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15 Celebrities Who Were Born To Wear Tight Shorts

15 Celebrities Who Were Born To Wear Tight Shorts

It is 2017 and for many years now we have been living in a world culture that is absolutely obsessed with the men and women we see on television and hear on the radio. Sure, we drool over every detail of their personal lives. We live in the age of reality television, but nothing has captivated us more than admiring the impossible beauty of our favorite red carpet stars. With curves that won’t quit and faces that could light up a ballroom, these fine celebs are at the very center of what so many of us hold up as the perfect example of what’s attractive.

Celebrities are also at the center of many of society’s fads, like yoga pants and the “Rachel” hairstyle that became so huge back in the 1990s. Fads are temporary, though, and if there is one style that we will never get tired of seeing sported by our favorite celebrity hotties, it’s tight shorts. Practically any gorgeous celeb would look good in this simple clothing choice, but some of them seem to have been born specifically for the purposes of allowing us to feast our eyes on them in the tightest and shortest shorts known to man.


Via: DailyMail

Kylie Jenner most likely needs no introduction as we have all been watching her for years on the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Indeed, she is the daughter of the infamous Kris and Kaitlyn Jenner. Kylie Jenner couldn’t escape fame and success even if she tried. Like her siblings and parents, she will always thrive as a member of one of the world’s most famous families on the small screen, and she’s going to look good doing it, especially if she is sporting some tight shorts.


In 2017 many people can’t hear the name Hilary without feeling total rage or utter despair – depending on who you ask – but in the case of Hilary Duff, one has to remember that this is a girl who has been rocking tight shorts and, really, any other look, for years now. Duff got her foot in the door with the huge Disney television series Lizzie McGuire when she was just a young girl, but she has remained consistently employed in the entertainment industry as a singer and actress, as well as an activist for human and animal rights. She’s not slacking on her looks either, as it would seem that with every passing year that this former Disney star continues to get hotter and hotter.


Eddie Murphy is one of the world’s most famous and successful comedy stars of all time, and while his daughter Bria might not have much hope of equaling his level of fame, she’s certainly developing a following of her own. Her own career as an actress in Hollywood is in the budding stages, though she does have several credits to her name. Her family history in the entertainment business is truly what put Bria Murphy in the spotlight, but her amazing body and beautiful features are helping to ensure she is able to make it just fine on her own. Bria is gorgeous with curves to kill and her innate ability to rock a hot pair of tight shorts is certainly proof of that.


Modern Family is a comedy show that has grown to be a part of American culture over the years and one of the show’s young stars, the gorgeous Ariel Winter, has been at the focus of a lot of the attention it has been getting. A few years back, while she was still underage, Winter was in the news as her older sister went to court and earned the right to become her legal guardian, getting her away from an abusive mother. Ariel later declared herself emancipated and has continued to leave her mark on the entertainment industry with her role in Modern Family as well as many other television credits and voice acting roles. She’s a busy young woman, and let’s not neglect to mention how good she looks in a nice pair of tight shorts.


Though Kaley Cuoco’s rise in fame can be attributed partially to her role alongside John Ritter at the time of his death in the TV sitcom 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, she later became even more successful for starring in The Big Bang Theory, a series that has made her a huge hit in geek culture. Cuoco is an incredibly talented actress and is beautiful to boot, but she also has a charming personality that has managed to help her build an incredibly large following and a wildly successful career as an actress in Hollywood. Still, you don’t ever want to discount the value of good looks, and miss Kaley Cuoco has most definitely got them in spades.


Michelle Lewin is a very popular fitness model known for the freckles on her chest, which apparently got her turned away from several agencies when she was trying to get her foot in the door in the modeling world. She famously lost a lot of weight to get into the fantastic shape she is in today and is now rocking one of the fittest hourglass figures in all of Hollywood. She has also posed nude for Playboy in her native Venezuela, to give you an idea about how in demand her good looks are. With a body like hers, Lewin is a natural fit for tight shorts as we can clearly see, and is likely capable of making pretty much any article of clothing look nice.


If you’re into tall blondes (and who isn’t?) then you truly need to look no further than Charlotte McKinney as your new celebrity crush. If you, for some reason, are not already familiar with this bombshell, McKinney is a model and actress who most recently appeared alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron in the 2017 action comedy Baywatch, a movie adaptation of the famous television series from the 1990s. She has also done a commercial for the Carl Jr.’s fast food chain and modeled for Guess, and has competed on Dancing With the Stars as well. But you surely don’t care too much about any of that when you see just how well she kills it in a pair of tight shorts.


