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15 Beautiful Women From Mad Men That Make Us Miss The Show

15 Beautiful Women From Mad Men That Make Us Miss The Show

Mad Men burst onto our screens in July of 2007, introducing us to the solicitous world of high flying Ad executive Don Draper and his colleagues at Sterling Cooper. From the get-go audiences were captivated with the slick Lothario, his many beautiful women and the allure of 1960’s and 70’s America. It offered us a snapshot into a world that seemed all at once duplicitous, sexy and frightening.

The incredible cast offered up a plethora of tantalizing plot lines, extramarital affairs, prostitution, extortion and everything in between, introducing us to some characters that became larger than life. While the series ended in 2005 after a solid seven season run, we can’t help but feel like our lives are poorer for it being over. Our screens are no longer graced by hoards of gorgeous women and whisky guzzling money men – it’s one of the biggest shames since our favourite candy was discontinued. Luckily for us, the entire series is available to view on Netflix, but if you just can’t wait we’ve assembled 15 photos of the strikingly beautiful cast that will make you miss it just as much as we do.

In case you’re new to the world of Mad Men, be warned – spoilers ahead!



Since the first episode aired, January Jones captivated viewers as the complicated and original Mrs Draper. Betty had her fair share of story lines, right through from her efforts to try and keep her cheating husband interested to managing as a divorcee and newly remarried woman. With her perfectly coiffed hair and usually svelte and stylish appearance, it was a shock to viewers when Betty returned in season 6 battling a weight problem and attending Weight Watcher meetings with one of her friends. It didn’t take long for her to whip herself back into shape though, and she was soon attracting all kinds of attention once more…even Don’s.


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If we learnt anything from Mad Men, we realized that these men just love their secretaries – in the very literal sense. When charismatic silver fox Roger Sterling divorced first wife Mona, it didn’t take him long to captivate the attention of Don’s secretary, Jane. Actress Payton List didn’t have a great deal of screen time as the marriage was a failure from the start. Interestingly, Roger finally decided to divorce his much younger wife after they both tripped on LSD and had a heart to heart. It was just a shame that Jane didn’t recall any of it. She got a new apartment out of the divorce though, so things could have been worse. All’s well that ends in divorce.

13. Jessica Paré


The second Mrs Draper also started out as Don’s secretary. Megan came onto our screens in season 4 as the strikingly pretty assistant that attracts ample admirers in the office, including the creative department artists. In a whirlwind romance, Don asks Megan to marry him when he takes her on vacation to watch his children. While it seems as though Don has finally met the woman that will put his cheating, womanizing ways to bed, things quickly descends to chaos when she makes a success of her acting career and he looses control over her. While Megan stays loyal, Don takes to having an affair with their friend and neighbor. What do we miss most about Megan and actress Jessica Paré? When she sings in French at Don’s birthday party. Oof.



There are few women on this planet as formidable (and beautiful) as Joan Holloway. A force to be reckoned with in the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce office, Joan starts out as the quick-witted, hourglass silhouetted, head secretary, making sure operations run smoothly. Played by Christina Hendricks, this character shot her to instant fame, landing her at the top of a variety of ‘sexiest woman’ lists. Redheaded Holloway eventually makes partner when she is approached to spend the night with a potential client for a stake in the company. Despite Don’s protests, Joan reluctantly agrees, thinking of the future she could provide for her son as a newly single mother. We salute you, Joan.



One of the best character actresses of modern times, Elizabeth Moss gave her talent to the role of meek and mild Peggy Olsen. When Olsen started as a secretary, she was small, timid and afraid of her own shadow. After she started chipping in her creative ideas during meetings, Olsen eventually climbed her way to the top of the creative department, making her one of the most powerful women in the show. The transformation from little girl into fully fledged kick ass advertising executive wasn’t without its share of ups and downs for Peggy, which saw her become one of the most popular characters of the 2010’s.



A far cry from book warm Rory Gilmore, actress Alexis Bledel appeared as Beth Dawes, love interest of Pete Campbell in season 6. The wife of a commuter friend of Campbell, Pete quickly becomes infatuated with the depressed housewife and convinces himself he’s in love with her after they spend the night together. It all ends in tears when Dawes is shipped away by her husband and subjected to electroshock treatment, after which she doesn’t remember Pete. The love scenes make for some steamy viewing though – it’s not surprising the actors ended up marrying in real life after meeting on set. Just what would Lorelai say, Rory?



One of the few women to successfully avoid Don’s advances (but not for his lack of trying) Stephanie Horton appeared as the niece of terminally ill Anna Draper (that’s Don’s real first wife back when he was really Dick, if that makes any sense). Every inch the California girl, pot smoking Stephanie and her laid back attitude had Don in a spin when he went to visit Anna. She managed to evade his advances when she dropped the absolute mood killer, informing him that his good friend and one time platonic wife was dying – and she didn’t even know it. Her part might have been brief, but it packed a punch.



