the negative reception the film got, it was never released in home media format.

Disney refuses to confirm the existence of the film past that. They won’t comment on anything to do with the film, whether it be its existence, or if they plan to re-release it again. However, there is a reference to characters in the film on the ride splash mountain. This seems to be the only mention of the film from Disney, and it’s most likely due to the age of the ride, and when it was built.

2. Steve Irwin’s Death

via: steveirwinday.or

Steve Irwin was a nature enthusiast that stole many hearts back in the day. He was very enthusiastic about his job and made learning about these animals and nature fun. He was known as “the Crocodile Hunter”, and is one of the most recognizable TV personalities even to this day. While filming a documentary off the coast of Queensland Australia, the worst possible thing happened.

Irwin approached a stingray, which became defensive and began to poke its sharp tail into Irwin’s chest. The ray’s tail stuck into Irwin’s heart and killed him almost instantly. All footage of filming that day was handed over to the proper authorities, and it was then destroyed at the request of Irwin’s wife. Steve’s memory will be cherished, and it’s better that the footage was destroyed, so people don’t think of that when they think of Irwin’s legacy.

1. Banned X-Files Episode


The X-Files quickly became a hit for its network, and it produced several seasons with several memorable episodes. The show featured mature plots and was ahead of its time for the amount it showed on television. The second episode of season four was titled “Home,” and it was a controversial episode to say the least.

The episode’s premise is that the two protagonists are helping small town police investigate infant remains. During this investigation, they come across a family known as the “Peacock” family. The family were removed from society and lived on a farmhouse. The episode featured awful acts, and even themes that are better left unmentioned. The episode was praised for its boundary stepping, but they ended up banning the episode from re-running on the network. It can still be seen on the original home release, but it has not been seen anywhere else since.

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