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15 Celebrities Who Were Drunk While Shooting A Movie

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15 Celebrities Who Were Drunk While Shooting A Movie

Always being in the spotlight puts a lot of pressure on anyone. Since celebrities are almost always at the front and center of things especially when shooting a movie, it is pretty reasonable that they also experience difficulty in handling such pressure. What do they do then? They turn to bottled liquid courage so that they don’t have to “suffer” such circumstances sober.

Acting in front of the camera is a tough job. It looks glamorous if you’re from the outside looking in but as you get closer to it, you’d realize that the glamor tapers off and you begin to recognize the hardships that come with the job. Celebrities work long hours to make sure that the movies they make are flawless. It can get very tiring, and sometimes, there are scenes that are too difficult to do without an ounce of alcohol. In some cases, to make a scene appear genuine, they need to take a glass of whiskey or down a bottle of beer in order to finish shooting.

It may amaze you but there are a lot of celebrities who shoot their scenes drunk. Here are some of them.

15. Jennifer Lawrence (Passengers)


Shooting a bedroom scene is one of the most challenging tasks for an actor. This is the same even for seasoned actors like Jennifer Lawrence. On the movie Passengers, she had to do a racy scene with Chris Pratt. She revealed that she got drunk in order to shoot that scene but not because they don’t know what they were doing. Actually, the scene was shot perfectly. She said she just felt uncomfortable with the thought of it and got anxious in doing it especially with Chris being married. For Jennifer it felt like she was crossing a boundary despite the fact that the scene was not real and they were both just acting.

14. Shia LeBeouf (Lawless)


Shia LeBeouf revealed in an interview with Page Six that he was able to successfully undertake his role as a moonshiner on the movie Lawless by drinking a lot of moonshine. The distilled spirit proved to be effective because his acting felt so real that he even terrified one of his co-stars, Mia Wasikowska. It even came to a point that Mia wanted out of the film and talked to her lawyer about this.

Later on, Shia clarified that he didn’t intend that to happen. He had to drink moonshine to get the “bloated” look that is perfect for the movie. He also said that he won’t be able to achieve such look if he just drank some beer.

13. Margot Robbie (Wolf of Wall Street)


One of the prettiest faces in Hollywood, Margot Robbie got her big break all thanks to a glass of liquid courage. Before she became Harley Quinn, Margot played Naomi Lapaglia on Wolf of Wall Street. Her first and most challenging scene in the movie was when she had to be completely naked while standing in the doorway. She said that she was “petrified” to do it and that she almost didn’t go through with it.

To push through with the scene, a member of the crew gave her a flask of tequila. Three shots after, she was able to take her clothes off without her hands shaking. “It gave me a little boost of confidence,” she said.

Since then, her mantra and also her advice to those who get scared while shooting a movie is to take three shots and everything will be alright.

12. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)


The life of a famous child actor is never easy. The lifestyle may appear awesome to some but the pressure that comes with it is massive. This is the case with Daniel Radcliffe, who we all grew up with and know as the “boy who lived.”

Being Harry Potter repeatedly has its advantages and disadvantages. A lot of people, young and old, looked up to Daniel and his character. However, this admiration came with a burden for the actor.

So, when he turned 18 and was already shooting for the sixth instalment of the movie, Daniel revealed that he and alcohol became close friends. He even said in an interview with British GQ, “I became so reliant on [alcohol] to enjoy stuff… There were a few years when I was just enamoured with the idea of living some sort of famous person’s lifestyle that really isn’t suited to me.”

11. Neve Campbell and Denise Richards (Wild Things)


I kissed a girl and I liked it

However, that song wasn’t around yet during the shooting of the movie Wild Things. Hence, Neve Campbell and Denise Richards, who revealed that they had never kissed a girl before prior to this movie, didn’t know what to look forward to when shooting their kissing scene. So, they both turned to some margaritas and a bottle of wine to have the courage to do this scene.

Denise revealed in an interview that she and Neve got drunk first on Neve’s trailer before shooting this steamy scene. We bet that Denise was not only anxious about the thought of kissing another woman, but also that she had to shoot the scene half-naked and inside a swimming pool.

So, did they like it? We also wonder.

10. Brad Pitt (Fight Club)


One of the most iconic films in history is Fight Club. This movie catapulted both Brad Pitt and Edward Norton’s careers. Looking at the extra footage, the film became successful because the people behind it knew how to improvise and adjust. For instance, there was a scene where Edward really hit Brad but Brad didn’t see that coming. He thought that there would be no physical contact in the scene but Edward hit him in the ear.

Another thing out of the ordinary on the set was when Brad and Edward got plastered in one scene. The two bonded and got drunk that they started throwing golf balls at catering trucks. The director saw this as being unruly, which perfectly fits Brad’s character, and decided to film it.

9. Anna Kendrick (Drinking Buddies)


Being drunk on the set of Drinking Buddies seems very appropriate. When you hear the title of the movie, you somewhat expect that the actors will get drunk one way or the other. And that is what happened because real alcohol was present on location while shooting the movie.

There is a funny story though as to how and why Anna Kendrick got drunk on set. When Anna arrived on location, she wasn’t told about the drinking rituals on the set. She saw a glass and took a big gulp from it because she thought it was water. Apparently, it was real alcohol and she got tipsy right then and there. After drinking that, she was told that all alcohol on set was real. It was a little too late though.

