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15 Bizarre Images Of The People Of COSTCO

15 Bizarre Images Of The People Of COSTCO

With a whopping 90 million card-carrying members worldwide, it’s no wonder Costco is the first company ever to have sales go from zero to $3 billion dollars in under six years! American and Canadian people especially love Costco, proving this with annual membership renewal rates of about 91% in those countries. The warehouse club is a favorite because it stocks pretty much anything your heart desires and usually on an enormously grandiose scale. From jewelry, cars and toilet paper, to electronics, caskets and potato chips, Costco literally has it all. They also have a great return policy (except on the caskets) so for customer satisfaction among retailers, Costco ranks number one.

There is no disputing the fact that Costco does have a massive inventory with great bargains, but some people just take it to the extreme. As you will see, some people just really love Costco a bit too much. So much so that they even get married in the gigantic warehouse’s food court. Others just can’t seem to resist the voluminous indulgences of what Costco has to offer them. You probably shouldn’t go there without a shopping list though, because most likely, you will see something you didn’t want to, or you will get something that you didn’t really need. 

15. Lazy boy on a La-z-boy


Well, this kid for sure is to become an engineer in the future, if he can just make it past the lazy stage in his life. He has constructed this dynamic sipping utensil by cleverly attaching several straws together to extend upwards for ease of consumption. This invention allows him to barely have to move. With just a slight lean over the arm of the chair, he can easily sip up the sweet soda. At least he does not have to exert himself unnecessarily from the comfort of his La-z-boy. Notice the guy stopped dead in his tracks, and looking at him with sheer admiration. This guy just might possibly end up being his boss one day in the great field of engineering.

14. Love On The Rocks


Next time you’re shopping at Costco, don’t forget to check out the frozen food aisle. Not because you need frozen food, but because you just might come across a wedding ceremony. Yup, you heard me. This California couple decided to tie the knot in the frozen food section at Costco. As they exchanged their vows while perched atop several wooden pallets, many guests enjoyed the cool comfort of the untraditional wedding venue. The blushing bride looks like she just wants the ceremony to end so everyone can head over to the food court for the reception. Afterwards, the couple was spotted in the furniture section lounging on a double recliner. I guess they need their strength for the honeymoon!

13. Pikachu Gets Hungry Too!


Nothing is as exciting as having lunch with a Pokemon legend; and this lucky lady took full advantage of the moment at Costco’s food court. It was especially generous of her to buy Pikachu his very own plate of food, and place it so nicely before him. I’m sure he is quite hungry from escaping all the Pokemon Go chasers, so it’s a nice lunch break for him too. All I can say is hopefully she has a kid with her there somewhere and he/she went to go get some napkins or something otherwise this picture is pretty disturbing. I doubt it seriously though because what kid goes and gets his own napkins?

12. Grin And Bear It


Yup, this is something every small tot shouldn’t be without; the 93” Plush Bear. When the 25” and 53” teddy bears that Costco offers just won’t do, why not go for the almost 8 ft. plush giant. It is so big in fact, that Costco moves it around with a forklift. Not to mention how dangerous it might be if it fell over onto your child. Now, how to get it home in your car along with the tons of other things you probably just purchased, should be next question you have to ask yourself. The first question you should have asked yourself was, why buy it in the first place?

11. Man Vs. Beast

via pinterest

Well, here you have a perfect example of a Costco employee hard at work, trying to outsmart a pigeon. I am certain the pigeon is going to lose to this ingenious cardboard box food trap created by this guy. Now to just wait quietly for the most opportune moment to pull the string and capture the unwanted intruder. Oh, but wait, this is Costco, and I’m almost certain someone will be headed down that aisle shortly. That bird better hurry up and get under that inconspicuous box to eat whatever that tempting treat is. You also have to wonder how he’s going to handle the pigeon once he captures it. Maybe he’ll just slide the box on the floor all the way through the store to the outside freedom.

10. We May Need An Intervention Here


This Belvedere Vodka bottle is quite beautiful, but does anybody really need that much Vodka? Sold at Costco in these alarmingly large 1.75L bottles, the price can be such a bargain, it just might be too hard for the vodka enthusiast to pass up! Produced exclusively in Poland using two local and unique ingredients, like Dankowskie gold rye for its character and pristine artesian water, this vodka might just be too tempting for the serious vodka connoisseur. The bottle is so pretty, in fact that it might just give you the perfect excuse or reason in your mind to justify purchasing it. Proudly posing with your gigantic bottle of Vodka at Costco seems to be a popular thing to do, because tons of pictures of people doing it are on the internet.

