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15 Celebrities Who Were Born To Wear Leggings

15 Celebrities Who Were Born To Wear Leggings

Having a great body and being a Hollywood A-lister usually go hand in hand. After all, if you’re in an action movie or even a rom-com, you want to look your very best – and feel it too. Since the dawn of time, celebrities have tried their best to maintain their sleek physiques, for the screen and the red carpet alike.

Luckily for us, being a celebrity and being photographed go hand and hand too, so we get to see first-hand the fruits of their labor. Yoga pants and leggings are something that divides people the world over. If you’re a certain weight, should you wear them? If you’re of a certain stature, should you leave them at home? Personally, I think you should wear whatever you want, whenever you want – but we all have to agree, there are those that look better in skin-tight Lycra than others. Some celebrities were simply born to wear it.

With that being said, I’ve done all the hard work and trawled through thousands of pictures of the beautiful women of the entertainment industry to find 15 Celebrities Born to Wear Leggings. It was an arduous task, but I made it. Let’s take a look and appreciate the female form in all its guises.



Justin Timberlake bagged himself a talented, intelligent woman that also looks incredible in leggings. Not only is Justin super rich, mega famous and incredibly talented himself, he had to go and scoop up one of the best ladies out there, didn’t he? Jessica Biel didn’t let motherhood bend her out of shape and still looks as phenomenal in skin-tight yoga pants at 35 as she did at 21. Seriously – sculpted legs and buns of steel should win this actress any part – but of course, an actress is much more than just her body. It does help though, that’s just the name of the game.



Jessica Alba looks good doing just about anything. She could stand in the middle of the street shouting obscenities wearing only a garbage bag and she would still hit the front page of the style section. Alba has the kind of classic look that is so highly prized in Hollywood. Huge brown eyes, a glowing smile, all topped with flowing brunette tresses. She also has a killer body. If you had a body like hers, wouldn’t you wear yoga pants all the time, everywhere? She may as well just do away with them completely, do us all a favour and just paint her lower half on. Round of applause. We. Are. Here. For. It.



Daughter of A-lister Goldie Hawn and kick-ass actress herself, Kate Hudson looks so good in yoga pants that she decided to launch her own line of fitness wear. Fabletics offers up a range of bright and colourful workout gear that’s sure to get you spotted at the gym, but will you ever really look as good as the Almost Famous actress? Probably not, but we can still look at pictures of her modelling the extensive range all the live long day to make up for our own shortcomings. Is there anything better than a svelte, beautiful woman that’s flexible, and business-minded? I don’t think so.



The petite actress has sent pulses racing since her debut on the popular TV series, Heroes. These days, she’s playing country singer Juliette Barnes on CMT’s Nashville. While she’s not acting the hell out of that role, Hayden is a mom to one and wife to boxer Wladimir Klitschko (who is almost twice her size). Petite frames can wear a pair of leggings just as well as those long-limbed ladies too, and it’s certainly not up for debate when Hayden can be spotted running errands around town. There’s no grumbles from the passers by and the paparazzi are kept happy, knowing that they’ll be able to make a quick buck or two by selling the photos to the gossip columns.



If there is a heaven on earth, then we are looking at it. This is the kind of moment that makes you look up and think ‘there is a God.’ Former stripper and ex-wife of Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose pulls no punches when she dons a pair of black leggings for her morning chores. Amber’s teeny tiny waist (pulled in by a waist trainer) accentuates her assets beyond belief. Currently, the 35-year-old model is dating 21-year-old rapper 21 savage. He clearly doesn’t mind the age gap, and who would when they’ve got that figure to snuggle up to in the middle of the night? Rose is an avid campaigner for women’s rights – and we’re an avid campaigner for Amber Rose.



If you like a big butt but not one that looks like it’s abnormal, then skip Kim Kardashian and look to her sister, Khloe. Khloe has always been a lot curvier than her sisters and that’s great – especially over the last few years as she’s focused on toning her body. These days, Khloe looks incredible and leggings fit her like a glove. Bodysuits like the Adidas one pictured above were made for her. There’s nothing to hide in one of these bad boys – no extra inches for that burger you had for lunch. Most of us can only hope to have a body that banging, let alone put our hands on one. Well done Kween Khloe.



Jennifer Lopez is famous for her extreme singing talent, and her incredible derriere. In the entertainment industry it’s not uncommon for stars to become infamous for a variety of reasons – certain parts of their bodies being one of them. J-Lo has always maintained her impressive shape, working particularly hard on holding her reputation for one of the best rears in the business. She’s pushing 50, but the Ain’t It Funny singer shows no signs of slowing down. Lopez is often spotted out and about in her workout gear, heading to the gym. Fortunately for us, it’s caught by the paps on a frequent basis. Jenny from the block shows us how it should be done. Bravo.



