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15 Celebs Over 60 Who Put Young Women To Shame

15 Celebs Over 60 Who Put Young Women To Shame

There’s no doubt about it — Hollywood is an industry that values youth. There’s always a new young, hot starlet on the rise, and women of a certain age are constantly getting nipped and tucked in order to stay looking youthful. And unfortunately, it’s often something that women have to worry about far more than men — for female actresses, age is a far bigger deal. While men often get more interesting, meaty roles as they grow older, women are often relegated to playing the mom or even grandmother, someone who gets a supporting role but not the lead.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to age gracefully, and look pretty darn good doing it. The celebrities on this list are all over 60 years old, yet if you didn’t know, we’re betting you’d clock them at at least ten, if not twenty or thirty, years younger than they actually are. Everyone has their own secrets, their own beauty routine and daily habits, that contribute to how they look, but they all have one thing in common — they look absolutely incredible. And, most of them are still continually working, which proves that your career in the entertainment industry doesn’t have to die the moment you hit 60.

Here are 15 celebrities over the age of 60 who are still super gorgeous.

15. Christie Brinkley (63)


You may assume that once you hit even 30 years old, it’d be tough to get a spot in the pages of Sports Illustrated wearing a swimsuit. After all, that’s for young swimwear models, right? Well, unless you’re Christie Brinkley and you look like a young swimwear model… despite being 63 years old. Seriously, we’re not sure what Brinkley’s routine is and how much of it is just good genes, but the woman looks absolutely incredible. We can see a young starlet like Kylie Jenner rocking this strappy one-piece, but quite frankly, in a side by side, Brinkley might still be the one wearing it better.

14. Raquel Welch (76)


Way back in the 1960s, after she donned her doe skin bikini for One Million Years B.C., Raquel Welch officially cemented her spot in Hollywood as a major babe. Her career spanned the next few decades, with the star tackling different types of roles, but one thing has remained consistent — she’s still super gorgeous. Welch frequently makes just about every list of the hottest stars of all time, including in Empire, Playboy, and Men’s Health. I mean, if you were first meeting her and had no idea who she was or how old she was, you would never imagine that she was in her 70s.

13. Susan Lucci (70)


Susan Lucci is, and probably always will be, the queen of soap operas. Lucci made her name by playing the character of Erica Kane on popular soap All My Children for a whopping 40 years. That’s right — from 1970 to 2011, she memorized her script, got all dolled up, and filmed her scenes. That’s a gruelling schedule, but it cemented her status as an icon — and it doesn’t seem to have negatively affected her looks at all. Lucci is now 70 freaking years old and looks absolutely stunning, and is continuing to get saucy roles on shows like Devious Maids.

12. Helen Mirren (72)


Let’s just be honest — Helen Mirren is a gift to us all. She’s been in the industry for a long time, and tackled a lot of more highbrow roles in her younger years, and now she’s just an A-Lister who does what she wants. She has fun on the red carpet, dyes her hair pink, and just lives her life exactly the way she wants to — and that kind of a care-free attitude just may be her secret to looking so incredible at 72. We know she made a splash a few years ago when the paparazzi snapped a shot of her in a red two piece, but she consistently looks absolutely stunning on every red carpet she walks down, wearing form-fitting glam gowns rather than frumpy grandma frocks.

11. Morgan Fairchild (67)


Morgan Fairchild’s career really came to a peak in the 1970s and 80s, when she had roles left and right, and she made a bit of a comeback in the ‘90s guest starring occasionally as Chandler’s sultry mother on Friends. Fairchild occasionally accepts guest starring roles nowadays, and has appeared in Fashion House, The Bold and the Beautiful, Bones, Revenge, and Hot in Cleveland. Throughout her career, one thing has remained consistent — she was always known as a bit of a blonde bombshell, and even now that she’s 67, she has no trouble snagging roles where the actress is supposed to be desirable, because, well — look at her!

10. Jane Seymour (66)


Jane Seymour is probably best known for her role in films like Live and Let Die and East of Eden, as well as her years on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. However, she’s had a consistent career, and has an Emmy, two Golden Globe Awards, and a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And, let’s not forget — she’s still totally gorgeous. In recent years, Seymour has played ‘cougar’ roles from time to time, and there’s a simply explanation for that — she’s still absolutely stunning, and audiences can easily believe that a guy ten, twenty, or even thirty years her junior would be interested in her.