Most recently seen in the short lived Netflix Original series Bloodline, brunette Linda Cardellini also had a stint as one of Don’s women, neighbor Sylvia Rosen. Both Megan and Don become friends with Sylvia and her husband, a high flying doctor when they live in the same building. It doesn’t take long for Sylvia to succumb to his charms, but in the end it’s Don who is left pining after her when she calls it all off. Sylvia’s tryst with the seemingly happily married ad executive is a key plot in season 6, marking the point of no return within the Drapers marriage. Plus, it provided some seriously hot and heavy viewing that audiences love.



When Don divorces Betty, she marries local politico Henry Francis almost instantly. Don quickly spirals into despair, drinking himself into oblivion and creating a mess of pretty much anything that he touches. Not because he misses Betty as such, but just because he has nothing better to do with his life. He finds an almost near Betty double in the form of Bethany Van Nuys. Not one to fool around, Bethany is clearly the marrying kind and won’t take anything less than that from Don. She doesn’t last long as she just won’t give Don what he wants. A lucky escape for this one, but at least the beautiful Anna Camp graced our screens for a short while.



At the start of the series, Don and Betty are still playing happy families with the kids in the suburbs, with Betty turning a blind eye to his extremely obvious affairs. When single mother Helen Bishop moves into the neighborhood, the women folk are all a fluster, worrying that she’ll swoop in and steal their men. The character is never given much of a chance to develop, but sees Betty’s heckles rise to the occasion. The character is played by Darby Stanchfield, best known for her role as Abby Whelan in Shonda Rhimes hit series, Scandal. Surprisingly, Betty gives Helen’s  young son a piece of her hair and it all goes downhill from there, ending in a supermarket showdown.



Arguably a character to rival Joan Holloway, Bobbie Barrett is the sexy and unsatisfied wife of comedian Jimmy Barrett, who Sterling Cooper hired to do spots on TV for a client. The agency has a strained relationship with the Barretts, and inevitably Bobbie begins an affair with Don. The sultry and confident woman is no fool and knows that they’re in it together for a good time rather than a long time, however when the pair are in a car accident together the jig is almost up and their good times come to a screeching halt. That doesn’t stop her from propositioning Don later on in the series, but he fends off her advances as he tries to stay faithful to Megan.



Dr Faye Miller was the only woman lover that Don was truly honest with – and maybe the only one that was capable of being any good for him. Ever the self destructive Don Juan, Don leads on the consumer strategist, causing her to fall head over heels for him. He then sleeps with Megan when she’s his secretary without her knowledge. When Don invites Megan to accompany him in a ‘work’ capacity on holiday with his children and ends up proposing to her out of the blue, he let’s brokenhearted Faye know over the phone when she calls his office. Needless to say, Faye is anything but pleased and warns him, ‘I hope she knows you only like the beginning of things.’



The life of a high flying executive just wouldn’t be the same without a variety of business trips and slew of irresistible women to sweeten the deal. On a California business trip, Don meets Joy, a glamorous female introduced to him by a European count at a poolside hotel bar. Joy validates all of his hedonistic values, asking him ‘Why would you deny yourself something you want?’ Despite initially denying a dinner invitation, he can’t stay away for long. Joy ultimately gets Don to a friend’s Palm Springs house, where she spends much of the time topless — and Don learns the count is her father! It’s a complicated scenario but after all, this is Mad Men.



Maggie Siff may have come to prominence as Tara in the biker series Sons of Anarchy, but that didn’t stop her from popping in for a scene or two as another lady friend of Don’s, Rachel Menken. Starting out as a client, Rachel originally approached Sterling Cooper for new ideas on how to promote her department store that catered to a largely Jewish customer base. Of course, Don didn’t let the opportunity to slip by to get to know the heiress on a personal level, even proposing that they run away together to start a new life. Unlike most of his conquests, Rachel turns him down, seeing through his facade like many women can’t.



The only thing hotter than Megan Draper? Megan Draper’s mom, Marie Calvet. The unhappily married French woman catches the eye of our other favorite Lothario, Roger Sterling when they meet at an awards dinner. Always exceptionally dressed, immaculately presented and oozing sexuality, it’s no wonder that she falls head over heels for Roger – and likewise. Played by English actress Julia Ormond, Marie has a minor part but packs a punch as one of the most enigmatic characters Mad Men had to offer. Talking to the Daily Mail about her experiences on set, Ormond said ‘It’s all about the undergarments.’ Telling!

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