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15 Bizarre Things Guys Tend To Do When Dating

15 Bizarre Things Guys Tend To Do When Dating

Why would other people do anything for love? They say that love is the most important emotion that humans feel, but somehow, this is also the most complicated one. According to scientific and psychological studies, there are different explanations and theories brought up by significant people including Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, and Margaret Mead. Their theories and studies shaped how people in today’s generation define the word love for family, friends, and a very special someone.

Love, especially for couples and for someone that a person is attracted to, is different from passion. This means that this is different from physical attraction. Studies about brain scans showed that when people show lust or passion, it’s the reward area of the brain that lights up. On the other hand, when people exhibit and feel love, different areas of the human brain lighted up, including the areas dedicated for empathy and caring.

With this explanation, it’s not difficult to understand why people are doing things in the name of love. Ladies are always impressed whenever their special someone or their lover usually take things to the next level just to show acts of love. However, there are guys who are so inspired of the word romance that they don’t notice that what they are doing is already creepy, which is something that ladies don’t appreciate at all. Yes, ladies are attracted to guys who make them feel really special, but not to the extent that the guys are already doing some creepy, stalker-like gestures.

Here is the list of some of the creepiest and cringiest gestures that guys have done in the name of love. Guys, it’s time to pay attention!

15. You’re not the Flash so slow down!


No, you are not the Flash, so don’t go way too fast! This is very much applicable for people that are in the dating stage and getting to know each other, because it will really sound weird if the guy is already planning a lot about the next level, such as moving in together, getting married, having kids, and anything else that is so romantic. Yes, the ladies get it – the guys are just so into them. However, this does not mean that everything should be fast-paced inside his mind.

Guys, learn how to slow down. Ladies want committed guys who will never look at other girl, but plotting everything very fast will only mean that you are a creepy, obsessed guy. The results will never be positive, and this will only drive the ladies away.

14. Too Many Compliments


Ladies love to be appreciated and complimented, especially if the compliment comes from a person they are attracted to. Always remember to compliment the lady you are dating about how she looks and anything else that is really attractive, but do not overdo it, especially if you just met or during the first dates. Women love sweet guys and sweet gestures, but they hate guys that are too romantic and cheesy.

Showering a girl with too many compliments the first day you meet will just make her feel awkward and uncomfortable. Stop; just stop forcing compliments about her hair, her look, her dress, her shoes, her interests, and everything else. A compliment or two can already brighten her day. Overdoing this can give her the idea that you are weird and creepy.

13. Trying Hard to be “hot”


Would you believe that it is not just girls who are too concerned about how to look sexy? Even men are now looking for a way to look seductive to women. How do guys show this? They usually have that romantic fashion sense, walking like they are in a slow motion movie scene, and kissing the hands of the girl they met. They want to be overly seductive and they forget to be themselves. Yes, ladies love to see a romantic and seductive guy, but not too much, because that will be too creepy.

Guys, stop attempting to be sexy and hot to women. They actually don’t care as the conversation go on. Women are more into funny guys with a sense of humor, so better luck next time.

12. Information Overload


Ladies love to investigate and seek information about the man they are attracted to. However, if they just met the guy and the guy already started sharing too much information – family, friends, exes, hobbies, sexual preference, and a lot more, this can sound creepy. Why is this included on the list? Ladies will find it really weird if a person that they just met, which is technically a total stranger, begins sharing personal details without being asked.

This also means that guys should never force questions on a girl, whether they just met or they totally know each other. This will just make the girl uncomfortable sharing her personal information. Guys, it is acceptable to share, but not too much. Wait for the right time – when you get to know each other – before asking and sharing too much.

11. Too Clingy. All the time.


Normally, it’s the girls who are too clingy, but it is cute and sweet if the boyfriends are also clingy. The sweet type of clingy guy normally checks if his girlfriend has made it home, safe, and comfortable, which is something ladies really do love. However, there is another type of a clingy guy – the control freak, creepy type of guy. These are the ones who follow their girlfriend anywhere she goes, check their girl’s phone, or even ask anything about their girls’ whereabouts. These actions are not sweet, but creepy.

This can even suggest that a guy is already obsessed with his girl and that is not healthy – for both of them. The girl has no life and no freedom; she can’t do anything she likes. The guy focuses on the girl’s life; he can’t do anything else that he likes. So guys, give your girlfriend space.

10. Talking like You’re Casanova. But you’re not.


Ladies may like dirty talking, but only to the men they are attracted to. In addition to that, ladies don’t like dirty talking every time! Intimate topics should always be minimized, because this can send a wrong message that the guy just wants to sleep with her and get in her pants – which is a total turn off. If a guy is asking about a girl’s intimate details and at the same time, leaking his own personal and intimate details and habits, this can only mean that he is not in love, but in lust!

Guys, always take note that the ladies will not be pleased with a gross, dirty talking man who just wants to talk like a pervert all the time. Learn how to be respectful and prove that chivalry is not dead.

9. Touchy, Touchy


Being too touchy to a girl, especially if you’re not in a relationship will just get her offended. More than that, a guy will just make himself creepy. There are times that men are not aware they are already hitting below the belt whenever they touch a girl. For example, hands on the waist and a kiss on the cheek are not acceptable if the ladies are not permitting it or if a man barely knows the lady. Uninvited touching is not just offensive, but also a creepy move.

