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15 Clever Ways Men Can Get Rid Of A Crazy “Witch”

15 Clever Ways Men Can Get Rid Of A Crazy “Witch”

Have you ever wanted to get rid of a crazy chick? No? You sure? Well, if this is the case with you, then we must admit how impressed we are! As for the rest of the world, we must say the following: “we feel your pain, pals”. Hot chicks who have the potential of being super jealous girlfriends certainly do not paint the most alluring picture. So why don’t you save yourself the drama and live your life? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Besides, why does she always blow things out of proportion?

Alright. Stop there. We totally get it and we’ve got your back – she’s just not the girl for you! And if you feel the same way, then we’ve got some pretty exciting news for you: You’ll get your freedom back really soon. You just don’t know it yet. It doesn’t even matter if that female is your girlfriend or a hot stranger at the bar – if you don’t feel comfortable in her company, then you have the full right to get rid of that crazy woman right away!

Gladly, you’re not alone in this battle – we’ve got the most effective moves to help you ditch that crazy “witch” in the smartest ways EVER! Ready? Let’s GO!

15. Back to the classics: “It’s not you, it’s me”

via The Odyssey Online

Well, if you do plan on dumping her, say, tomorrow evening, you should do it in a classy way. No matter how crazy she is, you should never cross the line and come out as a really arrogant dude. Well, not all girls deserve to see your soft side, of course. But all in all, this method always does wonders anyway. So, if you like this idea, you’d better rehearse it before doing it for real. After all, you wouldn’t want to sound like a man with low self-esteem, would you? Of course, not! Then you should simply explain why you think that your relationship with her isn’t going very well. And remember “it’s totally you, not her” …although we both know it’s her, it’s absolutely HER!

14. Go to the restroom…and never return

via Live, Nerd, Repeat

As funny as it seems, this idea has helped more men than you could possibly imagine. At the end of the day, there are always women who’d love to enjoy some “men hunting” while getting totally wasted along the way. Generally, it doesn’t even matter whether you’re single or not. If a woman marks you down, she’ll be up to no good. Well, she won’t let you get away with it just like that, so it’s your turn to get in charge of the situation. Without thinking too much, just excuse yourself and head for the restroom. But no, don’t enter it, just LEAVE before she finds you!

13. Pretend that you’re homosexual

via YouTube

Just imagine that you get approached by a less attractive lady. What would you do? How would you get rid of this crazy “witch”? Well, don’t think that it would cost you so much to make her believe you that you’re actually gay! Bingo! Okay, we know it may be a bit edgy especially if you’re with your mates at the bar. But, hey, she’s still hitting on you! Just be kind and explain to her that you simply don’t like women. You’re just NOT attracted to girls! That’s it! And guess what, this could be an effective way to dump a clingy chick as well. So keep it up your sleeve whenever you feel like you want your freedom back!!!

12. Admit that you’re a great cheater

via Single Black Male

Just say you’re a liar who loves cheating in general. Besides, there can’t be an easier way to make someone feel less attracted to you. Indeed, this may really break her heart, but it’s your choice to move on, right? Whether she’s someone you’ve been dating for a while, or she’s just a clingy ex, you can always say how little you care about her feelings and loyalty in general. Eventually, this will totally do wonders. But just in case it doesn’t, you’re probably doomed…Sorry, dude! We can’t help you more! She’s just a psychotic chick who can’t be stopped!

11. Sing “breakup” songs. All the time.

via BlogJob102

Frankly, this is simply genius. Who would blame you for anything? After all, you’re just singing famous lyrics like “I want to break free, I want to break free”, etc. Well, this may not be the most obvious way to give her a hint about your thoughts. However, you should do it bit by bit as this would be your “warm-up”. Eventually, she may grow suspicious of you and your “favorite parts of this song”, but the chance is that you won’t care so much, right? Ultimately, if she can’t make you happy, then you should totally turn up the sound and start singing much louder “I want to break FREE!”

10. Always put the blame on HER

via YouTube

It’s windy – it’s probably her fault, right? Then don’t hold your feelings and thoughts back and make it all look like she’s the one to blame! What have you got to do with any of this? Are you running late for work? Perfect! Make her feel bad for not setting the alarm last night. The result – she’ll eventually start feeling bad for putting your prestigious job right there on the line! How awesome! After all, this is what you’ve always wanted, isn’t it? Now you’re perfectly aware of the efficient way to make it all work in your favor! Besides, fighting with her is probably the best way to make her leave….

