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15 Bizarre Things About The First Mount Everest Expeditions

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15 Bizarre Things About The First Mount Everest Expeditions

Why do people want to climb Mount Everest? It is quite a climb at 29,029 feet and the drop too steep. In addition, several hazards like extreme weather conditions, avalanches, and faulty mountaineering gears cause usually fatal accidents during the climb. Furthermore, exhaustion is also a culprit for some of the deaths on Mount Everest.

Aside from the risks posed by climbing the mountain, the adventure can put a strain on finances as well. Depending on where you book your expedition, the climb could cost anywhere between $35,000 to $65,000.

Yet, more than 4,000 different people have conquered Mount Everest; some of these climbers have actually reached the summit multiple times.

Unfortunately, the huge number of climbers can also cause fatal accidents on Mount Everest. The more people attempting to climb the world’s highest peak means the more risk of experiencing traffic congestions on Everest.

To lessen the number of accidents and fatalities in Mount Everest, Nepal has raised rules that bans old, very young, disabled, and inexperienced people. Permit to climb Everest will only be given to those who have proof that they can climb mountains higher than 6,500 feet.

This may sound like bad news to those who aim to climb Everest, but they should understand that this is for their own good. They should also take this as an opportunity to prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally before deciding to climb the slopes of Everest.

Now, let’s take a look back at some highlights from the first Mount Everest expeditions.

15. Seven Is A Lucky Number

Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay


After seven weeks of climbing Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the summit of the world’s highest mountain on May 29, 1953.

As expected, the climb was no easy feat. Edmund Hillary even had to wait 2 hours to defrost his boots. As they reached the top of Everest, the duo only had 15 minutes to savor their victory due to low levels of air supply.

Hillary and Tenzing, however, took the time to take photographs and to look for signs that other climbers from the previous expeditions have also found their way to the top of Everest. Norgay even left food offerings before they made their descent.

14. Wedding In The Mountains


Who says you can’t exchange wedding vows in Mount Everest? Our next entry proves it is possible!

Meet Pem Dorjee Sherpa and his then girlfriend Moni Mulepati in 2005. The lovebirds took their oath to take care of each other through thick and thin at the summit of Everest. This makes them the first couple to get married in said mountain.

Incidentally, Moni Mulepati is recorded as the first non-Sherpa Nepalese woman to reach the summit; talk about hitting two birds with one stone. Pem Dorjee Sherpa, on the other hand, is certified by the Nepalese government as a Trekking and Mountaineering Guide.

13. Woman On Top



Growing up as one of seven children, Junko Tabei was regarded as a weak child. However, her frail condition has never stopped her from pursuing mountain climbing. Junko Tabei even participated in a class trip climbing Mount Nasu when she was ten years old.

As an adult, Junko Tabei’s love for climbing mountains did not wane. In fact, she became the first woman to reach the top of Mount Everest. Junko Tabei is even hailed as the first woman to reach the top of the highest mountains in all seven continents.

Junko Tabei was diagnosed with cancer five years ago, but was still able to climb Mount Fuji with some high school students in 2011. Junko passed away on October 20, 2016.

12. Don’t Underestimate Blind People


Ever heard of a blind person climbing a mountain? Sounds like a death wish, right?

However, that is where you’re wrong. Let us introduce you to Erik Weihenmayer. He is an American athlete and motivational speaker who takes his adventures to a whole new level. More importantly, he is the first blind person to reach the summit of Mount Everest! Time Magazine did a cover story on Erik Weihenmayer for his extraordinary achievement.

To make things even more interesting, this adventurer has also completed reaching the highest mountain tops of the Seven Summits in 2002.

Erik Weihenmayer credits his teams for helping reach the top of every mountain he has climbed.

11. Twins Share A Special Bond



They say the bond between twins is incredibly strong. After all, twins do lots of things together. That is definitely true for twin sisters Tashi and Nungshi Malik, the first twins to scale the summit of Mount Everest. Incidentally, they are also the first twins to complete the Seven Summits.

To top it off, Tashi and Nungshi Malik are also the first siblings and twins to complete the Grand Slam & the Three Pole Challenge. In addition, Tashi and Nungshi are the first twins to reach the North and South Pole on skis.

Looks like no mountain is high enough to break the bond between these two lovely sisters!

10. Longest Stay In The Summit

Babu Chirpi Sherpa


Babu Chiri Sherpa is another Sherpa mountaineer that has made it on our list. Just goes to show you how talented and skilled the Sherpa people are at climbing mountains! Chiri holds the title for the longest stay in the summit. His record still holds at 21 hours and this is without the use of supplemental oxygen! Imagine that.

Babu Chiri may be an elite mountain climber, but his dream was to build a school. Interesting to note, too, that this lifelong dream comes from someone who taught himself to read since there were no schools in his or nearby villages.

Chiri met his unfortunate death during his eleventh Everest expedition in 2001.

9. Britain’s Got Talent

George Mallory Sandy Irvine


George Mallory is considered as Britain’s most famous mountaineer. He first started getting involved in Mount Everest when he joined the 1921 British Reconnaissance Expedition to Mount Everest. A year after, he is also a part of another Mount Everest climb, which unfortunately resulted to the deaths of seven Sherpas when an avalanche took place.