Guys, if ladies are not comfortable with you touching them, even just on their shoulders, stop it. This may not mean anything to you, but this already sends a thousand messages to them.

8. Pranks are never fun


Today’s generation is full of trending activities on social media platforms and almost everywhere. One of these trending activities is playing a prank. There are a lot of videos that surface online involving numerous pranks, including the viral videos about pranking girlfriends. Scripted or not, the public is learning how to be mean to girls. Sometimes, jokes and pranks are not that funny anymore and these may already cause harm.

Yes, girls totally love men who are lighthearted and have a sense of humor, but girls hate men who act like boys and who are too immature to be serious in life. These below the belt jokes and pranks are not totally creepy, but instead, these are scary because of the obvious possible negative results these may cause, including accidents.

7. Showing Up at Work


Showing up unexpectedly is just really weird and creepy, especially if the guy is not in a relationship with the girl. Is the guy stalker? Possibly, yes! If a guy keeps showing up at the woman’s workplace or even at her house, the girl will just continuously ditch the guy (or she might even call the cops!). A surprise visit can be a romantic gesture, but not all the time. Guys, you see, being an unexpected guest is bad manners. The best case scenario is that the woman’s schedule will just be affected and her whole plan will be compromised, especially if you showed up at her work. But, the worst case scenario is that the woman will just label you as a creepy guy and ditch you every single time.

Phones are already invented, so always consider calling her before coming over and if she said no, don’t even think of coming over.

6. Angry Texting


Men find it cute when girls are a little mad. The same goes to women; they find it cute and masculine if their men are a little mad at them because they are teasing their boyfriends. It gets bad when anger and rage are taken to the next level, like saying a lot of offensive things about the woman, cursing, and acting aggressively or violently. Men, you have serious anger problems and that is really creepy!

Guys need to learn to control their temper or else ladies will leave them. There are times that their temper tantrums result in a very negative outcome – vocally and physically harming their girl. So ladies, if your partner and the person you are dating has this kind of problem, leave that creepy guy right away.

5. Getting Into Fights Over Girls


Although the anger is not directed towards the woman, this will still be considered to be an anger issue, especially if the situation turns into a physical fight. In movies, this can be a very attractive gesture that will show off how masculine and how brave men are. Let’s get back to reality where this gesture is an indication that the guy has anger management problems, because this means that he uses his fist as a solution to every stressful situation he will encounter.

On top of that, getting into a fight is an immature way of dealing with problems. A true man knows how to concede and talk things out. The only exception is if he just uses his fists in self-defense if things really went out of hand.

4. In Pursuit (Relentlessly!)


Ladies love the guys who wouldn’t stop showing their feelings and emotions towards them, but the movie industry heightened this thought. In romantic movies, a guy who never stops to please the girl that he truly loves will surely have a happy ending and will live happily ever after. However, that is not true in reality. Women know what they want and what they hate. So, if the girl said “NO”, then it is time for the guy to stop pursuing her and live his own life. It is not true that the more you pursue, the better your odds. While some may actually nail this, others will definitely just look creepy. Continuously pursuing a girl even after she dumps the guy will only indicate that he has an obsession with the girl.

3. Cyber-Stalking


Everyone can be guilty of this gesture – cyber stalking – and that is not avoidable. Normally, it’s the women who go full FBI mode when it comes to checking out a man’s Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts. However, there are men who are also fond of cyber stalking. Sometimes they do it so much that this becomes creepy. He knows everything about the girl – her friends on Facebook, her followers on Instagram, all of her posts, and every person commenting on her pictures. That is just too much and that is already scary.

Guys please resist the temptation; you can do it! To make it less creepy: just ask her for her social media accounts. If she said yes, then you are lucky, but if she said no, then don’t stalk her.

2. All Eyes on Her


Staring at a woman because you are mesmerized by her beauty will always be appreciated, but watching her every move is another thing. Having sets of eyes watching everything you do is really uncomfortable. There are guys who just really want to secure his girl, but not in this creepy way. Sometimes, this can denote that a guy is actually obsessed and not really in love with the girl. Although people should not always rely on movies, this is one of the habits that an obsessed stalker does in psychopath-themed movies.

Guys, all you need to do is stare at her with admiration in your eyes, but not forever. This can make the ladies feel a little freaked out. All you need to do is to glance at her and make her feel appreciated, but not too much.

1. The Stalker!


Stalking is the creepiest gesture that indicates that a person is truly obsessed! Guys, can’t you just let the ladies live their own life? It is no surprise that it is not just the Hollywood celebrities like Rihanna, Sandra Bullock, and Selena Gomez who have stalkers that resulted to a criminal offense. If the girl is so not interested in you, just leave her be. Let her enjoy her life without feeling like she is in danger. You are just going to spook her out and drive her away.

Ladies, take care! If you notice a guy following you, keeps an eye on you, does not stop texting and worse, shows up unexpectedly, report him to the authorities. Stalkers are real, and they are really creepy!

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