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15 Bizarre And Terrifying Sea Creatures

15 Bizarre And Terrifying Sea Creatures


Indeed, what lies beneath the sky-blue waves is surely nothing you’d want to experience. Does this idea scare the hell out of you?

Because…it should. The sea has yet to introduce us to some of its most bizarre and frightful species floating underneath the surface as we simply soak up the sun on land. It’s certain that we hardly think of this while jumping into the water or riding the waves. But in the pitch-black depths of the very same sea, there is an abundance of really scary creatures. And don’t think that some of them could only be found at the bottom of the sea. Frankly, some of these extremely curious critters are so weird and heinous that they will certainly make your blood run cold if you happen to meet them in person. Wouldn’t that be awful?

No matter how crazy it is, you can take advantage of such a rare and unique moment and take a photo of them. Sadly, if you don’t have a water resistant camera, then you’d better step away from those creatures as soon as possible! After all, you never know what such sea animals are capable of, right?

15. Dragonfish


Meet the crazy Dragonfish, a perfect example of a scary animal that definitely makes your hair stand on one end at the very sight of it. Just have a look at this handsome creature once again – it could be a great inspiration for some pretty twisted horror movies. This eerie animal does bear a striking resemblance to a dragon with its extremely sharp teeth that could probably send you directly to the hospital and its fins that look quite a lot like scales. A unique feature about the Dragonfish is that it could be seen at depths of almost 2 km, although it usually starts its life at the ocean’s surface before diving into the depths.

14. Phronima Sedentaria

via Scripps Institution of Oceanography

What is this thing?! The so-called Phronima Sedentaria consists of medusoid and polypoid zooids, as they are thought to be more specialized from a morphological viewpoint. Naturally, this weird sea creature can’t be seen every day while strolling along the beach, but it certainly exists as it probably floats around somewhere in the pitch-dark depths of the sea. Gladly, we haven’t met this eerie thing in person, and hopefully, we won’t ever get the chance to explore it closely.  After all, it simply does not sound like the most exciting piece of news, does it?

13. Vampire Squid

via National Geographic

Frankly, the Vampire Squid is a pretty nasty creature that has such big eyes that you feel like they are fixed on you, even though we’re only looking at its photo right now. Honestly, the idea of ever meeting this crazy sea animal under the sea sends chills down the spine. How could such a thing exist anyway? Is that a cloak? It definitely seems like the Vampire Squid is a really bizarre creature with a cloak that certainly looks like webbing. After all, we should be thankful that this animal lives under the sea, so it’s certain that we’ll never see it on dry land!

12. The Squidworm


Meet the Squidworm – this crazy-looking animal is probably one of the most confusing images you’ll ever happen to find on the web. Indeed, there’s something really weird about the Squidworm; so much so that even scientists struggle to figure it all out. Found somewhere at deep sea levels in Celebes Sea, located between the Philippines and Indonesia, this scary maritime creature is surely the last thing you’d want to run into while snorkeling or riding the waves. At the end of the day, it’s nothing but an extremely nasty kind of a worm you’d be really discontented to meet. Besides, just imagine feeling it on your skin…

11. Tardigrades

via BBC

When it comes to this fat little sea creature, it appears to be anything but adorable and interesting, considering the fact that it really looks like a harmless pig which can actually swim. These ugly tardigrades are just as disgusting as the Goose Barnacle or any other critter featured on our list. Another really unique feature about these weird and nasty animals is that they can survive even in the most severe climate changes and conditions. What’s even more shocking is that they are believed to be really tough animals which can totally survive in outer space as well! How crazy!

10. Goose Barnacle

via YouTube

Have you ever heard about it? This insane sea creature has become quite popular after being found by beach-lovers in New Zealand. At first, it baffled the community and the whole beach; but eventually, everyone started comparing it to a “washed up whale”. The craziest part of the story is that the creature called the Goose Barnacle has supposedly been covered in dreadlocks. What a unique description! How could a sea creature have dreadlocks anyway? Honestly, the whole story sounds like total nonsense, but thankfully the creepy animal hasn’t attacked or bitten anyone…

9. Pigbutt Worm

via Pinterest

Well, honestly, there can’t be a lousier sea creature which certainly makes you wonder what could happen if it decides to attack you all of a sudden. We hope we won’t have the chance to meet this Pigbutt Worm ever. But as you’ve just found out, the Goose Barnacle has already shown its ugly nature to New Zealanders; so who knows what this creepy thing could do to you! With this in mind, if you ever happen to see it beneath the surface, just make sure you’re at a safe distance from this evil-looking critter.

