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15 Breathtaking Photos Of Rural Women

15 Breathtaking Photos Of Rural Women

There is a certain charm to the rural way of living and even though rednecks and hillbillies don’t exactly follow the newest fashion trends, it doesn’t mean Southern women don’t look gorgeous. Who doesn’t like to see a woman in tight denim shorts wearing a cowboy hat? And what about those tight shirts tied in a front knot? One can hardly be immune to that.

However, some of the myths about redneck women are pretty far from the truth. For the record, not all of them wear big hair, not all of them are obsessed with looking steamy at all times, and it is not true that they are all uneducated airheads who just wait to meet the right country boy, get married, and have kids. On the other hand, some of the popular Southern stereotypes have proven themselves to be quite accurate. There is a certain cultural difference between the Midwestern, Northern, and Southern women, and all of them have pretty different lifestyles, as well as different local customs, slightly different clothes, different lines of work etc. Of course, that doesn’t mean some of them are better than the others. In fact, those differences are what makes each of them even more special.

15. The Rural Lifestyle


There are many things to love about rural living. Sure, pretty girls in cowboy hats are a big perk, but there are other great sides to that lifestyle as well. For example, people in rural areas are usually close with their neighbors, they spend a lot of time together and they are always ready to help each other. On the other hand, people living in big cities usually don’t even know their neighbors’ names. If you want to spend your day outside, you can go fishing one minute, hunting the other, and having a barbecue with your friends outside right after that. Meanwhile, you aren’t afraid to leave the keys in your truck and your front door unlocked, because you trust the people around you. That is something that is hardly possible in a big city.

14. The Redneck Philosophy


There are a number of beliefs that rednecks share and they are often misunderstood by those north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Being a redneck woman is more than being a really good cook and calling your dog Bubba. A true redneck woman doesn’t need to impress people with designer clothes, and she feels great and attractive wearing a simple shirt. She has a high sense of duty and honor and she puts her family and loved ones, as well as tradition above everything else. She has a sense of inner peace and not because her husband has several guns in their home, but because she doesn’t really care what other people might think of her redneck lifestyle. She lives one day at a time and she isn’t concerned with outsider opinions.

13. Women’s Clothing And Style


Redneck women choose their fabric strategically because not all fabrics are created equally. The fabrics that attract soil or that are prone to wrinkles aren’t the best way to go. Simple jeans or denim shorts are always a good idea, and they are often combined with flannel shirts or simple T-shirts. Southern women also wear dresses more often than the women up north, and they tend to use a little bit more makeup and more nail polish. However, a very important thing to keep in mind is building an outfit around a comfortable pair of shoes. You won’t see any expensive designer shoes on a redneck woman’s feet not only because of their price, but mostly because they are super uncomfortable to wear all day long. Comfortable flats, sneakers, or boots are more popular among these girls.

12. Redneck Patriotism


Rednecks are known to be super patriotic. You will often see an American Flag in front of their houses, and well as flag-inspired clothing, mostly T-shirts. Honoring their country and especially their ancestors is very important to them. They know every little detail about the sacrifices of their ancestors in the Civil War and the American Revolution, and they also participate in war reenactments whenever they get a chance. They also have a high sense of honor and duty, and they don’t tolerate anybody who in any way offends their country, their family, their principles or their beliefs. If they don’t feel threatened in any way, contrary to popular belief, those communities are actually quite peaceful. Well, maybe except when they have one drink too many, but that could happen to anyone.

11. The Best Redneck Sayings


Rednecks are known to use some of the most creative sayings you have ever heard. They are often quite funny too. For example, if a woman was really pleased about something, she would probably say she was as happy as a tornado in a trailer park. If she’s find another person stupid, she would say that the engine was running, but nobody was driving. If she wasn’t happy with a man’s work around the house, she would say he was about as handy as a back pocket on a shirt. There are hundreds of popular redneck sayings, but the absolute number 1 saying that every single Southern person needs to use as often as possible is, of course, “Y’all”! It is actually a contraction of “you” and “all” but it means so much more than that when you are a redneck!

10. The Redneck Games


Who wouldn’t enjoy watching a couple of pretty girls wrestling in a mud pit? It was one of the main events of the annual Redneck Games held in East Dublin, Georgia. It was the perfect opportunity for all the local people to have some real redneck fun. This tradition was started by the local radio station manager, Mac Davis, and the very first year around 5,000 people attended the games, which is over twice the population of East Dublin. The games, in fact, became so popular they were eventually held elsewhere as well. They have even spread to Canada! The most popular events include: big-hair contest, redneck horseshoe, wet T-shirt contest, seed spitting, mud pit tug of war, mud pit belly flop contest, bobbing for pig’s feet, and many others. Pretty much every possible stereotype you have ever heard about rednecks comes to life during this big annual celebration of the redneck lifestyle.

9. The Big Hair


Although nowadays big hair isn’t as popular as it was a while back, it still has its fans among the Southern women. When you think about a redneck woman, the first thing that probably pops into your mind is a pretty blonde with huge hair – and you aren’t completely wrong. Big hair was so popular among rednecks, there was even a Big Hair Contest held every year where the local women came to show their unique hairstyles and the one with the best styled big hair was named the winner. On the other hand, there are some Southern celebrities who style their hair the same way, for example, Dolly Parton who has probably never had a public appearance without her famous big hairstyle. It is different than what most people prefer wearing today, but you can’t tell it doesn’t look good if a lady can pull it off.

