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15 Celebrity Photos That Were Deleted Within Minutes – Part 5

15 Celebrity Photos That Were Deleted Within Minutes – Part 5

Being a celebrity comes with a bunch of perks regular people could only dream of, but there is also one pretty big downside that makes living in a spotlight harder than you might think – the complete lack of privacy. People, especially the most dedicated fans, want to know every step their favorite celebs take and, luckily for them, social media have made that easier than ever.

There are some celebs whose lives are basically an open book thanks to their posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Unfortunately, when you post as much content as they do, there is a big chance you will post something you’ll regret sooner or later. From accidental nude pic to pretty stupid captions, a number of celebrities have found themselves in situations where the smartest thing to do is to delete a regrettable picture as quickly as possible. On the other hand, that almost never happens soon enough because the fans have their own ways of capturing and even spreading the celeb pics that have been deleted within minutes. When you have millions of followers, you really need to count on the fact that once you post something online, it will stay there forever.

15. Ashley Benson


Ashely Benson sparked controversy on Instagram after posting a picture that was supposed to be an imitation of one of the Amanda Bynes’ pics. People weren’t too happy about Ashley making fun of her troubled peer and the whole comment section of this pic got filled with negative comments moments after the pic was posted. People pointed out to her that Bynes was treated for a mental illness and that it wasn’t okay to mock a person in that situation. Once Ashely realized what the situation with Amanda was, she deleted the picture and apologized. She claimed she had no idea how troubled Bynes actually was and she regretted posting this photo in the first place. However, people should probably keep in mind that when they decide to make fun of somebody, there will always be people who will find it incredibly offending.

14. Rihanna

Rihanna has been posting topless pics on social media way before the #FreeTheNipple campaign was a thing. In fact, she wasn’t even aware that the movement existed. It was actually a bit funny because everybody assumed she was posting those pics as a way of protesting the no-nudity policy in the media, but when asked about it at the 2016 CFDA Awards, she had no idea what they were talking about. On the other hand, it is great to know she was doing it not because she knew it was cool, but because she really felt like it. However, not only were those pics deleted from her Instagram profile, she was actually kicked off the app completely for posting them too many times. Nowadays, she’s back, and she doesn’t break the no-nudity rules as much as she used to.

13. Amanda Bynes


When it comes to the most embarrassing pics deleted from the social media, this one is an oldie but a goodie, and there is a chance you have heard about it before because it was a pretty big deal back in 2013. Amanda Bynes tweeted out a picture of Jay-Z captioned “Ugly face”. That girl really knows how to raise some eyebrows with her behavior. She deleted the pic within minutes, which indicates she either realized it wasn’t really the smartest thing to post or her account was hacked. However, once the post was deleted, she didn’t write any kind of apology or explanation. She just moved on and posted a couple of new selfies like nothing happened. However, when it comes to the troubled actress, everybody knows nothing she posts should really surprise us.

12. Scout Willis

Via: In Touch Weekly

Scout Willis, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, is a big supporter of the #FreeTheNipple campaign and she chose a more radical approach to showing her support than the rest of the ladies we’ve seen using this hashtag on social media in the past. Apparently, it is totally legal to be topless in the streets of New York City so Scout decided to take advantage of that and she went for a topless walk. She had some pictures taken while walking with her breasts out there in the open and she posted them on Instagram. However, Instagram doesn’t really roll with the whole #FreeTheNipple thing so the pic was automatically removed shortly after Scout posted it. Once Instagram took it down, she reposted it on Twitter and it is still up there!

11. Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande posted an adorable selfie to Instagram and, at the first glance, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that pic. However, when you have as many followers as she does, there are bound to be some eagle-eyed ones between them as well and they will notice things that not even the person who posted the pic noticed. So when you look really closely at the pic, you will notice a suspicious looking object on the floor in the left corner of the pic. Apparently, some of Ariana’s fans thought it was some kind of an inappropriate toy that had no place being in that pic in the first place. Ariana deleted the picture once those speculations started and then she explained it was nothing more but a power bar.

10. Paris Hilton


When it comes to snapping selfies, people should really choose their locations more carefully. You have probably noticed that one of the most popular locations for taking pics is the bathroom, mostly because there are always some mirrors there that are great for taking selfies. On the other hand, they aren’t so great if you don’t pay close attention to all the bathroom details that might appear in your pics. In this case, Paris Hilton didn’t notice the toilet paper roll just casually sitting there in the background. Of course, people started making fun of her and gave her no choice but to delete the pic even though she looks kind of cute in it. Luckily, it was just a toilet paper roll and not something way worse.

9. Miley Cyrus


When it comes to this Miley Cyrus post, the problem wasn’t the picture itself; it was the caption. She decided to post a pic of her new tattoo on Instagram (the little planet on her arm) and she captioned it “lilbbjupiter”. However, the planet tattooed on her arm isn’t Jupiter at all. In fact, it is Saturn. Soon enough, somebody noticed the mistake and started making fun of her, and a lot of people followed. When Miley realized that was really a pretty stupid mistake to make considering it proved she didn’t even know what her tattoo was, she deleted the post to put a stop on the negative comments. After a couple of minutes, she posted the same pic again, but she didn’t mention any specific planet names. Instead, she tagged her tattoo artist and pretended like nothing happened.