9. How Can The Honeymoon Possibly Compare?


It’s a no-brainer – There is no way a honeymoon could ever stand up to the amazingness of a wedding venue held at Costco. Australian couple Eli Bob and Sue Berkeley know this first hand. They tied the knot in their local Costco store near the tire section (Tyre Centre). With a guest list of 90 people, plus onlooking strangers, the flowered archways provided the perfect touch for their special day. And what Costco wedding ceremony would be complete without the reception being held there as well. Guests were served the finest of Costco’s signature foods, like pizza, hot dogs and soft drinks. Ahhh and the cake! Well, of course, it was decorated beautifully with flowers, their names and but of course, the Costco logo.

8. ToblerOH-NO-ne


I know all too well about chocolate cravings, but this is really taking it to a whole new level. You know you might have just bought too much chocolate, if there is a Youtube video out there explaining how to unbox the behemoth bar! Seriously, the title of the video is “The Unboxing of the 4.5kg Giant Toblerone”, and with almost 78 thousand views, you know way too many people are buying it. Buying 10 lbs of chocolate is almost as crazy as the people posing with it for a picture. He should have a much happier look on his face for having so much chocolate. Whatever happened to just the one pound box of See’s?

7. No Weirder Than Al


It’s not every day you can go to a celebrity book signing, but you can at Costco. What’s even more bizarre is that the author is Weird Al Yankovic – I didn’t even know he wrote books, let alone children’s ones. Look at the petrified look one of the kids is giving him. The other kid is looking perplexed as to what is happening. Dad looks like he has just seen the hottest chick walking down another aisle and is not really even into the book signing. And as for weird Al’s creepy, fake smile, it’s really not too comforting that he wrote a children’s book. Hopefully, when the kids grow up they won’t be anything like him.

6. Every Girl’s Dream


There is no denying it’s true love when both of you agree to have all your engagement photos taken at Costco. Talk about a match made in heaven. Karinne Tarshish and Dan Klamet love Costco so much, so they chose to forgo the typical cliches photos and instead do them where they love to be. The Minneapolis couple chose to forever memorialize their love of bargains almost as much as each other, by posing in various aisles throughout the store. This is just one of the many (because Costco is all about the bulk) disturbing photos that were taken. In this one, Karinne lovingly cradles their baby. Oh, wait I’m sorry, it’s not a baby, its a slab of raw meat. All the meanwhile her loving hubby-to-be embraces his new found family with such a look of joy, its simply disturbing.

5. NUT-ella


I guess if you are a crepe maker on the streets of Paris, this giant size 5 kg tub of Nutella would be a good idea to buy. On the other hand, not many of us are really in that kind of need for such an enormous amount of the hazelnut spread. At a whopping 11 pounds, you could easily use the big tub as an exercise weight, so it can have a multitude of ulterior uses. Now this woman pictured with the spread is clearly excited to get her hands on it. Remember though, once you open that jug it should be consumed in about two months so hopefully, you can share it with lots of friends who like the stuff.

4. Hum Drum


Meet Donald. Look how happy he is posing with his 55-gallon drum of motor oil at his local Costco store. Yup, you can even buy motor oil by the drum loads at Costco. Not sure why anyone would need this much of the stuff unless you own an auto shop or something. And not really sure why Costco would even offer the stuff, and put it out on their shelves. It can’t be very easy to roll that stuff out of the store, and into your vehicle either. Once you do finally get it home, at least you will have enough of the stuff for the rest of your car’s life and possibly yours.

3. Is Time Travel Possible?


Coincidence or just plain evidence that time machines really do exist. This photo proves the latter, and it’s happening right in front of us at Costco stores around the world. Here you see this poor kid’s future-self sitting there right in the background, and not surprisingly I think that’s the pharmacy. The clothing is identical, from the lime green collared shirt right down to the green, dark blue and white plaid shorts. Even the kid’s hair colour hasn’t changed much in time. The only thing different is the shoes and that’s a good thing. All I have to say about the future is from this picture the world will be a much better place without the Crocks.

2. The New Craze- Yoga Pumping


Well, there are simply no words to describe what is happening in this picture taken at the Costco Gas Station pumps. I know gas prices at Costco are always a better price and way less than at your typical gas station. However, if I rolled up on this though, I think I would rather pay the extra money, and just go somewhere else. It really makes me feel very uncomfortable and I am not even sure what this person is filling up here. Hopefully, they just need to stretch it out from the long journey they just took which emptied their tank.

1. Ask And You Shall Receive?


Move over Walmart and Target, because Costco has got it hands down when it comes to getting it in bulk, and not being afraid to ask for it. This guy had dressed himself up and has proudly worn his Tee shirt to Costco. Perhaps he wants to solicit patrons there or just maybe put a subliminal message in the shopper’s minds as to what he really wants, and it’s not groceries. Little does he know, membership does not always have its privileges. The women he appears to be “checking out” is completely clueless to his desires. All she needs to do is look up into his eyes, then perhaps we will be able to celebrate another magical Costco wedding ceremony.

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