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15 Cars Under $10,000 That Will Work Miracles With The Ladies

15 Cars Under $10,000 That Will Work Miracles With The Ladies


For those of you who have suffered the indignation of driving your mom’s car to your date, then this is your chance to step forward and win with the ladies. There has always been a debate about the car you drive, and its relation to your value and appeal in the dating market. Let’s not kid ourselves; it does not matter how funny or how good looking you think you are if you’ve parked a crumpled-up rust-bucket in the driveway. Dude, just forget about her.

The male species has been branded with the tag of showing off and pretending to have money they don’t. More often than not, they will use a flashy car to bait an unsuspecting member of the opposite sex. Cars have for a long time been used to impress girls. While some women are enamored by the looks of these chrome-covered machines, others are attracted by the deep rumble they produce once they key is turned in the ignition. Assuming you are looking to impress this new girl you just met, you need to have the right car for the job. Being on a roll while being on a budget is definitely not an easy task, but we have compiled a list of 15 used cars under $10,000 that will work miracles with the ladies.

15. Nissan 350Z


Almost every girl loves that feeling of the wind blowing through her hair and with the Nissan 350Z, she can experience that in the convertible version. The 350Z is a brilliant little sports car that is made more magnificent by its smooth V6 engine, which offers perfect handling. Don’t even get me started on its performance on the open road. Its small size adds to its maneuverability in tight corners, and the fact that you can get this model for under $10,000 definitely adds to its appeal. If you have to look for an affordable car that gets the attention of ladies, the Nissan 350Z is perfect for the job.

14. Mazda 3 I (2011-2013)


If you are looking to get a thrilling driving experience for less than $10k and still be popular with the ladies, then you need to pull up next to them in this little bad boy. This little piece of heaven is bound to get a dozen stares on the street. From it spacious interior to the comfortable leather seats, the Mazda 3i has everything that most expensive luxury cars offer. If you are a petrol head, (and we all know the ladies are crazy about speed, at least the hot ones!) the Mazda 3i will blow your mind with its awesome handling and responsive throttle. They won’t stand a chance if you own one of these bad boys.

13. 2000 BMW Z3, 2.8 Roadster


After a lengthy hiatus during most of the 80s, BMW brought back the Z3, which conjured up memories of stylish gentlemen driving around in these bad boys. This two-seater offers a certain appeal and fun factor that will ensure girls will be lining up to give you their number. The peppier 2.8-liter engine and modern design ensure that the owner of this stylish machine gets to make maximum use of its tires when they hit the open road. The car also offers a leather interior, which comes equipped with adjustable seats that provide comfort for you and your special someone.

12. 2009 Ford Fusion


Apart from its sleek design which includes reclining seats and a spacious interior, the Ford Fusion offers so much more. This mid-sized sedan is a reliable machine that hits all the right spots when it comes to comfort. If you still need convincing, you need to know about the Ford Fusion’s 3.0-liter V6 engine which produces about 220 horsepower. I guess you can now begin to understand why it was ranked first among mid-sized cars in 2009. The designers definitely hit the jackpot with this car; its sharp and efficient handling and cruising around this will make you feel like one of the guys on Wall Street. Don’t even get me started on the effect it will have on the ladies!

11. 2000 Corvette Hardtop Coupe


Over the years, offering the convenience of your expensive sports car in a much more modest budget has been the Corvette’s signature trick. And with the Hardtop Coupe, it is no different. With a whopping 385hp, this Corvette revs from 0-60 in less than 6 seconds, which makes it a marvel on the open road. Worry not, the engineers incorporated a noise muffler, which ensures that those rugged engine noises don’t interrupt when you whisper everything right in your girl’s ear. The flashy engine aside, the car’s stylish interior should definitely wow the ladies, and all this for a very affordable $10,000 as asking price.

10. 2007 Lincoln Town Car


With acres of legroom in the front and back, the Lincoln Town Car does not skimp on the amount of space you get when trying to impress the ladies (wink!). This Sedan gives off an aura of the detectives in old school television shows. Remember how classy they were? The designers went all out on this version; it is more elegant compared to previous models. Throw in the climate control, folding armchairs and the wood-trimmed steering wheel, and functionality is not the only thing that will attract the ladies to this car.

9. 2007 BMW 3 Series


It is a fitting tribute that the company that was credited with coming up with the idea of the sports sedan would be the one to introduce the BMW 3 Series to the car market. This midsize sedan’s interior and engine offer world class luxury and high-quality performance, all wrapped into one package. It delivers a certain level of performance reminiscent of all German machines in the market right now. You can hardly go wrong with the ladies when it comes to this hidden gem. BMWs scream luxury and sexiness, and this one is no different. If its looks don’t hook them, the powerful engine definitely will!

