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15 Cars Your Lady Wants To Drive (But She Won’t Tell You)

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15 Cars Your Lady Wants To Drive (But She Won’t Tell You)

Today’s world partly dictates that for you to get the woman of your dreams, you should be driving the car of her dreams. Even some people offering dating advice go as far as to suggest only luxury can attract the woman of your dreams. What is sad though is that fulfilling this requirement is not always easy, because these ladies never seem to get over cars that can take a whole lifetime and triple million-dollar debts to buy. But as much as ladies can be very extreme on their demands to men, what’s interesting is that ladies are never really into Bugattis and Ferraris. It’s all part of the dating game. They have to play hard to get.

Here is the truth. When it comes to rides they truly admire, their list is quite subtle to say the least.

So why the initial preposterous demands?

It’s just part of the law of the jungle, the more reason why getting a lifetime mate is never easy. But if you have one, her car interests are not still on the 1.5 million dollar McLaren P1 you promised her. Instead, having graduated to your girlfriend or wife, she has a different bucket list. A more realistic one to be precise, saner and forgiving to the average pocket.

Here is where the problem lies; she is not willing to tell you. But worry not. This list will save you from endless hours of hard work for a brand new Lamborghini that your lady might never even drive.

15. Fiat 500

Via: Motor Trend

Let’s first start with the price. This car sells for about $15,000, and it is guaranteed to make your woman forgive you for your atrocities since you two thought of dating.

The Fiat 500 is a favorite among the ladies. Particularly, the “bug” eyes, very feminine range of colors (the likes of powder blue and pink), and designer labels in the interior such as Gucci and Diesel have been identified as the main feminine attractions in this car. Beside those features, most ladies generally describe the car as retro and cute.

Interestingly, the few female fans in the male dominated Top Gear show voted this car as the sexiest around. Start saving men!

14. Ford Ka

Via: AutoEpxress

If the price of the Fiat was too high for you, then this option offers a breather. Priced under $15,000, the Ford Ka is the cheaper cousin to the Fiat 500, however, coming in with fewer premium options but a better driving experience.

The latter is one of the reasons why ladies are in love with this car because its superb handling and responsiveness allows flitting around town to be as easy as ABC. There is also a lot to choose from when it comes to general styling (well, actually two to be precise). The previous generation offers a cute look with its big bumpers, whereas the new generation offers a grown up look, looking more like the previous generation’s big daddy.

Now, your lady would definitely want to go to the grocery store with this car, but she wouldn’t want to go out with her girlfriends in this car.

13. Jaguar XK Coupe

Via: Motor Trend

Instead, she would go out in this. I know, we are touching on luxury here but trust me, it won’t cost you your house.

The Jaguar XK Coupe is a male favorite, and interestingly, ladies also savor this ride in the corner of the kitchen while they are making you dinner after work (and probably wishing you would read their minds and give them $60,000 and a visit to the dealer).

Wait, the car is worth $60,000? Yes, it is. But it is worth every penny.

The Jaguar XK Coupe will definitely leave a dent in your account but your lady will have leather seats to enjoy, an array of latest gizmos to play around with on the dashboard and a 5.0 liter V8 that will propel her from 0-60mph in just 4.6 seconds. If you give this to your girlfriend, trust me, she becomes your wife. The best news is, you didn’t even spend 10% of a million dollars.

12. Tesla Model S


The Jaguar is a great car and it is quite expensive. But if you want to massacre your bank account, you can get your lady a Tesla Model S.

Wait, ladies also love Teslas?

Yes, they do, especially the environmentally conscious ones (they love Polar Bears as much as they love you and their dog). Matter of fact, reports suggest that these ladies, if you have the means, would appreciate you more if you gave them the Tesla Model S instead of the Jaguar.

The problem is, a Tesla Model S can take you back as much as $150,000. If you have the means, go ahead and buy one. According to the ladies, they particularly love this car because of its very high-tech interior, flawless acceleration and power and an electric range unparalleled in the whole Auto Industry.

11. Lexus ES

Via: Edmunds

Now this is the car for the family woman. Starting at $38,000, the Lexus ES is a car loved by many wives, specifically for its spacious rear section, comfy rear seats (perfect for the babies) and a well-tuned independent suspension that doesn’t carelessly throw the occupants around.

Despite the hate on hyper-cars, when it comes to driving around with a toddler, female drivers find the 268 horsepower delivered by the car’s V6 engine very practical. The environmental conscious ones have a ES 300H hybrid version instead. It’s a great car for the family, the more reason why your lady wants it. (And she won’t tell you because she wants you to think).

10. Honda Odyssey

Via: YouTube

Speaking of family, if your girlfriend fancies a big family or you already have one, chances are high that she also fancies this minivan. Why? It has all the room to carry her big family.

This minivan also impresses the female driver because of its refined ride, precise handling and great deal of efficiency. The most important factor however, has been identified as its highest safety ranking among minivans, attributed to the ACE body structure and enhanced frontal area that the car has.

By the way, the car goes for $29,990 (the new 2018 model to be precise). Don’t be shy. Go to the dealer now.

9. Subaru Forester

Via: NWI Times

If an SUV was not to feature in this list, I would have personally labeled it fake. Why? Ladies love the big stuff (you know where all this starts).

Okay, the Forester is not the largest SUV on the market, but then again this is one of the reasons why ladies love it (it carries the feminist definition of a large SUV). First thing first, you will have to part with $23,000 to $33,000 to gift your loved one this car. But then again, you will receive a lifetime of peace, love and harmony as your reward.

So what is it about this mini SUV that ladies love so much?

