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15 Brilliant Ways To Flirt With Her At The Gym

15 Brilliant Ways To Flirt With Her At The Gym

Flirting has always been an intriguing topic that instantly grips everyone’s attention. “Should I confess my feelings to this person?” “Is this the perfect place and time to do so?” Well, you never know until you try, right? But if you ask us, that perfect moment will never come. Also, if there really is an obvious physical attraction, then one thing is for certain – there will be an awkward silence too. So let’s just say that you’ve got to be ready for some sweaty palms and rosy cheeks when you see your crush. What’s even funnier is how weird it feels when you run into this person in a commercial gym. Oh no, she’s there – now you’ve got to work out like a beast to impress her. Sounds familiar, right? Well, we can’t say that this method is totally worthless, but girls often pay attention to other non-muscular features in a guy. So the keyword here is confidence even though you know your arms aren’t really that big at all. We know, it sounds pretty crazy but you can really arouse her curiosity with a few simple tricks. Indeed, there are some cunning ways to get her to notice you. Just follow our tips and you’ll get her number sooner than expected.

15. Ughh, that training taboo

via Picsmine

It’s true that guys often play the Hulk when there’s a beautiful and fit woman in the gym. It’s like they just get stronger and tougher in the presence of a hot fitness inspiration. Well, it’s obvious that the image of pretty chicks is enough to get any guy motivated for another heavy circuit. But honestly, girls aren’t that focused on a guy’s muscles. Seriously, don’t get yourself injured only because you crave her attention. If you don’t usually lift that much weight, you should probably do something else to impress her. Forget about those heavy barrels especially if you’ve got no idea how to use them safely.

14. Be her fitness buddy

via Lydia Loves Lifting!

Well, it may sound pretty silly but this method actually bears fruit. Not to mention that your friendly behavior will make her believe that you’re different. So next time you come across her in the gym, just be yourself and pretend that you’re not attracted to her. Also, you can even mention a few stupid comments about the gym or your workout tricks. We know that it sounds like it won’t get you anywhere, but in fact, this method works wonders. Ultimately, she’ll start feeling more comfortable around you because you don’t hit on her like many other guys would. After all, you’re her fitness buddy, aren’t you?

13. Don’t stare at her

via YouTube

Never stare at her or any other girl while working out. Why? Well, it’s pretty awkward and weird – that’s why. Besides, you don’t think that she enjoys it, do you? So instead of stalking her like a really creepy guy, just focus on your own workout and exercises. Indeed, eye contact matters but try not to cross the line. Otherwise, you’ll really make her feel uncomfortable when you’re around. So next time you see her there, just smile without being too flirty or playful. Just be friendly and your feelings for her may finally get reciprocated.

12. Just strike up a random conversation

via YouQueen

Let’s be real here – there’s hardly a more unpleasant feeling than the awkward silence between two strangers. Well, if you know your crush, then it’d be quite easier for you to approach her. However, if you’ve got no idea who this charming and mysterious girl is, then here’s your next move: just say hi and think about a topic that may excite her. It doesn’t have to be a theory about world peace, but a casual conversation. Frankly, it could be anything so don’t be too shy to talk about your fitness dedication and inspiration. You see, it’s a super simple and effective way to get her to talk to you.

11. Don’t be too pushy

via YouTube

We get it – you’re so attracted to her that you literally can’t take your eyes off her. If you ask us, this is the most terrible thing that can happen to someone. Besides, you’ll surely look like a creepy guy and a crazy stalker. So please, stop staring at her! Honestly, such annoying behavior will surely get you nowhere. Just give her some time to realize that you’re into her and see how things work out. If she suddenly becomes more talkative with you, then you’ll know what to do next.  Just keep the conversation going and you’ll get to her sooner than expected.

10. Take your pre-workouts more seriously

via Pinterest

If there’s a specific type of guy that most girls find annoying, it would be the “seriously unserious” one. By this, we mean a guy who just goes to the gym to socialize or meet girls. Are you one of them? If so, then what are you even doing in the gym? Keep in mind that girls who take their fitness dedication seriously won’t pay any attention to guys who just waste their time in the gym. It’s really as simple as that. Honestly, it’s quite easy to see why – fitness and all kinds of sports activities teach you how to be more disciplined. As you can imagine, guys who train like ladies will only dream of getting such a fit girl.

