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15 Celebs Who Owe Their Looks To A Fat Wallet

15 Celebs Who Owe Their Looks To A Fat Wallet

Have you ever wondered how all of these recognizable names manage to look so flawless? You sure have. Regardless of whether it’s a reputable model or an A-list movie star, celebrities are normal people who’d also do their best to look dressed to the nines. Surely, there are many examples of celebrities who were simply born under a lucky star. As such, there’s hardly anything that they cannot afford. It doesn’t even matter whether it’s an exotic pet animal or a helicopter, celebs will always find a way to get their greedy hands on everything that could work in their favor. After all, being famous must feel amazing but keeping yourself out of trouble is probably another story. And since we’ve just labeled them “pretty normal”, it’s time to look into their closets to reveal their darkest secrets.

After all, money has totally done wonders for a whole lot of famous folks who love being in the limelight anyway! Therefore, we can hardly praise such a”beautiful personality” anymore given how much money they’ve surely poured into all kinds of “beauty enhancements”. From Khloe Kardashian’s surgeries to Blake Lively’s nose job, let’s dig deep into the dirty laundry of our #15 gorgeous celebrities who are so loved and cherished by the entire world!

15. Khloe Kardashian

via Radar Online

Meet the lovely Khloe Kardashian who’s a significant member of the mighty Kardashian clan. Is this Kardashian obsession going to end anytime soon? Because we’d be really joyful if such a great thing happens one day. All kidding aside now –  Khloe Kardashian has gone through a couple of major transformations. Surely, there’s hardly anyone who hasn’t noticed how different Khloe Kardashian’s face is today. Indeed, we don’t mean to say that she was downright unattractive before her “new fancy looks”. However, there’s really something off about her “‘positive body image”. What is she talking about anyway? The entire world has seen her plastic surgery enhancements which have probably cost her a really fat investment. But again, beauty has a price and Khloe knows it like the back of her hand.

14. George Clooney

via Pinterest

Meet the great and handsome George Clooney aka any girl’s “dream man”. Well, if they had seen his inglorious images before rising to fame, they would have treated him otherwise. But let’s focus on the present-day situation now. George Clooney is nothing but a great A-list movie star who can make the world revolve around him. With such a nice personality and fine looks, it’s certainly no wonder why Mr. Candy…Clooney has had so many passionate relationships with beautiful young ladies. And just in case you’re feeling a bit envious now, wait until you find out about his infamous days as an ugly duckling. As you can see for yourself, George’s didn’t have such a dazzling smile back in the day. Perhaps, that’s because he didn’t have a net worth of $500 million back then either…

13. Kylie Jenner

via The Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Well, well, well – meet the gorgeous and smoking hot Kylie Jenner. Was she THAT famous back in the day? No, she wasn’t. Rather, she was hardly a recognizable person a few years back. First and foremost, let’s not forget the fact that she was a bit younger a couple of years ago. Therefore, it’s quite easy to see why nobody remembers her as the Selfie Queen she is today. Additionally, Kylie Jenner has launched her own makeup brand so it seems like she’s become a businesswoman. We don’t know what has happened to her tiny lips, but she must have decided that they’re not good enough for her makeup brand. After all, she’s an improvised makeup artist whose purpose in life is to have…dark pouty lips, right? That’s about right! You go, girl!

12. Zac Efron

via TheRichest

Do you still keep the memories of Zac Efron’s bad teeth days? Sorry, Zach! Accept our sincere apologies for this sarcastic note. But honestly, we can’t help but ask him about his dentist. With such a dazzling smile, it’s really hard NOT to think of his dentist and how professional and skilled he certainly is! Indeed, Zach’s parents might not have been able to afford a fine alternative to the not-so-fancy metal braces. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be talking about this now, right? Anyway, Zac Efron’s bad teeth days have totally bitten the dust. Presently, he is a fine example of an attractive young man with a charismatic personality and a pretty good smile! Way to go, Zac!

11. Ben Affleck

via YouTube

Nowadays Ben Affleck stands shoulder to shoulder with other phenomenal actors such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Nicolas Cage. In truth, there’s a well-founded reason for everything in life. Unlike many other greatly cherished actresses whose talent is barely there, Ben Affleck is one of the best Hollywood action stars. His immense talent has probably caused him more drama and scandals than success. But the media can also be pretty harsh and merciless. Ben has been dragged into a whole lot of burning hot scandals and rumours about his “shocking transformation” right before the eyes of the world.  Some people believe that he’s gone under the knife with the hopes to get his youth back. We don’t know what must have happened to his face and whether he’s turned to the facial cosmetic surgery. However, it’s pretty obvious that he looks younger than ever and this seems like a ton of money invested into such an “experiment”.

10. Kate Winslet

via Variety

Oh, the wonderful Kate Winslet! Are you a fan? If so, then you have certainly seen her before-and-after photos which have totally flooded the web. We don’t say that she has looked better before her beauty enhancement procedures, but there’s certainly something weird about her facial features anyway. We cannot say what might have happened behind closed doors, but Kate’s face definitely looks somehow different. Maybe, her rumoured facelift, boob job, and Botox are based on actual facts. Whatever the case, it certainly seems like Kate enjoys her new looks. And actually, we can’t say that we totally hate it. It’s just kind of weird given her previous less glorious looks.