8. Martin Sheen (Apocalypse Now)


Apocalypse Now is one of the most critically-acclaimed movies around. Yet, it wasn’t created easily. Martin Sheen, who played the lead in the movie, was a last-minute replacement because director Francis Ford Coppola believed that Harvey Keitel wasn’t getting the job done.

Martin flew to Manila where the shooting of the movie was being done. Since they were already in the middle of the shooting, they had to speed things up for Martin. It was revealed later on that Martin was so drunk during the shooting of the film that he was even willing to cut his own hand and smear blood on his face. The director kept him drunk for two days, locked him up, and kept telling him horrible things like everyone around is evil. They were able to finish shooting but it also resulted in Martin having a heart attack on set later on.

7. Peter O’Toole and Omar Sharif (Lawrence of Arabia)


Peter O’Toole was popular for his drinking escapades. There was even a time when he made his understudy, Michael Caine, go drinking with him. The next morning, they woke up in an apartment with two women, unclear to them both what happened the night before.

During the shooting of the movie Lawrence of Arabia, Peter was almost always drunk on set. He was considered an expert in drinking such that his co-star, Omar Sharif, had a tough time catching up with him. During one of the most iconic scenes in the movie, Omar was scared he might fall from his camel. Peter told him that he would get drunk and so did Omar. Although they were both plastered it resulted in Omar being “upside-down, hugging the camel’s belly,” a scene which became an iconic part in the film.

6. Robert Newton (Waterfront)


Popular for playing Long John Silver in the 1950s movie Treasure Island, Robert Newton gained a reputation for being a drunkard. Even his friends were telling him that he drank too much but he kept shrugging them off. At one time, Robert was so drunk that he showed up at a shooting of a different movie. Still, the director found himself lucky because he was able to shoot four scenes with the legend before Robert was asked to leave.

On the filming of Waterfront, Robert was often crazy drunk. At one point, he even attacked a car with a horsewhip because it wouldn’t start. Moreover, there were also several instances during the shoot that Robert was often found without pants and underwear.

5. Billy Bob Thornton (Bad Santa)


One of the worst Santa’s in history, Billy Bob Thornton had to be drunk on set in order to channel the true Bad Santa. According to Billy, he couldn’t be just a little drunk to nail the role so he had to drink tons to be the real Bad Santa.

In the movie, Santa hated the kids but in real life, Billy finds them amusing. He really needed the alcohol to show how much he abhors kids otherwise he wouldn’t be able to curse at them while shooting the movie. Although he got a bad rep after the movie, he was very professional for getting the job done.

4. Richard Burton (Under Milk Wood)


Richard Burton was one of Peter O’Toole’s (Lawrence of Arabia) best mates. Hence, Richard is also known for being a master of drinking even on set. On the movie Under Milk Wood, where Richard and Peter both appeared, it can be expected that there was a lot of drinking while the film was being shot. Although he said that he wouldn’t get drunk on the film set, he was still drinking at least one bottle of vodka while shooting. His excuse was that he was usually sober until he downed two bottles.

However, Richard had a tough time sobering up but he had to. His drinking escapades resulted in him fighting all the time with his wife, Elizabeth Taylor. He even had an incident where he hit his daughter’s nanny.

3. John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins (Super Mario Bros.)


Some movies come out spectacular because the actors got drunk to get the job but some movies come out horrible because the actors just got drunk. Super Mario Bros is the latter. Although a lot of people had high expectations of the movie, it just sucked. Even the lead stars of the film, John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins, admitted that it was a terrible movie. Both of them also hated working on it. They were so miserable that they needed to get drunk in order to shoot.

Due to their drunkenness, there was even an accident on set. At one point, John was driving the Mario van. He knew he was a bad driver even without alcohol but this time he had a few and was driving. This ended up shattering Bob’s fingers because the van’s door slid backward when John accelerated then stopped immediately. The injury wasn’t very serious and they were able to finish shooting even with a finger cast on Bob.

2. Robert Shaw (Jaws)


Like other classic actors, drinking came easily to Robert Shaw. He believed that having a bottle or two keeps the creative juices flowing, which is essential for an actor.

On the set of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, there was a time when Robert appeared blackout drunk. He initially told Steven that he just needs a little drink to relieve himself of anxiety and the nerves. However, he had too much to drink. Due to this, he was almost taken out of the movie. It was fortunate that Steven gave him a second chance, which he took seriously. The next time they had to shoot, he was early on the set, sober and ready.

1. Jan Michael Vincent (No Rest for the Wicked)


There are good times to be drunk while shooting a movie and there are times that it is just totally depressing. Take the case of Jan Michael Vincent. Back in the day, he was one of the most popular actors in the industry due to his TV roles. Unfortunately, when he became part of the cast of No Rest for the Wicked, a low-budget film, he was barely keeping himself together.

At that time, he was only getting offers for low-budget films that wanted to take advantage of his reputation. He agreed to them but soon they regretted doing it. Jan Michael was almost always drunk on set, making it extremely difficult to work with him. He got hooked on alcohol and drugs that resulted in the end of his career.

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