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15 Most Beautiful Women In Sports Right Now

15 Most Beautiful Women In Sports Right Now

2017 should go down as a pretty memorable year. Those that follow business will remember Verizon’s $4.5 billion acquisition of Yahoo and those who follow the music scene were saddened by the passing of Tom Petty, Chris Cornell, and Chester Bennington. There were loads of big stories in the sports world too. Millions watched as the UFC met boxing in a heavily-hyped fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. NFL fans saw one of the greatest comebacks in sports history and baseball fans finally got to see the Houston Astros win their very first World Series. There were also some truly bizarre stories such as the sea turtle in Thailand that had 915 coins removed from it by surgeons. Then there was the guy from Milwaukee who drove himself to the hospital after he accidentally fired a nail into his heart with a nail gun.

Every year at about this time, we usually take a look back at the events that made the year so unique. One thing that’s for sure is that things are always changing. Musicians that were steamy last year are now forgotten. The trends that were all the rage last year became passé this year and that celebrity powerhouse couple is no longer together. We should also remind you that your new cell phone is obsolete. Let’s take a look at the 15 most attractive women in sports this year. While there are sure to be some familiar faces, you will find that it’s out with the old and in with the new.

15. Antonija Sandric (Misura)

There are millions of women’s basketball fans all over the world but how many can honestly say that they watch Polish women’s league games? Well, those that do watch it or have tuned into a Croatia women’s national basketball team game will likely be immediately drawn to the sport. It’s not so much because of the high-paced excitement as much as they tune in so that they can check out Antonija Sandric. The 29-year-old blonde is seriously hot. In fact, she’s so steamy that she was named Miss Mediterranean Games in 2009 and has appeared on several lists like this one. She gets offered a loads of modeling gigs but she turns most of them down claiming that the attention that she draws for her looks is both flattering and annoying.

14. Camila Giorgi

She’s just 25-years old but Camila Giorgi has already amassed over $2 million dollars in earnings playing tennis. She turned pro in 2006 when she made her debut on the International Tennis Federation circuit and she made her WTA debut at the 2011 Wimbledon Championships. Known for her aggressive play and thundering groundstrokes, Camila is considered to have one of the most powerful shots in women’s tennis. She has tournament wins over such heavyweights as Caroline Wozniacki and Maria Sharapova who also happen to be pretty steamy women in their own rights. She has yet to claim a title as a professional tennis player but with her blonde hair and shapely figure, she can at least say that she ranks as one of the 15 most attractive women in sports for 2017.

13. Whitney Miller

Via: Freebeacon

When you think of a Miss United States, you can’t help but think of some steamy looking yet delicate beauty. Well, meet Whitney Miller. This blonde bombshell won the Miss USA beauty pageant in 2012 but there is nothing delicate about her. She’s a fitness model and professional wake surfer as well, which makes her an athlete. What? You don’t consider wakeboarding or fitness modeling to be sports? OK. Let us throw in the fact that she is kicking butt these days as a UFC fighter who is in training to become a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitzu. It’s not too often that you find such a rare combination of knock-out beauty and knock-out toughness. Let’s hope that she can be victorious in the octagon, because it would be a crying shame if those luscious looks of hers took a beating.

12. Ellen Hoog

You don’t have to go to a Victoria’s Secret fashion show to see some of the hottest women on the planet. All you need to do is tune into a women’s field hockey match that features the Dutch team and you are sure to see a few runway model-worthy women. You will certainly notice the exquisite Ellen Hoog who has been a staple on the team for over a decade. She won’t only bring you to your knees with a wicked slash to the chins; she’ll also knock you right over with her blue eyes and foxy five foot five frame. She was part of the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal-winning team, and she has the distinction of scoring the winning goal in the semi-finals game en-route to winning gold at the 2012 London Olympics.

11. Paige VanZant

Via: MMA Fighting

Who would be afraid of a 125-pound girl who stands just five feet and four inches tall – especially one as steamy as Paige VanZant? Well, this little firecracker packs one heck of a punch and should not be trifled with. With Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate looking like they are done, there is a lot of focus on Paige. She had to back out of a fight in October due to injuries but she did some training leading up to the fight, and she is again scheduled to fight in January 2018 so she easily qualifies for this list. She certainly meets the other requirement. Paige’s fans can only hope that she bounces back from her last fight which she lost when Michelle Waterson (also pretty hot) submitted her with a rear naked choke. Sounds steamy!!

10. Winifer Fernandez

Via: Youtube

Winifer Fernandez is a very desirable dame from the Dominican Republic. She’s a young and fresh 22-year-old volleyball player who has already compiled a pretty impressive resume in the sport. She’s been on gold medal-winning teams in the Pan-American Cup as well as the Bolivarian Games. She’s been playing since she was 10 and competing at a high level since the age of 13. Fernandez gained a bit of fame back in 2015 when she was featured in a YouTube video that mistakenly identified Winifer as an Olympic player. In reality, the Dominican national team did not qualify for the Olympics in 2016. Looking at this lovely Latina, it’s not hard to figure out why that video went viral and it’s a good bet to say that if the Dominican Republic’s women’s volleyball team qualifies for the 2020 Summer Olympics, there will be a lot of viewers tuning in just to see her.

9. Blair O’Neal

Via: Pinterest

Blair O’Neal is simply delicious. Standing at 5 feet and 5 inches with a 36-25-35 figure, this blonde haired and blue-eyed doll has been golfing since she was just a kid. By the time she was in high school, she was recognized as one of the best junior golfers in Arizona. She went to Arizona State on a full scholarship where she was twice crowned the NCAA women’s long drive champion. Naturally, Blair didn’t want her great looks to go to waste so she balanced professional golf with a successful modeling career. She recently gave up professional golfing but she is still quite involved in the sport. She has hosted several golf-related shows on television and can still be found driving them deep at the occasional charity golfing event before hitting the 19th hole for an Arnold Palmer.

