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15 Childish Things All Men Do

15 Childish Things All Men Do

Let’s be real for a second: men can be huge babies. Some of the things they do make women wonder if they are actually giant children in adult bodies. Not all men do all of these childish things, but most men probably have at least one of these 15 annoying traits. A lot of these things go hand in hand, but others totally contradict each other! For instance, why do guys act like it is the end of the world every time they get a cold, but never want to go to the doctor or hospital? Their neediness can drive even the kindest woman up a wall. From needing to win and be praised for everything to refusing to do little things for themselves, most dudes are like big old kids. Not to mention partying too hard all the time with no regard for the future. Even worse is when they do not treat women right. If you are a man who treats his girlfriend like a prize to show off to other dudes or acts like a total jerk when you are out with your bros, knock it off! Keep reading for 15 annoying and childish things all immature men do.

15. Whine When They’re Sick

via: Odyssey

If you have a man in your life, you know that men are big babies when they get sick. As soon as they have a sniffle or a headache, it’s the end of the world. He can’t go anywhere or do anything for himself, let alone work or help out anyone else. Far from just asking for a bowl of hot soup, expect men to ask for the TV remote that’s 2 inches from their hand when they don’t feel well. Even if you are sick at the same time, he will whine and say he’s soooooo much sicker than you.

14. Don’t Remember Plans

via: NBC News

Men are the worst at remembering plans and their schedules, especially social get togethers. It’s hard enough for them to remember obligations that they made themselves, but god forbid you planned something for them. In one ear and right out the other! They can remember every detail of every Star Wars movie, but when it comes to brunch with your parents or a dinner party at a friend’s house, they suddenly have the world’s worst memory. It’s hard to tell if men actually do have terrible short-term memory or if they selectively “forget” things they don’t necessarily want to do.

13. Expect You To “Mother” Them


Even the most independent man secretly wants someone to be their new mommy when they grow up! Men generally hate doing “womanly” stuff like cooking, cleaning, looking after kids, and, as mentioned above, keeping track of their schedules. When you move in with them, it is often hard to imagine how they literally survived living on their own. They give up on looking for “lost” items almost immediately, have to be nagged to wear a hat when it’s cold out, and don’t like trying new foods. Who needs to have kids when you have to take care of a man-child?

12. Have To Win At Everything

via: Dawn

Men have super fragile egos and have to win at everything. Winning makes them feel accomplished and somehow more masculine. The minute they lose at anything whether it’s a promotion or a game of Monopoly, they pout and sulk. Men even do this when “their team” loses a professional sports game, like what the heck? They can’t be happy for the other person who won, even if it is their close friend or romantic partner. Sometimes it is best to just let them win on purpose or do an activity you know they will excel at to avoid bruising their ego.

11. Live Only For Today


Future? What’s the future? Most men can’t see more than a week in front of them. Many men are not good at planning ahead. This applies to so many aspects of life. While they may have long-term goals for their career, they somehow can’t understand that you should buy more toilet paper or soap before you actually run out of it. They get wasted the night before a big presentation at work because it is fun at the time, and can’t seem to see that going to the office hungover is not going to be such a blast. Have some foresight, fellas!

10. Party Too Hard

via: Meme Generator

Dudes of all ages are known for their love of partying. They think girls are being “lame” when they can’t keep up drink for drink or want to go home before they black out. Men generally are very impulsive and will spend their entire bank account balance on a night out if it gets them in good with their friends. They also do not want to admit when they are getting too old to party like they used to, and suffer through insane hangovers as a result. We know you like having fun, but you’re an adult now. Start setting limits for yourself.

9. Treat Women Like A Different Species

via: Twitter

Guys love to act like women are totally mysterious, like an entire different species of being. This goes double for men who can’t get a date. Like it is somehow the women’s fault that they act rude and refuse to listen when we say what we want or like. We really are not that hard to figure out. Just do not act like a jerk, listen actively, and communicate! It is that simple! Men think it is funny, especially in groups, to belittle women by treating them like such complex creatures rather than actually making an effort to better themselves.