8. Steel Magnolias


Steel Magnolias is probably the most iconic movie about redneck women ever made. It was inspired by a play written by Robert Harling who grew up in Alabama and used his own experiences as his inspiration. He also wrote the screenplay for the film. He always found the women in his community fascinating and witty, but that wasn’t the main reason he started writing. His sister, Susan, who died from diabetes-related complications was his biggest inspiration and he wanted people to remember her so he created a character with a similar story; the story of a woman who decided to get married and start a family despite the doctors’ advice against it. It is a story of a group of women who share a beautiful friendship in a small Louisiana town.

7. Dolly Parton


They call her the redneck queen, but Dolly Parton is far from what people usually imagine as a redneck. Yes, she is blonde, wears big hair and has an even bigger cleavage, but she is also an unbelievably talented singer and songwriter, she plays several musical instruments, and she is a successful actress, as well as a successful businesswoman. She is the most honored female country singer of all time and she has composed over 3,000 songs, some of them truly iconic, such as I Will Always Love You (performed by Whitney Houston), Jolene, Coat of Many Colors etc. During her career, she has been inducted into almost 20 Halls of Fame, not to mention countless awards, including 46 Grammy Award nominations (the most nominations of any female artists ever), 9 Grammy Awards, and even a Lifetime Achievement Grammy.

6. Gretchen Wilson


Gretchen Wilson was a waitress from Illinois when her hit song Redneck Woman launched her into the spotlight. It is basically a song about the redneck lifestyle and its simplicity, and it became a huge hit in the county genre. According to Gretchen, there is nothing wrong with being a redneck woman so she wanted to be as authentic as possible and to really speak to all the girls out there who felt like her. She didn’t want girls to be always described as pretty, gentle, and soft, so she went the opposite direction and wrote a song about what it was like to be a real redneck woman. She obviously did a great job because the song really struck a chord with fans, especially with other women, and it got her a Grammy Award in 2005 for the Best Country Female Vocal Performer.

5. Women Enjoy Hunting Too


Redneck women are soft little princesses who are afraid of getting their hands dirty. On the contrary, those girls are pretty rough and they don’t let anyone mess with them. Imagine an urban woman from New York City, for example, getting home from her office and then going fishing or hunting. That is a hard thing to imagine because it almost never happens. On the other hand, redneck women were born and raised by hunters and they have learned everything there is to know about handling firearms, orientating in the darkness of the woods, and catching their prey. They also know how to avoid any real danger and get back home safe and sound, which is pretty admirable and almost impossible for people who have never spent any real time in nature.

4. Southern Brides


The true redneck bride knows a wedding is a very important tradition and every girl should get married before reaching a certain age. Let’s just say that if you are 30 and single, you are really behind schedule. Southern brides have made peace with the fact that their mom will probably organize the whole thing and that the whole family will be there (even that one weird uncle nobody really likes). However, when it comes to planning a wedding, the plans can officially start after the football schedule is released because you can’t commit to a date that overlaps with the biggest game of the season! As far as the wedding dress goes, there is a chance it will be the same dress that has been in the family for generations and it will definitely have a traditional touch of lace (or lots of it).

3. Redneck Women’s Tips And Tricks


There are few simple rules that every true redneck woman goes by without ever questioning them. After all, the traditions are more important than anything. First of all, every woman has to have something monogrammed and it doesn’t really matter what it is as long as it has your initials on it. As long as it is monogrammed, it is always a perfect gift to give somebody on a special occasion. A second unwritten rule is that every woman needs to accept camouflage as a wearable print. You aren’t a real redneck if you don’t own at least one pair of camouflage pants. Thirdly, there is only one kind of tea – sweet! And finally, the rule above all of those mentioned previously: the bigger your hair, the closer you are to God!

2. Southern Hospitality


Girls are trained to practice Southern hospitality from an early age. Smiling and using good manners is important to them even if they don’t feel like it at all. Preparing tasty meals for guests is a must, you can’t just welcome somebody into your home without anything on the dining room table. Once you are finished with the food, if a guest wants to help you with the dishes, the right answer is always to leave them to you. After all, one of the most popular Southern sayings is “Kill them with kindness” so redneck girls are usually very kind to everybody right until they aren’t. For example, if their husbands treat them badly, there is a big chance they won’t just sit and take it. Their fathers taught them how a woman should be treated so they won’t take anything less than that.

1. Everything Is A Competition


Redneck women are unusually competitive and they turn everything into a competition. Moms usually want their daughters to be beauty queens in every possible beauty pageant in the area, mostly because it gives them bragging rights. Also, it is important to have the most beautiful garden possible, because the neighbors need to be jealous of your flowers. But it’s the small things too and people really pay much attention to them down south. Who had the better-looking center piece on their table, whose team won more games, who can eat more chips in one minute… No matter how insignificant it is, every real redneck takes pride in their every win. However, that competitive spirit is not a bad thing at all, because it motivates them to work harder no matter what they do.

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