8. Hilary Knight

Competitive ice hockey can be hard on a woman’s looks but 28-year-old Hilary Knight is one of the exceptions. This dark-eyed damsel has been a part of a lot of winning teams. While she’s never won gold at the Winter Olympics, she has been on 7 gold medal winning teams at the World Championships. With flowing black hair and a beautiful smile, Hilary knows how to put a puck in the net. She currently plays for the Boston Pride of the NWHL where she won a scoring title in 2015-16. It’s too bad she has to conceal her steamy figure and pretty face underneath all of that hockey gear. You can look forward to seeing Hilary this coming February when she takes to the ice with the U.S. Olympic Women’s Olympic Team where she will try to lead the team to gold.

7. Sierra Blair-Coyle

Think what you want about whether or not rock climbing should be considered a legitimate sport but there is no way we’re going to leave Sierra Blair-Coyle off this list. Look, rock climbing actually has a World Cup and a National Championship so it has to be a sport, right? This blonde beauty from Scottsdale, Arizona is just 23 and will surely be a mainstay on lists such as this for years to come. She’s a recent graduate of Arizona State who earned a degree in marketing. She’s now focused on traveling around the world and taking part in whatever climbing competitions she comes across. If you want to see what super steamy looks like, then join Sierra’s other 126,000 followers and see her in action on her Instagram page.

6. Silje Norendal

At five feet six inches tall and weighing a healthy 119 pounds, Norwegian snowboard goddess Silje Norendal is one sweet-looking and talented young lady. The 24-year-old specializes in the halfpipe, boardercross, and slopestyle for which she won a gold at the 2013 Winter X Games Europe. She was also a gold medal winner in the 2014 and 2015 Winter X Games in Aspen and she recently won a bronze in Big Air at the World Championships. Silje is a force to be reckoned with when she gets on a snowboard and she’s a sight to behold when she gets off. She is considered a legitimate contender to win the women’s slopestyle at the upcoming PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games. This blonde-haired and blue-eyed babe is so steamy that she might melt the snow on her way down the hill.

5. Caroline Wozniacki

Via: Wallsource

With women like Caroline Wozniacki gracing the tennis court, it shouldn’t be much of a mystery as to why women’s professional tennis has exploded in popularity over the past few years. This 27-year-old from Denmark appears to have it all. She’s got a smoking body, bright bluish-green eyes, and one of the meanest two-handed backhands in the business. The fact that she’s earned over $25 million over her career makes her even more attractive. She has been ranked as the number one player in the world although she currently sits in the number three seat. There were loads of guys all over the world that got their hopes up when she became single after golfer Rory McIlroy dumped her in 2014 but those dreams have been dashed now that she’s engaged to David Lee of the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs.

4. Maria Sharapova

Surprise!! We have yet another female tennis player who also happens to be a stunning blonde beauty. Maria would not have made the list of the 15 most attractive women in sports last year, because she was serving a suspension for a failed drug test but she’s back on the court. It might be a struggle for her to regain that number one ranking that she had back in 2005 but she has no problems with making this list. Wherever she goes, whatever she does, and however she’s dressed, Maria’s natural beauty gets the attention of anyone who sees her. It should also be mentioned that this arousing Russian has earned over $35 million in prize money and millions more in endorsements. Of course, those endorsements dried up a bit when she was suspended. A gentle spanking should have been punishment enough.

3. Natalie Gulbis

She’s on the back 9 of her professional golfing career and, at 34 years of age, she’s more of a cougar than a kitten but Natalie Gulbis is still a bodacious blonde California girl whose looks and curves can still leave spectators standing in awe. It was just a few years ago that she left a lot of guys slack-jawed when she appeared in nothing but body paint in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Those that are familiar with her will have no doubt checked out the oodles of bikini modeling pictorials that she’s been in and they’ve almost definitely seen her in Playboy. She might look like a typical bimbo but she’s one smart cookie. With her golfing days numbered, she appears to be headed into a new career in politics.

2. Shelina Zadorsky

Women’s soccer is already a very popular sport, so it’s not like they have to sell attractiveness to get viewers. Nonetheless, there are plenty of very lovely ladies that are playing in the professional ranks and Shelina Zadorsky is one of them. The 25-year-old Canadian played out her college career with the Michigan Wolverines before playing in Australia and Sweden. She has been playing for the Washington Spirits since 2016 and recently played for Canada’s bronze medal winning team at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games. The 5 foot 8-inch defender doesn’t find the score sheet all that often but she absolutely scores big when it comes to her leer-worthy looks. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and an ample figure are just a few of her more obvious features. It’s well worth your while to watch her bounce around the pitch.

1. Eugenie Bouchard

Eugenie Bouchard has had a roller coaster ride of a professional tennis career up until now. She stormed onto the scene in 2012 when she won the Wimbledon girl’s title and she further made a name for herself in 2013 when she was named the WTA’s Newcomer of the Year. By late 2014, Eugenie was ranked number 5 in the world but then she got injured and has not been able to regain her former glory. The 23-year-old could easily find modeling work if her tennis career is derailed. She made headlines during Super Bowl LI when she declared on Twitter that the Falcons were going to win. A guy by the name of John Goehrke proposed that she take him on a date if the Patriots came back to win. She made good on the bet. What a lucky guy!!

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