9. Don’t comment on her body

via YouTube

Why would you comment on her body, anyway? Don’t you like the way she looks? The same thing applies to your compliments about her. What seems to you as an innocent compliment is actually a really superficial thought to her. Here’s what she thinks when you say how well shaped her booty and abs are: first of all, she’ll probably think that you see nothing else in her. Secondly, she will try to step away and get rid of you because of it. You see, you’ve got to be really careful when talking to her in the gym. After all, it isn’t the best place for confessions of the heart, is it?

8. Don’t criticize her gear choice either

via Always Training

She’s clearly focused on pumping up and getting those abs in the best shape possible. Also, her fit body kind of proves that she doesn’t waste her time in the gym either. So how about keeping your mouth shut when it comes to her gear choice? Besides, this gorgeous lady really deserves a pat on the back for picking heavier barrels for her intense booty workout circuits. Even though she’s yet to improve her squat exercises with barrels and weights, she totally deserves a round of applause for doing so. Unlike many other girls, she’s an obvious fitness beast who isn’t bothered by lifting heavy weights.

7. Grunting isn’t sexy at all

via YouTube

We all know how guys often grunt and even yell when lifting heavy weights. It’s not like all of them really lift that much weight at all. It just doesn’t seem to make sense when they start screaming like crazy. Also, it’s really hilarious when guys look like they’re going to explode any second. So it turns out that such grunting noises are necessary to complete that badass circuit. As for her, she’ll probably think that you only seek attention. To top it all off, such noisy workouts are really annoying, let alone the complete opposite of sexy. Finally, you know what to change in your workout session to impress her.

6. Dress to impress

via Pinterest

If you really long for her attention, then don’t forget to put your loose fitness tank on. Be smart this time and go to the gym with sexy fitness clothing that’s going to melt her heart away. When you think about this, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson never forgets to show off his muscular body in a sexy tank that accentuates his muscles. So why not follow his trick, right? As we all know, the Rock was even dubbed the sexiest man alive in 2016 so we don’t believe that it’s a simple coincidence. He sure is a handsome guy who knows how to impress any woman with his body and smile.

5. Don’t act like you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger

via Sites at Penn State

So you think that you can lift just as much as Arnold? Have you lost your mind? Well, don’t take it personally but you’d better get this idea off your mind. You’re hardly that strong to lift weights like a ferocious animal – you’re not Arnold so you’d better get on that treadmill where you’ll be safe. Fitness injuries often occur when guys overestimate their own physical capabilities. So instead of pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion, just stick to your personal workout plan – if she likes you, she’ll appreciate your fitness efforts anyway.

4. Just step away from the mirror, okay?

via Huffington Post

So how about pulling yourself away from that mirror, huh? You’re being way too self-centered and narcissistic. Seriously, don’t tell us that this is how your typical workout goes. In fact, there’s no point in checking yourself out in the mirror every other second. Sadly, the mirror won’t make your arms and muscles grow bigger and stronger. So it’s really unnecessary to stare at every angle of your body while working out. One more thing – you’ll leave a really bad impression on every girl around you. So instead of investigating every vein on your biceps, you should probably get ready for the next few exercises.

3. Pose, dude!

via Amuse

So let’s say that this is how your workout starts – you just stretch yourself in a way that your well-shaped back is everything she needs to see. Remember that it’s really important to know how to position yourself before you start pumping up your muscles. Indeed, ladies love seeing well-shaped bodies, big arms and toned abs. So if you think that she won’t notice how fit you are, then you’ll be wrong. Lastly, make sure she can see you when you start lifting weights too. That way she’ll be able to explore your body in detail. Sounds pretty cool, huh?

2. It’s her LEG DAY: ask her for assistance

via Spot Me Bro

Ohh, it’s LEG DAY! It sure means that she’ll need your assistance especially if she’s serious about her workouts. While many guys and girls usually skip leg days, there are others who’re literally dying when doing it. Maybe this is what she’s going for. But whatever the case, you’ve got to ask her if she needs any help or assistance. After all, she’s ready to squat to the floor and stand back up at least a few times. So chances are that she’ll need you to push her and motivate her for one more rep. Be sure that she’ll remember the gesture.

1. Listen to her favorite songs when working out

via Fitmein

So what’s next on your playlist? Are you ready for another badass circuit? Then don’t be too shy to play your favorite songs that will motivate you for another tough rep. As for her fitness tunes, you really need to find out what she listens to at the gym. So next time you see her there, you can mention something about the same song – you can even pretend that you didn’t know how much she’s into this artist or band. You know, you’ve got to get under her skin and music sounds like your greatest ally.


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