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15 Celebrity Photos That Were Deleted Within Minutes – Part 3

15 Celebrity Photos That Were Deleted Within Minutes – Part 3

The Internet doesn’t forgive and forget – once something is out there, it’s there for good. Unfortunately, numerous celebrities have learned that the hard way. No matter how seemingly perfect you are, we are all human; you are bound to take a bad picture from time to time. Sometimes you might not even know that there was something wrong with the pic in the first place! By the time you realize it and take the picture down, it is too late; especially if you are a celebrity with millions of followers.

We might like to think that the stars are just like us, but let’s face it – when it comes to social media, there is a major difference. For example, no one really cares about your embarrassing prom photo (except your mom, maybe), but if a celebrity drops something at least a little bit embarrassing; people will be all over it. It literally takes just a couple of seconds for a bad pic to go viral, and spread all over the social media. It is boring to see our favorite celebs so perfect all the time, and it feels kind of good to be reminded they are people just like everybody else. So let’s take a look at 15 celebrity photos that were deleted within minutes, yet not soon enough!

15. Hayley Williams

Via: Dr Samuel Banda

If you are a huge Paramore fan, then you probably remember the day back in 2010 when the singer Hayley Williams accidentally posted one of her naked selfies. She immediately realized what she did and she deleted the picture in under a minute, but some of her fans were faster than that and they managed to take a screenshot during the those few seconds, and the picture was out there for everybody to see. Later, Hayley claimed the pic was posted by one of them skilled hackers, but most of the people still believe Hayley simply hit the wrong button and posted the pic instead of sending it to someone’s inbox. The whole thing is just one of the proofs that you can never be careful enough when it comes to your private pics.

14. Bow Wow


Of all the stupid things you can do, posting a picture of yourself driving under the influence is right at the top of the list. And yet, that’s exactly what Bow Wow did when he wasn’t sober enough to realize that he was actually posting an incriminating evidence. To make things even worse, in his tweet, he wrote all about how drugged out of his mind he was while driving his Lamborghini with Chris Brown. When he sobered up a little, he deleted the picture immediately but thousands of people have seen it at that point. In fact, it wasn’t the first post that he shouldn’t have posted on his Twitter page. In fact, Bow Wow’s had so much trouble with his account, that he had to delete it and make a new one.

13. Jennifer Lopez


We have gotten used to seeing Jennifer Lopez in the best shape possible, so there is no wonder people were quite surprised when this pic was published. Of course, J-Lo somehow made the pic suddenly disappear but you really can’t blame her for that. There is so much wrong there! First of all, her legs don’t seem nearly as toned as they should be according to all those magazine covers, and other Jennifer’s photos we’ve seen in the past. Secondly, what about that dress in the picture? You know there is something wrong with a dress when it shows a terrible granny-panties a person is wearing underneath! When you look at the top of the pic, J-Lo looks great; perfect hair, nice makeup, all in place, but once your eyes go down… Yikes!

12. Hulk Hogan


Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke have a very close relationship that many people out there find borderline creepy. A couple of years back, he posted a picture of himself rubbing tanning oil onto Brooke’s legs while they were enjoying themselves on a beach, and people weren’t too happy about that. However, it didn’t stop Hogan from posting another pic of his daughter’s legs 5 years later. The fact that he wrote “Brooke’s legs” in the pic description didn’t help to make the whole thing less creepy. He deleted the picture once he realized the majority of people have a problem with men taking attractive pictures of their own daughters (Duh!). According to both Hogan and his daughter, the problem isn’t their relationship, but the twisted minds of people making it something it isn’t.

11. Chris Brown

Via: People And Power

Everybody was a bit surprised when we found out that Chris Brown had a secret baby mama, but he’s been nothing else than a supportive father since he found out about his daughter. He even got a large tattoo of his daughter’s face on his back. But people have been wondering whether the ink was real, since he deleted the picture just moments after he posted it. If the tattoo is real, we will probably get a chance to see it again sooner or later, but for now, one can only speculate. Maybe Chris Brown is truly a devoted father, despite the fact many people really doubted it at first. The mother of the child is a model named Nia, she is 6 years older than Brown, and the two have reportedly known each other for a long time.

10. Kim Zolciak


The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kim Zolciak, posted a family pic that started a long debate about teens getting plastic surgeries. In the pic, you can see Kim with her husband Kroy Biermann and daughter Brielle, whose face looks suspiciously enhanced. Or at least that’s what the numerous people who saw this snap thought! Everybody knows Kim has undergone a couple of plastic surgeries, so people have been wondering if that’s had a negative impact on her daughters’ body image, and if maybe they felt pressured to get under the knife themselves in order to be more like their mother. Once this speculation started spreading through the comment section, Kim quickly deleted the picture. Of course, that didn’t kill the speculation, it just forced it to move on the other pictures on her page.

9. Katie Holmes


Who can blame Katie Holmes for trying to remove this picture from any known source as soon as possible? Poor Katie looks like she was having the worst day of her life when this pic was snapped. Everybody has a bad hair day from time to time, but this was a combination of terrible hair, no makeup, and tired face with a slightly scary expression on it. When you are a celebrity, you should really consider checking yourself out in the mirror before leaving the house because you never know when the paparazzi will strike. However, she managed to have the picture deleted shortly after it was published, but many people still got to see it. On the more positive side, they probably felt better about their looks that day when they realized that even somebody as cute as Katie can look like this.