If you thought the Kardashian sisters held the title of best butts in the household, you’re mistaken – Kylie Jenner is gunning for the title too. It’s no secret that Kylie has changed drastically over the past few years, going from an athletic frame to a much more curvy build. Just how she got her new look is no one’s business but her own, but the media love to speculate. We’re not here to judge, we’re just here to appreciate her in all her glory. Kylie wears a pair of leggings very well. Often stars get caught out by the flash of the cameras, and this was one instance. Jenner opted to go commando on this particular day, going for just skin-tights instead. The press had a field day.



Regardless of if she’s going through a thick or thin phase, Rihanna always looks like a badass no matter the occasion. She has the kind of confidence that quiets haters in one fell swoop – I mean, come on, she’s Rihanna. Her physique is built for wearing skin tight clothes, and so is her IDGAF attitude. If you’re going to wear leggings as fashion and not just workout gear, you have to be prepared to own that look. There’s no world where a shy and awkward female can do that attire the justice it deserves. It simply wouldn’t work. You’ve got to have the sass to go with it. Without that, you may as well wear a brown paper bag.

6. Rita Ora


The above butt belongs to singer and America’s Next Top Model host, Rita Ora.  It takes a lot of confidence to rock a pair of leggings that are this low-rise, but clearly confidence isn’t something that Ora lacks. She’s a rocket on TV, behind the mic and a bundle of energy in interviews, so it only makes sense that she fits working out into her busy schedule. If you’re as a much of a mogul as Ora, you have to be at your peak at all times. If you want more where this came from, you can check out Rita’s Instagram for a host of sizzling picks from her many brand collaborations.



Sometimes, a tiny waist is just what is needed to really make a booty go POP. Nicki Minaj has got that down to a fine art, with a figure that most of us ladies can only dream of (although, whatever your shape, you’re still beautiful). Minaj often falls victim to the dreaded flash fail, as seen in our previous Kylie Jenner entry. If you’re a celebrity and you’re going out in leggings with a top that doesn’t cover your butt, you better be wearing good underwear. Leave the Bridget Jones underwear at home and opt for something that’s a little more attractive. A giant pair of polka dot panties would probably be extremely ill advised. Something tells me that these stars just DGAF though – they’ll wear whatever they want, and proudly.



When God created leggings, he had Carmen Electra in mind. Electra is one of the sexiest females in the entertainment industry, so the art of yoga was made for her. The actress and singer gained her notoriety after starring as Lani McKenzie on the iconic series Baywatch. Since then, Electra has continued to act and even had her own reality series with her now ex-husband, musician Dave Navarro. Carmen is definitely not camera shy and has been the focus of many a sexy photo shoot, providing wallpaper background for women and men the world over for decades. Stay you, Carmen. Never go away – we’ll cry real tears if you do.



Australian rap artist Iggy Azalea is no stranger to the belfie trend (that’s taking a picture of one’s own butt, if you didn’t know). After all, this is the social media age and nothing guarantees more likes than posting a picture of yourself in leggings. Who’s complaining? We’re certainly not. The competition out there is fierce, but Iggy seems pretty certain that she’s destined to stay on top of the belfie league. Although her shapely figure has been surrounded in surgery rumours for a while now, who really cares? If a woman wants to spend her hard earned cash enhancing herself in a way that makes her feel good, then more power to her.



Vanessa Hudgens has come a long way since starring alongside Zac Efron in the teen franchise, High School Musical. These days, she’s know as a style sensation and Instagram wonder – although she does continue to sing and act, performing as Rizzo in Grease Live. Clearly, Vanessa loves yoga like many of her celebrity counterparts. Who can blame her? It must really be all it’s cracked up to be if all of these pictures of toned derrieres are anything to go by. The 28-year-old California native has been in a relationship with actor Austin Butler since 2011.



Star of Black Swan and wife of Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis has had a successful career. Most recently she could be seen alongside Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn in Bad Moms and Bad Moms 2. Petite Kunis stands at just 5 foot 3, making her tiny frame the perfect build to wear a pair of leggings without fear. It’s no surprise that Kunis is still one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood today, years after her role as Jackie on That 70’s Show. What do you think, does Mila deserve to be on this list? One things for sure, she’s not about to be the ‘butt’ of any joke…

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