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15 Career Paths That Will Likely Lead To Divorce

15 Career Paths That Will Likely Lead To Divorce


If you are getting ready to figure out what you are going to do to make a living for the rest of your life, or even if you are considering a career change, there are some things that you might need to take into consideration other than the money you’ll be able to make.

If you are a person that is married or want to get married one day, you need to think about a lot more than just the money and benefits that the career you are looking at may offer. There are plenty of careers out there that may be attractive because of the pay or rewarding because they allow you to help out other people, but they come with a price.

Is the career you are considering conducive to a happy marriage? You might be surprised at some of the numbers you will be reading in a few minutes. Becoming a nurse can certainly be a rewarding job in terms of helping people, but it can be brutal on a marriage. That job that is being offered at the casino may have great benefits, but did you know what goes on behind closed doors? You may be happy to become a massage therapist but is your spouse happy with that career choice?

As you read this today you will find some numbers that aren’t very surprising in terms of divorce rates. On the other hand, you’ll find some that are. The numbers are accurate as of December 2016 so keep them in mind while conducting your search for a career.

15. Law Enforcement and Military


Anyone that knows someone who works in the military or in law enforcement knows the strain the job can put on a marriage. Cops sometimes work long shifts and if they work in a region that has a lot of crime, they could end up working a ton of overtime each week. Those long hours away from home can lead to loneliness and even distrust from their partner.

The military is even worse as a husband for example might go off on a tour that lasts seven or eight months. Being away from home for that long can definitely lead to problems on the home front. Long absences like that can put a strain on even the strongest of relationships.

14. Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners


Housekeepers don’t live a glamorous life. They work long, sometimes strange hours a lot of time for menial pay. They spend most of their time taking care of someone else’s home while sometimes their own home suffers. After all, who wants to clean someone else’s house all day and then come home and clean their own?

You also have the fact that these housekeepers usually take on the role of the traditional wife because the real wife is busy with her career. Sometimes this can lead to a relationship developing between the housekeeper and the husband of the house they are taking care of. The divorce rate in this field is around 26.3%.

13. Roofers


Roofers have a very tough job. They spend all day under the hot sun usually on a very hot roof. Then of course you have the fact that the work is very hard. That’s not a good combination of factors to have a happy household at the end of the day.

Anyone that works a stressful or tough job may not be in the best of moods when they get home at night. They may snap at their spouse, taking out the frustration of their tough day on someone that isn’t deserving of it. That can lead to obvious problems if it happens too often. This field has a divorce rate of around 26.8%.

12. Waiters/Waitresses


Let’s be honest, being a waiter or waitress is a very tough job. They spend their entire shift trying to please all of their customers and they do it for little pay and the hope of a good tip. They are directly responsible for the customer either returning to give the establishment more business, or never returning at all.

They have to remain happy and carefree throughout their shift and they usually do some flirting along the way. They need to make the customer feel important so they will return another time for a meal and so they will leave a decent tip.

The problem is that this flirting can usually lead to extra-curricular activities and that is never good for someone that is spoken for. The divorce rate for this field of work is around 27.1%.

11. Telemarketers


Telemarketers have a very stressful job. Calling people out of the blue that don’t want to talk to you can’t be good for the self-esteem. Constant rejection over an eight hour shift can wear on a person. A lot of telemarketing companies also have quotas they want their employees to hit. Phone sales are not an easy thing to do and if someone doesn’t make their quota it can make for a very bad day, or a bad pay check at the end of the week.

A lot of this stress can be carried home and taken out accidentally on an unsuspecting spouse. That could be the reason that the divorce rate in this field of work is right around 28.1%.

10. Baggage Porters and Concierges


These jobs are very similar to the waiter and waitress positions. They work long shifts trying everything to please a customer, for low pay. In these positions though it’s even more important to make the customer feel important so flirting can go a long way in making a customer feel happy with their stay so they will return in the future. Tips that are received in this field can range from nothing to an extremely high amount depending on the level of customer they are dealing with. So they work hard for each guest and sometimes get nothing in return.

One fact that is different here though is when there is flirting and a hotel room and bar very close by, it can lead to things that aren’t good for a marriage. The divorce rate here is right around 28.4%.

9. Entertainers, Performers and Athletes


You might think that this should be the highest of all the careers out there but amazingly it’s not. It’s up there however. Entertainers go out on the road for long periods of time and that is never good for the home life. What’s also not good is the cheating that is done so often on the road.