8. Zac Efron


Celebrities sometimes have serious lapses in judgment when it comes to posting stuff online. Sometimes they post a completely fine pic, but they write something so stupid in the pic description section that they are forced to delete the whole post. That was the case with Zac Efron and this particular pic. There is nothing wrong with the picture itself, but people seemed to have a serious problem with its caption that read: “I’m grateful for a couple of things today: Martin Luther King Jr. and 10 million followers on IG.” At least he has his priorities straight. Of course, the minute this appeared on social media, people went crazy because of how ridiculous that caption sounded. Seriously though, comparing the importance of Martin Luther King Jr. to the number of your followers on social media isn’t the smartest thing to do.

7. Demi Lovato


The feud between Demi Lovato and Kathy Griffin is not a secret. In fact, these two gals have used every opportunity to trash each other whenever they got a chance. Here we have a pic of Demi Lovato pointing at Kathy Griffin with a disgusted look on her face. However, what made this post even worse was the fact that the caption read: “Only a dou*** to people I can’t stand.” Well, she obviously didn’t want to hide any of their feelings about Griffin there. However, she probably realized that post might be crossing the line a little bit so she deleted it almost immediately. Meanwhile, Kathy Griffin took a screenshot of that very same post and posted it on her own profile where she even made a joke about Lovato deleting it.

6. Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey Lohan shared a pic of herself looking pretty trim in her waist-trainer, but it really doesn’t take an eagle eye to realize it was photoshopped – and pretty badly too. Is it possible that she didn’t realize how wavy the stairs behind her were before she posted this online? Unfortunately for her, a bunch of people on Instagram have a well-trained eye for noticing this kind of botched Photoshop work, and they weren’t too kind about it. Just a few minutes after this pic was posted, the comment section was filled with negative comments where people were making fun of her and calling her names. In their defense, she really made it too easy for them. If you really want to edit your pics to look as good possible on social media, you should at least try to do it in a more subtle way.

5. Lindsey Lohan (Again!)

Some people never learn and they continue to do the same mistakes over and over again. One of them is Lindsey Lohan and, this time, we are not talking about her general behavior, but about the pics she posts on social media. She really seems to have some troubles figuring out how Photoshop works, specifically, how to edit a picture without making it so painfully obvious that the pic was tampered with. In this particular case, if you look closely, you will notice that there is something wrong with the door and the shelf in the background. They appear to be a bit wavy, don’t they? Of course, that is the fastest way to realize that a photo has been edited and many celebs managed to embarrass themselves just like our gal Lindsey here by not doing it right.

4. Chelsea Handler


The comedian Chelsea Handler is pretty determined to post topless photos and other kinds of inappropriate content that gets deleted from the social media within minutes. However, unlike most of the celebs on this list, Chelsea is never the one to delete those pics; instead, they always get removed by the app itself. She posted this pic on Instagram in December of 2014, and, as you can see, she was posing topless on top of a mountain covered in snow. Of course, we already know that Instagram has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to nudity so not many of Chelsea’s Instagram followers got the chance to see this pic. However, once the pic was deleted, she didn’t just give up and she posted it on Twitter accompanied by the hashtag #FreeTheNipple.

3. Taylor Swift


This would be a perfect picture of a woman in love enjoying the performance of her beloved boyfriend. The thing that makes it less perfect is the fact that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are no longer a thing even though they seemed like a perfect couple a while back. Taylor posted this pic on Instagram while they were still together, but she deleted it before a lot of people got to see it. Rumor has it that she was well-aware the relationship wasn’t going to last much longer and she didn’t want this pic to be all over the media once they broke up. No matter the reason, the pic was on her Instagram profile only shortly, but people still managed to get some screenshots that have proven themselves useful once the couple broke up.

2. Snoop Dog

Via: Halloween Ideas

Snoop Dog’s anger towards one of his followers resulted in a pretty bad reaction from almost everybody who saw this Instagram post before he deleted it. Apparently, some guy left a negative comment on his page so Snoop found one of his photos and posted it together with a pretty offensive homophobic message. What made things a thousand times worse was the fact that Snoop was known to be openly supportive of gay marriage so this post left all of his followers pretty shocked and with a big question mark over their heads. They lashed out at him and demanded an explanation, but he simply deleted the post not even an hour after it was posted without getting into a debate with the followers. However, this post cost him some fans that were pretty offended by this kind of homophobic slur.

1. Chrissy Teigen

Via: W Magazine

Chrissy Teigen has had her share of pics removed from Instagram for breaking the no-nudity policy, but one of those pics was way more memorable than the others and it was shared by a bunch of people even though Instagram took it down almost instantly. It wasn’t just another home made selfie; it was actually a picture that was taken for a W magazine spread. Naturally, Chrissy wanted to share the great news and her excitement with her followers so she posted the photo from the shoot on Instagram and she thanked everybody who made that possible. However, since part of her chest was exposed, not many people got to see the pic on Instagram. Paradoxically, more people saw the picture after it was deleted from the social media than before.

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