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15 Biggest Relationship Breakers For Most Women

15 Biggest Relationship Breakers For Most Women

To those of you who are reading this article, I know you have been seeking your better half for some time now. Don’t deny it. We have all done that at some point in our life. And then a miracle happens. You meet a person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You match like two puzzle pieces and all your friends think you would make a great couple.

So you start a relationship with said person. You are doing great and start to wonder why so many people in the world break up soon after entering a romantic relationship. The thing is you start to realize that as time passes, there are some things your lover does that bother you. But this goes both ways. You are not a perfect person either. Everybody has flaws. Besides, our imperfections are what make us perfect.

You start arguing or maybe your chemistry in bed stops being “chemistry” and turns into math. You go through the motions on a regular basis even though you don’t want to. Maybe the other person hides something or doesn’t seem to be trying very hard and takes you for granted.

Let’s be real, relationships can’t be roses and honey all the time. Complications are bound to happen from time to time. But sadly there are some things that are a complete deal breaker for women in a romantic relationship. Today we take a look at the 15 biggest relationship breakers for most women!



If your boyfriend appears to be crazy in love with you but keeps locking his smartphone, maybe he has something to hide from you. A subscription to an adult site or maybe some friendly banter online that he doesn’t want you to see.

But there is also a possibility that he is flirting with other women or perhaps he is even in another relationship. According to researchers, cheating is the cause for countless divorces.

So if your boyfriend keeps hiding his phone when he is sitting next to you, the odds are he is talking to a beautiful girl on Facebook rather than finding you as an anniversary gift online.


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All looks fine and dandy when you begin a romantic relationship, but after a while, some flaws may start to appear. He just gets angry over every little thing, like not ordering food from his favorite restaurant or picking a romance movie rather than the latest superhero one.

Many women are a victim of harassment or domestic abuse. Some men may hit their spouse or girlfriend over trivial things. This kind of behavior is not accepted on any occasion unless you are into that kind of stuff. Most women who are victims of such things don’t report it to the police because they are too scared.

13. He has an alcohol or drug problem

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When you first met, you had no idea he liked booze that much but how could you? You thought he was buying you both a round of shots just to approach you. But maybe he just wanted to kill two birds with one stone.

Drinking a glass of whiskey is one thing and downing the whole bottle is another. It’s proof of alcoholism. On top of that, he may want to relieve his stress from time to time by doing something a little harder and more addictive.

Both alcoholism and drug abuse are a scourge that exists in many relationships and they’re also some of the biggest deal breakers that exist.

12. Cleanliness is next to godliness

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No matter how bad looking a guy is, being clean and properly groomed can earn a man extra points, especially in his dating life. When you are in a relationship, you always have to be neat for your girlfriend’s sake.

A guy who takes a bath once a week or doesn’t brush his teeth on a daily basis can be disgusting not only to women but to everyone he comes in contact with. Dirty nails and smelly armpits are signs of neglect, so if a man doesn’t even care about himself, why would he bother to care about you?

11. He is insecure or jealous

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You just want to talk to your friend who happens to be a man, and your significant other keeps looking at him aggressively. He is jealous when you talk to other men because he is scared of losing you. This can be a sign of weakness in a man’s personality.

Apart from that, he may be insecure, terrified of opening up to you because he can’t trust anyone but himself. Many men suffer from insecurity and it’s sadly a thing that most never get rid of.

What you have to remember is that this type of behavior shows that a guy like that can’t be a good partner in a relationship as there is a complete lack of trust on his part.

10. He has kids

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So you found someone who has good looks, a great personality, and a hot body. He has it all, even kids. Maybe you didn’t want to know about the last one but what can you do? Many women want children because they want to feel the joy that raising a child brings and others want the children to be the result of a long-lasting, loving relationship.

If you like children, you shouldn’t have a problem with your new boyfriend having some. Unfortunately, most women would think that as a drawback in a relationship and a total deal breaker.

It’s not his fault his last relationship didn’t work out, or maybe it is!?

9. He doesn’t want kids

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Contrary to the last entry on this list, a big percentage of men don’t even want to have kids, until much later at least. At the early stages of a romantic relationship, it isn’t necessarily a problem, but if he remains adamant years later that he still doesn’t want children, that could be a deal breaker.

