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15 Casanova Confessions On How To Always Get The Chick

15 Casanova Confessions On How To Always Get The Chick

Casanovas are the men we aspire to be or be around. The special thing about this particular brand of gentlemen is that they not only know how to get women, they also know how to make women happy. The casanova is the guy that girls brag about to their friends. He’s adventurous, funny, understanding, and romantic. He’s got the skills to pay the bills… oh yeah, and the money too. Men admire him from afar, wondering if they have what it takes to to BE HIM. Well, with a little effort and practice, anyone out there can be a casanova if they set their mind to it. All it takes is a little education, practice, and romance to turn you into the man women dream about.

We’ve got tips for you from casanovas themselves on how to woo, romance, and meet lovely ladies on the daily. There’s a lot of finessing to be done when it comes to transforming yourself into your very own casanova. So take note gentleman, this is how to always get the girl…

15. “Don’t be cheap… but don’t be outlandish either”


There’s a comfortable middle ground here. It’s nice to buy someone a drink, but you don’t have to buy them the whole bar to get their attention. That’s wasting money and time. Women care way more about who you are and what you’re about than what you can buy them. So don’t break the bank…make smart investments.

Oh yeah, and don’t go for that bottom shelf booze or half-off appetizers either. Show some class and tact. There’s a comfortable middle ground where you can look generous without looking like you’re trying to buy her attention.

14. “The best wingman is a wingwoman”


Women listen to other women. Forget about rolling around with your bros. Find a few of your girlfriends, or go out with couples! If you have a lady friend already on your side saying your a good guy, you’ll look more trust worthy. It’ll help her lower her walls and open up to you. It’s less intimidating! Plus, you’ll seem like a coy guy who wants her to feel comfortable first before approaching.

Be careful that your wing-woman doesn’t look like you’re dating or trying to have a threesome. That’s no good. This is where friends that are couples are in. It’s easy for your buddy’s girlfriend to step up and help you invite another lady to your table or out with you.

13. “Be interesting”


Nobody wants to hang out with a boring person. Make sure you have something to talk about! It doesn’t have to be crazy, it just has to be conversation-worthy. Whether it’s a new restaurant you tried, or a story your crazy friend told you, make sure you have a couple of interesting go-to topics before entering a conversation. Women love interesting, educated men who are great story tellers.

When in doubt, ask her about herself. If you really haven’t been up to much lately, maybe she has! Perhaps you’ll get some great ideas on some adventures to take her.

12. “Failure is to be expected”


You’re going to strike out. That’s a fact. That’s okay. The sooner you accept that some women aren’t going to be into you, the more likely you are to connect with someone. Always getting the girl doesn’t always mean getting the first girl you meet. Cut yourself some slack and go for it! You’re likely to find someone you want to get to know better if you meet lots of different types of people. Don’t let fear hold you back from meeting wonderful women and creating opportunities for yourself.

11. “Listen”


Women love people who listen. A conversation should be 60% listening and 40% talking on your end if you can help it. Don’t over think it! Just be interested in getting to know them. Ask questions and remember the answers. It’ll pay off later.

This goes for body language too. Her words aren’t the only thing doing the talking. Is she smiling back? Stepping closer to you? Making eye contact. All of these are great indicators that she’s communicating she’s interested… listen to them!

10. “Make her feel like the only girl in the room”


Little smiles, subtle touches, and specific compliments are easy ways to make any woman feel like a million dollars. Ask questions about herself. Be enthusiastic. Find something unique to her and really highlight it. Try to avoid using generic compliments. Don’t scan the room or flirt with other women when you meet her. You want her to know you’re looking right at her.

Eye contact and a smile from across the room can do wonders. It shows you have confidence and that you’re picking her out of a crowd. Follow up with your wing woman or sending a drink over to the lady of your choice. This will make her feel like the only girl in the room for you.

9. “There’s more to it than a shower & shave”


You have to take care of yourself. How you present yourself is crucial to meeting people and getting them interested. It’s the little things that matter: cologne (but not too much), a good haircut, and sensible clothing are all steps toward being the best version of yourself. Let that part of you shine because people will take notice. There’s no one fit to this either because being a casanova is all about being uniquely yourself. Bring out that uniqueness and show you can take care of yourself (and someone else).

