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15 Of The Most Beautiful Women Of

15 Of The Most Beautiful Women Of is new musical website that allows anyone to make music videos to the tune of your perfect song. With incredibly easy and intuitive tools to use, and the ability to upload it online, it is fast becoming a very popular platform to make simple, yet stylish home music videos, and it is even growing more popular for people to upload their videos on Youtube and even do music video battles with them. One of the biggest draws of these videos is the many, many superbly attractive girls that make these videos.

I actually didn’t know much about until I was asked to write this article, and I quickly learned how fun it was to watch these talented women do their thing. It’s amazing to think that all of them are amateurs who’re doing this for fun!

So who are these young women? From what I gather, they aren’t superstars or anything fancy, just girls doing their thing and having the time of their lives, and making sure everyone can see it on their phones. It’s just amazing what you can do with smart phones nowadays, and it’s not surprising that these girls put them to good use, especially given how they are obsessed with their cell phones (to be fair, the same is true of everyone, including me! So there!)

So with so many totally hot girls on, it’s actually very hard to point out any one girl or even group of girls, but in this list I’m going to do my best to make that happen. So in no particular order, let’s look into the 15 hottest girls on Don’t forget to check them out on the YouTube channel Be Phenomenal.

15. Sarah Magusara


Starting our list is the incredible Sarah Maguara. In her musical battle with Sophia Diamond, she gave Shakira a run for her money when she showed her just how much her hips don’t lie. This gorgeous lady has some very serious moves and the ability to get every bit of her to move so perfectly to the tune of the songs that she is playing over her app that it is just hypnotizing. I’m saying this as someone has seen more than his fair share of mesmerizing belly dancers. Did she take professional lessons? Or did she just move with the groove because she totally has that, without any shadow of a doubt.

14. Sophia Diamond


In the same category, we have Sophia Diamond, who also appeared with Sarah Maguara. While she might not have have had the hip control and body movements of Sarah, this blonde bombshell more than makes up for it with her drop dead gorgeous smile and invitingly warm looks that go from being sultry and hot, to cute and girlish, to sophisticated and mysterious, to everything else in between. She perfectly matches her gestures to the lyrics of the song that is going on so perfectly that she can do the entire song in pantomime. Now if they could just get her and Sarah to team up on a single song, that could result in one very serious video to remember.

13. Kiara Amato


So the next one on the list is Kiara Amato, a superbly seductive girl with the air of a femme fatale that is just ready to kill you with kindness. From the video battle she had with Molli Fogarasy, she showed some rather impressive ability in her video to showcase the whole essence of a song with just a few expressions and very elaborate hand gestures. While she has a rather deadpan sultry look on her face most of the time, when she smiles, the whole world starts to taste like Nutella, which is something that is totally sweet. Great moves and a smile to die for. Kiara definitely belongs on this list.

12. Molli Fogarasy


Rivaling Kiara was in a battle wuth Molli Fogarasy. While she might not have had Kiara’s eyes, she makes up for it with a bubbly, completely goofy and completely adorable demeanor and a nose that is positively lovable. What Kiara has in sexy, Molli replaces with complete cuteness and extremely animated movements that just carry the song away to an entirely different realm of smiles and sunshine. She makes the silly positive love lyrics of her chosen songs into something funny and something you can bounce off the wall with. Which I’m sure the singers probably never intended, but Molli’s cute take on them just makes them all the better.

11. Leilani Castro


Leilani Castro is another girl who is as talented as she is hot. She is very attractive, but also has a very girl-next-door charm to her, and she shows it, with her very talented interpretations of various pop culture songs and her fun, laidback style. She looks like she is having a great time and isn’t even trying to do anything exceptional. Like a more coordinated Numa Numa Guy (OK, so maybe that wasn’t the most flattering analogy, but she just gives that impression of fun), her performances are fun to watch and her charm only adds to it.

10. Loren Gray


Loren Gray (related to Dorian Gray. Nah, she doesn’t look like a 100 year old trapped in the body of a twenty-something) is another blonde bombshell that is not only drop-dead gorgeous, but she can completely sync every single movement of her perfectly manicured fingers to the tune of the song, and she can go from cute to sad to peering into your very soul with those gorgeous sapphires for eyes that she has. I’m honestly left to think if I should just put the song on mute so I can put my own lyrics to her songs.

