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15 Celebs Who Act Nice In Public But Are Actually Horrible People

15 Celebs Who Act Nice In Public But Are Actually Horrible People

Imagine bumping into one of your most favourite movie stars of all times. It could happen while enjoying your shopping therapy with your girls or on your way to the theatre. Seeing or crossing paths with celebs is hardly such a phenomenal occurrence any longer. Needless to say, they are still ordinary folks just like us. The only difference, however, is that they happened to be quite fortunate in life. But still, it’s not such rarity to see them walking around somewhere in the lovely company of their best friends or beloved counterparts.   Indeed, you’d die to strike up a conversation with a celebrity, wouldn’t you? Is there anyone who could actually resist such an overwhelming feeling anyway? Hardly anyone, right?

Thus, you just pull yourself together, pluck up some courage and walk straight up to them. Everything may be well-played in your mind, but what if this cherished person happens to be a real-life scrooge? What would you do? Undoubtedly, many were the cases of famous people who turned out to be downright rude and bad-tempered. What for? Isn’t it their fans who made them successful and celebrated? It’s total nonsense, right? But in truth, some of your childhood #heroes are actually quite ill-tempered. And so, let’s see who these notorious people are, shall we?

15. Russell Crowe

via Hot Starz

Does Russell Crowe really look like a bad guy? Probably not. Also, who would argue his acting skills and inherent talent anyway? Indeed, he’s the real deal when it comes to playing awesome roles. Generally, Russell seems pretty nice and humble until somebody decides to disobey his rules. Well, Russel is pretty famous for his short-tempered personality. Undoubtedly, anyone has their awful days every now and then. But still, this doesn’t really excuse his ill manners on set. Also, he’s got no right to threaten movie producers or insult anyone on live television or on social media. Nevertheless, Russel Crowe “sinned” too many times.

14. Jennifer Lopez


If there’s anyone more hot-tempered than Kanye West or Russel Crowe, it’s absolutely Jenny from the Block. The Latina diva is anything but a humble beauty who keeps her tongue behind her teeth. Actually, you can only wish that she would do that. Jenny may be a bootylicious lady and a successful celebrity in the industry, but that doesn’t really justify her sassy attitude at times. Also, Jennifer is considered really pretentious and downright impossible to work with. What’s even more, it sounds like most of the gossips about her are true given her bizarre scandals with a few flight attendants. Rumor has it that Jennifer is highly demanding of others as she expects them to be at her disposal 24/7. Once she even turned down a lead role in a movie because of her younger and sexier co-stars. So much for professionalism.

13. Ariana Grande

via YouTube

The pint-sized star is without a doubt one of the greatest young musical sensations. But success has its tricky and shady sides as well. All that crazy hype may totally get to your head. The tough part is how you deal with it when success gets your head dizzy. Some of the most discussed celebs think so highly of themselves that they hardly pay any attention to their die-hard fans. The charming Ariana is just another young pop star who is regarded as a cold-hearted princess. And as such, she’s not really fond of posing for a pic with a loyal fan at all. Neither is she interested in signing an autograph. Obviously, Ariana Grande’s got more important errands to run than posing with a fan.

12. Beyonce

via Business Insider

Ahh, Queen B! How is it going, Beyonce? Needless to say, Beyonce’s fan base is one of the strongest and most loyal ones any modern artist could ever dream of. And as such, they often dub their fabulous Beyonce “Queen B”. It’s not that she’s a less glorious celeb who can hardly brag about her shiny career at all. It’s barely the case. However, why does she seem so self-possessed anyway? She’s a megastar whose lyrics are really inspiring but her cold-hearted attitude with fans and during interviews is another story. Besides, many horror stories surround her controlling and mighty personality. Well, “Queens” have to mighty, right?

11. Niall Horan

via Digital Spy

Our next “sinner” is the famous One Direction star named Niall Horan. Well, fame must have knocked too early on his door because Niall Horan’s confidence has reached unmeasurable heights ever since. Indeed, his boy band’s may have bitten the dust, but Niall’s got his own fan base that obviously respects him. Maybe his international reputation is the reason why he reckons he’s sitting atop the world. But in fact, there are thick layers separating him from the glorious top position. Sadly, Niall doesn’t really seem bothered by his notorious behavior. Too bad for him!

10. Michael Jordan


Michael Jordan may be your most favourite basketball player of all times, but he’s also considered rude as hell. Our megastar has got the right to feel extra-confident and proud of his own achievements both professionally and personally. But it doesn’t give him the right to go the extra mile by acting unmannerly especially in front of his fans. After all, these people are his greatest supporters, aren’t they? As such, Michael Jordan probably needs to pay them a little more attention every now and them. No matter how much Michael hates being in the limelight, it’s just so wrong to neglect and disrespect his long-term fans.

9. Taylor Swift

via J14

Tayler Swift’s beef with Kanye West doesn’t really show her as the delicate and soft person she pretends to be. Do you remember the feud she had with him? Well, she denied the statements that she ever patted him on the back for his unkind words thrown at her in his single. Moreover, Tayler said that she never really approved of it while in truth she absolutely did. Besides, there was an audio recording proving our point. So, Tayler Swift happened to be quite a liar, didn’t she? Also, her downright sassy commentaries towards this issue are hardly her best moments at all. Hey, Tayler, your fans are neither stupid nor blind! Indeed, you should write it all down on a sticky note and read it out loud.