Victoria Justice first came into the spotlight at the very young age of 12 when she showed up on the popular Nickelodeon series Zoey 101 starring Britney Spears’ younger sister Jamie Lynn. Justice later went on to get her very own Nickelodeon series called Victorious, for which she performed several songs as a vocalist. Justice also played the popular role of Janet in the 2016 revival of the cult classic movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show. She has built a very successful career for herself as an actress and singer and in her young adulthood has become something of a sex symbol in Hollywood. Whether she’s all dressed up or just spending a casual day out, this girl knows how to rock the tight shorts.


In 2017, we live in a musical era with some of the biggest stars the industry has ever known. While past decades had a handful of iconic stars like Cher, Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, women in pop music are experiencing a boom. With the likes of Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Rihanna and many, many others filling the airwaves with one monster hit after another it’s difficult for a girl to stand out. Iggy Azalea, however, has managed to do just that. She has made herself into one of the most successful female rap artists of all time and with looks to kill she’s doing it all in style, especially when she decides to show us how well she can rock short shorts.


We all know that sinking feeling we get when we realize that our childhood crushes have grown up to look simply haggard in their adulthood. While we don’t need to single out any unfortunate souls, we can point to at least one instance where this absolutely did not become the case. Remember Winnie from that late ‘80s drama The Wonder Years? She was pretty and sweet and we all grew up with her, but now in her 40s Danica McKellar, the woman behind the role, is looking better than ever with tight abs and curves that help her wear tight shorts as well as any woman half her age. Perhaps all those other former child stars need to take a page out of Danica’s playbook.


Where can you find a thirty six year old mother of two who still has the rocking body of a woman fifteen years younger? Look no further than Victoria’s Secret, as a former model for the women’s wear company named Alessandra Ambrosio is looking as fit as ever with two pregnancies behind her. Aside from her work with Victoria’s Secret, Ambrosio has also made many television appearances including roles on the hit HBO series Entourage and the comedies How I Met Your Mother and New Girl. She’s also made appearances on late night talk shows, The Tyra Banks Show and Project Runway, so this woman has been everywhere. You can bet she’s looked smoking hot while doing all of it, too, especially if she was wearing tight shorts.


Even to some of those who are naturals at rocking a hot pair of tight short shorts, it doesn’t come without lots and lots of hard work. Jennifer Nicole Lee could be the poster girl for body transformation, especially considering her unique circumstances. Jennifer is a fitness model who became famous for losing 70 pounds after giving birth to her two children and getting into the remarkably good shape that she is in today. She is totally ripped and now works to spread positive messages about body image through her fitness books and giving motivational speeches. She also has her own fitness DVD series, so doing all of this as a mother of two obviously makes Jennifer Nicole Lee one incredibly busy woman.


We have already discussed her younger sister Kylie Jenner and how good she looks in a pair of tight shorts, but how about the infamous Kim Kardashian herself? Just in case you have been living under a rock for the past decade, Kim Kardashian became worldwide famous when a private sex tape of hers leaked. This obviously garnered an enormous amount of attention, although Kim already had her ties to fame, having previously worked with famous heiress Paris Hilton. Today we all know Kim and the rest of her family from the E! reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and we are all well aware of just how hot Kim looks in just about anything (or nothing), especially a pair of tight shorts.


Few fashion models have the unique look and stunning beauty of Gigi Hadid. She is such a natural that when she was only a baby, she was discovered by Guess and started her modeling career, which she continues today. She is one of the few models who has become internationally famous without dipping her toes into the acting side of Hollywood. She has become so successful as a fashion model that she has been asked to host several big events such as the American Music Awards and the iHeartRadio Music Video Awards, and she is also fortunate enough to have been on the cover of Vogue magazine. Gigi Hadid is definitely one of the top models of our time and, as expected, she can rock the tight shorts with the best of them.


Courtney Stodden has been doing it all in Hollywood for years now. She is a singer, having released several singles as of 2017, as well as an actress of sorts, having been featured on many reality TV series including Celebrity Big Brother and the VH1 program Couples Therapy. Stodden is also a model and is a noted animal rights activist, being a national spokesperson for PETA. She has said that she is a vegetarian because she does not feel as though she should be eating animals. Stodden has also notably been married to a fellow actor named Doug Hutchison who is her elder by several decades and whom appeared with Stodden on Couples Therapy. Obviously, Courtney Stodden has been a busy gal but she’s also been looking damn good through all of it, especially in tight shorts.

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