9. Danielle Cohn


With a nose like Molli and a similarly bubbly, goofy style of performing, she immediately captivates the viewer and draws them into her performance. Her wild hair that miraculously seems alive and is versatile in how she makes it look like everything from wild jungle girl to wrapped up neatly like a package. Though always putting a smile throughout her performance in the music videos, she changes her style and adjusts the lighting to make herself look everything from a movie star to the girl next door. Always dynamic and drawing everyone in, Danielle Cohn definitely belongs on this list.

8. Noemi Nikita


Competing with Danielle, there’s Noemi Nikita. While Danielle goes for a very bubbly, goofy style, Noemi is far more restrained in her performances, but she really, really brings out her good side, notably that gorgeous skin tone that just shines in the light like her hair, and with hips that she really, really knows how to move to the tune of the song. Her smiles bring out the cutest dimples this side of. Well, this side of really cute dimples. What else is there to say – she is an amazingly girlishly cute girl with some sensual styles that she’s not afraid to show.

7. Martina Picardi


Her name sounds like a Martini that’s made with Bacardi. OK, that’s a silly joke, but a rum martini would go well with her songs. Her moves and her performance are fast paced and match perfectly with the rough, electronic edges of the techno tunes that her songs are performed to. There is never a dull moment and she really knows how to shake her entire body to the song and perform actions that really accentuate every single lyric said. Again, I’m stumped to find more words to describe Martina. Gorgeous, with dance moves that would have everyone in the nightclub looking her way in admiration.

6. Kristen Hancher


Kirsten Hancher, like Martina, has an incredibly fast, animated style of singing to her performances that really accentuates her incredible figure. I have to admit, I had a very hard time watching her facial expressions during some of her songs because of her rather well-endowed mammary glands that she loves to showcase with her gorgeous red dress. She is also very, very good at making video transitions that make her incredibly fun to watch. The vibe she gives is that of someone who doesn’t care for anything else other than having a good time and making sure everyone around her knows it.

5. Rosalba Andolfi


Rosalba Andolfi is a funky girl with funky dyed hair and lips so red that she’s getting asked out to dates by circus clowns. They’re looking for girls with lips as red as their noses. OK, I kid, obviously. But I wouldn’t be surprised if this girl was asked out by many guy who watched her videos for the obvious reason that she is just so energetic, fun, and funny that they’re a joy to watch this fabulous girl move around with such energy and throw her hands in gestures to bring every single lyric to life in ways you didn’t think were possible.

4. Mackenzie Ziegler


Mackenzie Ziegler is a very fascinating, sizzling girl. Her hotness is subdued when she has a normal expression, but when she smiles, her cheeks really give away a certain sense of girl-next-door charm to her, and I would go so far as to say that it makes people feel a little happy. When she talks, or at least lip-syncs, in her videos, it serves to accentuates these characteristics of hers and only makes others smile and wish they could be dancing with her on the dance floor. Or at least watch her and take in the cuteness of her cheeks.

3. Princess Lolo


When I first saw her name, I had to make the inevitable pair of jokes. Firstly, if she stuck a pair of cinnamon buns to her sides, she can be Princess Leia. OK so that was horrible. But here’s the other, with a more frantic music style, this beautiful lady can be Princess Loco. That was even sillier. But either way, she is an amazing looking girl with dark blonde hair that is only as sensual as the sultry look in her eyes that she fixates on the camera while she rocks to the tune of the music and lyrics.

2. Anna and Lisa


So now we’re going for the two for one special! Anna and Lisa are a pair of platinum blonde bombshells who are the pinnacle of girlish cuteness. Their team effort musical videos are highly creative and make me think of a pair of raver girls that are unleashing their inner children on camera and going nuts and have the time of their lives. Though if I can mention something about them that isn’t so hot. Their eyes look like they aren’t getting enough sleep. It’s probably just me, but it was a major distraction from their otherwise awesome looks and talents.

1. Cute Korean Girl


Cute Korean Girl. Just Cute Korean Girl. I actually couldn’t find her real name, so we’re going to have to use her online handle for this one. If you think Japanese girls were queens of cuteness in pop culture, then they’ve got something coming for them. With a fast paced musical style and the most kawaii smile ever. No wait, that’s wrong. I apologize. She’s Korean, the word for that would be pronounced gwiyeoun in English. Either way, her adorable cheeks will make your head spin faster than her fast spinning musical style. She actually reminds me of someone I knew. I wonder what her real name is.

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