8. Narwhal

via Animal Fact Guide

What is Narwhal? Is it dangerous? What if you see it floating around? Honestly, this sea animal called Narwhal is probably a very wicked version of a whale and a shark, given its quite sharp tusk. Actually, you may not know this but its tusk serves as a characteristic feature which could probably pierce through your body quite effortlessly in less than a second. Additionally, its ivory is actually an example of one of the most mysterious things about the Narwhal; and believe it or not, it can get longer than 10 meters!

7. Peacock Mantis Shrimp

via YouTube

Here we go with another really interesting and spooky sea critter that’s anything but a nice and delicious shrimp. By the way, would you eat it given its heinous nature? Would you?This nasty sea critter is probably the last thing we would dine on, even if that’s the only meal we have on the table. This ugly animal is surely one of the very weirdest sea creature that Mother Nature has ever created. And why does it have such bulging eyes anyway? It’s just way too crazy to be true, isn’t it? This peacock mantis shrimp is undoubtedly another example of how little we know about the vast sea and its dwellers.

6. Giant Isopod


This crustacean seems like the real deal breaker. Given its pretty grouchy look on its face, it definitely seems like it won’t be very happy to see you exploring its territory. This Giant Isopod is a really hideous creature that could be seen floating around in the darkest depths of the ocean. Thankfully, it prefers the coldest waters where no human being would want to be anyway. Otherwise, who knows what would happen to you if you suddenly decide to set foot on its territory. The chances are that it will get even grouchier than before, to say the least. So creepy!

5. The Stargazer

via The Inertia

Indeed, the stargazer amazes with its fine and unique name, but wait until you see its ugly personality. Yes, take a look at its best photo – it’s surely not the prettiest sea creature, right? Honestly, the stargazer is hardly a harmless representative of our hot and spooky list of bizarre sea creatures anyway. What it usually does is lurk around and wait for its prey to come by… Then it simply attacks its victim quite mercilessly as it’s also capable of treating the prey with a lethal shock. It’s such a nice move, right?

4. Promachoteuthis Sulcus

via Alchetron

Oh, dear Lord! How could such an ugly thing even exist?! Surely, this is the question of the day. This nasty critter is actually called Promachoteuthis Sulcus. With such a terrifying face, we hope that nobody will even have the privilege to meet this hideous living thing. This disgusting face can really scare the hell out of you if it suddenly shows up before you. What would you do before it gets to you? That’s a tough one for sure. All these scary sea animals are actually as real as me and you no matter how fake some of them may actually look. It’s the way they are! Who could blame them?!

3. Frilled Shark


Generally, sharks are considered really dangerous animals which could effortlessly put an end to a person’s life. In simpler terms, sharks were born as extreme killers and they don’t stop at anything until they kill their prey. Basically, killing runs through their blood. When it comes to the Frilled Shark, it can surely make you lose your sleep at night. This specific type of a shark is often depicted as a terrifying combination of a shark and a snake that kills its prey like a shark and eats it just like a snake. What a terrifying combination.

2. Whale Shark

via Ningaloo Discover

Well, here we go with another eerie sea animal sharing the dreadful characteristic traits of any shark in the ocean. Perhaps, the only exception here is that this Whale Shark actually combines the worst traits of all sharks. Regardless of how sluggish this animal really seems to be, the whale shark is actually quite an aggressive animal. Besides that, it has such a big mouth that you feel as though it can devour an entire town in only one bite. The whale shark is also thought to live up to 70 years which totally makes it worse for swimmers and divers.

1. Marrus Orthocanna

via WestSound Home & Garden

The quite bizarre name of this sea creature is perhaps the least odd feature about this scary colonial animal. With its phenomenal looks, the Marrus Orthocanna is actually a pretty good example of a creature that could totally make you run for the hills the moment you see its creepy character. As crazy as it seems, this spooky critter consists of a complex arrangement of zooids. And for the most part, these zooids are actually polyps which look like they are gas-filled. The orange color is just a bizarre addition to its creepy nature.


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