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15 Of The Most Beautiful Latina Instagram Models Right Now

15 Of The Most Beautiful Latina Instagram Models Right Now

Instagram is more than a social media platform. It is basically the only place on the Internet where you can feast your eyes on amazing photos of beautiful places and, of course, gorgeous women from around the world. But despite the world being generously gifted with very beautiful women, there is a specific lot of these women that very few men can deny are the most gorgeous women on Earth.

That is Latina women.

Latin women grace the hearts of so many men for a few reasons. One, they are some of the best lovers in the world. They also have a strong value system that makes them some of the best wives and moms in the world. Finally, they are the most endowed women in the whole wide world.

And since Mark Zuckerberg decided to offer us Instagram to post amazing photos of ourselves, these women have taken to this social media platform to show us what we can only see in our fantasies. So that you are not left out in admiring these amazing women, we have compiled 15 (though there are more than that), Latina Instagram models that you must follow.

15. Dolly Castro

Via: flexoffense

This fine lady hails from Nicaragua, and boast of 5.1 million followers on Instagram. She is also a shrewd business lady who also has a strong fashion line of sportswear. She’s an online fitness giant.

Judging from her curvaceous looks, this lady deserves the millions of followers who eagerly wait for another jaw-dropping post from the lass. She has a famous Latina solid hips, bubble butt and cinched waist. Additionally, she is just 5’5″, which is the perfect height for such a gorgeous lady. Once you are done reading this, make sure you follow her on her Instagram @missdollycastro.

14. Arianny Celeste

Via: Twitter

Don’t let this lady’s name or current residence, which is the US, fool you. Arianny Celeste was born Penelope Lopez Marquez, thus she is a fully fledged Latin lady. The 31-year-old is more than just a fitness model on Instagram.

She is a ring girl in UFC and co-host of the Overhaulin’ show. If you have never seen her on Instagram, then you must have seen her on the cover of Maxim magazine. Additionally, she sells T-shirts and personalized video messages along with other things on her personal website.

If you have been missing out on gorgeous pics of this endowed lass, check out her profile @ariannyceleste.

13. Yovanna Ventura

Via: HawtCelebs

Ladies who have fallen head over heels for Justin Bieber might be jealous of this lady. Yovanna Ventura is an American-based Latin Instagram model who at one time dated Justin Bieber.

Just 21 years old, this Latin siren is making fortunes out of modelling, with a massive 4.7 million followers rallying behind her. Because she is young and full-figured, this model never shies away from taking some racy shots that she posts right on her Instagram profile. For your eyes only, make sure you follow her account @YoVentura.

12. Gracie Carvalho

Via: Sport News and Results

She might not have a million followers at the moment, but she is young, hot and very dangerous. Gracie Carvalho is a Victorian Secret model with about 270,000 followers on Instagram. Apart from walking down the runway in classy outfits, the model also feeds her Instagram followers with lots of hot pics in bikinis and other stunning outfits.

Apart from modelling, Gracie also doubles as a Muay Thai Kickboxing Queen who can tackle any grown man to the ground in a minute. The Brazilian claims that her expertise in the discipline is commendable, because she spends most of her free time in Thailand training the old fashioned way.

If you want some more kickass pics from this Brazilian siren, check out her profile @Graciecarvalhoo.

11. Lais Ribeiro

Via: Pinterest

This queen has hit a million followers on Instagram and there are a million reasons why. One, Lais Ribeiro is catwalk model who has graced a number of fashion shows in her home country of Brazil and across the globe.

Despite being as slender as catwalk models should be, you would find no need to add any meat on this Brazilian siren. She is 180m tall with a great figure to back that height up. Her graceful stature has seen her work with several major fashion houses as well as Vogue Brazil where she is a regular.

There are several places you can catch this lady, one of them being on MMA where she appears at times. She trains at her spare time. But if you want to catch more of this action uninterrupted, follow her on Instagram @Laisribeiro.

10. Paula Fernandes

Via: Purepeople

If you love racy ladies with extravagant poses, then this Instagram account may not be for you. Well, maybe wait until you see the gorgeous and decently dressed lady behind it.

Paula Fernandes is a household name in Mexico. The Latin lady is a songstress and brand ambassador of some well established brands in her home country. Apart from having the voice of a beautiful morning bird, the singer also has one of the prettiest faces in Mexico.

As stated before, her Instagram profile is pretty decent with only photos of her on the road in her singing career. But seeing that face every day can really get you in a good mood, which is all the more reason why you should follow her @paulafernandes.

9. Zoe Saldana

Via: Vogue

If you are gearing up to watch The Avengers: Infinity War, then be prepared to meet this pretty lady on the big screen. Zoe Saldana is a former model who turned actress and then quickly got married to Marco Peregro (sorry single men). Therefore, the lass is a wife and mom to three beautiful children.

