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15 Cars Under 10k That Will Work Miracles With The Ladies (Part 2)

15 Cars Under 10k That Will Work Miracles With The Ladies (Part 2)

In case you are looking for a $10,000 car to impress the ladies, then it proves that there has never been a better time to be alive, especially if you are a motor vehicle enthusiast. The last decade of sports car designs that have flooded the market did so with an incredible list of high performing vehicles, and bargains, these are vehicles that offer exceptional acceleration, handling, and loads of fun without you having to break the bank. However, the power of depreciation is universal, therefore no matter where the sports car comes from, they will eventually end up priced at the same level that is affordable to almost anyone who is looking for a thrill ride.

It’s no secret that women are attracted by hot rides, and while they might not be knowledgable about the latest Lamborghini out, they will certainly notice a great looking car regardless of its price tag. Therefore, if you are looking to impress your girl with a car, then it better be damn flashy! So whether you are looking to get a sports car or that flashy German sedan, the price is often a factor, but did you know you could own a superb flashy car that will get the ladies breaking their necks for less than $10k? Well, here are 15 cars under 10k that will work miracles with the ladies.

15. Porsche Boxster S 2000-2001


Well, if you are willing to go back a few years, then you can snag yourself a pretty decent sports car for less than $10k wearing a Porsche badge on the hood. This 2001 Porsche Boxter S offers open top fun that’s matched with a well-balanced chassis. We all understand how women like to have their hair flow in the wind, and nothing does it better than a convertible car like this one. With this 3 liter six cylinder sports car, there’s very little imaginable things you can’t do on the road, plus when it comes to the girls, the Porsche does half the work for you anyway.

14. BMW M3 2001-2006


Well if you love cars or take any interest in them, then you know what kind of reputation the BMW M3 has, it’s a highway bully, and by bully I mean, you are not leaving any girls behind. This snazzy style two door coupe, that’s fitted with a leather interior packs 333 horsepower and a 3 liter V6 Engine. If she doesn’t fall in love with its decent fiery looks, then she’s going to fall head over heels for the roar and the speed. Either way, you can never go wrong with the BMW, and with $10,000, this gem could be yours.

13. Ford Mustang GT 2005-2007


If there’s a car that has been overpriced for its straight-line speed, then it has to be the Ford GT. This beast has garnered props for its sheer ability to round the bend. This American Pride sports car packs a cool 4.6-liter V-8 that generates 300-horse power, that’s enough to circle, your average sedan three times on track. So why will this glorious beast attract the women? Well, first, it’s American; another thing is its mean looks, and intimidating roar. If she’s curled up on the front passenger seat, then there’s no doubt she is all yours after you turn the ignition.

12. 2000-2003 Honda S 2000


This is a high-strung sports car that has been described as a four-wheeled bike on most occasions. Why would it be called a four-wheeled sports bike? Well, the early models of this car had a 2 liter four cylinder engine that could be revved to a maximum of 9,200 rpm producing a total of 237-horse power. So, what’s going to appeal to the ladies, well, apart from this hot car pumping 237 HP, is the fact that it’s also a convertible with striking looks. This Japanese sports car is also fitted with a six-speed gearbox, and you all know what women think about guys who drive stick.

11. Mazda MX Miata


The 3rd generation of the Mazda MX-5 Miata provides an elegant counterpoint to the frenetic nature that the Honda S2000. This car just like the Honda S2000 is categorized as a compact roadster; it, however, has a lightweight design and modest horsepower. The Miata is cute, a little bit fancy but at the same time has a devilish demeanour when its one sports mode. If she doesn’t fall for its cute striking looks, then she will notice how it compliments you. With less than $10,000, you could own one of these swift little man toys. If it makes anything better, the Mazda MX Miata is a convertible, perfect for a desert gate away.

10. Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2010


Well, this car got its fair amount of props from its fans ever since it was released. It’s got likeable looks and would get anyone turning heads when it rolls down the street. While this car has been on the scenes since 2010, its looks were quite futuristic and original. There are a few options to choose from, a 2 liter 210 HP version, a 2 liter turbocharged and a 3 liter V-6 Version. Whichever option you choose, be assured it will get her amazed. Hyundai is a unique car, driving a sports version separates you from the rest.