As I am sure you’ve heard, a woman’s biological clock ticks away and if she wants children, she only has a limited amount of time to make that happen. It happens to almost every woman, regardless of her sexual preferences.

If the potential husband-to-be doesn’t want to have kids with his lover, then it is high time for the relationship to come to an end, unless he changes his mind about having a family.

8. Long distance Relationship

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This has to be one of the worst deal breakers in relationships because there actually isn’t anything wrong with the couple’s relationship. The problem lies in the fact that the distance between two people who love and cherish each other can be detrimental to their relationship.

Unless you are rich or have the desire to take long trips every week or so just to see your better half, then you are pretty much screwed and you are almost certain to end the relationship at some point.

Going the Distance is a great movie that depicts a long distance relationship perfectly, so if you want an idea of what a long distance relationship entails, I highly recommend it.

7. He has no sense of humor

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Every single one of us has told at least one joke that didn’t make the crowd around us burst into laughter. When you are in a relationship though, you have to be uplifting and make your girlfriend laugh multiple times every day.

Sadly not every man has the comedic chops. Humor isn’t about telling jokes, it’s about being clever and coming up with relevant things to respond to a statement or a topic of conversation.

A woman could easily get bored in a relationship with a man who doesn’t know how to make her laugh. This could also mean the end of the relationship.

6. He is not introducing you

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A man who doesn’t introduce his girlfriend to friends and family is often bad news. Most of the time, it means he is embarrassed by you or he thinks his acquaintances wouldn’t be very accepting of you.

This happens mostly in the beginning of a relationship and it could be the best time for you to stop it by telling him it bothers you or simply bring the relationship to an end.

There is also the possibility that he likes you so much that he wants to protect you from his overprotective family and friends. Just make sure you know why he has kept you at arm’s length from his entourage before making any rash decisions.

5. Honest much!?


Honesty is the best policy unless you’re a little too honest and you upset your girlfriend in the process. For example, imagine yourself in the following scenario.

Your girlfriend asks you, “Honey, do these jeans make me look fat?” What will you respond? You can’t because it’s a trap. If you say yes, well the outcome is pretty much self-explanatory and if you say no, she might not even believe you.

Saying something that bothers you is good, making an argument about it is not. Be careful because sometimes too much honesty could drive your relationship to an end.

4. Addicted to entertainment devices

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It is perfectly fine to dedicate some of your free time to yourself. Some men do that by watching tv or playing video games. And it is perfectly normal unless it negatively affects your relationships and responsibilities.

Too many hours in front of a screen means less alone time with your girlfriend. It would be okay if you didn’t have much time to spend with her because you work or have other responsibilities, but spending all this time on video games and tv is simply unacceptable.

Your girlfriend has every right to spend time with you and these hobbies of yours can drive her away and in the end even become a reason to break up.

3. He is just too lazy

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When “work hard, play hard” isn’t exactly the case, you may become a prisoner of your own boring relationship. While not getting off the couch to go to the toilet because you’re too lazy is one thing, not dedicating any time to spend with your girlfriend is another and it is much worse.

A lazy man can drive a romantic relationship to the point of no return because he doesn’t appear to care about it anymore. It is not the girl’s fault if she decides to leave him and find someone with more ambition who will actually spend time with her.

So if you are one of those men, get off the couch and spend some time with her. Even if she doesn’t tell you, she wants you to.

2. Bad chemistry is a deal breaker

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A strong drive to get it on can be very attractive at the start of a relationship. But more often than not, that drive tapers off at some point. Your relationship in the bedroom is just as important as the rest of the relationship and it is necessary to work at it so that both of you remain happy and satisfied in and out of the bedroom.

So have a chat with your significant other and tell each other what you would like to do in bed before it is too late, and you have to end things because both of you are bored and can’t take it anymore.

1. He is too needy

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Last but certainly not least, if your man is acting too needy, do something about it while you still can. We get it, he loves you to death but that doesn’t mean he should spend his whole life skirting around you and pleading you to spend time with him.

Everyone has the right to spend at least some of his time the way he wishes and must not be pushed to do something he doesn’t want to do.

Your boyfriend has to get some self-confidence or else he will always be attached and obsessed with you no matter what you do. Have a chat and tell him what has to change in order for the relationship to survive.

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