9. Lynda Carter (66)


For those who didn’t know, Lynda Carter was the original Wonder Woman. So, with the release of the recent box office smash hit starring Gal Gadot, she’s been coming along on some of the press tours to pay homage to her involvement with the character. Now, Gal Gadot is over 30 years her junior, but at 66, Lynda Carter still looks absolutely gorgeous. She may not have trained as hard in the past year as Gadot did to prepare for the role, but she could easily still rock the teeny costume for a flash forward scene if necessary — and look darn good wearing it.

8. Jaclyn Smith (71)

Via: Wikipedia and Surgery vip

Okay, if you looked at this photo of Jaclyn Smith and tried to guess her age without really knowing much about her, there is no way you would guess that she’s over 70. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even guess that she’s over 50! Whatever Smith has been doing over the years is definitely working for her, as she could easily still don a form-fitting outfit and get to work on a Charlie’s Angels reboot, even all these years later. In fact, she had a bit of a cameo in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, but maybe she should have taken over Demi Moore’s role — she definitely would have looked incredible in that black swimsuit.

7. Lauren Hutton (73)


Models have a bit of an unfair advantage when it comes to aging. Many supermodels just have amazing bone structure and features, so if they take care of their skin over the years, they’re basically guaranteed to still look absolutely gorgeous even years after their runway career has ended. Well, for Lauren Hutton, she’s still waiting for when her career as a model will end, because even at 73, she’s getting booked as the starring lingerie model for huge brands like Calvin Klein. It’s not hard to see why — Hutton still looks totally stunning, and possesses the kind of elegance and poise that money just can’t buy.

6. Rene Russo (63)


It’s almost impossible to imagine that Rene Russo could be over 60 years old, because she looks absolutely stunning. Russo got her start as a model, and in the ‘80s, she decided to try her hand at acting. She starred in a variety of films throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, and after taking about a six year hiatus in the 2000s, she returned to the scene — and appeared in films like The Intern, Thor, and Nightcrawler. We imagine her husband Dan Gilroy must think every day about what a lucky guy he is, because his wife is definitely a mega babe.

5. Olivia Newton-John (68)


Most people likely know Olivia Newton John from her iconic role as Sandy in Grease, but the talented songbird actually has four Grammy awards under her belt with a whole slew of hit singles. In recent years, her primary focus has been on promoting the various charities and causes she believes in, which is a great way to use her star power. And, despite approaching 70, she still looks absolutely gorgeous. We have a feeling this blonde bombshell will still be performing for years to come. She’s a busy lady with a lot of projects on the go at all times, but she doesn’t allow the stress of her schedule to impact her looks whatsoever.

4. Barbara Hershey (69)


Barbara Hershey has certainly had an interesting career. She made a splash with roles in films like A Killing in a Small Town, Portrait of a Lady, Hannah and Her Sisters, Black Swan and more. She’s no stranger to tackling meaty roles, and though she had a bit of a rough patch at one point in her career, she’s bounced back — and looks fantastic. Hershey was actually in a relationship with Lost star Naveen Andrews for over a decade, who is about twenty years younger than she is — and it’s not hard to see how she might catch the eye of a younger man. She definitely doesn’t look her age!

3. Bernadette Peters (69)


For anyone who knows anything about Broadway, Bernadette Peters an absolutely legend. She has seven Tony nominations and nine Drama Desk nominations, and has starred in countless Broadway productions over the course of her five decade career. However, that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten about Hollywood — you’ll also see her in flicks like The Jerk, Pennies From Heaven and more. While all the harsh stage make-up and demanding schedules required of a theatre star may age some people, it hasn’t seemed to impact Peters’ looks — at 69, she still looks absolutely gorgeous and we have a feeling she still has quite a few good years left in her career.

2. Jessica Lange (68)


Jessica Lange’s career has spanned decades, and she’s won just about every award you can imagine, from two Academy Awards, a Tony Award, three Emmys, several Golden Globes, and many more. She’s an absolute legend. And, television fans will probably remember her best from her recent role in the American Horror Story. You might think that with so many successes under her belt she’d hang up her hat and just retire and relax, but not Lange — she still looks absolutely incredible, and she still has her talent, so why not take on whatever interesting role comes her way? Her career shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

1. Mary Steenburgen (64)


It seems like no matter where we turn, we see Mary Steenburgen in a role, and it’s not necessarily that she’s super prolific — she’s just incredible memorable in whatever role she tackles. She’s taken on everything from miniseries to musicals to comedies to more serious dramas, and has starred in films including What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Elf, The Help and more. And at 64, she still looks about the same as she did decades earlier, if not even more gorgeous! She continues to stun audiences with her ability to tackle both hilarious comedic roles as well as more serious characters, and we can’t wait to see what projects she takes on next.

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