Rumors have also been circulating that George Mallory, along with Sandy Irvine, were the first people to hit the summit of Mount Everest. If studies on Mallory’s camera are successful, it could be used as proof that Mallory and Irvine indeed beat Hillary and Norgay to reaching the top of Everest first.

8. Adolescents Can Climb Mountains Too


Before the age restrictions were implemented, Jordan Romero, an American climber, was lucky enough to join an expedition to Mount Everest. Not only that, he also had the skills, the perseverance, and the will to reach the top of Everest. In fact, Jordan Romero was only thirteen years old when he climbed the summit of Everest in 2010. Incidentally, he is recorded as the youngest person to reach the top of the world.

With the age restrictions being put in place by Nepal officials, it looks like Jordan Romero will be holding this title for a long time, if not for the rest of his life.

7. Youngest Female Mountain Climber On Everest

Malavath Poorna


Being a month older than Jordan Romero, Malavath Poorna is the second youngest person to reach the top of Mount Everest. However, this also makes her as the youngest girl to reach the summit at the age of 13 years and 11 months.

Growing up, Poorna received her education from the Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society. Thanks to Dr R S Praveen Kumar who spotted Poorna’s talent, she got shortlisted for an expedition on Everest.

Incidentally, a movie about Malavath Poorna is set for release on March 31, 2018. The film will be shown in both English and Hindi all over the world.

6. Nepalese Dies Trying To Reclaim Title



Min Bahadur Sherchan, a Nepalese mountain climber, is the first person to hold the record of being the oldest climber to reach the top of Mount Everest. He was 76 when he climbed the mountains in May 2008.

Five years later, Min Bahadur Sherchan lost his title to Japanese Japanese mountaineer Yuichiro Miura who was eighty years old at that time.

At age 85, Min Bahadur Sherchan tried to reclaim the title of being the oldest climber to summit Everest. The Nepalese shared that he wanted to break his own record when he decided to climb Everest once again. Unfortunately, Min Bahadur Sherchan died at Base Camp in May 2017.

5. Sherpa Boasts The Fastest Record

Pemba Doje Sherpa


It took seven weeks for Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, the first people to reach the Mount Everest Summit back in 1953. However, Pemba Doje Sherpa holds the world record for the fastest person to climb Everest with supplemental oxygen. Pemba Doje Sherpa boasts of just 8 hours and 10 minutes. Isn’t that amazing?

Incidentally, the record is just unbelievable that 12 summiteers, including a fellow Sherpa, have contested Pemba’s claims.

After a thorough investigation and after going over photographs and other records, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation formally announced that they have found proof to support Pemba Doje Sherpa’s record.

4. Reinhold Messner Is A Risk Taker Like No Other



As if climbing the treacherous slopes of Mount Everest wasn’t enough, Reinhold Messner decided to make things a bit more difficult. The Italian mountain climber made his way up to the top of the world without using supplemental oxygen.

Before Messner’s ascent to the summit, it was believed to be impossible for mountaineers to reach the top of Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen.

Messner’s companion Peter Habeler almost gave up on their trek. The latter was suffering diarrhea due to food poisoning. He also feared that he won’t be able to recognize his family since the altitude was messing heavily with his brain function.

Fortunately, Messner was able to convince Habeler and the two eventually reached the top without the aid of supplemental oxygen.

3. Like Father Like Son

Peter Hillary


Peter Hillary is the son of Edmund Hillary, the first man to reach the summit of Mount Everest along with Tenzing Norgay in 1953.

As Peter Hillary turned 36, he and his father went up the top of Everest together. Having achieved their goal, Hillarys were hailed as the first father and son duo to reach the summit of the Everest.

Peter’s second trek to Mount Everest marked the 50th Anniversary of his father’s and Tenzing Norgay’s first touchdown at Mount Everest. The anniversary ascent served as a historic reunion between Edmund and Tenzing as well as their respective sons.

2. Extra Challenge

Andrzej Zawada


Climbing Mount Everest in itself; add winter to your ascent and it is downright impossible. Or so you think!

For Andrzej Zawada’s Polish team, conquering Everest during winter was just another ambitious goal they set out to achieve; and conquer Mount Everest is just what Andrzej Zawada and his team did! Incidentally, this was the first time anyone ever attempted to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

However, it was no walk in the park. The permit for the Polish team to climb Everest came later than expected. Andrzej Zawada and his team barely managed to prepare everything they needed for the trek. They also encountered challenging weather, which prompted them to request for an extension of their permit. Only two days were given, but Andrzej Zawada’s team made it to the summit on February 17, 1980.

1. Two Sherpas Share The Record For Most Ascents



Sherpa are people who live in the eastern part of Nepal. They are also highly skilled mountaineers and usually serve as guides to Mount Everest expeditions.

Sherpas are so skilled at climbing Everest, 2 Sherpas share the record for making the most number of ascent to said mountain. Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi have reached the summit of Mount Everest 21 times.

Apa Sherpa successfully reached the top of Everest almost every year since 1990 to 2011. Phurba Tashi, on the other hand, has a record of reaching the Everest Summit 3 times in 2007 alone!

Through the Sherpa’s numerous climbs, they have noticed the adverse effects of global warming to Everest. Hence, the climb may be even more difficult to achieve due to exposed rocks from melted glaciers.


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