8. Brody Jenner

Via: Hollywood Life

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of the relationships in the Jenner-Kardashian world. However, there has been some bad blood between the (ex)family members. Brody Jenner was caught saying Kardashians weren’t his family and he doesn’t think of them as family members. This picture that he posted was taken at a wedding, and he published it with a comment on how his girlfriend, Kaitlynn Carter, and he finally got to go to a wedding together. Seems pretty innocent, doesn’t it? Well, you need to know how to read between the lines to know what he was getting at. He was actually referring to the fact that Kim and Kayne didn’t invite his girlfriend to their wedding, and he was obviously upset about that. However, he deleted the picture before more unnecessary tension escalated.

7. Lindsey Lohan

Via: Dailydot

You know how you sometimes post things without double-checking them first? Well, if you are a celebrity, you really shouldn’t do that! Lindsay Lohan learned that the hard way after she posted what was supposed to be an inspirational photo – but it really wasn’t. She posted a word in Arabic with a translation that said “You are beautiful”, but instead of all the praises, she ended up receiving a bunch of hate mail. It turned out that the word she posted was, in fact, an Arabic insult saying “You are a donkey!” Sure, no one can blame Li-Lo for not speaking Arabic, but that is not much of an excuse. Do you remember the time when everybody used Chinese symbols for tattoos without double-checking their meaning so they ended up with the word “soup” tattooed on their shoulder? Well, this was a similar situation.

6. Anne Hathaway


Anne Hathaway posted a picture of Helena Bonham Carter saying “In a world of Kardashians, be a Helena Bonham Carter” and the internet just exploded! What Hathaway probably meant by it was that she salutes all the quirky and unique individuals out there, but the Kardashians’ fans didn’t see it that way. Moments after the pic was posted, Hathaway was attacked by the huge Kardashian fan base, and she deleted the picture in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately for her, America’s most famous family’s followers didn’t let the whole thing just slide by, and they kept trashing her on social media for quite some time. She didn’t reply or try to explain the misunderstanding. Instead, she replaced the original picture with another one saying “Post removed for unintentional shade thrown”.

5. Louise Thompson


Louise Thompson took a picture while she was getting frisky with her boyfriend, and then she accidentally posted it on Instagram. Although she deleted the pic in a matter of minutes, hundreds of people saw it and commented on it. Some of them even made a screenshot for their private collection. As far as the embarrassing posts go, this one really broke almost every record! Poor Louise must have felt terrible when she realized what she did. However, let’s look at the bright side; there have been numerous celebrities whose private bedroom videos leaked and went viral, so if you compare it to that, this maybe isn’t the end of the world. Louise probably learned her lesson on playing with her phone at the wrong time, and she will hopefully be way more careful in the future.

4. Kim Zolciak

Via: lifeandstylemag

The reality star Kim Zolciak wanted everybody to see that the beauty just runs naturally in her family, so she posted this pic of herself and her two oldest daughters in a bikini. The pic was accompanied by a message saying “It’s in the genes baby”, but people didn’t react in the way she’d expected. The moment she put the pic on her Instagram page, a huge load negative comments was launched by her followers. Some of them found it ridiculous that she credited the genes for the good looks, because she is well known for talking openly about her numerous plastic surgeries that helped her look the way she looks today. When Kim realized the public pretty much hated the pic, she deleted it and pretended nothing happened.

3. Lindsey Lohan

Via: All4Women

The relationship between Lindsey Lohan and her mother Dina isn’t really a perfect example of a functional family. Sure, we’ve seen them partying together but that can only hardly be considered a picture-perfect mother-daughter relationship. However, on one occasion, Lindsay seemed to be more upset with her mother than usual. She posted a Bitmoji cartoon saying: “We’re done”, and she wrote in the post about how bad it feels when your mother isn’t there for you when you need her. We don’t know exactly what happened there, but one can only assume that Lindsey was going through one of her crisis’ and she wasn’t getting all the support she needed. However, she deleted the picture in question in a matter of minutes. Maybe she realized there was a better way to solve family disputes than through social media.

2. Chelsea Handler

Via: Business Insider

Chelsea Handler is an American comedian who posed topless on a horse and posted the image on Instagram, but it didn’t stay there for long. The pic didn’t follow the app’s community guidelines, and it was taken down shortly after Handler posted it. The whole point of the photo, according to her, was to prove that women can do all the things men do, and she was really disappointed by the fact that pictures of women’s breasts are considered inappropriate while men’s bare chest is perfectly fine. She protested the deletion of the photo again and again, but it didn’t help and she wasn’t allowed to repost it. The 39-year-old comedian was deeply disappointed by this kind of censorship, and she let everybody know how she felt by pointing out the society’s outdated point of view on the female body.

1. Lena Dunham


Lena Dunham made a joke about her dog eating all of her underwear and she posted a pic of herself wearing her boyfriend’s pair instead. However, she quickly deleted it before anyone got a chance to take a closer look – except those speedy guys and gals out there who managed to get a screenshot! She later explained that she didn’t delete her picture because she was ashamed of her body or anything like that. She simply realized that the picture could bring a wave of negativity that would be bad not only for her, but for her teenage fans as well. She didn’t want all those young boys or girls to see countless negative comments about her being fat or ugly, because she felt bad about how that would reflect on their own body image.

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