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15 Business Apps Your Competitor Is Using But Won’t Tell You

15 Business Apps Your Competitor Is Using But Won’t Tell You


Technology has become a critical factor, to ensuring that any business stays afloat and becomes prominent. For this reason, businesses are using technology, especially mobile phone applications, in a variety of ways, to make their work stand out, and appear unique. Factually, as revealed in a global Intuit study, 70% of small businesses around the world are using the cloud, and using apps to run their businesses. 82% of these businesses actually use between one and six apps, and 41% are unsure of which ones are best suited for their business.

Some mobile applications such as email apps are very popular, but some, are not as popular among businesses as many might think, because they are assumed not to be critical to a business’s needs. As you will find out, these apps are important and required for all kinds of business functions.

Sadly, many businesses are ignoring these apps, which are actually a necessity for their success. What they don’t know is that their direct competitors are more than likely using these ‘unnecessary’ apps. So, what makes them so popular and useful?

Let’s take a look at 15 business apps you ignore, yet your competitor is using but will never tell you.

15. Pocket


Pocket is an app that is used by businesses, which need to keep tabs on items that they find online, but plan to use later. Ideally, businesses trying to keep track of things they see online when they are communicating with other associates or possible partners, will find this app useful. With Pocket, which is a free program that allows all sorts of things to be saved, and accessed when offline, a business can save videos, articles and other things that they might find online. Consequently, an organized businessman will find information on all kinds of things they want to cover, and neatly store them, for easy access later on.

14. RescueTime


Many businesses are working harder than ever to avoid wasting lots of time on social media sites and other websites that might be seen as real time-wasters. Fortunately for them, RescueTime works as a free program that identifies how much time people spend on certain applications, and other programs on their devices and computers. It then establishes a series of productivity goals using this information, so that people can get a clear idea of how well they are able to work. Notifications can also be prepared through the program to make it easier for people to see what they are doing while online.

13. Basecamp


Designed as a program that helps analyze data and keep people organized, Basecamp is an option that allows people to create checklists, chats and much more. It operates by creating calendars for projects, and organizing data, based on what people have to do during certain projects. The information listed on this app can be checked and shared with others in the same workplace. Additionally, you can use this program to get as many projects completed as needed, although you will have to pay for using the app, per project. Gladly, you can still share the information that comes from it with as many people in the workplace as desired.

12. HipChat


The problem with using some communication apps is that they can be rather complicated. As a result, businesses have been picking up on HipChat, because it offers a sensible design with a carefully organized interface. It lets you interact with people by department, or project among other things. Groups can be sorted with appointments established between everyone, and conversations on the program can also be organized and saved up. This should make it relatively easy for people to get the most out of the program, without being complicated or otherwise hard to use.

11. Streak


Do you remember your conversion funnel with your contacts or clients? What should you be discussing next and when? While a diary would suffice, such organization is made better with Streak. This is an app that allows you to organize your customers based on your progress, in the contact phase. You can get updates on any clients you have, and what you need to discuss with them. Streak also makes it easier for you to identify contacts, to whom, you can promote new products or services, hence easier targeted marketing. Simply visit the app store and download the app on either Android or Apple devices.

10. Nimble


Through Nimble, you can get client updates. This is a program that offers a smart design that is easy to read and use, offering a wide array of services such as looking up social media accounts of any customers, clients or employees you have. This vital information helps you to keep up to date with what people are talking about, hence knowing trending topics, customer complaints and what products or services your clients want to see. To make it easier to use, the app developers have integrated it with outlook, so you can receive updates right into your inbox.

9. Square


Square is designed to be used by businesses trying to gather payment information as needed. It works with a small card-reader that can be plugged into a device, then the readers reads the card, and sends over data to the Square app. Unlike the apps we have discussed above, this one costs a little extra, but it is worth your coin, because it can instantly give you required buyer information when you sell items on the go. As a result, your payment process is improved, and losses minimized, since you can detect fraudsters before they complete making a purchase. Better yet, data collected is organized properly and stored for later use.

8. FreshBooks


While most assume that QuickBooks is a necessity for accounting, the truth is that not all businesses need it. Those who don’t need high-powered accounting systems can use FreshBooks as an ideal app for many needs. It integrates with Basecamp and Gusto, and can be used to track hours, manage receipts and understand how payroll is used in the workplace. This information can then be carefully organized in your preferred set up. Clearly, Freshbooks is a more streamlined approach to accounting, and is just as effective, preventing time or money wastage.

7. Gusto


Formerly known as ZenPayroll, Gusto helps businessmen manage tax and payroll information, by analyzing tax and benefit costs for employees. In turn, you can use this information to adjust how the payroll works in your business, and how expenses and benefits are handled. Additionally, the app manages tax filings of all sorts, including both national and state levels. Through the app, you can get a complete financial report on your new hires, ensuring that you make informed financial decisions.

So, having a hard time understanding tax? Download this app today, and be on the right side of the law.

6. Addappt


It is utterly important for a business to have all employee contact information, for quick and convenient use. Usually, accessing this information in your phone book in one go is a hassle, hence you need an app that will congregate these contacts in just one place. Thankfully, Addappt does that. It helps you organize contacts and send messages to a specific group of people. Basically, by sending a message once, all your employees will receive the same information, in an instant.

5. Pushover


Push notifications have never been easier to handle, thanks to Pushover. With this app, push messages can be sent to various devices. Better yet, the app helps you organize your messages and determine proper recipients.

Using Android, Apple, or desktop clients, pushover users can receive unlimited push notifications on all devices, from all applications, already integrated with the app. By simply giving your pushover email address or push over user key, you will receive push notifications in an instant.

While the app has no monthly subscription fees, users can only receive unlimited notifications during the 7-day trial period, after making a one-time license purchase from the app store.

4. OmniFocus


Do you need to keep tabs on multiple programs and projects? If so, then OmniFocus is an app worth checking out. This program sends reminders on when certain items are due, completed projects, or those that require urgent attention, information that can be synced between your phone, tablet and desktop. Even better, the app can be used on wearable products such as the Apple Watch, helping you to manage your products even when working out at the gym.

Before you install this app, however, it is important to note that it is quite complicated to understand, but works very well once you get the hang of it.

3. Boxmeup


With Boxmeup, you can keep track of packages and containers that come into your business. QR labels can be printed through the app, while details on what is in each container can be updated in real time, giving you added control on how contents in your packages are being managed. You will fall deeper in love with this app, thanks to its ability to track packages from your phone. Never again will your business associate claim that they never received a package. To get this app, download it on the Android Play Store, while iOS users must use the special website designed to handle these tasks in apple devices.

2. Kanban Flow


KanbanFlow is an app, which helps you to upload documents, schedule dates for completing projects, and assign tasks to other people in the workplace. As you use this app, the program will review data based on who is yet to complete certain tasks, and provide you with a better organized setup, showing the most urgent projects, in order to enhance deliverability. Resultantly, businessmen who use this app manage their office work and reports quickly, and more effectively.

The app can be downloaded from app stores and used in both Android and Apple devices. Alternatively, you can use the web-based version, to continue with your work from any location, irrespective of the operating system you are using.

1. MailChimp


If you are not using MailChimp yet, don’t waste your time wondering why your competitor’s email marketing has picked up, while yours is still crawling. MailChimp is a great email marketing tool because of its ability to produce emails that are professional, using in-built email templates and newsletter messages.

In order to relay the best and most accurate information, the app integrates with other programs. Additionally, a full address book setup is also included with support for sending data out to the right places, while information on various marketing campaigns is readily available, pointing out areas that need editing or improvement.


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