But despite going off the market so quickly, the lady has still managed to retain her beauty charm and remain a fantasy woman for many men. Americans can take pride, as she was born in New Jersey, though she has Latin roots. Her 1.3 million Instagram followers are usually treated to this mature woman’s lifestyle of work, family and some good inspirational quotes.

8. Beatriz Fernandez

Via: Fingers on Blast

Beatriz may not be a big name right now, but she is getting there. This model turned fitness enthusiast is exactly what a man would want from a Latin woman. Her beautiful face is complemented by her astute figure that she graces her fabulous outfits with.

Most of the time, the model travels between her homeland of Spain and the United States of America engaging in different modelling projects, some of them being very weird. Currently, she has only 80,000 followers but she is slowly gaining notoriety as the next big thing in Spanish modelling. In case you want to join her on her modelling journey, make sure you follow her @beatricefernandezgar.

7. Lisa Morales

Via: Alux

Lisa Morales has come a long way to become a social media giant. The model boasts 2.6 million Instagram followers and 5.2 million more followers on Facebook. The lass, who hails from Cuba, has been a TV presenter, philanthropist, model and a lot more in her adopted home of Miami.

The pretty lass is also a fitness enthusiast who sells fitness courses online. She also sells clothes and promotes a load of sponsored ads on her Facebook and Instagram accounts, work that rakes in a lot of cash for the Cuban hot siren.

But there is one problem – she is engaged. But that should not stop you from following her @misslisamorales.

6. Jennifer Lopez

Via: HawtCelebs

Here is the thing: if you have yet to follow JLo on Instagram, then there is a serious problem somewhere. Apart from being a celebrity who is loved the world over by millions of fans, JLo is the picture perfect Latin lady whose photos you should be filling your smartphone’s gallery with.

The lass from Puerto Rico has been able to amass 57.6 million followers over the last few years on Instagram, and that is despite her gracefully aging as the years pass by. The lass has reinvented herself countless times, turning from a singer to an actor then singer again. But despite the back and forth, and age catching up with her, people are still in love with her.

Therefore, if you are guilty of the unfathomable crime of not being a JLo follower, please go to her profile @JLo now!

5. Jimena Sanchez

Via: Pinterest

This should be reason enough why you need to go to Mexico for a vacation. Jimena Sanchez is a Mexican hot siren who surprisingly works for Fox, hosting Fox Sports in her homeland. The sporty lady sure got game.

Her Instagram feed is full of well-presented yet eye-catching posts of her in some fabulous outfits. Most of the time, you will see her at work or relaxing in some fast food restaurant, something that she posts about almost on a daily basis. The hot siren has 2.2 million followers on her Instagram profile @JimenaSanchezMX.

4. Thassia Naves

Via: StyleCaster

The looks this lady pulls off are sophisticated. Thassia Naves is a Brazilian fashion blogger who has built an entire empire out of her own name. Her feed is flooded with photos and videos of her travelling around the world trying on new clothes.

Her taste is classy and sophisticated but it still earned her 2.6 million followers who get to see her don the best clothes around the globe. As a matter of fact, these 2.6 million followers have been the pillar of her business, which she markets online on her Instagram account.

If you feel her taste is not too sophisticated for you, then you can follow her @Thassianaves.

3. Anllela Sagra

Via: anllelasagraapp

This Colombian fitness model is the apple of the eye of men who want a fit lady. The lass spends most of her time in the gym, moments which she gladly shares on her Instagram feed.

What make her appealing to most men are her well-developed abs and muscles which, if she keeps moving at the pace she is at, may be intimidating to some skinny men in the future.

Her love for fitness has seen her run a couple of fitness programs. As long as she promotes health living, she is fine with her following of 7.6 million people. But she will be glad to have more (actually you will be happier), if you hit follow @anllela_sagra.

2. Christina Milian

Via: Popsugar

It’s hard to believe that this singer and songwriter has hit 35 years old. The shrewd artist has managed to keep an astute figure and face despite her age. Her life is filled with a lot of private plane moments, Presidential appointments and yoga classes.

The best part is that she doesn’t keep her life to herself. The lass, who hails from the US but is of Latin descent, posts countless photos and videos of her everyday life on her Instagram feed for the eyes of her 3.8 million followers. But since she can accept more, be sure to follow her @ChristinaMilian.

1. Natalia Velez

Via: guysgab

If you have watched a couple of GoDaddy adverts, then you must have seen this face. Natalia Velez is an Instagram model with 154,000 followers that she turns into a raw marketing audience. She has done commercials for Samsung, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Avon as well.

Her growing number of followers is what may bring her a lot of cash considering her considerable number of advertisement gigs. Surprisingly, the beautiful lady from Ecuador is a professional product designer and she loves working on eco-friendly products during her free time. Currently, she balances between staying in Miami and Medellin but if you cannot afford the air ticket to go visit her, just follow her on Instagram @nataliavelez.

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