Professional athletes are the same way. They go out on the road for weeks at a time and have groupies waiting for them in every city they stop in. A lot of spouses in these situations for some reason turn a blind eye to what they know is going on. Some can’t though and the divorce rate in these fields is almost 28.5%.

8. Nursing, Psychiatric and Home Health Aides


These careers require very long hours on the clock. They also require the professional to become close with their patients. Some get closer than others and that’s never a good thing to do if you have a marriage you want to keep intact.

The close, personal relationships that can develop between health care provider and patient can sometimes extend beyond the room where the care is being given. Not to mention that a twelve hour shift doesn’t allow a lot of time for a social life. Most people, after working such a shift, will want to just come home and head to bed. The divorce rate in these fields is just a tad under 29%.

7. Telephone Operators


There was a time that being a telephone operator was a job that was a stressful day at the office. All of the calls were routed through the system and an operator might very well handle thousands of calls on a single shift.

That stress could be brought home and taken out on a spouse or maybe the operator may be too tired to do anything and go right to bed. It’s not a physically demanding job but it was mentally demanding for sure.

Do they even exist anymore though? When’s the last time someone actually talked to an operator? That’s something to think about. Either way the divorce rate for them comes in at 29.3%.

6. Factory Workers


A factory worker isn’t in an environment that is prone to sexual straying on a spouse, but it still has a pretty high divorce rate. The long hours, stressful work environment and low pay can lead to a lot of problems at home.

They don’t work in the healthiest of atmospheres and one could see how a factory worker could easily get a doom and gloom outlook on life. This would lead to obvious problems at home at a divorce rate of right around 30%.

Any factory worker should pay extra attention to their spouse to keep things going down a happy path on the home front.

5. Machine Operators


Machine operators face a lot of the same issues as the factory workers do. Long hours, a stressful work environment and not the best of pay can lead to a person loaded with stress. If there isn’t an outlet for that stress it will be misdirected at an underserving spouse.

The work environments also are usually dirty and there is nothing to stimulate the mind. Performing the same act over and over, thousands of time a day, can wear on a brain and cause extreme boredom and/or depression.

The divorce rate for machine operators is around 32.7%. If you do this for a career you might want to take your spouse out to dinner tonight.

4. Casino Workers


Nobody can seem to pinpoint exactly why, but people that are employed at a casino have serious issues remaining faithful to their spouse. There have been countless reports of severe fraternization going on in the work place at just about every casino.

Maybe it’s all of the money that’s around. Maybe it creates an illusion of excitement and danger and some people want to think it’s a completely different world than the real one. Of those that don’t cheat with other employees, there is always temptation around as big winners will try to buy some fun with a worker they think is attractive.

The divorce rate for regular casino workers is around 31.3%. The workers that handle the money inside of the cages have an even higher rate of 34.6%.

3. Massage Therapists


This one won’t be a surprise to anyone reading this at all. It makes perfect sense that someone who puts their hands all over other human beings all day long is going to have issues in the relationship department. Even if the person is loyal and faithful there will always be doubts by their spouse. When you can’t see what’s going on you will always wonder.

A lot of times cheating wouldn’t be started by the person doing the rubbing. Most occasions occur because the customer feels so good and loose that they start to develop feelings for their masseuse. What seems like harmless flirting at first can quickly turn into something that should be off limits if one isn’t careful. 38.2% is your number here and the only real surprise is that it isn’t even higher.

2. Bartenders


This one isn’t a surprise either. Any career that includes alcohol is going to have marriage issues. It doesn’t even matter if the spouse drinks or not. They don’t have to. Bartenders get hit on just about every single day they work. The more a customer drinks the more (and more aggressive) they will attempt as well.

It’s a constant thing and the bartender relies on those people to get good tips so they have to flirt back. The numbers dictate though that it is just a matter of time before one “slips up” and makes the wrong decision.

Bartenders have a divorce rate of 38.4%. While that is still below 1 out of 2 it’s still a number that some spouses should be concerned about.

1. Dancers and Choreographers


To find accurate numbers for this one all you have to do is look at some of the results from Dancing with the Stars. There have been several confirmed “hook ups” by contestants on that show over the years. This is because when two people are dancing together, so close to each other, for long periods of time; it’s only a matter of time before something happens if there is any attraction at all. Those dances aren’t perfected without hours of practice.

All dancers face the same temptations. Things aren’t limited to just that television show. Being out on the road with someone you perform with every single night will certainly lead to straying if someone isn’t strong willed, and even then temptation sometimes gets the best of the strongest of minds. The divorce rate for professional dancers is right at around 43%. If you talk about the other kind of “dancers” you could easily double that number. We all know what goes on there.


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