9. Chevrolet Camaro SS


The Camaro is prevalent enough to get your grandma excited, it’s part of the American Pride of sports cars, and you wouldn’t miss a Camaro when comparing American Muscle cars. Stating that you drive a Camaro is enough to get you a date, but what’s exciting about this car is what it packs under the hood. The Camaro is a Rear Wheel Drive Coupe body style car that is powered by a hefty V-8 engine. You don’t need to worry about variety since the American manufacturer ensured that there were several editions of the model from 2003-2010. To own this car at $10k will need you to be comfortable with high mileages.

8. Saturn Sky Redline 2007-2010


While this car was a short attempt by General Motors to get into the entry-level roadster level, that flopped due to bankruptcy. The Saturn’s most interesting model is often difficult to find in high-performance Redline trim, but if you can get a little over $10k, then you will be able to get a 260 horsepower version from its 2 liters four cylinder motor. The Saturn Redline is also equipped with a stiffer suspension and an aggressive-looking appearance. The Saturn Sky Redline is a great looking car, what really sells it is its unique appearance, she’s definitely going to be excited once you pull with this ride to a date.

7. Mazda RX-8


Well, it’s hard to talk about fast cars without mentioning the RX-8. This car packs a tiny 1.3-liter rotary engine but produces 232 HP. The Mazda RX-8 also looks pretty dope, and you won’t miss a couple of thousand glances if you are driving this through the city. Despite the small punchy engine, the Mazda RX-8 can provide a level of handling that has not been witnessed in a car with a back seat. It also has a futuristic interior that’s bound to excite her once she gets in. If you are planning to buy this car, get it in red, black or blue.

6. Acura TL


If you are looking for a car that will attract the ladies with its sports and luxury features, then it has to be the Acura TL. This car is a front drive mid-sized 270 HP car. In case you get models after 2009, you can choose between the front wheel and AWD options. There’s really not a lot to talk about this car apart from its decent looks and thrilling speeds. If you are looking to get something that’s not common, then this is your perfect choice. While it’s a tricky car to own, it will definitely get the ladies looking.

5. BMW 3 Series


All ladies love BMWs; these cars are like the foreigner with the accent that gets all the girls at your local bar. You just need to turn this car to get your charm on. The 3 series BMW is one of the best selling luxury cars that have both a classy interior and a strong engine. The BMW offers an unmatched driving experience; however, one thing you need to note is that you need to be prepared to spend a lot on repairs and maintenance. The 3 series comes in a variety of a sedans, wagons or a convertibles. If you are looking to get the ladies, please ditch the wagon for the soccer moms.

4. Infinity G35/G37 2005-2010


Well, if you are seeking to get a cheaper version of a BMW, then this is the car for you. This is because the G series handles well, and has a lot of power. You can get it as either a sedan or a convertible; in this case, you will definitely need it as a convertible. This vehicle is a rear wheel drive, 3.5-liter V-6 engine. This car is reliable, striking but you might need to dig a little bit deeper into your pockets than your civic owning neighbour when it comes to the parts and maintenance. Either way, this car will get the girls excited.

3. Volkswagen GTI/ Golf R32


Well according to car enthusiasts, the Volkswagen GTI is perhaps the most fun to drive compact car. For $10k you can be able to find this 5th generation GTI that is powered by a 2-liter direct injected turbocharged FSI engine. You can choose between the three doors and 5-door hatch, either way, the Golf GTI looks awesome. The Golf GTI has a very striking appearance and is still a favourite of many car enthusiasts around the world. If you are looking for a hot hatch to please her, then this is the car to get. Worth the $10k.

2. Mazda 3 S 2010


Well, Mazda has done quite a fantastic job on their cars in the past decade despite being a little slow to pick up with modern vehicles. Just like its sister the MX-5 Miata the Mazda 3 S is a compact sporty car with an elegant and stylish interior. Its handling is also responsive. In case you are lucky enough to get the GT Trim, then it’s equipped with heated leather seats and premium Bose sound to lay her that summer mash up you compiled for her. It’s also one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles on this list. In case you are afraid of hefty car bills that still want to impress the ladies, then you need to get this car.

1. Subaru Impreza WRX 2002-2008


Well, if there’s any road car that needs to be tagged as a true sports car, then it has to either be the Mitsubishi Evolution or the Subaru Impreza WRX. So what’s going to reel her in? The Subaru Impreza has the unique and nerve tingling rumble you have ever heard. You can always guess it’s coming to a few blocks away. Driving a rally car brings out the macho man in you, and the ladies love that. If it’s not royal blue, then it’s not going to cut it. The best thing about this punchy turbocharged rally car is that it can easily modded to fit your limits. Just make sure its rumbles right, and pops once in a while, then she’s all yours.


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