9. Paris Hilton

via In Touch Weekly

Oh, not again!” Does it feel familiar to you? Without being too mean, let’s just say that Paris Hilton is that type of girl we can’t really run away from. EVER. It’s not like the world loathes her, but she’s an example of a pretty annoying celebrity whose only authentic competition is the “natural” Kim Kardashian. And guess what, these two ladies used to friends about millions of years ago. Today, both of them are excellent examples of fake women who have gained popularity from being hot and untalented. As for Paris Hilton, she’s best known for her wealthy hotel chains and that’s pretty much it! Oh, let’s not ignore her numerous beauty enhancements which probably cost an arm and a leg.

8. Nicolas Cage

via Factinate

Well, Nicolas Cage is perhaps the best instance of a celebrity and a renowned Hollywood star who has turned to cosmetic dentistry. You may not believe it, but Nicolas Cage’s great personality hasn’t always been that “unreachable”. Rather, this guy has certainly had his shameful old days. Today you can still run across a delicious number of less attractive images showing his not-so-perfect teeth. Surely, we don’t think that his teeth were such a big deal back in the day, but things are way much different now. Besides, in a world full of Kardashians, it almost feels kind of mandatory to have a perfect Hollywood smile lacking any imperfections. Indeed, this is what Nicolas Cage must have thought before getting his crooked teeth perfectly fixed. Today, his smile is simply flawless! Well done, Nicolas! Well done!

7. Nicole Kidman

via Celebrity plastic surgery online

Here we are with our next pretty shiny example of how beautiful the world of Hollywood truly is! Meet the wonderful Nicole Kidman who has always been considered a classy lady with a beautiful face and mind. Of course, we don’t doubt her intellect and looks. It’s just that it feels as though she has achieved all of this thanks…to her pretty fat wallet. Well, sorry fans, but let’s be honest here. Nicole Kidman may be a really charming lady with an immense talent but her “organic beauty” does have a price tag. As for that, we’re somewhat worried to find out how many beauty enhancements Nicole has actually experienced. It’s totally crazy, isn’t it?

6. David Beckham

via Cleveland Dental Veneer

Frankly, David Beckham serves as quite a decent example of what money can do especially if you have tons of it. Much like his renowned wife, Victoria Beckham, David has absolutely walked the same path that leads to the famous “Department of Beauty”. Unlike his significant other who’s done a boob and nose job as well, David seems to have been pretty humble with his dental improvements. It’s easy to see that David’s dazzling smile simply didn’t exist in his youth. Same applies to Victoria’s perfectly white teeth. By the way, why does it feel like these two never smile? Aren’t they happy with their smiles? Just kidding! David is amazing just like his stunning wife!

5. Kate Hudson

via Uber Celebrity

Have you actually seen her before-and-after photos? Just in case you’re a die-hard fan of the gorgeous and talented Kate Hudson, then feel free NOT to pay attention to them. After all, you wouldn’t love to see your favourite actress and a celebrity in such a bad way, would you? Kate Hudson is a wonderful lady who has surely twisted many guys around her little finger. But have you ever wondered what her dirty little secret is? Plastic surgeries, it’s plastic surgeries! That’s her GREAT mystery! Kate Hudson has been dragged into many rumours regarding her quite bigger breasts and a different nose. Well, it’s not like we hardly like Kate’s new looks, but we’re more into natural looks anyway.

4. Kim Kardashian

via Pinterest

Honestly, it’s exactly Kim who totally steals the show24/7.  Well, it’s not like she’s always been in the limelight for nice reasons. But after all, her ill-famed personality does wonders for her. Besides, she needs to make sure that the “rain of money” will never stop pouring down. Indeed, we feel like there’s nothing authentic and original about Kim’s looks or life. Rather, the society has turned her into a great candidate for a caricature of the worst type. She’s been rumoured for having fake breasts, nose, hair, lips, and booty. Seriously?! Is there anything about her that’s NOT “enhanced”? Well, now you know what we’re talking about here. Kim will forever be…Kim. It seems like Kim’s reign won’t let up anytime soon.

3. Victoria Beckham

via Celebrity plastic surgery online

Well, we just can’t talk about David Beckham without mentioning a few nice words about his classy and charming wife. After all, Victoria has been a significant part of the Spice Girls reign, right? It’s true that everyone has changed a lot since then and so has Victoria! Today she’s a genuine fashion symbol and an image of what a classy and stylish woman is like. However, her style and elegance might have failed her before she rose to fame. Much like her beloved husband, David Beckham, Victoria has also lived through her not-so-glamorous days. But unlike many other famous people who haven’t gotten any better, Victoria has become such a Fashion Icon! Therefore, she deserves nothing but an endless round of applause.

2. Tom Cruise

via Mirror

Indeed, Tom Cruise has absolutely become a legend in the immense and lustrous world of Hollywood. Besides, we can’t even count all the times we’ve been totally mind-blown by his great movie roles. Surely, all of this has only made the world love him even more. And yes, he might have had some tough moments on his way to the top, but we hardly care about his periods with crooked teeth and greasy hair. It’s barely the most desirable image, but after all, nobody is perfect and neither is Tom Cruise. But all in all, we still love him just as much as we did back in the day when he wasn’t such a big deal! What do you think about all of this now?

1. Blake Lively

via FlyMedi

And last but certainly not least, allow us to mention a few words about the gorgeous Blake Lively! She’s beautiful, charismatic and lively! Besides, she’s a really good actress too. So all of this gives a rise to a single question: where’s the catch then? If she’s so perfect, there must be something off about her. Well, there used to be something crazy about her nose…but not anymore. Blake Lively is another fresh example of a charming celebrity who’s been under the knife for sure. Frankly, it’s such a relief that her “change” has definitely been for the better. Obviously, today she is simply stunning and the world can’t help staring at her gorgeousness and elegance! Way to go, Blake!

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