9. Accuse her of cheating on you

via Someecards

As crazy as it seems, this clever way of getting rid of a lunatic chick has always done wonders! Initially, making someone feel bad for something that they have not done is an amazing way to plant the seed of drama into a relationship. Maybe you’ve thought of her as a really nice girl in the beginning, but today she’s hardly that person any longer. So, if this is the case with you, you should certainly do something about this lunatic “witch”. At the end of the day, everyone should find the path of happiness. And so should you! Thus, rehearse a line or two and let the show go on!

8. She makes you feel too “emotional”

via Monday Monday Network

Well, if you feel like she’s not the ONE for you, then it’s time to put your cards on the table. Naturally, you can always do it in the classiest way ever, right? Perhaps, you should also save yourself that immense drama she’ll surely fuel, and so, you must be the smartest person in the room and present the facts as they are. “You’re too sensitive, and your affection and love for her are beyond unbearable. It’s just too much for you.” How does it sound to you? Well, you can always go even more creative along the way, but this should totally do the work as well.

7. Say that “you should focus on your career now”

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Honestly, there’s no better way to get rid of a jealous, crazy or clingy girl than by saying how focused and busy you currently are. After all, who can judge you for being self-driven and ambitious? All in all, your main goals are focused on your career and professional growth. If she’s not okay with it, then you should let her go. So, this is what you totally need! Otherwise, your plans of dumping her may not be so successful. And frankly, let’s hope that she won’t be okay with the idea of hardly seeing you because of your busy schedule.

6. Always talk about your ex

via Meme Generator

Here we go with another sure-fire way to make this crazy lady go away! Why don’t you cut her off and start talking about your ex-girlfriend? You can even mention a few words about what you both enjoyed doing while being together. Moreover, you can even cross the line and dig deep into more sexual details of your long-forgotten relationship. Surely, there’s hardly a girl who’d be impressed to hear about such hot bedroom adventures with an ex! It’s so crazy and downright rude, but it totally works! She’ll rush out the door the moment you finish that juicy story!

5. Flirt with other women in front of her

via Memes lol

Being openly flirtatious with other women right in front of your sweet-looking girlfriend isn’t the smartest move ever…unless you do it with the idea to break up with this psychotic chick! Since the beginning, she’s never stopped complaining about her social status and life in general! So why are you still with her anyway? That’s the point. But don’t worry, your suffering will be over very soon. Believe it or not, she’ll stop being so clingy when you show her how little you really care about her crazy personality! Just start being flirtatious with other girls and watch the great show that’s about to happen! Nice move, huh?

4. Tell her that “you’re leaving the country”


Well, just in case you don’t want to hurt this girl’s feelings, you can always come up with a creative reason for dumping her! Indeed, how would you both be able to see each other? Long-distance relationships don’t work, and that’s the truth of it. As sad as it may seem, you can totally make this work in your favor. Let’s repeat: Long-distance relationships don’t work! Bingo! You can keep saying that until midnight. Frankly, this line is a total win and nobody can deny it. That’s simply genius!

3. Make her LEAVE by “smelling bad”

via Meme Generator

Here we go with the craziest and most absurd method to make someone let go of you. As nasty as it is, it certainly won’t take so long. After all, there’s barely anyone who’d love to be in the company of another person who simply stinks. Same applies to girls who are otherwise deeply in love with their guys. But actually, this is the perfect way to make this rambling girl shut her mouth and rush out the door. The only thing you need to do is to skip the shower for a couple of days. As for her, we promise you that the result will totally be worth the smell…

2. Mention how hot her BFF is

via Pxleyes

Talking about her sexy and charming best friend is wrong on so many levels. First off, why would you say such a thing in front of your girlfriend? What’s more, don’t you think that this would be downright super rude? Yes, perhaps it would be in any normal relationship. Thankfully, this is what you certainly need to make it all work like you’d want to. Just mention a couple of times how attractive you think she is and how lucky this girl’s guy must be. And voila! Don’t worry, you can thank us later!

1. Ask for her hot sister’s number

via Pinterest

Well, if this crazy woman has a super hot younger sister, then you’re certainly a winner. Trust us, there’s absolutely no better way to ditch her! Just pretend that you’re deeply interested in having her sibling’s cell number. What’s even more, any other wild girl would totally throw a punch at your face only for humiliating her like this. Now you can simply imagine what’d happen if you decide to make this bold move. But again, if you want to get rid of a female’s unpleasant company, then don’t be such a chicken and do something about it! After all, you’re an attractive man who deserves better, right? Then do what you’ve got to do and deal with this clingy witch!

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