8. 2003 Porsche Boxster


The Porsche name is synonymous with sheer style and class, and it sure doesn’t hurt that girls absolutely love them. I remember growing up and regarding anyone who drove a Porsche, a complete ladies man. Well now you have that chance; for just under $10,000 you can lower the roof and be the envy of everyone you drive by. The Boxter’s 218 HP enables it to go from 0 – 60 in about seven seconds, and you can push this baby up to 155 mph on the open highway. Wait, it gets better; opting for the convertible model lowers the asking price by a few zeroes. All I can say is good luck beating the girls off you with a stick.

7. 2007 Audi A4


Has there ever been a time when owning an Audi wasn’t desirable? Truth be told, I don’t think there ever will come such a time. With the 2007 Audi A4 model, you get value for your money when it comes to the secondhand versions. Its perfect combination of handling, performance, and comfort rivals some of the newer versions currently in the market. And of course, it helps that this version definitely looks like a million bucks. It’s easy-to-maintain interior and exterior ensures that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg trying to keep it looking flashy for the ladies. And just for a mere $9,800, you can live the good life!

6. 2007 Honda Civic Si


When it first came onto the market, the Honda Civic Si was one of the most desirable sports cars in the sedan world. With a magnificent 197hp engine, the 2007 Civic offers a hard-to-attain balanced performance that had been difficult to achieve in previous models. Some of the features incorporated in this model such as the six-speed manual gearbox and the easily modulated clutch, enable it to cruise smoothly without any hitches. Imagine taking this machine for a nice Sunday drive with your friends; the ladies will definitely be watching! You might just have to slow down; give them a chance to take it all in. At $9,000, the Civic offers value for your money.

5. 2007 Volkswagen Jetta GLI


The Volkswagen Jetta has always had this European feel about it, and you know how our ladies go crazy for the guys from the east. It’s perfectly done interiors, and quality build will make you a hit with the ladies. The 2007 Jetta features a 2.0-liter turbocharged 200hp engine, which gives it genuine sports car credibility. This surprisingly affordable version ensures that you don’t have to break the bank, as it ticks all the impress-a-date boxes needed of a modern sports car yet remains within budget. Furthermore, this Jetta sports an upgraded suspension which, when combined with the customized wheels, ensures that you will be looking at your competition from your side mirror.

4. BMW 540i (E39)


The BMW 540i is that car you just have to own in your lifetime. It has been described in different quarters as the ultimate driver’s car. If you are looking for a low-end car with high torque, then this is the car for you. If you tend to fancy girls that are hipster-type lovers of life, then this is the car for you. The 540i also comes in handy when you are looking for that sophisticated cosmopolitan feel, and you are not willing to splash all your money on that soulless new economy sedan. It can be found in the under $10,000 range, which is a rarity in most European used cars.

3. Porsche 944


With the price of used Porsches rocketing out of control, it’s time you got yourself a Porsche 944 while your wallet can still take the hit. The 944’s two-seater design implies that you only have space in your life for yourself and one lucky woman, who will be cruising in the front seat with her hair down. These little machines can be found in the market for as low as $9,000 and are relatively inexpensive to own. Talk about a bargain! An added value that comes with this model is the twin trunk, which holds the right amount of luggage for you and that special someone when you go out of town for a romantic weekend.

2. Audi S4 (B6)


When most people look at an Audi, they see a handsome luxury sedan which ticks all the boxes of comfort and performance. Well good news, with the Audi S4 you get all that and more. At first glance, you can be excused for confusing the S4 for a road car, because underneath the hood is a 4.2-liter V8 which encompasses all of Audi’s legendary dynamics. If you are looking to impress the ladies with a fast, sporty car, then the S4 perfectly does the trick. It offers a pulse-racing boost that will definitely act as a conversation starter with the ladies. The best girls are always those that are suckers for speed!

1. Dodge Neon SRT4


For those avid car enthusiasts who love watching smoke rush out of your front tires when you hit that risky bend, the Dodge Neon is the car for you. What makes the Dodge stand out is that unlike other cars which will cost you a lot to modify, this version is extremely cheap. You can also add as much horsepower as you want. Most of the ones in the market go for about $5000 – $8000, so your pocket won’t be heavily dented when you drive out in the Neon from the dealership. The Dodge is one mean looking car that will definitely attract stares from ladies; every girl loves tough-looking machines.


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