First, the Subaru Forester is very spacious, especially at the rear seats where her toddler or girlfriends will be seated. Secondly, the Forester offers very good visibility (which makes the driving experience superb) and its controls are very intuitive.

8. Toyota Highlander

Via: Motor Trend

If the Subaru is not big enough for her, then this is the biggest she can go. The Toyota Highlander is actually a mid-sized SUV (which is pretty large by female standards), and is fancied by many ladies. The main reason for this is because due to its larger size as compared to the Forester, the Highlander stands as the better family SUV. This is not just as per the female perspective.

The car itself has been designed to be very family friendly, with enormous amount of interior and boot space. Additionally, this mid-sized SUV is very robust, something ladies find “manly” about this car.

7. Toyota Prius

via: Car and Driver

There was this time in the automotive years that a Prius owner would be mocked by a bike rider across the street. That was when people had a very bad perception of this hybrid car, which is part of the reason why ladies never opened up to their men about their deep love for this car.

Why? Because it perfectly suits the family.

First, let’s get one thing straight. The first generation Toyota Prius was pathetic, but the successors have been nothing but impressive. Ladies have, for the longest time, fancied this car’s superior fuel economy (actually one of the best in the market), impressive reliability and extraordinary amount of space, out of a sedan.

Apart from saving you lots of cash when it comes to daily travel expenses, the Prius is quite cheap, retailing at $25,000 to $30,000.

6. Renault Wind

Via: Altervista

Had you noticed that we were missing a convertible hatchback in this list? This would have been absurd, specifically if the Renault Wind would have been a no-show.

The Renault Wind is a small convertible hatchback fancied by the fairer gender for a couple of reasons. One, this mini roadster is fun to drive, especially with its hard-top roof folded back and the cold breeze getting into the cabin. It seats only two people, and it dons a chic French design, which is one of the car’s main attractions.

And here is the best news for the men who will find their ladies secretly admiring this car on the streets; its price starts at around $13,000.

5. Range Rover Evoque

Via: Ridingirls

Before the price tag on this car murders your bank account, let’s start with the two main reasons why your lady is secretly fancying this car; one, it is the smaller version of the huge Range Rovers we see around and number two, its interior was designed by none other than Victoria Beckham. (If you are reading this with your girlfriend or wife I bet she has already squealed by now).

The Evoque in simple terms is chic, sleek and elegant and to all you men who thought it will actually fry your bank account, surprisingly cheap. The Evoque still offers the standard four-wheel drive in all Range Rovers, though you can order an optional two-wheel version. It has surprisingly lower running costs, a coupe-like roofline that slopes towards the back and of course, the lavish interior designed by Victoria Beckham.

Oh yes, about the price tag. The entry level Evoque starts at $30,000.

4. Mercedes Benz E-Class

Via: Mercedes-Benz

This is the true story of Germans and their cars and the story of how your lady fancies them in secret (I think this lust is openly expressed in most cases). So here it goes.

The Mercedes Benz E-Class is one of Mercedes’ best-selling brands in their offerings. Why ladies love them is actually a no-brainer. The E-class for one is a great performer, its base model offering a 3.5L V6 that sends 302 horsepower to the wheels. If you are married or dating a speed freak, chances are she is fancying the AMG version of the E-class which houses a 5.5L twin turbo V8 that produces a whopping 585 horsepower. If you happen to fall in the latter category, the sad news is you will have to part with about $102,000 to fulfil your speed freak mate’s desires.

Apart from performance, the luxury, comfort and design of this car is simply above that of all other cars in its class, a perfect mix for the lass who loves being spoilt.

3. Peugeot RCZ

Via: Wikiwand

Women have a thing for coupes, especially when it comes to road trips and a fun day out alone, or with her girlfriends. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they would fancy the Peugeot RCZ. First, this car dons an exotic design, associated with the design language of Zagato and to some extent, Maserati and Ferrari (meaning you would be forgiven for not buying an actual Maserati or Ferrari…kind of).

Secondly, having been designed in France, this curvy low-slung coupe boasts of a double-bubble roof that gives it an attractive look that turns heads along the streets (and which lady wouldn’t want that?). The downside of this car is that leg room is not sufficient for adults, but there is enough space for the kids when they want to tag along. The price is also not bad, starting off at about $20,000.

2. Ford Fusion

Via: Ford

Here is one thing about Ford. They make trucks that women fancy their men driving, but not them driving those trucks instead. Alternatively, if your lady is to pick out a Ford, she would go for the Ford Fusion.


Save for the family issues (space for kids, luggage, groceries and all that), the Ford Fusion offers something that many ladies love in a car; a wide array of drivetrain options.

As much as some men would tend to think that ladies are never into car gizmos, they seem to pay a lot of attention on what is offered, especially when it comes to the drivetrain and above all, fuel economy. The first good news about this is that your lady doesn’t want to see money for food and her hair get spent on gas, and the second good news is that the Ford Fusion understands this and that’s why it has a lot of engine options to choose from.

Apart from the day to day potential savings, the car starts at about $31,000.

1. BMW M6 Cabriolet

Via: YouTube

Here we go, Germans once again. This time, it is the BMW M6 Cabriolet, the latter term explaining why ladies love this car so much. What’s interesting about this car is that unlike Ford trucks, ladies not only desire this car, but also the men who own them (double strike if you own one. Don’t sell it!).

Being a luxury brand, ladies love BMWs, specifically the M6 Cabriolet because it implies they are upwardly mobile. Moreover, the M6 is one of the sportiest BMWs on the market, which makes it very suitable for the speed freaks. At the same time, it is elegant, easy to drive and designed with a very luxurious interior that suits ladies who love getting spoilt.

Price? About $130,000 (BMWs never promise to be cheap).

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