8. Cameron Diaz

via Ravepad

The charming Cameron Diaz did really manage to launch a phenomenal acting career after her memorable role in “The Mask”. Actually, it was exactly this movie that helped her get off to a great start. As the years go by, Cameron might have lost an inch of her friendly and nice side though. Rumor has it that Cameron even decided to lecture a group of die-hard fans about manners when they simply asked for her autograph. What’s even crazier is that she went on by explaining she wouldn’t give them that priceless autograph at all. Seriously, Cameron? If that’s true, Diaz’s very likely to lose a great percentage of her international fan base. Such a shame!

7. Josh Duhamel

via Josh Duhamel

Well, Josh Duhamel is quite a handsome man and there’s no second opinion about it. Did you know that he’s Fergie’s husband? Frankly, Fergie is one gorgeous lady who’s pretty famous as well. Therefore, it’d be quite obvious for Josh to step more carefully when other guys check her out. But all in all, he must have felt really insecure one evening because he absolutely misbehaved out of jealousy. Yes, he may love her for real, but apparently, he’s also way too controlling and mistrustful. This, however, is not okay given how many other guys would treat such a gorgeous lady like a queen. Now just let the world cherish the beauty of your girl, okay Josh?

6. Teri Hatcher

via Teri Hatcher

Do you still remember the lovely Desperate Housewives starTeri Hatcher played such an amiable and courteous role in the great production. But is she really that friendly off-screen? Maybe or… maybe not. Actually, Teri Hatcher’s pretentious and unyielding nature was the reason why she was often described as quite hard to work with. Besides, the farewell gift card that the crew received from the cast excluded Teri’s name. Perhaps she was missing when the cast surprised the crew with that cute little farewell gift. But there’s also a chance that Teri didn’t really want to wish them goodbye at all. Who knows what really happened on the set back then…

5. Reese Witherspoon

via The Atlantic

If you think that Reese is always that lovely and friendly gal, then you’d be so heartbroken when you get to the core of things. Reese is anything but nice especially when she’s off-screen. Indeed, she’s most likely to be seen extra-confident and sassy specifically when surrounded by fans. Additionally, there was one crazy situation with a police officer that Reese was somehow involved with. Surely, there’s nothing juicy about it, it’s just that Reese couldn’t help displaying what a big deal she thinks she is. Also, there was a tape which absolutely revealed her true colors. All in all, Reese seemed to be such a mean lady! So much for style and delicacy!

4. Christina Aguilera

via The Inquisitr

If there’s anyone who can challenge and beat Queen Be’s demanding nature, it’s Christina Aguilera for sure. Well, she’s got a really curious story to share with us today. As gifted and beautiful as Christina truly is, she once had an arranged meeting with the R&B legend Mary J. Blige. Can you take a guess what happened? As we all know, Christina may be a bit too eccentric at times. Actually, she must have gone that extra mile by extending her hand in a gesture that simply reads “Yes, show your respect!”. Well, this is anything but ladylike or well-mannered. The story is pretty hilarious though, isn’t it?

3. Angelina Jolie

via The Social Monk

What a surprise, right? Well, Angelina Jolie may be one of the most gifted and beautiful women on the planet, but she’s got her own sassy moments as well. Surely, she’s just as normal as any lady out there. Perhaps the only difference between her and any other gorgeous woman is that she’s a renowned Hollywood actress. To top it all off, she’s still deeply engaged with humanitarian work and philanthropy. But outside of this, Angelina is a lovely mom who’s no stranger to drama and problems. The end of Brangelina’s reign may have been the reason for her low mood and burst of emotions. This whole change might have really induced some sharp thoughts towards anyone working for her as well. But still, it’s our Angie so we can absolutely forget her “bad days”. Let’s sweep it all under the rag, shall we?

2. Kanye West

via The Odyssey Online

Audacious, impolite and somehow ill-humoured? No problem! Kanye’s got the whole package. Surely, there’s nobody who could argue Kanye’s charismatic presence and talent. But does it allow him to treat others as if they are a level beneath him? Hmm, we don’t think it’s the right thing to do. Besides, Kanye West is absolutely one of the greatest rappers cherished by our modern society. But as we all know, fans are exactly those people who can lift you up and bring you down. Therefore, misbehaviours aren’t really greeted with an exciting round of applause. Bottom line: it just doesn’t seem right to act unmannerly during an interview or in public venues.

1. Katherine Heigl

via the Hollywood Reporter

Frankly, we had no idea that Katherine Heigl is such an ill-mannered lady! Seriously, is she really that notorious? Apparently, she’s even more annoying than you could possibly imagine. Actually, how would you feel if your colleagues start dissing you for being way too demanding or cheeky? Well, this is how Katherine Heigl is often described as. Many were the times when she badmouthed her own movie productions without reflecting upon the negative outcomes. She had her breakthrough in the successful Grey’s Anatomy, however, she never really talked highly of the script writing at all. Believe it or not, Katherine once said that she wouldn’t accept an Emmy award due to its poor writing. What?! Seriously, Heigl? No wonder she rarely lands amazing movie roles…


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