8. “Look in all the right places”


You can meet people all over the place! Yes, bars are a fun place to meet people, but there’s so many dating apps and websites out there. If you combine your resources you’re sure to get lucky. Dating websites are also an awesome place to widen your net.Don’t just stick to one method.

It’s okay if you like to meet people in person (just don’t shy away from other ways to date). Casnovas always know what’s going on in scenes all over the place. They’re aware of the hot spots in town, so get to know your area. Get to know where people are hanging out and where you should be.

7. “Play hard to get”


A classic piece of advice usually reserved for the ladies… but it’s true for men too. There’s a lot to be said for holding back. Don’t over text. Don’t dominate the conversation. Don’t put all your cards on the table at once. Just like men, women want what they can’t have… There’s nothing bad about a little mystery. Don’t flood her with attention. Instead, giver her an opportunity to talk, to pry about you. Subtle answers like “maybe” or “you’ll have to wait and find out,” will leave her guessing.

Don’t be jealous either. If she’s checking out another guy, don’t let it bother her. Your confidence is what will keep her wanting to be around you… not your jealousy.

6.  “Put her needs first”


A classic casanova is someone women can’t wait to get into bed with. They’re sweet, charming, and know their way around a woman’s body. Read a book. Learn some new tricks. Put her first and you won’t regret it. Take time for foreplay and don’t rush things because there is nothing sexier than taking it slow. A casanova isn’t afraid to make bold moves and make sure a woman knows it’s all about her.

5. “Clean your place up, you Sloppy Joe”


Make sure that your home (especially your bedroom) is clean, tidy, and interesting! A sloppy abode will send her running. There’s nothing that is more of a turn-off than a dirty home. Make sure your laundry is done and all your stuff is put away. Do your dishes. Keep your things organized. Grab a scented candle and light it up when you get home to go the extra mile. It’s really not that hard to take care of your spot and make it romance-ready.

4. “Send her something”


If you had a really great time, don’t be afraid to follow up with flowers or something a little sweet. This really speaks to women and shows that you care. Keep it simple and thoughtful. There’s no need to send her the most expensive thing you can find. Don’t go for something tacky like a fruit basket either. If you get her the right little something, she’ll be thinking of you for the rest of the day, anticipating the next time she’ll hear from you again.

3. “Always have a second location”


Whether you just met a woman or you’re going out with her for the first time, always have a second spot in mind in case the evening goes particularly well. That way, if the first part of the date falls flat and you’re not feeling it, you can bail. If everything is going great, a surprise second spot will show her that you’re romantic and thinking of her. It’s also a good opportunity to find a quieter spot and have some private time. Think of your favorite parks, hip late night bars, or an event.

If you’re feeling ambitious, make the whole date a surprise! Take her to a pop-up bar or a concert, but keep the details to herself. Casanovas know the value of surprise and timing.

2. Breakfast is the new dinner


You can take her out to breakfast or make her something special. Even if it’s just a casual thing, be the man she’ll remember and don’t make a big deal out of sharing a delicious morning meal together. It’s a great excuse to get out of the house and into the world the morning after.Bottomless mimosas are not a terrible idea either. Check out your towns local brunch spots and find something that fits your taste. Surprise her with something she hasn’t had before.  OR… making pancakes in your underwear isn’t too hard either.

And as far as dates go… brunch is the new dinner. Make a bold move and ask her out for a delicious brunch date. It’s the morning so there’s a day full of possibilities. It removes any assumptions from the situation, so you can choose which way to take the date after.

1. “Don’t be creepy”

Via: The Telegraph

Don’t try to get her drunk. Don’t be creepy. You’re more likely to have a great time and score if you get her number and call her later. It’s not cool to take advantage of women… in fact, it’s rape. Don’t do that. Be a gentleman and she’ll tell her friends all about you… and maybe those friends will come looking for some fun themselves.

The number one rule of being a casanova is to be a total gentleman. Don’t forget it!

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