8. Show Their Girlfriend Off Like A Prize

via: YouTube

Trophy wives are a real thing. Men love to find women who are totally out of their league and show them off like a prize once they “catch them.” A woman is not a prize to be won and should not be treated that way. There is a lot more to us than just our looks! The worst is when men purposely go after women who they think are “hot,” dumb, rich, or good in bed just to have a pretty trophy to show off to their bros. Grow up and find a girlfriend who you actually connect with on a deeper level!

7. Act Indecisive All The Time

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Getting a man to make a decision about anything is like pulling teeth. What do you want for dinner? I don’t know. Where should we go on vacation? I don’t know. Which of these shirts is your favorite? I don’t know. They do not want to bother with the emotional and mental stress that comes with making any decision big or small, so they pass off the task to their girlfriend. This behavior at least makes some sense for big decisions like whether or not to take a job. But when they won’t pick a dinner spot, there’s no real consequence and no wrong answer. Just choose already!

6. Don’t Discuss Their Feelings


This stereotype of men is definitely based in fact. Guys just do not like to talk about their feelings, period. In fact, many hate to even admit they have any emotions at all (think Ron Swanson style). They don not seem to understand that talking about feelings can actually help them. The more you tell what you are feeling, the more people will understand what is up with you and can help you, or give you what you want or need. Communication is key so if you man does this, find you one who’s more in touch with his emotions!

5. Act Differently Around Their Friends

via: Catalina Sea Camp

There is nothing more annoying than hanging out with your man and his bros for the first time, only to see a totally different person than who you thought you were dating. Obviously women act differently around their girlfriends, too, but many men take it to the extreme. Sexist jokes, tons of shots, and making a ruckus at the bar all seem to be par for the course on “boys’ night.” The worst is when you are hanging out with the group and they suddenly ignore you, won’t hold your hand or do any kind of PDA, and put you down for jokes. You can’t expect a makeout session, but treating you like his girlfriend is not too much to ask.

4. Refuse To Go To The Doctor/Hospital

via: YouTube

While men love to whine and complain when they have a cold or the flu, they absolutely refuse to go to the doctor. The same goes for major illnesses or injuries; no hospital for them until they are actually on their death bed! Men want to “tough it out” and don’t need some silly doctor helping them get better. My guess is they are also secretly afraid of the doctor. They don’t want to be stuck with needles, have to take yucky medicine, or find out that something even more serious is wrong with them. Take advantage of their weakness, and physically put them in the car!

3. Needing Tons of Praise

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This one goes hand in hand with the “having to win everything” trait in men. When they do win or do well at something, a simple smile or “good job” is not enough. No! There must be fanfare, awards, special gifts, and champagne celebrations every time. From getting through a dentist appointment to being on time to work every day for a week, men want a gold star for every little thing. Women do all of these things without any thanks, and we feel ok about ourselves! Try to train him out of this habit (which probably stems from being coddled by his mom) by only rewarding big accomplishments like a new job.

2. Never Buys New Clothes

via: Huffington Post

Almost every man I know hates clothes shopping. It is like the mall is their enemy! They would much rather wear the same old raggedy t-shirts and jeans from college than get something new. Part of this goes back to not wanting to make decisions. They think that choosing a new shirt is a life or death situation and when faced with too many choices, will retreat into themselves. Lots of men instead rely on their wife (or their mom!), to just pick out clothes for them when their old ones get too dingy. And don’t forget that one nasty pair of PJs that every man has and refuses to get rid of. Yuck!

1. Compare All Food To Their Mom’s

via: Oh My Disney

No matter what sort of delicious spread you prepare for them, men will always compare your cooking to their mom’s. You made spaghetti sauce that tastes different from hers? It’s automatically “weird.” They do this while out to eat at restaurants, too. Obviously everyone gets used to dishes being made a certain way after eating them for years as a kid. In fact, the flavors of our family’s cooking makes both men and women comfortable and nostalgic. But dude, try to expand your horizons! Just because the ribs are not made the way your mommy used to do them doesn’t make them bad.

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